Verizon Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Everyday *
What Would You Say?
Say Goodbye
If I Had It All *
Can't Stop
Crush *
Hunger for the Great Light *
American Baby *
Jimi Thing *
Break Free *
So Much To Say *+
Too Much *+
Smooth Rider *+
Louisiana Bayou *+
#40 (Tease)
Pig *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ John D'earth on trumpet

Really good show...coulda used a lot less stand up stuff but thats just me, i don't care for it. Horns were awesome and made the stand up stuff really pop, so thats a saving grace. fireworks started at the end of "Stay" and that was really awesome. Pretty good energy throughout and tons of jamming...really long jamming too which i havnt seen from them in a while, especially the bayou jam. Butch was amazing tonight as well, he needs a lot more applause though. Really nice to see all the call and answer stuff in the jams too, thats good stuff. thanks from this TOOL fan.
Dan A.
It was a decent show. The set list was weeeaak compared to other nights on the tour (Alpine night 2). The jammed the hell out of a few songs you woulnd't expect (Smooth Rider). I just wanna know where was all the great songs he has pulled out already on this tour. Why curse VA Beach 2!! years in a row?? Where was Last Stop? Raven? JRT!!?? Shotgun?? I had a great time and the fireworks at the end were awsome but why wouldn't fonz play the star spangled banner instead of a recording of Hendrix? It was cool to watch the fireworks and to watch the band/crew watch the fireworks. Anyways I hope in C'ville old VA gets a decent set.
Pretty good show all around, very energetic. It was great hearing Say Goodbye for the first time in a while (I think). Great version of Jimi Thing. Can't Stop is a great new song if you ask me, but I wish they had played less Stand Up and maybe more new songs or obviously older songs. The setlist was too similar to the show 2 weeks ago at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, the encore was exactly the same! Crowd was great. Fireworks during the encore were great, as was having the band out watching them after the show.

Biggest disappointment was having the setlist prior to the show (friend is Carter's babysitter). Lie In Our Graves was on the list before American Baby, but I guess due to time constraints it had to be cancelled. It would've made the show much much much better. Still, great show, lots of energy, great fireworks. Can't wait for 2 more in Cville!
Everyday - I was delighted or overly disappointed. What Would You Say? - Felt very textbook, didn't play with it much, but I enjoyed it Say Goodbye - For some reason I loved this, got the crowd pumped for sure, the last two songs hadn't done that If I Had It All - OK i guess, i dunno... seemed Dave didnt get too much into this, and likewise either did the rest of the band, it just seemed played Crash - AHHHH, I personally dont like this song, i mean its decent, but I dont like it Can't Stop - A filler, nothing more, sounded plastic, no life Crush - Great, Dave Matthews Band seemed to be on an unstoppable upward trend here on out... at least it seemed that way... played extremely well Hunger for the Great Light - I guess it was a good vocal American Baby - I choose to go to the bathroom here, need i say more.... Jimi Thing - Great stuff here, this is what i had come for, from here on out, DMB seemed quite connected and I was in heaven Break Free - The new one?? wow it was done nicely, very very very very nice jam at the end So Much to Say - by here the crowd was pumped and I enjoyed it Too Much - It was well done, really well done, so I thought at the concert at the time Smooth Rider - with a nice jam, dont like the song a whole lot, but is my personal favorite from Stand Up, good i guess, (Trumpets are incredible these last four songs), seemed very jazz, loved it Louisiana Batou - Great "Finish" good too for this song choice #40 Tease - should have played it... Pig - accually I was happy with this, played well Stay - I guess by definition this is a encore song, and it was great

Bad setlist, but extremely jazzed up
First off, I'd like to say that although I can't boast like others by saying I've been to 20 plus shows, I can say that every concert I've been to has been great(1 to 2 a year for 8 years). I actually haven't seen DMB in two years for reasons beyond my control but I was anxiously anticipating this show and I was sorely disappointed. The best thing about this band is they were always so good about making their shows balanced...upbeat songs to mellow songs alternating throughout. I can't say that with this show. It was so mellow I found myself sitting down at times. That has never happened before. They couldn't throw in some Busted Stuff songs in this setlist? I have to say I was looking forward to hearing Bayou and Smooth Rider but where was Old Dirt Hill or Hello Again? Those are great live songs and they chose American Baby and Hunger for the Great Light. Total letdown. I haven't heard Say Goodbye since my first show so that was nice but they have such a huge list to take from and this setlist seemed so generic...like they didn't even try to be original at all. It is safe to say that this is my last concert at VB. I will travel next time so I am assured I will get a great show...Back to NY!
Been a big fan for a long time. Fourth of July, band's home turf, I was REALLY excited about this show. I must agree with the other reviews - the band disappointed me with the set list. Too mellow. I sat through much of the show. One of my friends actually came up to me and tried to perform CPR on me at one point. This was a good concert by most any band's standards, but this is not just any band. I really hoped for more.
First off, let me say I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July celebration. It was my first time attending a show in Va Beach. I liked the progressive stripping of the background of the stage... the lighting went very well with the music. It was nice for the boys to get the crowd into it with the Come and Dance and Everyday medly. Loved the classics Jimi Thing, What Would You Say, Crash, So Much To Say and Too Much... I miss the jamming that can be done with the songs but I was further impressed with the onslaught of Smooth Rider and Lousiana Bayou, these songs have greater potential than I'd ever imagined. I think they chose LB to remember those affected by hurricane Katrina and what impact it had on our country as a whole. The addition of Rashawn and John on trumpet really made the old songs sparkle and added some more meat and potatoes to two Stand Up tracks. Also great solos from both of the guys.Break Free may be one of my fav new melodic songs and Can't Stop I'm still marinating on. I think the set list refelcted the holiday with American Baby, If I had it All, and Hunger for the Great Light to some extent (fireworks, hotdogs, etc.). The intro to Say Goodbye could have been longer, but Carter is my boy and who the hell am I to say? Looks like Boyd took the lead in pumping up the crowd and was constantly parading around the stage with his fiddle.

The encore was great... got me good with the #40 tease, Pig is one of my fav live songs and Stay is tailor made for an encore... I had trouble deciding whether to watch the band or the fireworks toward the end! It would have been great to have Tim play the Anthem instead of a pre-recorded track... but fitting nonetheless.

All around good show, especially for all of those first-timers out there that I met... If you don't get to hear Smooth Rider and LB live... I would seriously give this set a listen!
Wow, not the show I expected at all. I was completely let down by this show. I had high expectations with all of the shows this summer being so great. The stes so far this summer have been unreal with him pulling out "Last Stop" "Song That Jane Likes" "Grace is Gone" "Satellite" "Proudest Monkey" "JTR" all of those songs where songs that he hadnt played all that often during last years summer tour. This was easily the worst show I've been to, it felt like there was no life during most of the show and that they were just going through the motions. To me the highlights of the show were the new songs that they played "Cant Stop" and "break Free" I enjoyed those two songs a lot. Jimi Thing was also a nice little jam there with dave doing skat for awhile, but other than that the concert was flat to me. Where was "Watchtower" with the "Star Spangled Banner Intro" during the fireworks. That would have been amazing. I just feel cheated compared to the rest of the sets the band has played this summer.
Matt K.
I came to Va. Beach on vacation to visit my brother. Knowing that DMB were playing was in the back of my mind, but when I found out they were only 15 minutes away from his apartment I knew we had to go. I figured it would be a great show because of the 4th and that they were back in VA. The highlights of the concert for me were, Say Goodbye, American Baby, and Stay. Those are the songs I have never heard before and have always wanted too! Out of all the shows I have been too I have never been disappointed until this show. I don't feel the setlist was very good and Pig as part of the encore was a horrible choice in my opinion. The fans in my section were pretty dull also. Maybe I am just use to the crowds in Pittsburgh but they just werent into like I expected. Looking forward to seeing them again as always but hopefully with a better setlist! I give this show a 5 out of 10.
What a show. I loved it. This was show #6 for me. I never did understand everyday as an opener, until I heard it as an opener. I loved crush. It does not matter how many times I hear that song live, it is just as good as the first time I heard it. Out of 5 shows this, believe it or not, is the first time I have heard jimi thing live, and it was awesome. Break free is going to be their next single. It's a great song. Once they finished LA Bayou and walked off stage, I looked at my brother and said "where the hell is my pig?" We heard it during sound check. Sure enough, they came right back out and played it (also a first one live for me). Then comes stay. I loved it. It was the perfect way to end the show. All in all, this was a great show. I felt at little let down that I did not get my JTR I was looking for, but that's ok, I've got two more shows in West Palm Beach this August.
Valerie S.
Although I have lost count now, I'm thinking this was my 13th DMB show. As usual, it was fantastic! I was disappointed to read some of the other reviews of this concert. Seriously, are you really complaining about being at a DMB show on the 4th of July at the beach?? Life is too short. After years of persuasion, I finally got my mother to enjoy the DMB experience. She loved the show!! Dave intro'd two new songs...the second, (Break Free I think), was awesome! The trumpets were an incredible addition. The end of the show featured the DMB playing Stay with fireworks. After the finale, the band watched the rest of the fireworks with the audience while Hendrix's national anthem played. Personally, it was a touching moment. The Dave Matthews Band has never let me down...I always enjoy myself at their unbelievable performances. I have enjoyed inviting friends, and now family, to concerts over the past few years, and I've yet to receive a complaint. Be thankful for the beautiful things people, life is too short.
Dov F.
I'll preface by saying it was my first show. Nonetheless I thought they were wonderful. People have complained in other reviews about specific songs that should or should not have made it, and generally speaking I agree that he threw in too much "Stand Up," but I think people are nitpicking at a fantastic show. He played some fantastic old stuff like Crush, Jimi Thing, So Much --> Too Much, Crash, etc. Each of those really stood out in this set. He did jam a lot which thrilled me as a fan of Umphrey's and other jam bands. Hunger for the Great Light was simply put the weak link of the song, and I can't say I'm a huge fan of Bayou, but I can overlook those because of the songs mentioned above and because he pulled out Say Goodbye -- an alltime favorite and a great live song. Definitely could have milked the intro to Say Goodbye more, but Carter's drumming in that song is always fantastic. I have favorites that he didn't get to: #41, Grey Street, Most of Before these Crowded Streets, but on the whole, this setlist was fantastic, and contrary to some other reviews I thought Dave poured out the emotion in many songs. I agree with everyone that Break Free will be the next big single. Plus, pulling out Pig -- on my top 5 alltime -- and Stay as a great energetic encore...how can anyone knock that??