Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

Grey Street
Rhyme & Reason
When The World Ends
Grace Is Gone
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Scat Outro)
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
What Would You Say
Cry Freedom
Jimi Thing
Song That Jane Likes
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Too Much

* entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

First off was the North Mississippi All Stars - rocked as usual! Grey Street was a great opener, I knew we were in for a great night. The whole band had great energy and were playing incredibly well together. As opposed to the Sunday night show at Continental Arena it was already off to a great start. A decent R & R and WTWE. GIG had a new Stefan intro that was nice to hear. This was the best Jimi I have ever heard live - they were just on fire tonight, with the energy and the improv stuff- Dave was scatting away like crazy. STJL!!!! Amazing to hear this live for the first time!! Two Step had an amazing new jam towards the middle of the 17 minute song... it was amazing to jam to and close out a great first set with. Out of 17 shows, this ranks as #2 behind 5/22/99 at the Vet!! See you guys tomorrow night
well this made my 8th show, and overall very good. started off pretty standard, and ended on a high note. no songs off of btcs which sort of bummed me out. hoping for some tomorrow night. grey street - saw the 12 string and knew it was gonna open, same old version. rhyme and reason - also thought this was next and it was too a standard high energy version. WTWE - 6th straight show i've heard this at, wanted to get it over with. #41 - this is when the energy really went high and it had such a great jam with leroi and boyd. grace is gone - saw fonzie with his little instrument he uses for this. this was also the 7th time hearing this live, so i really wanted to get it over with. warehouse - wow what a surprise, havent heard this since my very first show and i loved it. one sweet world was also very good and only a second time live song for me. the so much to say > bridge > WWYS series had some very high energy. this is such a great segue. cry freedom was a first time ever live song, and i was so glad to get a song that i've never heard before. hoping for another tomorrow night. this song is so beautiful, however most people sat down for it. shame on them. jimi thing brought the energy right back up and leroi, boyd, dave, and carter were all soloing and just tearing it apart. song that jane likes came out of nowhere. standard yet good version. crash i was really glad to hear and is the first time since the 2000 tour. it was complete with dixie chicken. two step, well what can i say about that. UNBELIEVABLE. it had to be 18-20 minutes long and carter went nuts 3 times in it. butch also had one hell of a solo. i knew this was closing the set and was hoping for a better encore than what we got. everyday was great for a first encore, and i was thinking something like watchtower or ants would close. too much was the normal length, so it made the encore about 10 minutes long. oh well, not gonna complain about it. cant wait for tomorrow night.
WoW. This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert and I was completely blown away... i had no idea one of their concerts would be this great. Everyone was really into it. I saw the 12 string guitar out there about half an hour before the band actually came out, and when Dave and the band actually made their entrance I saw Dave pick up the guitar and I knew they would start off with Grey Street... sure enough they did... the truncated version (I guess they took out the first verse)... but daaaaaaaaamn what an opener... it really got the crowd going. I like this as an opener a lot better than, say, DDTW... cuz you never see it coming. The drums were loud as all hell during the show.... and to me that is one of the things that really made a difference with the live songs... Anyway on to Rhyme and Reason... i guess it sounded pretty ordinary... the crowd was still going strong through this one. When the World Ends... crowd was still goin great here... i dont know cuz ive never been to any concerts before, but does the crowd ALWAYS sing along with every single song...? I mean they were so loud at points that i could barely hear dave lol. This was the first of 2 everyday songs (the other was everyday......yea dave must have loved this crowd cuz he didnt pull out the electric once, and only played like 2 or 3 slow songs). Dave aso when an octave or 2 higher in his voice (yea he was on tonight) at one of the last verses of the song. #41.... holy shit i didnt see this one coming at all... the crowd went absolutely ape shit... the band got everyones attention back after when the world ends... they jammed this one for like 10 mins. Here was the low part of the night (IMO)... stefan had a minute long solo in the begninng ...grace is gone was played and this was probably the only time of the night when a large portion of the crowd sat down... it was decent in the beginning but then the end was absolutely fantastic... they jammed it out superbly. Warehouse was one of the highlights of the night... the stop time intro was amazing, and the crowd was sooooooo into this one.... and yea, they didnt play the short version... they jammed it out for like an extra 3 minutes. Is it just me or did the band jam out more songs than usual?? Then one of my favorite pieces of music.. the intro to one sweet world, was played... i was a little disappointed that dave didnt keep playing the wonsuitewhirled while the rest of the band was playing it, but oh well... then came up a pretty typical one sweet world.. im not sure if it was after this song or not but dave mentioned leroi's name and i was hearing chants of 'happy birthday' fom the crowd, but it didnt really catch on.... i was so waiting for dave to start playin happy birthday on the guitar but lol oh well Here is one of the other highlights of the much to say --> anyone seen the bridge --> what would you say.... this was absoutely spectacular...... i was waiting for it to go into pantala but what would you say was a great surprise... the crowd was really into it, the most ive seen all night (at this point). Cry freedom brought everyone back to earth, and some people sat down again, but not too many... this was one of the only slow songs of the night. Jimi thing was the song i really wanted to hear live, and my god it could not have been better. They played this song for like 15 minutes and did so many tease endings to the jam... i would not have been surprised if this was the set closer cuz they jammed it so much. I didnt recognize this song when it came on cuz i never really listened to it before.. i got real excited thinkin it was a some devil song lol but the crowd knew the words (of course) so i knew it wasnt... i really liked this song ... shame on me for never listening to it b4 Crash into me, according to what ive read on the boards, is such a typical song that the crowd doesnt really get into it and a lot of hardcore fans sit down... well not tonight... this was one of the loudest songs in terms of the crowd... they were going nuts... and it was the dixie chicken ending which made the crowd even louder Finally, the 15 minute 2 step... and i see what everyone was sayign about it being one of the best live songs...the crowd was by far the loudest at the end of the song.. EVERYONE was jumping up and down with arms in air and shit. After the 15 minute encore break for the band to get baked, they came back out (at 1030!!! screw all those other short sets, this one lasted til 11!!!!!!!!) and played everyday... hani hani the crowd was goin, and the end jam to everyday was spectacular... this is a great live song i wondered what the last song would be, i was thinkin watchtower cuz i thought i heard some opening chords by stefan.. but too much came on, and of course the crowd went nuts. this is one of the most pop dave songs and it was the perfect end to a perfect evening to me. dave rarely talked, which kind of sucked cuz hes funny as hell, but the band really seemed to be on tonight and was really into the music. what a great night it was, and im glad my first concert was so amazin
Matt S.
Nite 1 Camden: Took the ferry over from Penn's Landing to avoid horrible traffic, but you do miss the post-show lot when having to catch the ferry afterwards. 2 Scenarios for post-show Camden: sit in traffic and hit the lot for various shannanigans or miss the lot and cruise the ferrry in choose! THE LOT was a battle of dave tunes, beer game tables, and was rather late to fill-up, but who says drinking fast isn't an Olympic sport. Saturday nite may be a bit more lively on the beautiful Camden waterfront. THE FANS: with the show to come & the beautious (inv.) weather brought good spirits and by nightfall, the crowd welcomed DMB to the stage for a grey street that built and built...good energy. THE SHOW the setlist is comprised of only 4 tunes from was a nice nod to the past with the 16 tunes played. (new is good,but thank you fellas!) Dave's voice was strong, the sound was good, some random fireworks from the baseball game next door were a nice touch during STJL. And the obsessed Two Step fans were appeased. I've been seing the band since '94 and seen them 28x's over those years. I've enjoyed hearing the little "tweaks" the band puts on the tunes to keep the sound fresh. butch on the OSW intro, stefan on Dobro/Slide Guitar on GIG, more dave scat, carter hittin' all sorts of beats, leroi blastin',stefan bouncin', and boyd rippin' The Band is playing well & Everyday is a great Encore...Fun, Love! Be Kind People
1st dave show. nice setlist. hearing Jimi thing , rhyme & reason , and one sweet world was cool. question i have is how long can the band keep playing city after city with the same tunes nite after nite?? they don't really mix it up much, no new fun cover tunes, jams that dont go anywhere in particular....they just churn it out.
All in all a nicely done show. Not sure about grey street as an opener, but it worked. Rhyme and reason was nice, but the night didn't really get going until 4 songs into it when they pulled out 41. The crowd seemed to know every word. Warehouse was amazing - and obviously so much to say --> anyone seen the bridge? --> what would you say made everyone go crazy. Best version of jimi thing i have ever heard (find a bootleg i promise you'll love it) - dave soloed... completely unexpected and amazing. Song that jane likes added a nice touch -- "I got a sister named jane..." Crash was expected, but of course everyone loved it and the couples seemed to enjoy it. Two step was wild. The encore started off w/ everyday, which was nice until two women started yelling and fighting behind me, yelling obsenities when ALL I WANT TO DO IS WATCH MY FREAKING DAVE MATTHEWS CONCERT WITHOUT YOU INSANE NEW JERSEY PEOPLE YELLING ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT. oh, by the way, new jersey sucks. Boyds playing a beautiful solo to everyday and all i can hear are these girls fighting. 2nd and last song of the concert was too much... i was hoping for watchtower... but fine whatever play your too much. Everyone else seemed to love it and i didnt mind. Highlights were warehouse and jimi thing no doubt. Great show dave and i'll see you tomorrow night.
James D.
Sometimes i forget why i love this band so much, and tonight reminded me just why i love this band so much times 10000. The energy that flowed throughout the evening was off the page. this show absolutely blew away continental night 1. Ive never heard the band so tight and amazing, they just keep getting better year after year. Amazing!
Stacey H.
dave loves nj!!!! this show absolutely rocked. the set list was amazing. highlights include opening with grey street. warehouse. one sweet world. dave's scat during anyone seen the bridge. i do not know how they could top it tonight. ps parking at tweeter sucks!
Mark Y.
Really good show tonight. Setlist was packed full of fan favorites and they were all pulled off very nicely. They could've been called LMB tonight because Mr. Leroi Moore was simply on fire. His solos on #41 and Jimi THing made the night. Other than WTWE there was no lags in the set at all, solid and energetic all the way through. Stefan's slide guitar intro for Grace is Gone was cool. Cry Freedom was a pleasant surprise as was STJL. Two Step closed out the set strong, with Butch getting a little extra work. Only complaint would be the iffy encore, Too Much sounded pretty good but is not the best show closer. All in all a damn good show, can't wait for tommorow night.
Colleen S.
Last night's show was good, but it was pretty much a repeat of night two at Continental. I'm glad the tide of songs from Everyday has ebbed, but I wish there was a little more setlist variety. It was a nice show though. The highlights of it for me were Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Song That Jane Likes, and Everyday. I love the stop time intro for Warehouse. Jimi Thing was so perfectly jammed out. Fonzie is the glue of that song - the best part of the jam is always when he goes crazy on the bass. Dave also played like a madman. The scatting near the end was the best I'd heard it. Dave used to sort of back away from the mic, but now he yells right into it and dances the whole time. The reason that Song That Jane Likes was a highlight was simply the element of surprise. It's a fun song to hear live, and I wasn't expecting it at all. I love hearing Everyday live, just because upon hearing the first chords, the audience instinctively starts to wail #36 and eventually Dave backs us up. I think another memorable thing was Boyd's outfit. Those pants were something else, right out of Wizard of Oz. I think that the show was good, but this tour seems monotonous. I am worried about tonight though, with all the old stuff he played last night I hope there isn't a resurgence of new stuff. See you all tonight!
Dan W.
Left my house really late - like 6:30 - missed Mississippi All Stars (will see them tomorrow) and got to my seat at 8:00. House music was Rolling Stones. Band came out at 8:20 and proceeded into... Grey Street - Highlight #1 of the night: this was excellent. Dave was dancing during the end. Couldn't hear Roi at all, but this was the only song with that problem. Rhyme and Reason - Not a favorite, but still alot of energy. Stefan was bouncing around all night, and here was no exception. I counted at least 8 mics, maybe 10. When the World Ends - Boyd sounded a little off here. Still okay though. #41 - Highlight #2 of the night: Dave tried to hit the high notes, couldn't get them, so stopped trying. Boyd took center stage for his solo, then Roi laid down an awesome solo. They dragged the ending out for at least 2 minutes, and I thought they would segueway into something else, but oh well. Grace Is gone - Stafan played some song I should know on the slide guitar. Don't think this had the hoedown outro, but I haven't heard it so I wouldn't know. There was a cool camera effect going where the band was black and white. Warehouse - Carter, Butch, and Stefan were pushing the woos tonight, and Dave looked like he was having a great time. One Sweet World - first time for me. The instrumental intro before the song itself was awesome. Dave played the first part by himself, then went way behind Butch and didn't play anymore for the rest of the intro. Dave scatted some wild stuff at the end, but no swim naked. So Much To Say -->- a standard SMTS, but still really good. I just wanted to get to... Anyone Seen the Bridge --> Hightlight #3 of the night: Dave scatted, Stefan was bouncing around and Carter beat the crap out of the drums... What Would You Say - would have liked Rapunzel, but this was just as good. Cry Freedom - another first for me. Slowed things down a bit, a little talking amongst people, but not enough to ruin the song. Jimi Thing - Highlight #4 of the night: Everything was standard (but good) until Roi's solo. Right after Roi's solo began, the camera crew panned down to show Roi and caught a picture of some lady with a kid dancing backstage. This kid was flailing his arms all around while the lady was clapping. Stefan kept looking at the kid and smiling, so I think it might have been his son, though I don't know. After Dave's solo, Dave stepped to the mic and did this wild scatting for about a minute. It looked like he was going to jump out of his skin. He hugged the guitar close to his chest and scatted away. The Song That Jane Likes - always a pleasant surprise. Crash Into Me - No high notes again, but I actually like it better when Dave yells at the end. The ending of this song is surprisingly intense live. Two Step - Highlight #5 of the night: Wow. Roi took off his glasses for this one. Dave's intro lyrics were tough to understand, but it was something about a river. I was really hoping for a jammed out Two Step, and I'm glad because this was incredible. Dave went behind Carter's kit, Boyd went behind Butch, and Roi disappeared for the jam, so it was Carter Butch, and Stefan all by themselves. Butch soloed for about 5 minutes. Then Boyd took a 90 second plucking solo (at which point someone hit him with a beach ball), Stefan came in with that groove he's been laying down since 2002, then Carter went off for a couple of minutes, brought everything back down, and finished the song. Best tune of the night, hands down. After the song, Stefan pumped his bass into the air at the audience. Long encore break Everyday - another first for me. Hani Hani's were in effect, and they did the #36 outro they have been doing. Too Much - an interesting choice as an encore closer. It was still full of energy (and that kid from Jimi Thing was back dancing again), but I would have preferred Watchtower or Billies or Stay. Overall, a very solid show. #41, Jimi Thing, SMTS --> ASTB --> WWYS, Grey Street, and Two Step were all highlights. No electric tonight, as that's always good. I would rank this maybe 3 or 4 out of the 8 shows I've seen. Lots and lots of energy from the band (Dave kept smiling back at Carter alot), and hope to see a couple more 2003 exclusive tomorrow (or today, as it is 1:00) See ya.
I dont really know how to explain how good the show was. if you just take the best thing that has ever happened to you and times that by 100 then you might come close to understanding. grey was a great opener then followed by rhyme and reason. every song tonight just felt like they've just been written and played for the first time. dave was dancin his ass off and carter was all over the drums as usuall. leroi is just leroi, no need to say anymore, and boyd butch and fonz were nothing short of unbelievable. well im leaving for the second show now cya later.
Eric B.
Alright, first-off I felt guilty for being late to my 8th show. I missed GREY, RHYME, WORLD ENDS, 41, and GRACE. I heard most of WAREHOUSE, but it was nessecary that i stopped at the bathrooms on my way in. Now I was ready to enjoy the rest of the show, as was most of the rest of the crowd. Dave started the instrumental intro to SWEET WORLD, and nobody even knew! I actually heard someone say "Is this new". Oh well, the song was great, especially the scat outro, Dave looked so happy during this show. SO MUCH->BRIDGE->WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? was very satisfying. At this point I knew this would be a great show despite the lack in crowd support. Half of my section of the crowd talked through CRY FREEDOM, whatever, it was the first time i saw it and i loved it. JIMI THING was awesome, Boyd rules! JANES SONG is always great to see. CRASH was exceptional everyone sang with Dave on this one. I don't have to say much about 2 STEP, except Butch and the fellas jammed out real good, always a good set-ender. The encore was nice and mellowing, Boyd busted out the cry-baby, EVERYDAY-36 was short and sweet. TOO MUCH was cool, once again the crowd joined Dave to sing. overall a great show, but i have a feeling Nissan Pavilion in VA will top it! Carter is the GOD OF DRUMS!!! peace.
Zach A.
this was probably the best show that we went to....very awesome of dave to announce the north mississippi allstars....grey street was a great opener and rhyme and reason always gets the crowd going...wtwe was great like usual and the crowd went nuts for 41...and so they should have!!-this was the first time that we heard grage is gone live, and the song and the picture on the screen was amazing...warehouse always kicks ass, one sweet world was a nice surprise, and so much to say was also a great addition...wwys, cry freedom, jimi thing were all great perfomances and the song that jane likes was the biggest oldie but goodie of the evening....crash with dixie chicken is always great and two step just completely rocked the house.....we especially liked the encore where dave elected to play 2 rather popular, radio-played songs in everyday and too much....if he couldnt play ants, billies, or watchtower, too much is the very next best closer......also, that waqs the longest we ever had to wait for an encore, but obviously it was WAY worth it...... overall a 5 star show....good job, dave!!!!
What can i say that is by far the best concert i have ever seen even though Ive only been to 3 DMB concert the band was awesome tonight. Grey Street nice opener to get it started, R&R was awesome my first time hearing it and i loved it, when the worlds was good to ive heard it at each concert but ir sounded like dave changed a part of it up, #41 this is my favorite dave song and i just got the hat from the concert it was awesome to hear, GIG wow fonzi's intro was cool as hell and it sounded kinda like ittin on the dock of the bay, warehouse wow this song was awesome and during the intro each time the crowd would say wooo fonzi put up the rock sign that was cool, SMTS----->AWSB--->WWYS was great first time to hear SMTS, cry freedom was a good song to just chill to, Jimi thing was great especially the dave scat, song that jane like was great to hear, Crash was good not my fav song but i like the dixie chicken part, TWO STEP wow butch was awesome nice 5 min solo that was great, Everyday i always wanted to hear this live and it was awesome, and Too much at first i thought it was trippin billies but too much was still great. What a great show cant wait till the next concert.
Brian K.
Good Job tonight by DMB. Opening with Stay i think was a good call and got the crowd jumpin' early. Highlights for me on the night were...Bartender, Nancies, and Billies. Ants had a lot of energy and was a treat. Thanks guys for a great summer tour looking forward until next time, but for now I'm outta heaaa!
Josh S.
So, night one in camden was a blast. Got to the parking lot late because of the freakin philly/NJ traffic. Seriously, something needs to be done about this. But let me say, the show was a great way to open the 2 nights in camden. It was great to hear a couple of old songs, and i can't beleive there was nothing from BTCS, but hey, they have more then enough songs to play. Grace is a great tune, Steffan's intro was a real cool way to start it off. Kinda supriesed to hear one sweet world again, but hey it does a great job to get everyone singing. I have to say, the past few shows, boyd has seemed a little distant, and i definatly got that vibe tonight. Highlight of the night was definatly hearing STJL, never heard it live, and all i have to say is wow. definatly a great night, especially after hearing them on 8/24 in N. Jersey. They were two different bands. But anyways, i have another night to look forward to tomorrow, and i can't wait. See you all there!
This was a nice show. Not the best I've been to, but pretty good. I had row F seats right in the center so the view was incredible. I heard Dave was sick on the 5th, but it didn't show in his playing. I wasn't thrilled about the setlist but he played all of the songs very well. Rhyme and Reason, #41, Jimi Thing and Two Step were all great. And I just love when he plays Warehouse (Woo!). I missed the encors to beat traffic and sorry that I did, because after reviewing the setlist, I wish I had stayed. Can't wait for the next show.