Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
American Baby *
Where Are You Going?
The Idea Of You *
Grey Street *
Lover Lay Down * -->
Lie in Our Graves *
When the World Ends *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Grace Is Gone
Last Stop *
Digging a Ditch *
Everyday *
Ants Marching *
Can't Stop
Louisiana Bayou *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

William A.
THE BEST SHOW I SEEN SO FAR!!! Where do I start? umm P.N.P./Rapunzel was a pleasant opener, Dave putting his little spice into both lyrics. (I thought we were going to get Best Of Whats Around for some reason.) Granny was great. American Baby really pleased my girlfriend. Where Are You Going really slowed down the pace for everyone to take a breath. Then they slipped one of their new/great songs Idea Of You. Then BAM! Grey Street which I heard once or twice live before, but still brings on the goosebumps every time I hear it. Lover Lay Down was nice to hear live for the first time. Also the same with Lie In Our Graves. Boyd went insane in the break of the song. When The World Ends was also a treat. Hunger For The Great Light was intense. GRACE IS GONE WAS UNfreakingBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! the hoedown part was something i`ll happly take to my grave. After that I'm thinking there is no way to top the setlist so far then... THE LAST STOP!!!, enough said. Digging a Ditch was a good way to keep my adrenaline glads from bursting. Everyday with a splash of #36 here, and a dash of #36 there was a nice treat. From there we went into one of the greatest songs of all time Ants Marching which was amazing as always. Then came the encore. The band out did themselves with Can't Stop (Man I can't wait for this new CD with these new songs) To send us off on our merry way was Louisiana Bayou which sent me home with a sweet, sweet taste in my mouth and great memories.
Big D.
Well it's official..... Montage Mountain is the best place in the northeast to see the DMB. For the second year in a row the boys put on a killer show... setlist, attiude and energy were all at a premium. I don't know if it's the setting (top of the mountain, nestled in the woods) or the energy of the blue-collar "so glad your here" crowd, but these 2 past shows have been comparable to any I've seen. last year I thought could of been a first time fluke but the noise of that ampitheatre, from beginning to end was so loud I woundered if it was fake, until I looked arond and saw everybody screamin' dancin' and banging the chair in front of them. I had good seats and any fool could see that the entire band was keen on the atmosphere.

I won't bore you with a song by song breakdown although the end of Grace is Gone was tight, LIOG was its typical awsomeness and Ants Marching contiues to be my favorite live song by anybody, July 5 wss a good day to be in Northeastern Pa.

Next year hop in your car, and take a road trip to the city that Dunder Mifflin calls home, they'll be back and it will be worth it and dim-sum I guarantee.
Ryan N.
This was my first DMB concert and let me say it was amazing. I figured Montage wouldn't be good for it, but the place was on fire. Dave got the crowd so motivated and it never settled down. Rapunzel was a great opener. Everyone loved the jam sessions between songs. The new stuff sounded great. The place went crazy when Ants Marching came on. The encores were great and my voice is still sore from Louisiana Bayou. I can't wait for Dave to come back to Montage and neither can anybody else who is still jamming out from this show.
Kathy A.
Well well, another GREAT show at Montage! The energy was through the roof from the minute we walked in the pavillion to the thunderous set close into the encore! Everyone seemed to be on the same page, just enojoying the scenery on the mountain, a lovely breezey summer evening. The banging of the chairs was making the tent cover rumble.

I agree with the other reviews... the setlist just flowed and the band fed off of teh crowd. LAST STOP was AMAZING. Nice mix of all albums with the top off of teh new songs just to keep us antcipating the new release.

If you have not been to Montage, you must go. If you have held off thinking that the show can not possibly live up to the of last years ... it HAS and I believe this will be a stop that keeps coming on summer tours!

THANK YOU DMB for a LOVELY night!!
Nicole S.
Oh where to start. It was my first time seeing the Dave Matthews Band and I must say that it was the perfect concert going experience. The party got strated with Pantala Naga Pampa/ Rapunzel- which was the perfect accompiament for a hot summer night on Montage Mountain. I could have went home happy and completely satisfied when DMB play "Lover Lay Down" (my absoulte favorite song, with absolutley beautiful lyrics). The pace quickened again with "Lie in Our Graves", and the break in the song was absolutely phenomenal!! They DMB impressed again with a sensual rendition of "When the World Ends". There was no way anyone was taking their seats at this point. We were wanting more and they answered with "Last Stop", which sounded like it was straight from the soul. The show ended with "Ants Marching". What could I say- Dave Matthews Band and 17,000 fans singing- you can't get much better. If i was not already in a complete state of "intoxication", DMB sang "Can't Stop"- it was beautifully haunting. And Louisiana Bayou left me feeling like the band and I were great old friends.