Dave Matthews
Farm Aid, Germain Amphitheater Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Too Much
So Damn Lucky
Where Are You Going
Save Me

Dan S.
Wow. What can I say? Farm Aid was truly a unique experience. Obviously Dave was the highlight of the show. He played a brief set, probably around 40 minutes or so. Wish he could have played longer but there were several other acts on the bill. The crowd's favorite was Dave by far. His set was beautifully constructed. It consisted of some old DMB tracks as well as some of his new solo stuff from Some Devil. He opened with Everyday, which was totally amazing. That was followed by Crush, Too Much (Dave dedicated this to "industrial and corporate farmers"), Gravedigger, So Damn Lucky, Where Are You Going?, Save Me, and to close it out he played Bartender. Even though it was a brief set, it was totally kick ass. It was very nice to hear some of Dave's new solo stuff. This was my 15th time seeing Dave. All in all, Farm Aid was a totally cool experience!
Well this Farmaid did not seem to impresive to me. It was basically the same setlist as last year. I will say it was nice to hear So Damn Lucky and Save Me. There was absolutley no energy the whole time Dave was on stage. Oh well though I will catch him again and it will be better.
Brian J.
After a hot day and a lot of beer, it was finally time for Dave's solo performance. No one was seated and there was a ton of energy for one guy standing on the stage with just an acoustic guitar. Dave sounded amazing and got the loudest response of the day (later replaced by the responses for Neil and Willie.) All in all a great set by Dave (my first solo experience, two Dave and Tims, 15 full bands). A quick note on farm aid--great cause, great way to end the summer, and great talent on the bill. If you ever get the chance, go!
Jeff C.
In his very characteristic way, Dave stolled onto stage with a water bottle and a giant curtain behind him. He gave a special thanks to the audience but mostly to the farmers that give us "good food." Daves tunes sounded wonderful in the Germain theater. Just after So Damn Lucky, Dave said, "I'm a little nervous 'cause I've not played that for no more than 20 people." Dave tuned his own guitar to Drop D and said,"if it's out of tune, I ment it to be that way." This performance was obviously an important one for Dave and he spoke strongly about Farm Aid, the organization of which he is a board member. Great show...