Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Donavon Frankenreiter Band

onstage 8:37pm
Ants Marching
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro)
Best of Whats Around
I Did It
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
What Would You Say
Two Step
Cry Freedom
Recently (Pretty Pretty Girl, Take me to the River)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Too Much
All Along the Watchtower
offstage 10:35pm
onstage 10:44pm
Typical Situation
Tripping Billies
offstage 10:58pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Patrick S.
The Dave Matthews Band funked long and hard this evening. Maybe the nirvana played before the show helped the DMB be so loud and fast tonight. Maybe it was the day off. Maybe it was the beautiful evening. Whatever it was, I have never seen the band so energized. Dave got busy on most songs, and stefan was jumping during a few. Roi spun on his head, and boyd did the cabbage patch. ok, not that animated. If you had shown me the setlist of this show beforehand, I likely would not have gone. 8 radio songs? It was excellent. Ants marching set things off with a bang, and after slowing down for satellite, warehouse and best of whats around got things going again. I have come to almost enjoy i did it live, now that its less of a glen ballard production and more of a dmb song. One sweet world featured the jazzy intro, with a pause, and then of course, one sweet world. I had never heard So much to say-->Anyone seen the bridge lead into what would you say, but it seems to be a good fit. Two Step was amazing; it marked one of the climax of this show. The band shifted into cry freedom, a song i took for dead several years ago. I enjoyed it. 18,500 people singing about acceptance always makes me feel good. Recently featured Pretty Pretty Girl, and Crash featured Dixie Chicken. Too Much was loud and fast. Watchtower was easily the best version i have heard. That song has so much anxious drama, and this was one of those times when dave's voice was able to harness that drama perfectly. Typical situation, the first encore song, was a surprise for me. I always have liked the time change into and out of 7/4, that is something dmb does that never ceases to amaze me. I like the organ Butch adds, that adds a nice texture to the song. Tripping billies was a surprise, as i figured we would not have a song starting 4 minutes before the noise curfew goes into effect. They did it, and did it well. Tonight was the most fun I have had at a DMB show.
Josh D.
My first DMB concert after a four year hiatus, and I don't really know what to make of it. The setlist was basically all I could have asked for (well, Seek Up would've been nice). The big thing was that their energy seemed to be all over the place. The show was very "Under the Table" heavy, which was fine by me. Song by song: Ants as an opener was a bit of a surprise for me, bit it got the crowd going. Standard 1,2,3 jam to close it out. Satellite really got the crowd going, though I've never really liked it much. Warehouse had a great stop time intro and the energy began to pick up here and last through BOWA. I did it was much better than I remembered from the radio and it was kind of fun to hear. One Sweet World was great, but the instrumental seemed to lose the crowd at points. The energy through these two songs was a bit up and down, and returned in ASTB, which was the high point for me in terms of seeing the guys really jam. WWYS was fairly standard, as was Two-Step. I like having butch there, as it brings back the memeories of the early Peter Greisar days. Cry Freedom was a treat to hear (never heard it live before) and the lighters came out in force. Recently marked the third Remember Two Things song of the night, and the guys jammed a bit, through the Pretty Girl Outro. The rest of the set was pretty standard versions. Typical had the extended jam at the end they've taken to doing, but it seemed a bit forced. Overall, the setlist was great and it was a fun night, but the energy was all over the place, highest in ASTB, Too much, and Recently.
Oh my Gosh! What an OUTSTANDING show! This was my first show out of the ATL., and what a GREAT one I picked. Fifth overall. I drove 9 hours round trip from Atlanta to Charlotte. DMB came out about thirty minutes later then usual, but it was all good in the end! Now to the set:ANTS: AN OPENER!! Oh my gosh...absolutly AMAZEING! SATALITTE: Was NOT expecting this one! Always nice to hear! WAREHOUSE: Pretty standerd, but still KILLER! Loved the WOOS! BEST OF WHATS AROUND: First time seeing this one live, was a surprise and a treat! I DID IT: Again, pretty standered, only real low point of the show, and its growing on me the more I hear it(Just like all of Everyday) ONE SWEET WORLD: Pretty standered, nice to hear. SMTS--->ASTB--->WWYS: WOW! Its great not knowing WHAT they'll go into after ASTB...WWYS was tight! TWO STEP: HIGHLIGHT OF MY NIGHT!! Being my 5th show and the first time I've seen this one live...Just blew me away, amazeing! CRY FREEDOM: this quited the crowd a bit after the amazeing 2 Step, nice rarety to hear. RECENTLY got us danceing on the lawn again, and that pretty pretty girl outro thing he does ROCKS! CRASH: Its CRASH, need I say more!?? Pretty standered, but great non the less. TWO MUCH: pretty standered. WATCHTOWER: I've seen this 3 of my 5 shows and this was by FAR the best...EVERYONE was on! KILLER! TYPICIAL SITUATION: Wow! Another rarety..very nice to hear...very jammed out! The show was closed with TRIPPING BILLIES: tons of energy, left us wanting more! Great show DMB! See yall Saturday!!!
Dustin R.
First things first, WOW!!! This was my 17th DMB show, and it lacked nothing. Before I get to the show, I just wanted to let everyone know the twins were in attendace, and that we saw them playing on stage left before the show. On to the event... I was praying for a strong opener that pulled the crowd into a frenzy, and low and behold, we got ANTS!! The place erupted, and we started a dancing, jamming frenzy. We could tell right from the start that the Band was in a great mood. Boyd and Stefan met in the middle of the stage for a "dueling banjos" jam off. Boyd left the crowd wanting more, and Dave tore up the stage strutting his stuff. From the high of the opener, DMB went straight into a classic with Satellite. DMB then raised the electricity with the stop time intro to Warehouse. They introduced a new jam to Warehouse, and Dave danced a jig all over the stage. The crowd went crazy!! Then, a song I was not prepared for, BOWA!! (a moment of silence for Justin and Bo, I thought of you guys) WOW, what an amazing song. The only low point of the night for me was I did it, but if you truly love DMB, then you can even accept I did it. DMB recovered nicely with OSW, but the song wasn't the best part. This was the most cleand and crisp instrumental nature intro I have ever heard. Butch and Leroi were incredible, and even Dave gave them props on stage before started OSW. From OSW, DMB went into SMTS. I was asking the DMB gods for the the bridge. This was the best ASTB segue I have heard. Dave was a dancing fool. ASTB went into WWYS, and the crowd and band never lost a beat. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, DMB pulls out Two Step. Butch and Leroi had very mellow beautiful solos. >From there, DMB went into Cry Freedom. This was a great change of pace and highlighted the diversity of the band. From there, DMB pulled out Recently. The crowd went nuts. Everybody in the entire place was singing and dancing. The highlight was the jam and lovely girl and take me to the river outro. The guys then dropped the pace just a little bit with Crash, but I enjoyed the dixie chicken outro because I am from Tennessee. Dave's emotion singing the was the highlight of the song. From crash, we hit another high with Too Much. The crowd loves this grammy winner. By that time, I was prepared for anything to be the closer, and we received the classic Watchtower. It was perfect timing, because we had gone too long without hearing Boyd and his strings. Between Boyd on the strings and Dave's dancing and emotional singing, it was a perfect closer to the show. The whole time the band was off stage, I was just praying I would see the stage hand tuning the electric. Don't get me wrong, I love What You Are, I was just in the mood for a classic. Much to my delight, I saw him lay out the acoustical. I was in now way prepared for Typical Situation. What an incredible encore!!! That jam is hard to beat. But, nothing compares to DMB and Boyd bringing it home with Tripping Billies. Boyd made up for being quiet most of the night with the closer and encore. For myself and all you tapers and traders out there, the highlights were Warehouse, BOWA, OSW intro, Recently, Typical Situation, and Billies. The band loved playing and the crowd loved listening. This was quite possible the best live show I have heard from DMB. On a personal note, I was like to give a shout out to Shipe for the seats. PHENOMENAL!! To LG and BO, wish you two could have made it. It would have been nice to kick it at DMB one final time with my brothers. Andrew, thanks for going with me. I am glad you enjoyed your first DMB experience. You got lucky with this one. Last but definitely not least, I wish you could have been here with me Mandy. It just wasn't the same without you, and I cannot wait until your my wife. You're my yellow flame!! Peace out, and everybody enjoy Atlanta! I think you are in for some surprises!!!
Justin R.
you hear people who go to dave shows say "this was the best show ive ever been to" or "the boys were ok tonight, not great but ok". well i have been to 15 dmb shows and i can say with a sound mind and all honesty, THIS WAS THE BEST DAVE MATTHEWS BAND SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! one song from everyday and a bunch of classics. it was like stepping back in time to 1995. a couple of friends that went with me got to see this wonderful show as their first show. typical, so much with the bridge, ants opening were all great. best charlotte show ever!
Mark M.
This show ROCKED. My 7th and it was the best. An ANTS opener was amazing, but there was sooo much. TWO STEP was incredible. AATW was incredible. TYPICAL was pretty awesome, I had never heard that jam before. OSW instrumental intro was great. TRIPPING BILLIES was amazing. I sat at the very center front of the lawn and it was great. I cannot believe what an incredible concert it was. I was rockin'.
My second Dave show, the first being the Charlotte show back in 1999. Great old-school set, loved to hear all of the "Under The Table" songs. The musical highlight of the show was Two Step, with a great ten-minute jam that sounded a lot like the "Listener Supported" version. The crowd got up the most for Watchtower, with a lot of jamming from the band and all of Dave's dancing. Boyd absolutely flipped out on Tripping Billies in the encore. All in all, a great show - wasn't expecting all of the old stuff, but I was more than happy to hear it!
Ryan J.
My fourth show and easily my favorite. Dave really likes North Carolina, as all my previous shows had been in Florida, and he didn't seem to be into it at those shows. ANTS-I actually called this one, so that makes me 2 of 16 :-) Very awesome version, Dave dancing like crazy, great song to open it up. SATELLITE-Wanted this one, and it was great to hear. WAREHOUSE-Standard, but never gets old. Complete with some Dave dancing. BOWA-Never would have guessed, one of the highlights of the evening for me, great song. I DID IT-As the only song written after like 1997, it's all good. Obviously the down point of the show, but I'm not complaining at all. OSW-Awesome. Third time I've heard it but this was easily the best version and one of the highlights of the show. Dave played the old intro once, then sat back as Butch soloed! It was amazing. Dave was scatting at the end, and dancing like crazy throughout. One of those things you had to see, very cool. SMTS-Crowd got into this one, I was hoping they'd do ASTB, and they did, going into WWYS-What a great version. Played with great energy and a great LeRoi solo. TWO STEP-Awesome. Complete with an awesome Butch Taylor solo (Butch needs more solos!), great energy, song never gets old. At one point, Dave was just chillin as Butch soloed...very cool. CRY FREEDOM-Unbelievable. Maybe the highlight for me. So unexpected and very well played. Only complaint was the crowd was mostly sitting. Very disappointing. RECENTLY-Another surprise, but great to hear. No intros, but played Pretty Girl and Take Me To The River outros, which were both awesome. CRASH-This might have been the song most-cheered's sad. Standard version, Dixie Chicken outro. It's all good. TOO MUCH-Standard except for the end, Dave did some scatting, which is always awesome. Dave rules. WATCHTOWER-Didn't see this coming, until Stefan went into the bass intro. Awesome energy, great, great set closer, Butch soloed, very cool to hear this one. They were gone for the encore for maybe 5 minutes, if that. The crowd was going absolutely nuts. They came out and I expected Gravedigger and secretly praying for #40, but was shocked to hear TYPICAL SITUATION-Amazing. Words can't describe this version. Jammed out as well in the middle, it seemed to meander away from the song but somehow they went right back into it, very cool. Maybe a 10 minute version. BILLIES-The only other song of the night that I called, very awesome version, Dave dancing, Boyd going nuts as only Boyd can, awesome way to end an unbelievable show. Keep playing the old stuff guys, it rocks! Under the Table and Dreaming rules!
Jamie M.
Tonight's show was one that would leave any hardcore dave fan breathless. This is by far going to be one of the hardest DMB shows to top. The energy of the crowd tonight was absoulutely unreal. Before the lights even went out the roar of the crowd was intense and when the hit the stage the place went crazy. This was definitely a show that was for the old school DMB crowd like myself. Starting the set off with Ants Marching and going to Satellite then to Warehouse and topping the first four off with B.O.W.A was bone chilling. Even the beer vendors were bobbing thier heads along to the music. The energy from the band was insane especially in watchtower right before the encore. What better way to put an end to the show then with Tripping Billies with one of the hardest jam sessions I have ever seen Dave and company offer. I cant wait to see what the Atlanta show has to offer cause this is gonna be a hard one to top.
Derek N.
Wow what an amazing show! This was my 5th full band show and I must say it was probably the best. The band continues to keep surprising me over and over again. This concert ended up being like the 8th grade concert I never got to have until now. All the classic old school DMB songs (except for I Did It which was still good) in one tight setlist. I had great seats almost 15 rows back and could see everyone in the band perfectly. Now the break down. Ants Marching: Great direct intro that scared me for a second cause they just went right into it full force! Great start! Satellite: First time hearing this by the full band, even though it is so simple Carter always seems to blow everything away with his drums. Warehouse: This is when Dave's crazy dancing got started and didn't stop for the rest of the night. He just did not want to end this song and Carter at the end almost sped the tempo up and just kept going. Best Warehouse I have heard hands down. Best of Whats Around: I was praying for this and finally got it. Love this song! I Did It: Saw the baritone come out and knew it would be this. Good tight version, although it was a bathroom break for most. One Sweet World: Instead of playing in the Intro Dave just stood on stage and closed his eyes and listened to Butch and Leroi take over. Very cool to see him do this and he of course gave them props afterwards. So Much To Say: Standard but really good version which began even more crazy dancing right into.. Anyone Seen the Bridge? --> Dave just went crazy during this and was dancing all around the stage like a mad mad. What Would You Say: And even more crazy dancing by Dave. It was at this point after this song that I noticed that Dave would walk up to Carter after each song and have a "secret" handshake with him after each song. They were having a great time up there! Two Step: Another song that just kept going forever and it was simply amazing! Butch's solo was great! Cry Freedom: The lighters came out for this one and everyone was singing along to this beautiful song. Recently: Another one I was hoping for! The Pretty Pretty girl outro was so cool and Dave scatted towards the end too. Crash Into Me: Dave was wailing away on this one at the end and I finally got a full band Dixie Chicken outro! Too Much: Another one that they seemed to play out a little longer at the end and even more scatting by Dave. All Along the Watchtower: Finally got the classic closer of the show after having been to 4 other shows. Stefan's solo was awesome and at the end of the song Dave was dropping the f-bomb screaming away. Amazing version! Typical Situation: The last song I was really hoping to hear and it did not disappoint. I love how this song grows and has a funky little jam at the end. Tripping Billies: The end to a perfect night. Boyd went crazy during his solo and tore the place up! All in all it was an amazing show and really brought the old school flare back into action!
F***ING AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all that can be said of it!! I Did It was the only outcast of the setlist, whereas everything else was from Crash or earlier!!! It was so awesome to hear them just play old song after old song because those songs are just amazing!! I did not mind missing the other new songs b/c i already heard them this summer! The band was so on and Dave was SOOOO into it-- his shirt was drenched in sweat and he was just screaming and howling and dancing all over the stage! They were all definately having a good time up there!! This is the best show I have been to by far because it was that classic dave!! I finally heard BOWA in concert, which i was waiting for, so that made it even better!!!!! Loved it, amazing show, thats all i can say!!!
This was an amazing show. Great setlist, it seemed like an UTTAD release party. Lots of classics and long jams. Typical Situation and Tripping Billies (both jammed out) was the best encore I've ever seen. This years show blew last years away, probly the best out of the 8 DMB shows I've seen.