Dave Matthews Band
Bell Centre, Montreal, QC Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: DJ Logic and Project Logic

The Stone
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Fool To Think -->
Grace Is Gone
Help Myself
Donít Drink the Water
Cry Freedom
Too Much
When The World Ends
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Sleep To Dream Her
Tripping Billies

* entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Matt K.
Had a great time meeting random people in Montreal before the show. The big group near the venue with all the guys who were wearing homemade shirts - you guys rocked! Hope you liked your first show! DJ Logic and Project Logic were fun openers. They played a Phish song too - Cars Trucks and Buses. It was sweet. Stone was a great way to start the set. Everyday was real good. I thought Grey Street kicked less ass than normal, which was a shock. Leroi just seemed not very aggressive at the end. I dread hearing Fool To Think, but it was real solid. Much better than the other times I've heard it. Grace was amazing, a highlight. The little ending was cool, very country. 41 was awesome, as usual. At this point, it occurred to me that Dave wasn't going for the high vocals all that much. Did anyone else notice this? It's a long tour eh? DDTW was superb! One of the better ones I've heard, as the band and crowd both seemed into it. Crush rocked and so did WTWE - which was cool. WTWE usually doesn't get me excited, but this one did. SMTS into Rapunzel was sweet, but we got cheated out of a song or two. Much too early to end the set guys! Sleep To Dream Her is a nice song, but not something you play in the encore. Bad bad bad. Billies tried to recapture the magic, but it was a little late. I've heard many finer versions of Billies. Overall, an okay show with DDTW, Grace and Crush being the real highlights. Hope everyone had fun. Oh, and I am sorry I lost you in the crowd Veronica! On to Toronto...
Evan D.
CRUSH!!! The band played Crush, my favorite song and oh my god is was incredible. Not only did we hear insanely amazing songs like Crush, DDTW, So Much To Say, Grace Is Gone, When The World Ends and One Sweet World, and last but certainly not least, #41, they were the best versions of the songs i've ever heard. We also got amazing treats like Help Myself, The Stone, and Too Much. The encore of Tripping Billies was undescribable!! it was a performance and a half. my friends and I were first time concert goers but long time fans and I can easily say it was the best night of my life! can't wait for next year!
Andrew H.
My third DMB concert an it was extremely memorable. I am still in awe over the set list that thy played. I conider myself lucky to have heard such songs as Stone(my personal fav. song), Cry Feedom (mostly Dave solo), #41, Rapunzel, DDTW, Crush (my girlfreind cried) and When the World Ends (she cried again even harder.) I was so lucky to catch this show in beutiful Montreal. I was however selfishly dissapointed with the encore. Sleep To Dream Her is a solid song, but it sort of quited a otherwise loud audience. And I have also heard Tripping Billies as an encore for 3/3 shows that i hav seen. But it was still unbeleivable an I was still happy to hear it. I was wishing that they would make it a 3 song encore and play Ants or 2 Step (neither of which I hav ever heard live). All in all....a stellar night with dave and th boys. Canada loves you DMB!!!!! Cheers,
Taking into consideration that this was my 2nd show of the summer and the first one (in Detroit) rocked my world, I wasn't really expecting too much, not to mention it was the first show I saw with out my bestfriend. I couldn't have asked for a better opener than The Stone for sure. #36 segwayed into everyday which was cool but a little odd having the audience take the place of the lovely ladies. Grey Street and Grace is Gone were excellent as usual but it seems like hes been playing them a bit too often. #41 was incredible. Thats all I have to say (I was thinking of you the entire time). It made the better than average. I was surprised to hear Cry Freedom, and it was incredible to be in such a huge venue that was so quiet. All you could hear was Dave in the beginning, no excess white noise at all. So much to say to Rapunzel was great. Rapunzel being one of the best songs I've seen live. The encore was a huge disappointment. After waiting almost 20 minutes for Dave, I was sure that Watchtower was coming, but no such luck. I'm still wondering what ever possed him to play Sleep to Dream her instead. Of course nothing bad could be said of Tripping Billies- incredible! Overall I thought the energy was really low during this show. They didn't really jam as much as they could've on Grey Street and even 41. Also, I would have prefered to hear a little less new stuff, maybe some Song that Jane Likes or Dreaming Tree instead. One thing I would also like to comment on is their style...Stephan just cannot dress: Sweat Pants, Baggy Shirt and Sneakers are just not concert atire. But of course, Boyd looked snazzy.
Ive been to 7 shows THIS summer tour - 8 including 2 at the gorge and dave&tim @ radio city with a last stop in atlanta and i gotta tell comming from someone who knows his dave - ya last nights toronto show has so far been the topper ! The setlist was as strong as ever there was some new execution and some old that had been tweeked. the setlist from montreal was allmost equally strong - there really firing on all cylinders going into the last few weeks - you can tell there's gonna be a break for ahwhile after this tour as a band, as there leaving a lot of sweat out there on stage - they allways do - i never complain about any show but there's no comaparison to say early shows like darrien. I thought stephan stood out last night - he had several solo's and seemed to shine threw, where as it was leroi at the gorge with no shades and killer solo's and it was boyd's show in vancouver - its great how depending on the bands vibe - diferent nights - different individuals take the stage. Have you looked at setlist and then reflected on the show - i mean wow - come on - opener of w.t.w.e. was ok - the stone in montreal im sure was stronger but still ok opener - but then check out songs 3 thru 7 - ants(allways a dave fave - we got a little scat there) into crash that all the kiddie's screemed for - but never a dissapointment even from an old timer like myself - but then they gave us some meat&potatoe's crash went into warehouse then to what you are into stone - jesus christers i was losing my mind and about 10 pounds i was a dancing fool !! he coulda stopped right there but nope - we not only get spoon, two step, grace and stay but the maker & a crazy watchtower finale - you find me someone that didnt get off on this show and you'll find someone i never want to sit beside - ever! I think this show will be in the top 10% of this summer tour. see ya'all in atlanta and get ready to bring down the place - im sure the boys are gonna give'r all they got for that 1. cheers all