Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Umphrey's Mcgee
Don't Drink the Water *
Everyday *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Song That Jane Likes *
Last Stop *
If I Had It All *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Warehouse * -->
Typical Situation *
Idea of You *
Grace is Gone
Pig *
Digging a Ditch *
Smooth Rider *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Andrew D.
This was my 6th straight show at alpine valley and it was by far the best. I was sitting in the pavilion in the seat just to the left of the sound tent. The set list was incredibly solid and i think it was one of DMB's better performances of each song. Warehouse was incredible when in the middle of the end jam they played "louie louie." I was also excited when they played the 7/8 jam at the end of typical situation. Before the show I was talking to Dave's personal trainer, Adam, who was in the sound tent. He was telling me about how he knows dave and about his job, and then right before the encore he handed me a copy of the setlist and told me not to look at it until after the show. This was a solid setlist right from the beginning and there wasn't a single dull moment during the whole show.
Dave S.
Possibly the greatest concert that I have been to, read about, watched or looked at online. There was absolutely zero low points in this concert. A powerful DDTW is always fun to hear opening because it gets everyone freakin moving and singing and screaming. Everyday does the same thing, it helps to draw the crowd into the concert with their sing along parts. Then, this is where the show goes from gold to effing double plutonium. Proudest Monkey, first time in 8 shows hearing that it was beautiful, Satellite, its nice to see that dave can still hit the high notes (even if it was an octive lower). STJL is next which made me crap myself with glee. So i look over at my friend and ask how can this get any better so far? Dave busts out the Last Stop, perhaps the illest of any song he can preform live. If I Had It All was a nice slow down but then they even managed to go crazy with it at the end. Remember double plutonium? This just went triple uranium. The 'deep cuts' of Nancies, Warehouse (with louie louie by the kingsmen in the middle of it), then the insanely long 7/8th time jam when boyd went gorilla feces on the entire stage. Idea of You, his best new song arguably. Grace is Gone, boyd went again ape on his violin and at the end there was a sweet hoe down kind of thing going on that made us all squaredance in our seats, literally, it was the coolest thing ever. PIG, normally for winter tours kicks so serious tail during the summer what a song. Digging a Ditch was ok, probably the lowest point in the concert but i mean in comparison, comon. Smooth Rider, some chick threw her oversized white hollywood sunglasses on the stage so what does dave do? picks them up puts them on and keeps playing looking like a total lunatic. A very energy charged PNP->Rapunzel ended the concert. The encore was expected JTR because the 12 string was sitting out all the time they were backstage and then a very energized STAY sent us on our way. Overall grade for this heady show is 10/10, could not ask for anything more, ridiculous, simply ridiculous. I am not sure I will ever go to another dave show because I have seen one of the greatest ones ever?
Douglas S.
This was my fourth Dave show in less than a year (including Alpine last year and the last night at the Gorge), and it was undoubtedly the best. Everything about the show was amazing...the energy, the setlist, the crowd: It was a classic DMB concert at Alpine. The 2001: A Space Odyssey intro into DDTW was really cool, and just one way in which Rashawn Ross really added an extra something to the sound. Proudest Monkey was definitely one of the best surprises of the evening. I saw that they played DN into Warehouse into TS at Camden, and I was really hoping they would do it again. Not only did they pull it out, but they rocked all three songs like I had never heard before. Without question the best version of Warehouse I've ever heard (they threw in Louie, Louie in the middle). Grace Is Gone and Smooth Rider were amazing, and PNP/Rapunzel was a cool way to end the main set. JTR and Stay...probably one of their best possible encores. As you can tell, I have no complaints about this one. This is probably as close as I will get to hearing my dream set list. Can't wait to see how they top this one next year.
The show was amazing. I have to admit that I have never been to a "bad" DMB show. They are always at the top of their game and full of energy. I also always find myself with songs maybe that I thought prior to hearing them live were "okay" I end up LOVING them live. Smooth Rider was one of those. One of the girls that was parked next to us said it was one of her favorites. I dismissed it but then hearing it live, I had to reconsider. Dave and the band were in a great mood. Putting on funky glasses, doing all the normal audience participation, I couldn't have been happier. Well...maybe if I would have been there on Saturday to hear Crush. Overall the energy, the set list...nothing to complain about. It EVEN stopped raining to make for a clear warm beautiful day.
Wow. This show was my 9th Dave Matthews Band show, and by far the best concert I've ever seen. The crowd was into the show the whole time, and there was never a dull moment. I called the opener DDTW, and it was a sweet version of it. Everyday 2nd was an interesting choice, but it dominated. I was never a fan of Proudest Monkey, but last night it was awesome. Satellite as always was amazing. TSTJL was a welcome addition to the setlist, and a great version of it. Then, it happened. The song I've waited 9 shows for to hear live. The Last Stop. Can't even put into words how simply brilliant this song was last night. The jam for this was amazing, and am now a true believer that Dave Matthews Band is the greatest band of all time. If I Had It All is one of my favorite songs off of everyday, and was glad to hear it. I've heard Dancing Nancies before, but this was the best ive ever heard them do it. Warehouse. What to say about it. Always one of the best live songs. The Louie Louie part in the jam was great, and the crowd went nuts. Typical Situation was very good. The new song Idea of You came on, and I was very impressed by it. It's really a good song, and I'm excited for the new album. Grace is Gone was absolutley fabulous, and they did a Dixie jam during it and the Doobie Brothers Funky Dixieland during it. Awesome. Pig was so good, and tonight they made it somehow better with a harder sounding "Love, Love..." part. Digging a Ditch was a quiet song, and good. Smooth Rider was the only song from Stand Up to be played. It was so good, it's one of my favorites from the album. Great jam. PNP into Rapunzel was like always an unbelievable set ender and brought the house down. The encore of JTR was surprising, but such a good song. I loved it. Like the intro, I called Stay would be the closer of the concert. This song is a great song to end with, and it always gets the crowd going. Not a dull moment, the best concert ever.
Jesse G.
I went to both nights. And with them opening up with Don't Drink the Water was an excelent way to start of the concert. It brought everyone to their feet. I loved the way he really incorporated the crowd in Everyday, he was singing, we were singing, it was great. I was absolutely stunned when he came out with Proudest Monkey, I haven't heard it in awhile, and my wish came true when he went right into Satellite. You could probably hear us from miles and miles away because everyone was singing to this song. He then busted out STJL which was quite a suprise, I really liked the jam with the brass sound. Then it happened, there were lots of rumors that DMB had been practicing Last Stop on mic check, and our dreams all were fullfilled when he brought it out. Awesome jam session, everyone was singing "everything will be alright!" They then played IIHIA which was really nice to hear. Dancing Nancies into Warehouse was probably the highlight of the show for me. Boyd had a really good transition into Warehouse, and tore up the stage in this song. Warehouse was amazing because he started singing Louie Louie. It was really nice to see Typical Situation with the whole band. He played a new one called Idea of You, and I guess "it's just a little song". I liked it though and you could tell Dave really liked playing it. Grace is Gone was phenomenal and all the lighters came out. My favorite song that I was praying they played was then played next. PIG!!!!!!! ahhH!!! I love this song and it met all of my expectations. Boyd is the shit, and I mean really what more is there? Digging a Ditch was next and it was a nice change. We all just mellowed out, took a deep breath and relaxed. If you look at last years review I put up I didn't really like Smooth Rider. This year compeletely changed my mind. Awesome jam during it and by this point I was predicting it to be the best concert ever. PNP>Rapunzel blew my mind! Everyone was dancing, singing along and it seemed like everybody was getting into this. It was such a good vibe at the concert, and DMB just rocked the house. I didnt know how it could get much better then what was previously played. But of course DMB comes through with JTR. Unbelievable!!!It was an awesome way to get the energy back up and people dancing. And last but certainly not least was STAY!!!The way Carter hits out those notes while playing and just the song in general closed the concert perfectly. It really did make us want to stay. So in the end, the sound, the back-up vocals, the jam, and the crowd made this one of the best concerts I have ever seen in my life. I love Alpine, I love the people and most of all I love DMB!!!!!!
Tammy A.
Wow, fantastic, unbelievable show last night. I have to say, it was probably the most varied setlist I have seen in the past 5 years. The song selection was great, the band was on fire and the energy from the crowd was absolutely incredible. I loved this show because DMB played a ton of stuff from BCBS, my favorite disc. Highlights included an amazing opener with DDTW that built and built in power and energy until Dave was screaming his head off at the end. That transitioned into a fairly typical EVERYDAY with the crowd jamming along and singing Honey, Honey... PROUNDEST MONKEY into SATELLITE was a total surprise - wow! And then, TSTJL. I thought we were going to get it last night when Dave intro'd Sister, but it was wonderful to hear it. And then... the place went up for grabs when they launched into the opening notes of the LAST STOP. The version was amazing, with the lights and the energy. They even pulled out a pretty extensive jam in the middle with Rashawn and Roi battling back and forth. IF I Had IT ALL was really the only slow point of the night - if they had put something like Granny or even Space Between in there, that would have been much better, but eh, no biggie. NANCIES and WAREHOUSE - Boyd OWNED these songs. He was all over the place jamming out. Dave had his happy feet and was having a great time dancing away. Then, wow - another rarity -TYPICAL SITUATION. Nicely done and Dave even remembered all the lyrics. IDEA Of YOU, I like the most of the 4 new songs we heard, this one is going to be a hit someday... GIG, wow - I didn't realize how much I missed that song as it was so overplayed back in 01. Good to hear. then, the highlight of my night... when Boyd stoked that violin and I heard PIG, I about fell over. My favorite song, well jammed out. DIGGIN was solid, crowd signing along. SMOOTH RIDER very funny - Dave grabbed some wacky white framed shades and put them on for the first verse - looked like a scary Elton JOhn. Carter was laughing at him the entire time. And was a fabulous way to finish out with PNP-> Rapunzel, another I haven't heard in forever and absolutely love. 16/17 songs and out. Encore adn I saw the guitar sitting on teh stage. A few of us started to chant... JTR, JTR... and there it was. 6 years since I last heard it live and it was beautiful and jammed out. They closed with a lively version of Stay, which of course made me wanna STAY!
Jay P.
OH MY GOD! They brought it all out for this one. The place was rockin out for DDTW and they kept us into it with Everyday. Proudest Monkey into Satellite is a great combo and they rocked it. Right before the next song i whispered to my buddy,"I got a little sister named Jane" and sure enough...it was amazing!! Last Stop was absolutely nuts Boyd was all over the stage and everyone was lovin it. If I Had It All was a nice slow down before they went crazy on Nancies and Warehouse. Once again Boyd set the tone for these and he got all the others goin! Warehouse was probably the best I've ever heard EVERYONE was Whooin! Never been much of a Typical Situation fan but I really got into this one. Idea of You was next followed by an incredible Grace is Gone with a great jam session. PIG got everyone back on their feet and screamin!(what a song) Diggin was ok, the only real low point of the concert in my mind but they brought me back with a great Smooth Rider. PNP>Rapunzel was fantastic! Dave really got his feet movin during that final jam. I was dying for JTR and it kicked off the encore perfectly. Stay sent us on our way but it was nearly impossible not to stay. A fantastic concert all around with almost no dull moments. The band really got after it tonight and so did the crowd. Another great night at Alpine!
Barb Z.
Out of all the years and all the places I've been to see the Dave Matthews Band...I will honestly say that this is the BEST concert I have been to. To us midwesterners, Alpine is HEAVENS AMPHITHEATRE. Every year is sooooo much better than the last. I cannot put into words how I felt about the entire concert last night. It was AMAZING! From the very start with DDTW, the crowd, the band, the energy was there - and it just kept going from song to song to song. I have waited 22 concerts (since 2000) to hear the Last Stop...and it was AWESOME! I waited 4 years to once again hear The Song That Jane Likes! Everyday is a typical Alpine song...we love singing along! So many amazing moments. Loved it - when Dave put on the White Hollywood Sunglasses when he was singing Smooth Ryder! Typical Dave...always having a good time! Last time I heard JTR, I was standing in the rain at Soldiers Field in 2001! LOVE IT! and STAY - Made me want to stay all night long...and I feel Dave saved that for the very end because he didn't want to leave either.

You guys never disappoint us at Alpine and I want to thank you for all the wonderful memories!!! Can't wait to see what the rest of the tour holds and from what I saw tonight...it's going to be AWESOME!!!
When I saw the set list of Saturday's show, I knew that Sunday's show was going to incredible. But I never thought it could have been as great as it was last night. There was never a dull moment, and by far the best concert I have been to. This was my 11th. I got goosebumps during dancing nancies and proudest monkey was insane!

I just wish I heard Granny my favorite song, but a girl can settle :)
For my first concert ever I couldn't have picked a better time or place. I've loved DMB since UTTAD, but never have had the opportunity to make it to a concert. DDTW couldn't have been a better way to open, the way the crowd got into it was amazing. Then to move on to Everyday, I about shit myself. To look back and see everyone moving with the music was a memory I'll never forget. With Proudest Monkey being a song I don't listen to that much, I so stoked to have them play it and remind me of how great of a song it really is. I love the way he started off slow and speed it up bit by bit till you could really feel the music around you. I nearly dropped dead when he turned to the mic. after talking to the guys and started strumming out Satellite. I could have heard that song alone, missing out on every other song, and still left the concert a happy man. To look up, down, right and left and see the lighters was the best part of the entire concert to me. Then to hear Dave talkin, but not being about to make out what he was saying but everyone errupted in cheers and then I heard the cords of STJL and the night was made for me, I didn't think it could get any better. The first five songs blew me away, the next one only made it better... The Last stop was the best song of the night. The crowd roared when it started, and it didn't seem to die down throughout the entire song. It only would have been better had a beer been in my hand. Dancing Nancies was another great song.
Justin B.
Okay, just when i'm starting to be cool with the idea of Rashawn Ross playing witht the band he wears a Tony Montanna T-shirt while preforming with DMB... I'm still ok with the dude's playing with dmb now, but c'mon seeing giant Tony Montanna durring Typical Situation (which he did a nice job playing on) was a little, no, a lot akward... Yes, you can look at "my lit'l friend" the setlist and KNOW this was a great concert... and a very energetic show... yep, Last Stop was played, and it was played real wicked (first time since 2003 that i've heard it) love the outro... love the whole song... I thought Proudest Monkey would be the highlight of my weekend if i got to hear it, but i wasn't what i expected (download and decide for yourselves), none-the-less it was good to cross one off my list of tunes i haven't heard. Last Stop, Typical Situation, and Rapunzel are really sticking out in my mind as show stealers. Not to mention Dave's wardrobe upgrade, sunglasses on Smooth Rider, as kind of being a cool you-had-to-be-there moment. It's hard to do points systems or rankings with other dmb concerts... last year's second night at Alpine was magic too (the band playing #34 sticks out) but it all depends so much on the good people around you which Alpine usually does. I couldn't have picked a better date to bring to Alpine this year, and i'd like to thank Brandon for helping us get out after the show. People make the weekend and i feel the weekend was better than last year, so the shows were just really delicious frosting! Mmmmm frosting!
For my first concert ever I couldn't have picked a better time or place. I've loved DMB since UTTAD, but never have had the opportunity to make it to a concert. With UTTAD being my hands down favorite album, this concert was nothing short of mind blowing. One of the best nights of my life. DDTW couldn't have been a better way to open, the way the crowd got into it was amazing. Then to move on to EVERYDAY, I about shit myself. To look back and see everyone moving with the music was a memory I'll never forget. With PROUDEST MONKEY being a song I don't listen to that much, I so stoked to have them play it and remind me of how great of a song it really is. I love the way he started off slow and speed it up bit by bit till you could really feel the music around you. I nearly dropped dead when he turned to the mic. after talking to the guys and started strumming out SATELLITE. I could have heard that song alone, missing out on every other song, and still left the concert a happy man. To look up, down, right and left and see the lighters was the best part of the entire concert to me. Then to hear Dave talkin, but not being about to make out what he was saying but everyone errupted in cheers and then I heard the cords of STJL and the night was made for me, I didn't think it could get any better. The first five songs blew me away, the next one only made it better... THE LAST STOP was my second (next to SATELLITE) song of the night. The crowd roared when it started, and it didn't seem to die down throughout the entire song. It only would have been better had a beer been in my hand. Dancing Nancies was another great song, once again the lighters were brought out for an oncore. WAREHOUSE being one of my favorite songs was only made better with the crowd singing along with daves every note. GIG and PIG were two songs that I played over and over again on the way up to the concert, hoping and praying they would be played. They were the best back to back songs of the night, I felt. And once SMOOTH RIDER started I lost it. For a moment I took my eyes off Dave and by the time I looked back he had these oversized glasses on, that apperntly some chick threw up on stage and he just went with it. Putting them on and kept on jamming to the music. The oncore was amazing too. The DMB, O lay- o lay- o lay, and Two step chants were great. To play JTR and STAY for the two last songs capped off a great night and an amazing day, STAY only made me want to stay for another 3 hours. Next year it'll be both nights!!!
Andrew B.
All I have to say is that I heard "The Last Stop"....Easily the greatest show I've seen and I've seen DMB 9 times. The Last Stop is one of those songs that Dave never plays, along with Halloween, and I heard it. What and honor to hear this incredible song. Thanks Dave.
I thought Saturday would be hard to beat but they did it. How about a Live Trax Alpine Valley as they always bring it when they play there and either Sat. or Sun. would be great to have. DDWT was an awesome opener that had the crowed going immediately. Nancies to Warehouse was an exceptional combo. I thought they were ending with a great version of Smooth Rider but kept it rolling for PNP & Rapunzel leaving us in need of a rest. JTR & Stay for encores were strong and left the crowd buzzing. It's going to be tough to beat one let alone both of these shows.
This show was sensational. I was at Alpine Day 2 last year and that show was tough to beat. But once again Dave proved me wrong and brought everything to the table. Opening up with DDTW and Everyway was awesome. It got the crowd going and everyone knew we were in for a treat. I was especially please because my two favorite songs were played, Grace is gone and Dancing Nancies. When the band was jamming out to Nancies, the whole crowd knew Warehouse was coming next and they were yelling and screaming in antcipation. Warehouse is by far one of the best concert songs any band has out there. To have JTR and Stay end the show was awesome! Everyone left with smiles on their faces and still singing as we were walking up the hill. Alpine is a great place for a DMB concert. I only live an hour from East Troy but I would recommend this concert to everyone and anyone no matter how far you must travel.
I didn't started writting reviews until after the 'benifit show' at Red Rocks last year. and after night 1, i didn't think i would go to another show after this weekend. i'm a bit disappointed with the band as of late but i have to say, they had me for the night. The show was in the top 3 best ever for me. (low 20's) not so much the setlist itself, but the energy of the band and crowd, good sound with no mishaps on dave's or the sound crews part. DDTW, very nice although not a fan for an opener. Everyday, was great for my little sis (her 1st show) PM-->Sat. So nice to hear. Never heard them together. STJL has always been a fav. was worried after last night which direction they would go from there. They went to the stars and back. Last Stop, kicked ASS!!!!! Had It All was good to hear Again, Been since Boulder '01 since i heard it live. I sometimes grow concerned with the predictability when i hear Nancies. But they killed it and Warehouse. (louie, louie was fantastic) Typical stoped every fan in their tracks. everyone was starring at the stage. The only way to take it down and keep us at bay. Idea will grow, as most new ones do. Pig was perfect fit to be sandwiched between a pair of Lillywhite tracks. Just wanna say thanks to the donator of the Funky White Shades. Dave always knows how to play the crowd. he was stellar with the shades in a great version of Smoothrider. PNP/Rapunzel good way to end. Although no one wanted the time to come. Encore was above average. not a fan of stay as a closer. they should open sets with it from time to time, stop teasing by telling us to stay, just to watch them leave. personally i though the song was way played out but they rocked it. oh yeah, JTR, Thanks Dave Matthews Band. Not a bad night. in fact, one of the best i've ever had. complete rebound from N1 and a so so perfomance at the Rocks last summer. if the rumors hold true, that Alpine is getting tore down, i can assure you we will FINNALY get a Live Trax or compilation of the best of Alpine Valley. Keep well, see you soon!!!!!
Bjorn O.
I have made somewhat of a tradition of traveling to Alpine every summer to see DMB. And for the last 3 years, including this year, each show gets better and better.

To start off, I wasn't thrilled with saturday night's show. Although it had it's ups, I was concentrating more on what they didn't play rather than what they did play, and I left the show feeling a little empty. The new stuff was awesome though, can't wait for the new cd.

On to sunday's show!!! One word: EPIC

It was my 8th DMB show and exponentially the best show I have ever been. Some highlights include that Dave was VERY chatty. I remember one year, all he said was 'thank you' between each song. But this year it seemed like he was chatting away the whole night. As soon as they started with DDTW, I knew it was going to be a phenominal night. Every song they played could not have been described by words because they were all so good. I was shocked that they play TSTJL. I didn't think I'd ever hear that song live. And then the song everyone has been wanting for the last couple years. LAST STOP. AMAZING!!! There are so many highlights from the night that this post would go on for a very long time, which is why I'm just going to leave it at that. If you ever get a chance to see a Dave show at Alpine, never pass it up. Because all it is, is good good times.
Josh V.
This may be the best set list I’ve ever heard live. It was as diverse as last night’s was mainstream. Before the show I told my brother Dave had something up his sleeve after all of last night’s radio hits. Having heard Last Stop in the soundcheck the day before I had a gut feeling it would be played. DMB loves the Alpine and the Alpine loves them back. Because sure enough, they played it and the joint just about exploded. It’s been a long three years without that song. Two notes into it I thought my heart was going to explode. Every DMB fan should get to hear that song live before they die. TSTJL blew me away. It’s a song nobody talks about, but is one my top ten favorites. After playing those two songs back to back Dave could have spent the rest of the night covering Bon Jovi and I wouldn’t have cared. But instead we got a Nancies/Warehouse/Typical trifecta, Idea (my favorite of the new songs–stuck in my head ever since Sunday night), GIG w/ Boyd’s crazy bluegrass outro, and Pig (always awesome.) Thank God DAD came next because I don’t think I could’ve handled any more. Smooth Rider is a super cool song made even cooler when Dave got some crazy white framed sunglasses on and rocked out the last verse. Anyone else tries that and they’re a dork, but Dave can pull it off because he’s the coolest dude in the history of civilization. PNG–>Rapunzel followed by a JTR/Stay encore completed a set that was a murderer’s row and a night I’ll never forget.
I have been to a handful of shows from Arizona, Denver, Washington etc and I was looking forward to seeing them at Alpine. However, this weekend started off with me being bummed because I could not attend the Saturday show. I don't like missing a show that is part of a group. I got over it though and then once I saw the set list for Saturday I felt ok because even though they played a couple of my favorites the over all set list wasn't my favorite. This left me looking forward to the Sunday show a great deal. The Band did not disappoint in the least. Everyone says no matter how many shows they have been to that the most recent one they went to was the best one ever. Hearing that does get a little old but this show was one of the top 3 shows I have been too. What a power packed set list. It was energy beginning to end. DDTW is always a great way to open. I was also very pleased to see Rashawn sitting in after seeing him at Red Rocks last summer. He adds a nice sound to the group as a whole. Warehouse was awesome even though I had grown a little tired of it over the years it seemed really fresh and revived. Anyway thanks to the band and thanks to the crowd for a great show.
Dave Matthews Band puts on the most amazing show. they are all about their fans and it is very much apperciated. i attended the alpine show and i was more the pleased with the show. Dave has been my favorite artist since i was in grade school and i cant wait til the next show!!
M W.
The Sunday show was only my second (the first being Saturday) show at Alpine, and it definitely didn't disappoint, particularly considering the show the night before.

Don't Drink the Water was the perfect opener for me. I hadn't seen it before this show, and it is definitely the best opener I've seen. The energy in the place was just incredible during the intro. The Also Sprach Zarathustra teases by Rashawn and Roi were very cool to hear. Really psyched me up for the song, which itself was its wonderful self. An averagely excellent version. I loved Dave's vocals, and even though he was definitely straining at a few points, they still sounded fantastic. Everyday was Everyday, the crowd was way too into it, and way too out of it for Proudest Monkey, which was great to see. Love this song, Rashawn was nice on it. Dave's vocals were pretty rough on Satellite, but the song was still fantastic; always a great one to hear, not sure if I'd seen this one at a show before. Jane was a wonderful surprise, and was just beautiful. Another fantastic song, one of the band's best old songs.

The Last Stop is where everything went nuts. Completely unexpected, particularly after TSTJL. I honestly wasn't sure if we'd hear it or not, and I wasn't building myself up to hear it in fear of being disappointed, so it was really a total surprise. Dave just nailed the vocals, and the song was really as solid as ever. The new horn parts during the end of the lyrics were fantastic. Very strong work by LeRoi and Rashawn. Boyd was a bit out of tune before Carter accelerated the beat into the pre-reprise section, but that was the only little problem. He was quickly back in tune during the long, beautiful reprise section, and even the crowd was really feeling this song. If I Had it All was unexpected and nice to see. Nancies > Warehouse > Typical was absolutely incredible. Boyd got off time a bit at the end of Nancies and at some point during Warehouse, and Dave's vocals were starting to really become strained during Warehouse, but all in all, fantastic renditions of all three songs. Nancies was very inspired, Rashawn's soloing on Warehouse was pretty incredible, and Rashawn and LeRoi just kept trading solos endlessly on Typical...they just didn't want to stop.

The Idea of You was very nice to see, and I'd been very eager to hear it live. It comes off live very nicely, and could definitely be a good single. Dave hit the vocals pretty well, and the song was just short and sweet. Grace Is Gone was also fantastic. The hoe-down outro was highly energetic. Boyd's teasing of Black Water was just great, and the way he and Carter really increased the tempo during the jam was awesome. This song really didn't disappoint at all. Pig was Pig, always fantastic. Digging A Ditch was poorly received by the crowd, but I really enjoy the song itself. I was definitely dreading Smooth Rider when the electric came out, and was desperately hoping for What You Are or So Right, both of which I love, but Smooth Rider turned out great. Rashawn's muted solo at the end was long and very smooth...the jam was nice, mellow, and just really tight at the end of this one. And then Rapunzel was just a perfect closer to the set. Huge energy from the band, and LeRoi and Rashawn blew everyone away.

The encore was a bit of a disappointment, as I have yet to see Two Step, and was hoping for it just a little bit, but after the show, I couldn't complain. Once the band got really into Stay, I forgot about everything. A really fantastic Stay. Dave was extremely into it, doing little scats here and there and throwing quite a few little yells in. The show definitely ended with a huge bang, just tons of energy in JTR and Stay, and there is no way you couldn't go home happy. The only bad song was Everyday, and even that live is a pretty fun song. The band was very tight, though Dave's vocals weren't as clear and solid as the night before (which is to be expected). And plus, we got the debut of Last Stop, and it was played perfectly. What more could you ask for. A huge, long, fantastic show.