Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

onstage 8:24pm
Ants Marching
Grey Street
#41 -->
Everyday (#36)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
Song That Jane Likes
Sleep To Dream Her -->
Where Are You Going
Stefan intro -->
All Along the Watchtower
offstage 10:26pm
onstage 10:33pm
Tripping Billies
offstage 10:48pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Wow!!! it took me 47 times, but finally i got to meet dave. this guy is just to cool. one minute i am going to the bathroom and the next thing i now is i see dave pull up in a little golf cart. it was great. he signed some autographs and talked to us for a little bit. the show was unbelievable! ants opened up the night with a lot of energy then right into grey street. this set was great 41...jime...stjl...did they just play spoon...tripping billies...warehouse....the band really enjoyed themselves on stage..oh yeah they played granny too.. this show was just great...see you guys at central park
There was so much energy and such a surreal feel to this show that nothing could ever or will ever compare. It all started when we made it to our parking spot and Dave was sitting there in a golf cart. There were about ten fans around him and nobody knew what to say. So Dave summed it up during Jimi Thing when he went off on a rant that was so awesome I hope that everyone can get a chance to see and hear it. The only words I was able to make out were "I'll come after you with a gun!" When he said this he also made a pose like he was holding a shotgun. This was easily the most special show that anyone could ever possibly imagine. I would not be surprised to see this released in the future!
Man was this a great show or what? The band totally ripped it up tonight, and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. Thanks to warehouse for the section 2 tix. Coming right out with ants got everyone going. The super long intro was great, and Carter was on fire tonight. He was smiling and blowing bubbles the whole time. Next was a pretty good version of grey street followed by an awesome #41 which i hadnt heard in a while. 41 went right into everyday at the end, which went right into #36. It was awesome. Then came a great warehouse, to be followed by bartender. Dave was really into this one, and at the end leroi had out the flute. It sounded great. Granny was a great surprise to hear, and then came perhaps the best version of stay ever. Dave was so into it and it kept going on and on, but not the usual way with the band just saying stay, nope not this time. Dave started to keep singing but in dave talk, then he started yellin "i feel good, i feel good" which got everyone going. Then he started to kind of rap dave talk, it was the coolest thing ever. he kept babbling but it all flowed, and he kept making all of these funny gestures and dancing all over the place. Everyone went absolutly nuts. it was aweomse awesome aweomse. Crash was cool with the dixie chicken, then a great jimi thing with jams by everyone. Everyone was dancin on stage and in the crowd, boyd and dave danced all over the stage, and carter was just going nuts. This lady in my section had a carter is god sign, and he laughed at it everytime she put it up. Sleep to dream her and wayg were ok, then stefan did the mad jam before watchtower. He was totally into it. Then dave went into watchtower and whole place went crazy. The encore was cool, first time i heard spoon, and then trippin billies was awesome. Carter, boyd, stefan, leroi, even butch was jammin like crazy all show. Dave looked like he was havin an awesome time, and everyone in the crowd was dancin like crazy. If anyone had a copy of this show or knows where in can get one please let me know...
This was my 22nd show and probably #2 overall. Tremendous energy from the band, and even though there was nothing too special setlist-wise, every song was a winner. ANTS was a great surprise opener and set the tone for the night. The crowd went crazy on the very first snare hit and didn't stop for 2 1/2 hours. GREY ST. kept the momentum going, and a very upbeat and intense #41 followed suit. That lead in to the always crowd-pleasing EVERYDAY, and just when you didn't think things could get any better, they busted out WAREHOUSE. That was easily the best 5-song start to a show I've ever seen. Mid-set highlights included GRANNY with what seemed like a longer-than-expected Love Baby outro, a jamfest on STAY and a crazy scat outro to JIMI THING. Stefan threw some of the White Stripes' SEVEN NATION ARMY into his WATCHTOWER intro, and SPOON was a nice surprise in the encore. There wasn't any doubt that BILLIES was gonna close, and it did excellently -- capping off an amazing show that everyone should get a copy of.
Eric S.
This was my 6th DMB show and won't be the last. After seeing the band in Montreal the night before, me and my concert partner knew Toronto was going to be a crazy night. WTWE as an opener should be re-thought a little, however it's still a great song and got the crowed prepared for what was to come! R&R was played to perfection, and I hear this guy behind me yell PICK A SONG ALREADY and as soon as he said that ANTS starts!! And let me tell you this is the best version I've ever heard, he even let the crowed sing the PEOPLE IN EVERY DIRECTION.. NO WORDS EXCHANGED NO TIME TO EXCHANGE... I think I shit mnyself when that happened. The last time they let the crowed to that (from what I remember) was on the Red Rocks album. Next was a tipycal version of CRASH but after that WAREHOUSE! This was a first for me and the WOO's with the crowed were there and eveything, just when I thought things couldn't get better they play a crazy version of WYA with the " Get Down On Your Knees and Pray Mother F*c*e*. Then they slowed things down a bit a typical version of Stone and If I Had It All. The Band must have really loved The Crowed cause they treated us all night, HELP MYSELF holy shit Another First!! WAYG Typical but then SPOON!! WOW another first for me and a great version. But that wasnt it TWO STEP and man was it ever just nutty, full of energy! WWYS was another energy packed song so to give the crowed a breather they played an awsome version of Grace Is Gone with Stephan doing his magic and to finish STAY! Was Butch And Carter really sounding like the ladies or was that a recording?? ENCORE! The Maker and Watchtower!!! Oh my God could you ask for more. The Maker was amazing and Watchtower was just jammed to death! DMB4EVER
That was the most amazing time I've ever had, and it was my first. Ants - Amazing. I think it would've been better at my second or third show, but for me this is the best opener ever. High energy, crowd singalong, and we even got to sing the "No words exchanged.." part. Grey Street - I saw him pull out the 12 and I knew it. Solid, yet standard. Nice wailing on the end, much appreciation from the crowd. #41! - My favorite song! Stop time/Everyday outro, crowd was really strong. He got timid on some high notes, which was odd, since on paper this was a set with a lot of wailing. Amazing jam. ---> Everyday - Very solid, and the crowd's #36 intro was alright. The band came back in and played a little 36 too. Warehouse - I saw him go to the 7-9-11 part of the neck and didn't want to get my hopes up, but there it was. The WOOs were strong, accompanied by the Fonz's fist pumping action. Bartender - Dave and Stefan gathered around Carter and they began counting off the song, but it sounded a lot more like Sweet Up and Down. Maybe just my wishful thinking. Beautiful solos by Butch and Roi on the pennywhistle. --- Granny - Totally unexpected by me. Only about 5 other people in my section coming in on the Love/Baby's, but it's always a decent song. ---Stay - Good lord. The energy here was insane. Dave was dancing like a maniac, I think the crowd enjoyed the dancing more than the jam. Awesome jam. --- Crash - Didn't kill the crowd at all. I think he screwed up here too, barely noticeable. Energy went right back up at the end with everyone within 10 miles singing Dixie Chicken. --- Jimi Thing - This was all time. Roi's solo was funky, no other way to put it, even the downer fans who just sat and talked on their cell phones the whole time got up for this one. The Dave scat was incredible. My friend who's been to many shows said it was the best Jimi he's seen. You should pick that up. --- Jane - Awesome. Sad because no one around me really picked up on "I got a little sister named Jane..." the second he said that I leapt into the air. Standard version, but oh so good. Lots of dancing around me for this one. --- Sleep To Dream Her - "We're gonna quiet it down a little bit ya'll..." I figured they couldn't keep the energy up forever. It was a nice breather, and the song isn't as bad as everyone says. ---> Where Are You Going - Standard. Nothing notewothy. I'm really liking Butch's work on it though. --- Watchtower - Such amazing energy. Dave was ready to go into "There must be some kind of way..." and instead said "Ya'll be safe over there..." and everyone erupted. Turns out he was talking to a soldier going to Iraq the day after the show. Nice jams all around, and the end was just insane wailing and dancing and jamming... the Watchtower experience is like no other. --- SPOON - My jaw just dropped. In fact I think it hung there for a few minutes. I'm not exactly sure what he was singing after the first verse (what's with dropping Roi's solo after the first verse too...) but I didn't care, it grooved with everyone. I was the only one around me singing but that's ok. The jam at the end, masterminded by Carter... the place lit up. --- BILLIES! - Nature intro had me confused for a split second but I had this one called. The lighting was perfect, the crowd was perfect, the band was dead on, and Boyd's jam had me flailing around like a posessed person. My vocal chords were completely shot for the last few minutes of the song, but the end was just an experience. --- Definitely an amazing set for a first show, such a great night.
I'm telling you, this show was sick. Pesonally, I really enjoy more of the boy's older stuff and always appreciate it in the shows. So ANTS as an opener was crazy good. What a way to bring the Center (Great Woods for the die hards) alive. So many new expieriences for me at this one. 1st time for many songs (Granny, Jane), and haven't heard #41 in a while. Always a blessing. A little cold out under the stars, brrr. But this will definately be the one to remember for me. Haven't seen a set like this since the days of the local clubs. Well done guys. Well done.
I have been to many DMB shows, but this one certainly ranked up there as one of the best. I was lucky enough to have tickets for the 6th row and what an amazing show to see. The concert the night before started off with a lot more energy, but this one kept on gaining steam and wouldn't quit till the boys were out of the house! The scat Dave did at the end of Jimi Thing was unreal. That was the single best scat I have ever seen and I think the band thought the same way cause they were all shocked during and after that he was able to pull that off. Dave was in the zone! Also a lot of interaction with the crowd tonight. Cool of Dave to take the neckless from the little girl in the front row as he said, "Happy Birthday to the little lady!" Watchtower was fantastic even though Dave broke his guitar string and couldn't play for half the song because the replacement wasn't ready, but they jammed so hard once they got it back. Just an all around great show with some awesome highlights.
Ricky N.
This was my frist show seeing the entire band(I a saw Dave and Tim show during the spring) and what a show it was! The band really started off with a bang with Ants. Bartender was awesome with a great jam at the end. I noticed that LeRoi played what sounded like a Civil War song on the pennny whistle. Stay had a lot of energy and got the crowd going. Around that time, the loud girls in front of me had left and I was glad because they were dancing with their arms up in the air and I couldn't see. Jimi Thing was the highlight of the show in my opinion. I really liked the funky jam at the end. Dave even played a solo! He also scatted and then did a rap impression that was as funny as hell. STJL was great. I really didn't expect it either, which made it better. Then of course came STDH -> WAYG. Although most would think this would be horrible it was actually nice. I really like the intrumental chorus in STDH. It's a really nice song. All Along the Watchtower was full of energy. The intro was really good with Stefan playing Seven Nation Army. For the encore, Spoon was great to hear since it's a rare song and I've always loved the jam at the end. Tripping Billes closed the encore very well as always. The band was really rocking. It was an all around awesome show.
For my 26th and probably final DMB show, Dave et. al provided a very nostalgic night. From hearing WAREHOUSE, JIMI THING and GRANNY just like it was '99 to getting SPOON for the first time ever, I write with a heavy heart. But enough of the melancholy...the show itself was fantastic. A wee bit chilly for early September at the place formerly known as Great Woods, but the crowd was great, singing along to almost every song. There was a collective sense of excitement when they opened with ANTS and Dave never let down until a quiet SLEEP TO DREAM HER (which let me finally use the bathroom and call the lady). WATCHTOWER was intense and the encore a nice combo of slow and fast. And oh yeah, Dave scatted for about five minutes at the end of Jimi. It was one of the nights when you forget how angry you were at Everyday even existing. So farewell Dave, you've given me 2 or 3 of the best days I've had on this silly planet, perhaps I will make it back on the reunion tour in 2023.
Mike D.
Wow. Does this show really need to be reviewed? Seriously, has there ever been an opening run of songs like this one? Wow. I'm sorry I'm not gonna review every song but there really is no need to. Forget for a moment they played Sleep To Dream Her and what you've got left are songs that would make up any Greatest Hits album these guys would ever put out. If you missed tonight's show you really missed everything a DMB show could hope to offer. Without question the best show I've seen (out of 11) and I know it will never be matched. Epic.
Adam R.
Wow, this was my 5th show and easily the best ive ever seen. I had never seen ants marching and then when they opened with it I, and the rest of the crowd went nuts. It works real well as an opener. After that every other song was just placed perfectly and the jams were so tight. Jimi thing was rediculous with daves freestyle/scat/davespeak jam at the end -- almost every song had a jam in it that was unreal. DMB, if youre reading this, PLEASE make this into a cd or DVD, i couldnt have asked for anyhting more, from Ants to tripping billies and everything inbetween. Thanks so much guys, Adam
Patrick P.
It's been a joy to see a tour such as the Summer 2003 Tour, with no new material to be explicitly promoting, every night has something new and different in store for the audiences. This night was definitely one of them. The Dave Matthews Band rocked the Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts for the second night. The set was wonderfully packed with high beat/high energy crowd pleasers. Take for example the opener, Ants Marching, it got instantaneous crowd approval as Dave led the band with a wonderful performance. The Grey Street - #41 -> - Everyday - Warehouse run was a non stop flurry of musical power with all the band members contributing (and Butch as well!). The crowd really enjoyed hearing these classic tunes. Jimi Thing has to be the gem of the evening, even overshadowing the excellent rendition of Song that Jane Likes. The scat jam that Dave provided was hilarious! I can't wait to get a pull of that! Dave, reading the crowd, then slowed it down with a some "quieter" tunes such as Sleep to Dream Her -> Where Are You Going. Dave ended the set with a classic Watchtower ending. The Encore of Spoon first got the crowd quiet but Tripping Billies really got the crowd going to end the night. Once again cheers for the excellent videography, and cheers to the girl who gave Dave some beads and told her it was her birthday. I wish I could only be so lucky to get wished happy birthday from Dave on stage. All in all it was a great night that got the crowd on it's feet and dancing.
Jen B.
This show was great, everything everyone else has said about it is ture. Obtain it if you can. But I just want to add one thing for all those who've doubted what a cool guy Dave is. Someone else mentioned the guy who was going to Iraq in three days. Well, as luck would have it, I scored fourth row center seats the day of the concert and saw what happened. The kid kept holding up a sign that read "Mr. Matthews, I leave for Iraq in three days. PFC Cunha" and Dave wasn't noticing. Finally, when the lights were down right before Watchtower, Dave started making his way closer and closer to the edge of the stage and saw the sign. He kind of did a little bow to the kid and then went over to the stagehand who switches out his guitars. He pointed over to the sign and they talked for a minute. I saw the stagehand talking into a cell or something. A couple minutes later a guy who I assume is a bodyguard, big bug guy I had seen on stage earlier just before the band came out, was in the audience talking to the kid with the sign. Dave wanted to meet the kid. Everyone up front who saw what had happened started cheering for the kid and THAT'S when Dave said, "Take care of yourself over there." They continued to play, went on break. Dave kept pointing to the guy and nodding, acknowledging him, and during Tripping Billies the security guard came back and got him. Doesn't get cooler than that.
Joe B.
Havn't felt the need to submit a setlist in a while, but tonight's show really blew me away...along with last night. Back to Back nights and not a single repeat, and though both were truly amazing, each one had it's own individual feel. 9/8 was filled with energy...songs chosen however, were more jazzy and laid back. Highlights were def. Crush, Nancies, Typical Situatioinn, 2step and WYA is starting to grow on me as a closer. 9/9 however, peaked at the beginning and never came down. It was a high like none other, each song blew the roof of the venue, and the band never slowed down, never stopped jamming, even during STDH you could get the feeling that DMB wanted to apologize for a good song in a great setlist. Dave and the rest of the band was just on fire...between the jams, dancing and even some dave speak, it was a show like no other. Opening with Ants was def. a statement that the crowd new we were in for a truly amazing night, def #2 all time for DMB shows(#1 Madison Square Garden w/ James Brown, but how could you beat that). Thanx DMB, Chris & Laura for a great two nights that will never be forgotten, the ride down from Lyndonville, VT for 2 nights in a row was def worth the ride!!!!