Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Sheryl Crow
Everyday *
Pig *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
The Idea Of You *
Grey Street *
Bartender *
Jimi Thing *
Last Stop *
Digging a Ditch *
Tripping Billies *
Can't Stop
Hunger for the Great Light *
Louisiana Bayou *
Ants Marching *
Smooth Rider *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Last night was my 48th Dave show. Good show. Fenway Park was an awesome venue. They need a little work on the acoustics. The echoes were pretty bad for some songs. Opened with a standard everyday. The crowd didn't really get into the Hani Hani's. Pig was nice followed by Proudest Monkey. Haven't heard that one in a while. Satellite allowed me to grab a beer. I rushed back when I heard the beginning of Idea of You. It was my third of the tour and I have loved each one. Grey Street is always a pleasure flollowed by an excellent jammed out Bartender. Crash was standard. Jimi Thing was awesome. A little Buffalo Springfield at the end. Not as long as Central Park. The Last Stop was one of the highlights of the show. Well Done. I couldn't beleive it when I heard the first chords of Digging a Ditch. Tripping Billies got the crowd energized. Then he played Can't Stop. Sweet Jam. I heard it in Saratoga and Virginia. Thought Crush would be next but to my surprise he went with Hunger for the Great Light. Then a Bayou that got the crowd going again.

He ended with a standard Ants but never dissappointing. The encore went Smooth Rider and Stay. All and all a good show. Can't wait for tonight.
Amazing show . It was my first show and I saw the Rolling Stones at fenway last year and i liked the atmosphere of the dmb show much more.

ive been out of luck getting dmb tickets for the last couple of years so i was very happy to get tickets. Satellite and Grey Street were my favorites. also it was great to see a few new songs and then of course the great Ants Marching. never before had i been to a concert where the majority of the audience was singing the lyrics to all the songs, very amazing.
Gotta say another disappointing setlist to add to my recent collection. Seems every time I go I pick the wrong show to see, compare N1 to N2 at Fenway and there's no comparison.

Something that has been bothering me for awhile now with DMB shows and yes I've been to plenty, is the lack of a sustained energy high throughout the show. Nevermind opening up with 5 relatively mellow, low energy songs, you're in freakin' Fenway Park DMB get a clue, rock off the top!! They finally started something up with Grey Street and Bartender, then I could've gone without Crash followed up with a decent Jimi Thing then a high energy Last Stop but then right when the crowd is really starting to rock out...back to the doldrums for Diggin a f'n ditch! Awful!

The one highlight that I really did enjoy aside from Last Stop was Can't Stop, a really cool new song, somewhat mellow but still very enjoyable. As for the encore that crap Smooth Rider and Stay speaks for itself. Man, wish I went to N2 instead!

Sorry to be so negative but I think I've finally had it with seeing these guys live.
by far the best two nights of my life , first off they open with Everyday with the nice 36 at the end . good way to kick it off ... Pig was a good compliment to everyday... always good to hear Proudest Monkey into Satellite , kicked out the old shit there...The Idea of You was nice for a new song...Grey Street was frigin sweet...but Bartender made the rest of my night , probaly one of the best live songs to hear...Crash with the Dixie chicken is always good...Jimi Thing with some Buffalo Springfield is fockin tizzzzight cus i was high as a kite at the time so always down...THE FOCKING LAST STOP...this was the first time Ive heard it live so it was special for me...Diggin a Ditch which I was tryin to do cus i wanted some Fenway grass...BILLIES durin the mid-set was incredible...Cant stop new one was more favorite one of the two...Hunger for the Great Light is my favorite song off of Stand up next to DA BAAAAAYOUUUUU which was next and I thought it was the end of the set but then they bust out ANTS which tapped the first night sick .... then the SMoooooooovvvvvv Ridaaaa with Dave wearin the Ill shaaaaaaades then came Stay which capped the first night off reall great ..... at the end of the show i Tongued the green monstaaa cus i dont go to church , have no religion except the Red Sox ... I breathe and die the Red Sox ... just like DMB ... and to have the two best things that mean the most to me except for friends and family i am fortunate to see these 2 shows at fenway....
What an amazing show and at Fenway to beat! All I have to say is WOW!! Bartender live is always a GREAT treat! Every Dave show I've seen was great but this one was extra special...Nothing can compare to seeing Dave Live at Fenway Park! WooHoo!!!!! Just one thing would of made the night even more amazing....one more Encore....WAREHOUSE!!!
Ben W.
This was an amazing show, it was my third dave concert and what better place to have it then Fenway Park. Everyday was nice to hear for an opener. Boyd was awsome durring pig, proudest monkey and satalite were brought back, gotta love em'. Grey street had the crowd going. One of my only two complaints of the night was i thought the jam on the end of Bartender was a little too long. The pulled out Billies in the middle, that was sweet. Not a huge fan of hunger, but it was alright. Closing with Ants was incredible. My only other complaint is that the opened the encore with smooth rider, i was hoping for something a little older that would get the crowd goin, but they finished nice wiht Stay. Fenway was the perfect venue for these guys, i really enjoyed the show.
Steven V.
Went to the Friday show at Fenway Park. The sound was great, the band was excellent, but the setlist was terrible. I'll admit, I'm an Old-Dave lover. I like songs from Remember Two Things and Under the Table and Dreaming. I had a bad feeling in my stomach when the band opened with Everyday...not a very good song.

The concert started slow and then seemed to be picking up, but then the band brought the crowd back down. I think the crowd peaked during Ants Marching, but that ended up being the final song before the encore.

The encore of Stay and Smooth Rider was extremely disappointing. I found myself sitting there expecting them to come back out to do Warehouse or Granny or something like that.

From what I have heard so far, the Saturday show was much better. I heard they sang Sweet Caroline and other Dave classics. I would have enjoyed that show.
This was Butch Taylor's night. His keywork on Bartender was outstanding, and his vocal work on Jimi Thing was great. This was my 10th DMB show, and it was the first time that I have seen Butch do that type of thing. It was unexpected and amazing, at least to me. The new song, Idea of You was wonderful. Even though I had only heard it quickly off of the web before the show, it was easy to get into, and it sticks into my head. Louisiana Bayou was another highlight of the show, when Dave screamed at around the four minute mark before Boyd took off, I almost lost it. for me. I understand people not being crazy over having both Satellite and Crash, but we also got both Tripping Billies and Ants, so I was all good with it. I liked the second night a little better, but this was definitely good for me.