Dave Matthews Band
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Me'Shell Ndegeocello
The Best of What's Around
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Help Myself
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Sweet Up & Down
All Along the Watchtower
Digging a Ditch
Rhyme & Reason
Grey Street
Two Step
Drive In, Drive Out
#40 (first verse)
Ants Marching

Matt S.
Well, altogether a much, much better show than last. I felt. I know some of the crowd was lost during some of the less familiar tunes. But when they wanted to, the audience was attentive and respectful. However, at times it did seem like it had turned into a social event for the local high schools. Anyhoo. . . The band played fantastically. Dave's energy was focused and effective. The openning pair got the crowd revved up just enough. One Sweet World was a nice surprise, as was the cool little jam they did before it. The crowd even cheered Help Myself, which sounded maniacal as all hell. Sweet Up&Down sounded great again, as did all the new songs, especially Bartender, the end of which just blew me away when Dave was wailing like banshee and I think they put some reverb on his voice or something. Excellent. Watchtower kicked some booty. Stefan and Dave did a duet with a bass solo before the vocals came in. Thanx to Boyd for that solo. Dave had fun and added some new vocal inflections after the solo section, and the lights were fantastic on that tune, by the way. Grey Street rocked. And the crowd went wild, of course, over Ants Marching, a nice close to a very fulfilling evening.
Chris N.
Wow...what a show, with a line up of new songs and #40! Mike (from CO) you would have loved the show man! Let me start by saying the band is so energetic...maybe because Polaris was the first 2 shows back, but they were pumped both days! Satellite was a surprise for an opener. Followed by BOWA...full of energy, got the crowd going. OSW with a 6 minute or so long intro...very nice, this is the first time I have heard this song live...excellent! My friend Chris R. asked my not 3 seconds before Help Myself started..."Hey what is the song on Scream 2...that's a good song?" and scary enough they played it. Sweet Up & Down, same as last night, but still great to hear. JTR! This song was a lot different from the version sang with Santana that one time back in March of last year. Lovely chorus, very smooth sounding song. Watchtower with bass intro got the crowd jumping around. Diggin a Ditch slowed the crowd down...you can tell the real fans at this point, a ton of people left to do their business or just sat down. Oh well, we enjoyed it. Rhyme & Reason, pretty much straight album version. Grey Street same as last night, very good. Two Step had an incrediblely long jam and Carter is the man...he went off with Boyd! Another new song, Raven...kind of a darker slow sound to it. Hard to understand Dave on this one. Drive In, Drive Out was a nice closer. Encore...AHHHH #40...I can't believe I actually heard this live! This was my personal highlight of the night, though it was only the first verse...and a different first verse than the past versions. Dave took the spotlight by himself for this one. #40 followed by Bartender was a nice combo...and Ants can always get total crowd participation...and it did. All in all, another excellent night for the guys and the crowd was into it. Until next year Polaris!
Paul M.
SEE THIS TOUR! Incredible, amazing, are the words that come to mind. Two Step and Watchtower both brought down the house, with some new twists that Dave and the band have put together. Two of the new songs totally rock.... The new albumn is going to be something else, one of the best I believe, if the songs they played tonight were any indication. The finale with Ants Marching was of course totally awesome. You could hardly hear Dave sing over the crowd, everyone was dancing, singing, and groovin the entire concert. Yes, this one was definately an experience i will not soon forget, if ever.
Travis J.
Tonight's encore was AMAZING!! #40 for the first time this tour, it was a lot like it is on LS but dave didn't yell in the end. Short, sweet and absolutely beautiful. Bartender was even more unreal the second time hearing it, I thought it was better than last night. Dave yells a lot it's so fucking cool. Tight, tight jam at the end. I thought the show was over since Bartender was so well played, but dave didn't put his guitar down, he kept talking to Carter and laughing for a couple minutes, then they busted into one the best versions of Ants Marching I've ever heard, tight 1-2-3 jam. You could tell the band was enjoying themselves. Dave was in a great mood, lots and lots of dancing on stage.. good amount of davespeak but I couldn't understand what he was saying from where I was sitting. The band was very energetic, more passionate show than last night though. Two Step was the highlight of the night, they played it the same way as last night. The jam has been reworked and it's unbelievable. The crowd went nuts during Watchtower. THE NEW SONGS KICK ASS!! Digging a ditch is one of the most passionate songs I've ever heard. Didn't recognize JTR for a while, it's different and MUCH better. Was great to finally see BOWA and Help Myself. All in all a terriffic show, not as fast paced as last night but still had a dream setlist and was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
Jason A.
I was very impressed tonight. I knew what new songs were coming, all but Raven and they all sound great. They have a very upbeat sound to them. Diggin' A Ditch was very good. My roommate and I were one show away from seeing the debut of this songs with the band as well as Dave and Tim. Bartender was way better then I expected with some different and changed lyrics. Best song of the night was Two Step, with Ants a close second. Rhyme and Reason has to be up there so does Bartender, One Sweet World and Digging a Ditch. I think the new stuff is very good and I cannnot wait to see more of it over the next six shows. The setlist was great, Watchtower in the middle of the show caught me off guard and so did the fact that they did not do one song from Before These Crowded Streets. This was the best show I have ever seen and I think this sets the tone for 3 good shows at Deer Creek. See you all there!
Matt P.
Satellite, I thought was a good opener, also I had been wanting to hear it for a long time. Best of what s around was pretty good. The same goes for One Sweet World. Help Myself was a real big suprise. Crash w/ Dixie Chicken was the same as every other time I've heard it. Sweet up & Down was good, that's the first time I've heard that. Very Pleased. JTR was also a new one for me. I loved Watchtower. That song just has great energy. I was dancing like crazy during this one. Dggin a ditch was ok. Rhyme & Reason, I thought he'd play this song and no one believed me! Grey Street another new but very good song. Two Step, didn't think we'd hear it since it was played last night, but I'm glad they played it, I love this song. Raven another new song, didn't care for this one that much. Drive In Drive Out, they played this with alot of energy, great closer. Bartender god this is a sweet song, Very good choice for an encore! Ants Marching, a high energy closer! Boyd goes off! All in all was a good show.
Bobby B.
The word of the night was "band". I think the wholeness of the band really shined on this night. There really wasn't any single solo that stood out, just good hard jammin' from all the boys. What the heck is up with a mid-set Watchtower?!?! Still it was awesome, I feel bad for all the folks who weren't interested in the new stuff that preceded the Bob Dylan classic, who left to get beer, and missed it. The new stuff sound pretty freakin cool, recognizing most of it from the night before. Sweet Up and Down was a great jam. The encore was legendary. Happy to see that at least two of the people around me recognized #40. Good show, good Columbus homestand.
Nothing could compare to the opening concert from last night. Me and My Buddy Nate went through all ends to see this show. WE traveled 2 and a half hours back to Toledo OH last night after the show, only to do it again for this one. Only this time on the way, we received a ticket from the police. Guess we were just a little too excited to see Dave and our driving showed it. Anyways. We didnt see Satellite as an opener coming. That was a total suprise. Kind of good though because the crowd really got into it. Best of Whats Around- Another Suprise. Didnt see it coming at all. Old school fans were really into it. Lot of people just standing around. Then I heard the old school intro to One Sweet World which I havent heard in forever. Everyone around me thought it was a new song and refused to believe that it was OSW. However, when the three opening chords came, they all stood in shame. It appeared to be an old school night so far. Help Myself and Crash INto Me were pretty Standard Issue. Crowd really got into Crash. Sweet UP and Sweet Down debuted last night and in my opinion the crowd was more into it tonight. "JTR" debuted tonight. A LOT different from the D&T version. Still Quality. Probably the biggest suprise of the night. WATCHTOWER.. NOt even the finale or encore. Boyd had a PHATTY jam during it and then Roi took over. It was a quality Watchtower jam. Had the LS intro with Dave and Stefan. Diggin' a Ditch lost crowd appeal. Lot of people lost attention and died for a bit. Rhyme and Reason was standard issue. Nothing Special. Next new song was Grey Street. Crowd took it pretty well. Two Step got the crowd back into it. Very energetic. Not like last night, but still energetic. DIDO wasnt a good closer. Crowd wasnt too into it because not many people know it. Finally.. The Encore.. As predicted before arriving 40 would be the first encore song. and it was. new lyrics.. more guitar part added... crowd liked it. Probably the best song of the night followed. Bartender. This was the song with the most emotion in it.. Boyd was going nuts on it.. My eyes were tearin' It was beautiful. I thought they were goona close with a DDTW initially, but they ended up closing with Ants Marching. Crowd loved it. Boyd was going off. All and All it was a good show.. Not as good as opening night.. But it was quality entertainment and well worth the price of the ticket and the speeding ticket..
Anthony R.
Excellent Show. The Lighting was absolutely amazing and the boys are back better than ever. Satellite was a very big surprise as an opener. Very nice way to start the night out. Thje next song was a huge highlight fior me. I had been wanting to hear BOWA live for so long and they played a great version. OSW isn't my favorite of the DMB catalog, but I do love the intro, even more than the song. Help Myself was a really cool song live in concert. Really funky. Crash was next and I know how some people hate this song, but I love it in concert, especially with Dixie Chicken thrown in. Then came Sweet up and down. This song is absolutely amazing. It is such a jam. You just have to dance like crazy to this song. JTR was next and another song that blew my mind. A lot of the new stuff sounds really up beat and funky. Watchtower was a total surprise, and this was the first time that crowd got going . Up until Watchtower, the crowd didn't seem so stoked. The lighting on this song enhanced it so much. Boyd and LeRoi took the solos, just like the old days. Digging a ditch was a beautiful song. The whole band playing on it made even better that it already was. R+R is a good song, another that got the crowd stirring a bit. Grey Street was unbelievable. Totally different thatn any thing I have ever heard them play. It was so cool. Two Step, excellent. The jam at the end was wonderful. The boys were all up there talking to each other and laughing and they played it great. Raven was a bit slower tempoed than the rest of the new stuff, but it was a great song. I hope others get to hear this. DIDO is a good song. Woked well as a set closer. The encore was so amazing. I got to hear #40, which is just a beautiful song. Bartender weas really cool. It did have a DDTW fell, but the jam at the end was so phat. Ants is the best song live. So much energy in the boys and the crowd. Perfect way to end an amazing night.
Eric R.
Opening act-was great both nights....not enough respect-oh well... Satellite, poor opener, got many fans excited, i was not one of them......many fans around me were still getting food and what not, Best of What's around, great to hear it, would be better in the 1 slot instead of satellite.....I called this song....lots of people sitting down....Help myself, highlight of my night very good song! Crash into me, nice always nice to hear dave with some emotion....had it this show I like Sweet up and down, going to be a nice tune! John the revolator, highlight of my night-great to hear it!.....bummer that the "john the revolator" is gone. Watchtower, got the crowd really into it, would've liked to've seen a better, more upbeat followup(Stay? or Rapunzel?)Digging a ditch is sounding good.....rhyme & reason has never been one of my favs, but it got the crowd going! Grey street sounds good, Dave much emotion, very nice to see. Two step, is my favorite, really nice to see as an encore last night, sounded alot the same, would've liked to've seen another in it's place.....Raven.....pretty intense song! Drive in, drive out, major dissappointment of the night, was looking for a better closer-True Reflections?....encore was nice....Dave alone then going into #40, very awesome!!!...I like what the guys have transformed bartender into, very cool song, gets my swinging! Ants Marching.....very cool closing tune, left on a high note!....was a bit ticked, dave and the boys got on stage late and left earliar than the other night, but played more songs, go figure!....would've liked to've seen another upbeat song, but the boys were really jammin', can't wait to check them out again.
Wow ! What a great concert! Although some may differ, i think tuesday's concert at columbus was alot better than Monday's. Satellite- great song... good opener The Best of What's Around- awsome song , never heard it live. One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)-- nice long intro Help Myself- didnt like this song to much, but got the crowd going Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)- everyone was on there feet for this one! Sweet Up & Down- PHAT new song!!! GREAT LYRICS AND ENERGY!!!! John the Revelator-- nice new song without the lryics john the revelator All Along the Watchtower- amazing!!! steffan intro and boyd went nuts Digging a Ditch- nice new song... a little slow Rhyme & Reason- personally dont like this song but crowd favorite Grey Street-- new song! Two Step- nice two step! 15 min long!!! Raven- new song? Drive In, Drive Out -- good song ,, carter went nuts!!!! Encore: #40 (first verse)- By far the best song by dmb ever, 40! Bartender- nice new song! Ants Marching- what an encore!!! ANTS WAS AMAZING!!!!! overally best concert ive seen... good crowd, band w/ lots of energy...