Dave Matthews Band
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Guster

Satellite *
Rhyme & Reason *
Lie In Our Graves *
Grey Street *
All Along the Watchtower *
Raven *
#36 +*
Bartender *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) --> *
Too Much *
Long Black Veil +*
Stay +*
Grace Is Gone *
Ants Marching *

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Luke T.
Richard Y.
I would have to rate tonight a pretty good show. Bare with me here, sorry I just go into a lot of detail. I have been recently at least, no pun intended. Not spectacular, and not as good as last night, but good. There are many ups and downs about tonight. I thought that the crowd tonight was good overall, not as good as last night, but still good and overall respectful. There was one major problem that I experienced with a select few in the crowd. Tonight, my seats kinda sucked, section 600, thanks to WH, but I'm not sure of the people reading this are familiar with this, but at Music Centers/ ampitheatres they have these box suites and one was positioned right behind me. Well, Dave takes the stage and this 14 year old girl and her friend ask me if that was Guster or Dave Matthews Band. I just turned around and didn't say anything. It made me very mad. Anyway, I thought that Butch was a great addition, and the lovely ladies were good too, because they were only out for 3 songs and that's not too excessive. Moving on to the show though. Guster again was awesome. I think they liked the Cincinatti crowd better than the crowd at the Creek. On with Dave though. Satellite, horrible openner. That's the worst song to pick as an openner. It's not a bad song, but you have to start off with something more energetic. Was yelling seek up, where the hell is it? Has yet to be played this tour. Rhyme and Reason, one word, great! Stefan was bopping his head a lot and there was lots of energy from the band and the crowd at this point. Would've made a better openner than satellite. LIOG, major highlight. Always a crowd pleaser. Great Boyd solo, started off slow and then worked it's way up. Jammed with Carter for awhile and Carter was all smiles. After that, once the solo had worked the tempo down, Boyd and Butch jammed together for awhile. Grey Street, sounded great. Especially with the addition of Butch. He was jamming and he stood up too! Watchtower I felt was placed odd. Didn't really fit in here but sounded good nonetheless. Beautiful Stefan solo at the beginning. We don't see enough of his solos but they are great when he has them. During Dave's part of the song where he says "ha ha ha ha" he threw an extra one and said it differently. Sounded great. Butch and LeRoi both had GREAT solos. Stefan was jammin again bopping his head. Raven sounded excellent again with the addition of Butch. Was hoping this was going to be played. Then #36. Wow. Had never actually seen this live until tonight. It was amazing. The ladies joined in and the song went on forever. Butch was totally into the song and had a great solo. The crowd was into the song because they knew the repetitious chorus, but once the song kicked in, they didn't know anything. No one around me did, except me. Bartender, they are starting to play too much. It's not bad, but being overly played, would prefer to here more of SUAD. Crash, always sounds great with Butch. Crowd pleaser. SMTS was great with ASTB. Stefan had a great solo, LeRoi did too, and then Dave. Too much, standard, pretty much with a couple lyrical changes. LBV, beautiful, like this one better without the ladies though. Butch had a great solo. JTR had cool lighting, and the Butch sound again was great with the new material. Stay, first time it had been played on this tour and we knew it was coming. Sounded good though but again, odd time to be played, as the closer of the show before the encore? Anyway, great sound and the ending went on for awhile and Dave was sticking his toungue out. Grace is Gone. Wow. Sounds great. Was wondering when some more new songs were going to pop out. A lot of people say country sounding, I thought Boyd did have a bluegrass sound to it, but that's it. Bela would make a great addition to this song. The song starts off with Just Dave and Boyd before the whole band jumps in. Dave talks about having one last drink in the song, but that's all I can recall. It's slow but good. Definitely worth hearing. Ants, well, I figured it would be the closer. Does make for a good one at that. Dave broke an obvious string during this but kept playing till his replacement got there. All in all, not a bad show, just a weak openning and some odd placement of songs in the setlist. Check it out though for just GIG. See ya at Soldier on Thurs.
L.B. R.
Well, after 10 days on the road with DMB I am finally home. 4:00 am just got in and had to post the 6-27-00 setlist. I have to say the shows were all amazing in some way. Just wanna say some quick things about 6-27-00 "Watchtower" played 5th in the set??!! Where is this coming from being played earlier and earlier, don't tell me Dave is gonna start using it as an opener lol. "Raven" one of my favs now, love the song. "#36," always a treat when you can get it. Full band "Bartender" I'll leave it at that, the song got better and better each night it was played. Glad to see "Long Black Veil" back, I mean it was played A LOT last tour, but I do enjoy it. Also good to hear "Stay" and "Grace is Gone," which I think is an AMAZING song. Overall the shows were amazing, everything seems to be working. Lighting is great and so is the sound. It seems you can hear Stefan a lot more, which is GREAT. I will be experiencing DMB withdrawl for the next few days, but I am hitting the 7-3-00 show in Pittsburgh (my home) plus a few more after that, so I should be cool. Peace!
C. B.
And they said last night was good? Hmmm...maybe... Guster did a lot of the same tunes, but it seemed that more people had learned them overnight, as there were lots of "Guster Pods" singing and dancing with them tonight. I HAVE to get some of their CDs and learn them myself..and what in the hell did those guys throw up on stage? Marshmellows??? Sarah and I sat in our seats wondering who the Roland keyboards and the other 3 mics were for...ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS when we found out!!! Satellite has never been a favorite opener for me. Sarah's mom would have loved it, but it's just a bit too slow for a rousing start in my opinion. Maybe they should have led off with the surprisingly-absent Tripping Billies...but who am I to judge? Satellite is still a lovely song, and it was nice to hear. Everyone got into it, though...it's a good one to sing along to. Rhyme & Reason, when it follows Satellite, never seems to be as "nasty" as it should be (at least, that's what Sarah says). Maybe the mellowness carried over into it? Still, hearing Dave growl into the mic is really cool!!!!! LIOG...go Boyd!!! We clocked his solo tonight at about 5 minutes, and he visited the entire front row, even bowing to the people dead center. You should have seen the response he got. At the break, Dave, Carter, and Butch started doing something (didn't catch what it was) for a few minutes before the song finished. Grey Street, again, got us all pumping...this should be an album single!!! WHAT THE HELL???? Watchtower as song #5? Oh God!!! Raven reminded Sarah very much of #34...she kept saying how sweet it was and got all excited every time she heard "#34." I have a feeling she likes this one. The night before, we'd brought a sign asking for #36. I know Dave saw it, but it didn't happen that night. We made another one, but decided not to bring it...good thing, too, or we might not have heard it at all!!! Having Cindy, Brenda, and Tawatha (the other 3 mics get used!!!) AND Butch was fantastic!! Justin and his other friend Andy were next to us again (Kate was on the lawn with her friends), and all 4 of us screamed and just DANCED! as soon as we heard the first chords. Sadly, though, only the girl in front of Justin was dancing with us (we applauded her after the song for dancing), even with all 4 of us yelling "Why aren't they dancing???". Is it possible that people STILL don't know the best DMB dancing tune? Bartender, again...smooth, mellow...just like something you'd get from the bar. Thoroughly enjoyable! And then, Crash. I was dreading it...it's the ultimate screaming-girl song (I hate that high-pitched, boy band fan screech). Still, it's a nice tune (Sarah: "I liked it. It was cute."), and he sang the Dixie Chicken lines!!!!!! That made it worthwhile for the both of us!! Time for some serious funk. SMTS->ASTB?->Too Much is always a great time...a bunch of white guys in the audience gettin' down!!! ASTB? has been reworked slightly...'Roi and Stefan are playing some new rhythms...and it's LONGER!!! Too Much tonight was better than last...the jamming pulled people along and just dumped them full-force into the song. You couldn't NOT like it!! Long Black Veil!!! Sarah was almost in tears...she'd been (secretly) begging Dave from our seats to play this one. Again, "the lovely ladies" came out and turned this song into an EVENT. Sarah says "It's not a dance song, but they gave it SOMETHING...umph!" Everyone was hugging and kissing and just loving it...even though the song talks about adultery and hanging people. Another nugget of wisdom from Sarah: "It puts a whole new slant on Say Goodbye, doesn't it?" J(ohn) T(he) R(evelator)...same as last night. Still would be better with the actual title line in it...and the jam was a little better, but the song still limps into it. Here come the ladies again! We were discussing what songs were left to play that they sing on...Granny, True Reflections, STAY!!!! What a fantastic closer!! Total energy from the band AND the crowd!!!! Grace Is Gone is lovely. That, coupled with it being the first time it was played made it even more lovely. And then, finally, after 3 years of waiting to hear it at home again, ANTS MARCHING!!!!! It was the full-on extended Boyd version (Carter did the 1-1, 2-1, 3-1 snare hits), and everyone loved it! Dave broke a string (the last of several for these 2 nights) in the middle of the song, but that was ok. The roadie replaced the guitar as we sang the song for him! And, as Sarah just reminded me, the lights for Ants were INCREDIBLE! As the boys finished this show, we discussed which had been the better show. The final decision was the first night was better, but not much. I think it was the energy from the first night...they turned it all the way up, and nailed the switch there. Tuesday night...they may have been a little drained after the night before, but they still gave us a high-energy, high-DANCE, all-wonderful show!!! My single complaint over both nights is that people who go to concerts should enjoy being there. So many people came and either sat or stood with their arms crossed (read my review of 5.12.99 for info about Skippy for this one), or didn't know the lyrics to some of the more popular tunes. And, most of all, if it's a dancing tune...DANCE!!!!!!
Jason S.
Wow! Dave really worked the crowd last night! A phenomenal show, far surpassing the previous 2000 tour dates. Watchtower was just mindblowing. I was in awe at Stay, what backing vocals! And, the highlight of the night had to have been Lie in Our Graves. The crowd was fanatical. It must have been two or three minutes of pause before Dave busted into the final chorus. Then, the place exploded. Well, it's Comerica Park next for me. See ya all there. Seek Up!
Ed P.
I was at this show and the show on the previous night, different shows, but both were great. I think I liked this show more than the first one. The crowd was better for me, and the setlist included many of the songs I wanted to hear and knew that I would hear. I was expecting to hear a Seek Up opener, just because they have yet to do one, but we got Satellite instead. It was pretty standard, but it got the crowd going right from the beginning. This was not what I expected at all, and I knew it was going to be an interesting show. Next was Rhyme & Reason, and this was excellent, and it kept the crowd going. LIOG this is always a high point of a show, great crowd pleaser, and for a minute it was like he wasn't going to finish the song, ya know "I can't believe...", but after a minute or so he did. It was awesome. Grey Street is quickly becomming one of my favorites, heard this one last night too. Watchtower, very interesting placement of this song, but I guess they wanted to get the great energy from before flowing again. The energy died a little during Grey Street, because lots of people still don't know what it is. Stephan had a wonderful solo going into this. Raven, probably my least favorite of the new stuff, but I was dancing still. #36, I knew this was going to come sometime. I absolutely loved this, and the ladies were nice on this. Bartender, was played last night too, but I love listening to this song. Crash, well it was bound to be played one night or the other, not always a favorite of mine, but it was a crowd pleaser, and we got a dixie chicken, which is always fun. SMTS, I was very happy to hear this song, and once I heard it, I was thinking ASTB->Too Much. Guess what they did it, and the solos were awesome. ASTB is always a treat to hear. Too Much, was played last night also, but it is so much fun to hear especially after SMTS. The energy was flowing well at this point. LBV, wanted to hear this song and I knew we would. Wonderful, up until the end, because of the ladies dragging it out, but Dave was all smiles so I was too. JTR, played last night also, but this is a very cool song. Stay, i knew this was coming, once the ladies came back on stage. This is always a crowd pleaser, and I loved it too. It was a standard version, but sounded great. Now they left the stage and came back on for this interesting and great encore. I was hoping for Ants into something like Billies or something. What we got was even better. GIG, a wonderful new song, not really a whole lot of country sound. It is slow and all about drinking and how someone tries to deal with there losses through it. A wonderful song. Ants, I knew this was going to be played. I love this song, and it ended the concert on a very high note. This show was incredible. Only 4 repeats from the night before and only 1 isn't a new songs, so you can't beat that. I loved this show, and I hope to go to another sometime at the end of the tour.
Steve R.
Ok, Let me start off by saying,If you read my review from last night, you'll know that I thought that last night was the best show I've been too...........UNTIL TONIGHTS!!!!!!! Baaaa Haaaa Haaaaa!!! Satellite was a good opener. Rhyme and Reason was ok. Lie In Our Graves was sooooooo amazing. All I can say is BOYD IS THE MAN!! They paused for like a minute in between the jam and the last verse. Too Sweet!!! Grey Street rocked as usual. WATCHTOWER!!!!! Whats with this in the beginning??? I was about to get my pants saucy when I heard this! It was awesome. My friends next too me were really into it, so that made it SWEET!!! Raven is really cool. I love how Dave gets his voice up that high. Ok, the next song dangled my stash!!! #36!!!!! This was awesome. I started jumping up and down and hugged my friend like a zillion times!! I liked Butch Taylor's key solo at the end. Bartender is soo sweet. It's the 3rd time I've heard it this tour. It is really awesome. Crash was really good! I normally don't like this song at all, but this moment of the show really made my evening because of the gorgeous girl that I had my arms around during this song. So now whenever I hear Crash, I will think of her. (That's why I've listened to it twice already today. Tee Hee Heee!!:) I called So Much To Say!!!!! It was awesome. Then I called Too Much. It was unbeleivable. I love Anyone Seen The Bridge. Long Black Veil was another highlight of the show for me. I love this Johnny C. song. Except this guy behind me wouldn't stop screaming in my ears. He kept on yelling "Johhny Cash mother F***er". he yelled that like 10 times. AHHHHHH. I almost lost it. But its alright!! JTR was really good. I love that outro! Stay was really good. The lovely ladies were pretty cool!!!! Grace is Gone is a beautiful song. Ants was incredible. One of the best versions that I have heard. I loved it. It was by far the best show. I was really hoping for some Rapunzel action, but its ok. I want to end by saying,"Cops on bikes that look like they are 10 years old are jerk offs. They screwed over my buddy and its not cool. They are BEER NAZZI'S!!!! BAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Chris N.
Riverbend...what can you say? No really what CAN you say...this place is messed up. If I was in the lawn I would have been ticked off, I have never seen an odder ampitheatre in my life. But anywho, to the show. This night was pretty much the LS album with Butch and the "Lovely Ladies". Highlight of the night came with #36, this is the first time I have heard this one live. And Grace is Gone was a lovely new ballad. Other than that it was Greatest Hits night. The crowd had absolutely no energy at all, and the sound quality was horrid because of the construction of the place. But I can't complain I had 5th row seats and they were free! So all in all it was an alright night. The band seemed a little tired as well but that is expected from time to time. Until next year I suppose...
Emily M.
On the surface- the songs don't look like my usual favorites (2step and nancies). HOWEVER- THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING!!! Songs that I normally don't love like Ants and Stay (with the girls) WERE SO GOOD. Long Black Veil (also with the girls) and Grace is Gone were beautiful and Stay and Lie in Our Graves were AWESOME!!! Dave closed this kickass show with a GREAT Ants. About 3/4 through the song he broke a string on his guitar (that's how hard he was jamming) and had to replace it. Boyd and Carter filled in nicely. At the end of the 2nd encore (ants) the crowd was louder and more excited than I have ever seen a crowd in my 20-some shows. One of the best shows so far.... MY BOYS ARE BACK!!!
David J.
Let me start by saying that Brenda, Cindy and Tawatha are terrible. Granted, they might be good for gospell prayer, not a concert in which people actually spend money on. At least we can expect whats to come for the stadiumn shows. There are better songs to be played without these so called background singers. If anyone can say they like them then they must of had too much acid before the show. Other than this, the show was O.K. Grace is Gone was a surprise. Maybe Dave will stop playing for all of the Abercrombie Girls and start playing from his roots.
Tara A.
Had the chance to hit five of the shows in the last week, and last nights was by far the best!! Overall, the crowd was pretty enthusiastic and at least there were no glowsticks or bouncy balls thrown at Dave and the boys...how rude! The setlist was amazing and the addition of Butch Taylor and the Lovely Ladies was incredible. Dave gets really excited about having guests on tour so it makes the overall show more spectacular. Agree that Satellite wasn't the best opener but he made up for it with Long Black Veil, Stay, and #36. We too will go through some major withdrawels and hope to hook it up later on in the tour.
Sr. P.
This was the first time I've seen DMB (other than Farm Aid) so I can't really put this in terms of other shows, but I have to say the these two shows were AWESOME! Two of the best I've been to! Dave and the gang really seemed to be on their game, especially in last night's Jimi Thing and tonight's LIOG and Stay. The background singers were a nice touch, IMHO... I've never heard a bunch of the new songs, but I was really impressed with them all... ESPECIALLY the encore, Grace is Gone. I also liked when he broke a string during Ants Marching right when the crowd jumps in with "no words exchanged..." and he didn't miss a beat...
Kyle S.
Wow! This was the best DMB show of the 10 I've been to and it was Ants that put it over the top. I had never heard it in my 10 shows and finally it closed a great show. First off, Guster rocks. I've been listening to them for about 2 months, and seeing them in back-to-back nights was awesome. They are not only musically talented (especially Thundergod on bongoes) but they are funny as well. At the beginning of the show there were only a handful of people standing but by the end most of the lower pavillion where my seats were was standing and they got a standing ovation at the end. I predict that by next summer they'll be huge. As for DMB, hearing Watchtower in the middle of the set was unexpected and appreciated and then #36 and LBV were also awesome, especially with the backup singers. That and the mix of shows were great, especially the new songs, which I love them all. But 6/27 was definitely my favorite of my 10 shows.
Justin S.
I must say first off that I've heard some bad things about this show, and I don't understand it. This show beats about any show that I've ever seen. Dave was really on tonight, and the crowd was really into it. I thought Satellite was a wonderful opener. So many people had a problem with it, but it got the crowd into the show, and it was such a surprise. Rhyme & Reason was really groovin', and following up with Lie in Our Graves made the evening right from the get go. Already three favorites in 30 minutes. Grey Street is gonna be the next BIG DMB hit. All Along the Watchtower was a major surprise. Raven really mellowed the crowd and backing it up with #36 with the "lovely ladies" set a great mood as the sun set in the distance. Next up, Bartender, what can I say, I'd heard this song with Dave and Tim, but hearing DMB jam it out gave the song so much more to offer. Crash Into Me was amazing, and we got a Dixie Chicken out of 'em. So Much To Say was a complete surprise to me. Anyone Seen the Bridge was smokin'. I really feel for people who didn't know this one, cause it's such a good jam, and right into Too Much which everyone was into. I didn't really expect to hear Long Black Veil much on this tour, so it was nice to hear that one again. JTR was OK, and Stay again with the girls was excellent. Grace Is Gone was a great song with a slight bluegrass feel. And what can you say about Ants. I don't care how many times he plays this song, it just gets better and better. I must hand it to DMB for an excellent show. This one will be very, very hard to beat!!!!!!