Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Sheryl Crow
One Sweet World *
What Would You Say?
Don't Drink the Water *
Say Goodbye
Grace Is Gone
American Baby *
Break Free *
Sweet Caroline * -->
So Much to Say *
Too Much *
Can't Stop
Crush *
What You Are *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Warehouse *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
American Baby Intro * -->
Two Step *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Jen B.
Absolutely unbelievable show!! After ten years of going to DMB concerts I thought I had seen it all. But Dave never seizes to amaze me, and of course being at Fenway, a legend was created. Opening up with One Sweet World got me so pumped and practically every song thereafter was a huge thrill. Never have I ever been so ecstatic to hear a song as I was when they played Grace is Gone. I never saw it performed after so many concerts but it was worth the wait. Sweet Caroline was an awesome surprise. And hearing my two all time favorite Dave songs back to back (Dancin' Nancies and Warehouse) topped off the night, making this the absolute best concert ever!
Joe R.
This was my first show in three years and it was the best one I have ever seen out of 25 or so shows I have been to. The crowd was amazing thru out the show which only added to the aura.. One sweet world is always a nice opener def got the energy going..WWYS always a pleasure as well just added even more energy to the already hyped crowd. DDTW awesome as always. Carter busted out his solo be4 say goodbye which is a song I have never heard live in ALONG TIME, the whole crowd were singing the words and the band really seemed to be into it. Made my beer run during Grace is Gone, but enjoyed listening to it from the line. Makes all the alcholics happy. First time hearing break free it was alright. THEN they played the most surprising song in the world SWEET CAROLINE!!! being the biggest Sox fan in the place only added to my pleasure when I heard the first notes played. Not many people can say they got baked inside Fenway Park, but fewer are able to say they got baked inside fenway while listening to Sweet Caroline! It was the best thing I have ever seen any band play live. He sung it just like Niel and the whole crowd was just going bananas. I will never forget that moment. The rest of the show was STELLAR..The only song I really wanted to hear was Dancing Nancies and when they started playing it I almost wet myself. How could this night have gotten any better? Oh wait they went into Warehouse and killed it, thats how! The American Baby intro plpayed live is so powerful its rediculous. Dave was screaming at the top of his lungs which sent the crowd into the 50th frenzy of the night. Two Step seemed to have been cut short or something, but I was glad Butch got some face time, didnt see him too much thru out the show. Overall this show was a 1000000000000000000. The best DMB show I have ever seen, both setlist and crowd wise. The energry was there the whole time and even when they played the two new songs peeps were still into it. Thanks DMB. I almost gave up after the last shows I went to a few years ago but I couldnt have asked for a better show this time around! For all those who missed this show I feel bad for you, It was unreal!
This was without a doubt the best concert I have ever been to, and I thought certainly made up for what I believed to be a subpar performance the previous night. You could tell right out of the gates the boys came with a bit more fire then on Friday night. One Sweet World - called this one, beautiful rendition, great way to start off the show. WWYS pretty standard - not a huge fan of this song. However the next 3 songs were all songs I had never heard before live, and desperately wanted to hear. Dont Drink the Water is just an awesome song - he teased What you are at the beggining of Water, and then crashed right into it. Say Goodbye and Grace is gone are two beautiful songs, and Dave was completely on while singing them. American Baby sucks - the song sucks, bottomline. I had heard alot about Break Free - alot of people saying its his best new song, and I completley agree - song jammed

Then the Concert kicked up a notch - as most of my fellow Sox fans know - during the 7th inning stretch the crowd sings along to Sweet Caroline - and the place just errupted when those first few notes were layed down - although I can see its not the most difficult song to sing - Dave was COMPLETELY ON with this song, seemed to harness the crowds energy at this point, and he didn't let it go.

After Caroline he just rolled through some classics: So much to say - Too Much -Cant Stop - Crush(which completely jammed out at the end)What you Are was teased in the begginning of the concert before WATER, but Dave went back to the well and kicked complete ass with this Dark Tune - the crowd was pumped up. And my personal highlight of the show - Dancing Nancies into Warehouse - I mean you'd be hardpressed to find anybody who would complain with this combination, it was unbelievable.

Encore was decent - not a huge fan of two step and Wanted dreaming tree and Sister, the new song he's been playiing, but Two step is a classic and it was played to perfection.

Well done boys, thanks for doing Boston!
Robert B.
This is the 1st DMB show I've seen in 5 years, 17th overall, and it was one of the BEST I've ever seen! Also my 1st time at Fenway Park...I thought it was a cool venue for a concert. Always great to hear OSW to start off a show. I missed the live intro, but it was still great. WWYS always ignites the crowd, and I always love hearing this song live because it's the first DMB song I ever heard (I'm from CT so I didn't know about DMB until they were on my radio!) I thought the lighting and effects were really cool this year...including the dropping of the banners at the beginning of DDTW...a great rendition! Awesome intro for SG, and then another favorite GIG with a TREMENDOUS jam at the end...BOYD ROCKS! It was like a psychadelic ho-down...I wanted to grab my partner and do-si-do! AB is a pretty cool song, good live, great running melody from Boyd. I liked BF...too bad the crowd couldn't be quiet during the new songs. Makes it tough to hear the words, but great melody! Then, WOW, 1st time ever played Sweet Caroline! I don't know if there's any special significance to playing this at Fenway or in Boston, but a great cover! Really got the crowd rocking! Nice segway into SMTS, ASTB, TM...terrific crowd pleasers! A nice soft new song, CS...again couldn't hear the words really well but I got a good idea of this song's meaning. Hope all the new songs make it to the new album! Crush always sounds awesome live, then one of the best live songs from Everyday, WYA was really powerful! Nice job getting lost in Boston during DN...1st time I've heard DN-->Warehouse live...what a way to end the show! But WAIT...it's not over...in what seemed like a last minute decision, DMB tore down the house that Ruth left with PNP-->Rapunzel!! Always a great opening or closing song! The AB Intro was very powerful live...Dave really got into this one! Then closing with TS..a great crowd pleaser and awesome song! Everybody sounded great..CB, BT, LM, SL, DM, and of course BT and RR added some great licks. See you in Hartford!
I had thought I had retired a few years back, after hitting the 30 show mark and feeling on the old side, but the thought of Dave et al at the Fens was irresitable. And through the luck of knowing the right people I ended up sitting 7th show center--let me tell after years of watching these shows more or less on the Jumbotron, being so close was surreal...alright, alright, let's get some highlights. I classic OSW opener which seemed to predict what turned out to be a breahtaking show. Nothing that remarkable until SAY GOODBYE which, for many of use Dave fans who who dragged a girl or two to these shows, always conjures up some nostlagia for those worriless days. SWEET CAROLINE was next, not completely shocking, but great nonetheless. The crowd was borderline delirious. I thought GIG was fantastic. The ending was drawn out and reimainged as completely country, but it sounded great. Other highlights were NANCIES (never dull), WAREHOUSE (with the whos!)and RAPUNZEL (which I think is historically underrated as a concert jam). The encore was predictable and I really had hoped Dave would sneak in a TRIPPING BILLIES after a solid TWO STEP, but the clock had struck 10:45 on this fairytale night. Truly, though, and I think I speak for a few of days, it was a welcome return to seeing Dave live after a few years off..and certainly reminder that these concert nights can rarely be topped.
Katie B.
my 8th show at Fenway Park in Boston was amazing. I came all the way from South Carolina to see the show... and ended up going to both nights. greatest weekend ever! Saturday night however was amazing. the crowd was so into it and you could just tell the guys were feeding off the crowd. i have to say i was not expecting say goodbye at all, but i am so glad i got to hear it live. i am a huge sox fan and to hear sweet caroline was awesome. dave did perform the song well, as did the crowd. grace is gone is one of my favorites and was satisfied. the setlist is absolutely phenomenal. throughout the two nights, i heard every song i've ever wanted to hear live. what you are, nancies, warehouse, nnp and rapunzel, all in a row, it was just awesome. and to end on two step just made the night the much better.

the ho-down jam was awesome! everyone around me was clapping and dancing, how could i forget. i also really enjoyed hearing rashawn ross play with the guys. he brought a lot to the show. he reminded me of ruben studdard... i liked his shirt too(scarface). on friday night butch went nuts on the keys. he and dave began a little skat battle then he just went running with it and i was highly impressed, happy to see him get into it and shine like the others.

best show i've seen so far. i'm going to atlanta in august but nothing will ever compare to saturday night in fenway park.
The Show at Fenway on Saturday was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. The entire band is just amazing. I have never seen so many people so happy to be on stage performing. They were so in touch with the crowd and everyone loved their sound. I didn't see anyone sitting at all. This was the best set list, I couldn't have asked to hear different songs. As a young kid, I have been listening to Dave for as long as I can remember and he's never let me down. I will forever be a fan and I'm so glad that in this day and age we have a really talented, mellow, band like DMB to grow up to. Hearing Dave sing Sweet Caroline was one of the highlights of my summer. What a sweet suprise! I'm so glad DMB is going down with the legends of Fenway, they deserve every bit of their fame. They put on such a great show - they're fun, energetic, talented, and they know how to keep the crowd begging for more! If you weren't at this show I'm so sorry for you. Warehouse was fucking insane! I hope that they come out with a CD of the show because this concert at Fenway is something that I will want to relive forever. Amazing, simply amazing. Great job guys!!!
Mike C.
I would like to thank the boys for reinventing themselves. After numerous shows and especially 12-15-05, I had somewhat lost faith in the impromptu performance. Being a tad bit hesitant from the previous night's performance, I must say that DMB stepped it up a notch for a very deserving crowd this evening. Not too much too say except stellar that the 7th inning stretch/song break was a rightful tribute to this special evening. Grace Is Gone was an incredible highlight for me as was Rashawn and all that he added to the show as a whole.

For years now, I have traveled with a group including my sister, who is an accomplished trumpet player. There are notes and octaves within this show from Rashawn that, so I am told, are close to impossible to perform. A wonderful addition that I hope lasts for years to come. Electrifying was the fact that Dave performed Sweet Caroline in the same manner as Neil sings. Not an easy task. All in all, this show revitalized my love for the band and their passion for energy.
Grace is Gone almost made my head explode. The song went from being a mellow time for refelection and bathroom breaks into the country bear jamboree. I liked the song before, now I love it. Sweet Caroline got everyone singing, which was fun. Dancing Nancies --> Warehouse was nice. The intro to DDTW was cool, and it tricked me, I thought it was What You Are, which we did get later. Dave's yelling in DDTW was aggressive. Of the two nights, I liked this one a little more. Grace is Gone made it for me, and ending with Two Step was phenomenal. It was my 11th show, and made me so jealous of those people who have gone to like 30.
Justin S.
I have heard Warehouse about about 3 or 4 time lives and none of them compared to Saturday at Fenway. Every song was on point, making this the best show I have seen. The American Baby intro was unreal. I could have listened to the two-lyric jam all night. Sweet Careoline...enough said (and I'm not even from Boston). On a side note, I rather enjoyed the suspicious smell of Boston that even. I can't say enough about this show.
WOW this show was amazing. The previous night was good, but tonight the band stepped it up a notch. Personally I think the song selections from both nights were about even, but tonight the band (Dave in particular) really boosted the energy level in Fenway to a level that I had not seen in my previous 8 DMB Shows. My voice was tired halfway through the show just from singing, I have no idea how Dave manages to give his all on every song and still be able to speak afterwards. I did notice towards the end he was getting tired and missed some of the higher notes on Rapunzel, but that is to be expected.

Highlights of the show for me included a strong DDTW, Sweet Caroline, which I heard them soundcheck the night before was very very well done. If you closed your eyes you would have thought Neil Diamond was on stage. Also Grace is gone was fantasic, and of course Nancies into Warehouse. The Biggest surprise of the night for me was the American Baby intro into prior to Two Step. Dave really let loose on this intro and it kicked some serious ass. I think they should play that more often

All in all, a great weekend of music at Fenway.
Most amazing show I can ever imagine. To see Dave Matthews and Fenway park was like a dream and to see the show that they preformed was unbelievable.

Sweet Caroline...meant a lot to us Boston Red Sox fans and wicked cool that Dave played that specially for us.

The crowd was awesome and the energy just added to the already upbeat show the band was putting on.

I built this show up for months and it was everything and much more then I ever expected! Thanks to the band for making an already memorable night amazing!!