Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Me'Shell Ndegeocello
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Swim Naked Outro)
Don't Drink the Water
What Would You Say
Grey Street
Dancing Nancies
Warehouse (Stop-Time Intro)
Sweet Up & Down
Typical Situation
Recently (Pretty Girl, Take Me to the River)
Digging a Ditch
Two Step
Tripping Billies

Larry H.
First: Me'Shell rocks!!!!! I know I said it last night but she does. You must see her if you get the chance. That little woman can play bass, sing and jam. This show was more fun and kept energy better than last night. OSW with the intro was a first live for me. I can't believe that I have heard that song so many times and this is the first time I have heard the intro live. Dave used the 12 string guitar for DDTW and I liked it better than I have before. WWYS was a surprise but nice to hear. Full of energy and Dave's solo in the middle rocked. Crush was typical but good. Grey St. was much better and more effective than last night. I really like that song now. Nancies was followed by Warehouse but not directly. Dave kept his guitar and looked around a bit before going into Warehouse-made everyone wonder if he was going to do it. I still don't really like Sweet Up and Down. Situation rocked hard!!!!! Bartender worked better than last night. Dave seemed to wail more at the end and it was very effective. I must say I was disappointed when they started playing Recently again but it was a definite highlight tonight. Dave's solo was long and great. They also did the Pretty Girl/Take Me To The River outro. I don't remember when they did that last but I don't have a show with them doing it since the club days. It was a very big treat. Diggin' A Ditch was absolutely beautiful. I have loved that song ever since Dave and Tim were playing it. It has new verses and doesn't start with the title line anymore. It is much more powerful. I had chills the whole time during the song. I hope they play it again tomorrow. Raven was also nice to hear again. At this time of the show, it started lightening and the wind was blowing a lot. Boyd started playing Two Step, Dave said something to him, he quit, they conferred and Boyd started again. The opening "mumble" verse ended with "A Storm Is Coming Through" so the crowd went nuts. Very nice rework of the jam in this song. While the band was off stage it started pouring. When they were playing Billies, the lights came up and I could see the lawn. It was pouring but it didn't look like anyone had left. It was amazing!!! I was a little disappointed that they only played a one song encore but it was understandable with the rain. This show had more energy than last night and the crowd seemed to be more into it. I hope they don't repeat as many songs tomorrow night. Five repeats is a lot. I guess they did that at Polaris too though. See you tomorrow!!!
Justin P.
This show was much better than the Thursday show. They played harder and a much better set. Pretty Pretty Girl jam in the middle of Recently was tight. Grey Street and Bartender had more energy than yesterday as well. Boyd tore it up more than normal tonight. There was an incredible jam after Two Step. Tripping Billies was incredible at the encore. Too bad there wasn't enough time for another encore song. Overall an excellent show.
Just came back from this one, and it was the bomb. I handn't seen the band in 18 months, didn't know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised. Highlites were Grey Street, which is excellent and a definite keeper, Dave's scatting on Sweet Up and Down, a gorgeous Crush, hearing Pretty Pretty Girl (no one around us knew it!), and Typical Situation. The drum and bass lines on Grey Street are very cool. Sounds like this could be the first single. We were "lost somewhere in Paris" on Nancies. There was a collective gasp of surprise when they started Typical Situation and the lighters on the lawn were beautiful. I had never heard the band jam this one out like this - a la LIOG - a loooong, sweet jam that got so quiet and then Dave started singing again and it was beautifully done. If I remember correctly, the opening lyric of this one was a little bit different. They started with a wordless jam that I hope gets named because it was just beautiful. Most of the songs were very jammed out. It seems like they are still feeling their way out of their long hiatus - there were a lot of loooong momentum-breaking pauses between songs. Seemed like Dave switched guitars for just about every song. Bartender is excellent - amazing how they took this Dave and Tim song and improved it with the full band. Dave's wail "On Bennnnnnnned Knee" brought cheers from the crowd. Boyd was wild all night - he and Dave were going at it on Two Step and his solo on Nancies must have lasted 5 minutes. The light show was fabulous - the lights on the Celebrate we Will part of 2Step are incredible and the set is this semi-circular steel scaffolding with about three big blue stars as a backdrop. Stefan quietly minds his own business and makes the whole thing rock. Thanks also to the friend I was with, he predicted 90% of the set list, got everyone around us dancing, and kept saying, I know they are going to play Two Step, Jo, I can FEEL it! Lowlites - hearing DDTW (the song that will not die) and the short encore, I think the band was concerned about the storm that hit about 2/3 of the way thru the show and it was pouring throughout the last few songs. It seemed like the mix was off, although it improved as time went on. Hard to hear Boyd, and difficult to hear a lot of the lyrics to the new songs. No one around us could understand a word of what Dave said, other than his usual, Thank y'all very much. We all kept looking at each other and shrugging our shoulders after every word he said. Thank the band very much - I thought they were very good tonite - they took what might appear to be a "routine" set list and made each song memorable.
Michael L.
Twice as good as last night. Dave kept the momentum through the entire show, which he didn't last night. Dancing Nancies and Warehouse good as always. Two Step really set the crowd on fire. It started to rain after Two Step, which really got the crowd going crazy. Everyone loved Tripping Billies, but only a one song encore, but it was a great way to finish.
Mark H.
What a show! The band opened with a great version of One Sweet World. Don't Drink the Water was good surprise. Crush was certainly a highlight of the evening. The crowd really got into it. The new songs Grey Street and Sweet Up and Down were fantastic. I can't wait to see lyrics for those. Bartender was excellent. Sounds so great with the whole band. Diggin a Ditch was a neat surprise. The highlight of the evening were the final two songs. Two Step was so great that even the security guards were dancing in the isles! They even let the fans dance in the isles for a while before ordering them back to their seats! Then, after the encore break, Tripping Billies was incredible full of energy and was an excellent close. Overall, a great show. Hopefully the lawn folks didn't get too wet with the thunder showers that came in for the last half and hour of the show.
Brad H.
I didn't get a chance to see the first night's show, but this one more than made up for it! This show was a classic DMB song lover's dream! OSW-Great opener and an all around great song. Complete with Swim Naked outro! DDTW-Nothing new here except Dave played a 12 string. WWYS?-I love jamming to this song! My friend Pat had never heard this song live before and he was going crazy as soon as they started it! Crush-Another standard. I love the funky bass intro, though. As usual, Carter went insane at the end of this song! Grey Street-The first of the new songs I've heard, and I must say it is my favorite! The band sounded so tight on this tune! I love the way the violin sounds on this song! Dave busted out the 12 string for this one also. Nancies-YEESSSSS!!!! The one song I've been waiting 3 years to hear live, and I finally get it! I was going nuts when they started this one. LA LA LA HEY! LA LA LA HEY! LA LA LA! Warehouse-It was good to see them playing Warehouse immediately after Nancies again. Stop Time intro. Sweet Up and Down-Another new song. And a very good one at that! Dave played the 12 string again. Typical-I love this song whether it be the recorded or live versions! I love the little reggae-like jam they do at the end of the song! Bartender-Another new one (sort of). I've only heard this song done by Dave and Tim, and I must say it sounded incredible with the full band. Again, Dave used the 12 stringer. Recently-This is another good, fun song. At the second Deer Creek show last year, they played this song, but they didn't finish it, so I was hoping they would this year, and did they ever! They went into the midle jam and then into the Pretty Girl outro! I was lovin' it! Digging a Ditch-Another sort-of new song. I've only heard this song as a Dave and Tim tune, too, and the song definitely sounds great with the full band. Again, Dave played the 12 string. Raven-Another new song. This one kind of lost some of the audience since they played two new songs in a row, but everybody seemed to enjoy it. I know I did! It was about this time of the show that it was really starting to rain pretty hard and mother nature was giving us a great light show to go along with the stage lights! Two Step-I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing this song live! My other friend John who was with me, since it was his first DMB show, was only somewhat enjoying himself since he didn't know a lot of the songs (being as how he doesn't have UTTAD), but he really perked up at this one! The band just exploded at the end of this version! This song ended the regular set, and it was really pouring at this point, but that didn't stop anybody on the lawn from dancing and chanting "We want Dave! We want Dave!" Tripping Billies-First and only song of the encore. John also got into this one! This is another song that I will never grow tired of hearing live! I love watching Boyd and Carter go nuts on this song! The storm didn't stop anybody from getting down to this song! I was hoping for another song in the encore, but I think for safety reasons, the band decided to cut it short. All in all, this is the 2nd best DMB show I've ever been to. Second only to 6.15.99, that is. I can't wait to see what Soldier Field has in store!!!!!
Tara O.
ALL THE OTHER REVIEWS ARE WRONG..... I was on the lawn for the show, and it didn't start raining until the band left the stage before the encore. there was lightning through most of the show, but the rain starting at the encore really made the encore that much better. it was crazy. it was beautiful.
Paul C.
After Thursday night's low energy show, I was hoping for a more up beat night and did I ever get it. A great start with OSW - great intro to ease in. After putting smiles on all of our faces Dave put a charge into the show. A tremendous version of DDTW woke the crowd up early, unlike the previous night. I don't understand all the knocks DDTW receives from other "Dave fans", but to me it's one of his most powerful and moving songs. Maybe some anti-DDTW fans should actually listen to it sometime, instead of knocking it cuz it was on the radio. But back to the show, and a suprise playing of WWYS, I definitely wasn't expecting it. A good version, not great, but it effectively kept the energy up and allowed the average fans in the crowd to get involved. A terrific Crush came next, the band was definitely on for this version. Next came Grey St., and this version was better than Thurs. More emotion, more energy, this song is going to be a crowd favorite. You had to be kidding me when Dancing Nancies followed. 2nd time live for me, and every bit as good as I remembered it. Wow, what a treat!!!! Warehouse (stop time intro) another great classic. A terrific version, but I wish the guys would've gone straight into Warehouse, without taking a :30 second break to make sure what was next. Just play boys, don't ask questions, just let the music lead ya!!! Back to the new stuff with SU&D, which was again played better than the night before. The new songs are better than I could've imagined. This will be yet another crowd favorite. Then came to me what was the absolute show-stopper performance of the night. Typical Sit. was simply amazing. With the whole crowd in the palm of his hands, Dave slowly and poetically delivered the lyrics. It was as if he knew we were hinging on the words, and he was giving us the scenic route while leading us to them. Lighters could be seen on the lawn as far as the eye could see. (I'm not a big fan of the concert lighter gag, but it was an amazing view to remember) Definitely the best version of I've ever seen. Next came my personal favorite, Bartender. A deep, meaningful song about the death of someone in their youth, this song brought me to tears for the 2nd night in a row. I lost my best friend in a car accident and Dave released this song maybe a month later. Words such as unbelievable and amazing don't even do it justice. Dave was screaming with emotion as was I during the choruses, and the whole band played just as strongly. Thanks guys!!! Next came Recently for the 2nd night in a row, but there were noooooo comparisons between the 2 versions. This time around the boys jammed hard and even outro'd with Pretty Girl/Take Me to the River. An amazing version, probably the best version I've ever heard. Next came Diggin' a Ditch. The whole band definitely played this song well, but I kinda like the Dave & Tim version better. I'm sure I'll change my mind on that soon enuff. Raven was next and the crowd started to lose focus. I enjoyed hearing Raven, and was thoroughly into the song, but everyone else on the lawn got back into it when the winds started blowing up a storm. As the winds swirled and small dust tornadoes and garbage flew around the casual fans started to leave. Lightning had been highlighting the sky for an hour, but now the show was bringing cheers from the fans still there. About 90% lawn capacity. Then came Two Step. The storm get getting closer, and as the music picked up so did the wind. Thunder & lightning surrounded us, as the band was enjoying one of its' finer moments. A truly perfect version, Boyd was rocking!!!! And as the song was reaching climaxing choruses and solos, the weather was following suit, as if involved in the concert itself. After the usual 5 minutes of cheering the band came back. You could tell there was only a few moments left before the skies opened up, and more casual fans left the lawn. At about 75% lawn capacity it was time to finish up, and did they ever, with a energy packed, absolutely stirring rendition of TB. About 10 seconds into the song it started drizzling, and about 1 minute in there was a steady rain coming down. By the time the choruses were raining down, so were the heavens. A true down pour broke out during the middle of the song. The winds were whipping, the thunder was booming, the lightining crackling, and nobody seemed to notice, especially not me. The crowd rocked and sang with the attitude of we're not going anywhere. Although there was no 2nd song, TB was enuff. A tremendous finish to what was an AMAZING show. Although I liked Thurs. for its' unusually selective set list, of which I knew every song but the new ones, the energy levels weren't comparable. Friday night was a true showing of how the DMB can send home 20,000+ with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. Can't make Sat. or Cincy shows. So it's on to my hometown Chicago, see ya at Soldier Field!!!!!!!!!
Richard Y.
All and all, pretty good show. It wasn't quite as good as last night, but then again, I wasn't expecting it to top it off. This show was definitely more mainstream then Thursdays. I unfortunately had to sit in the lawn, thanks warehouse. No disrespect meant, but I was displeased with that. The crowd in the lawn sucks more than in the pavillion. Even though it is much louder in the lawn, people there are even more disrepsectful. That being said, on with the show. One sweet world as an opener sounded great. The song is always a great opener. DDTW, well, the band must love to play the song because they play it all the time!! Didn't sound too bad though. WWYS was great! I really like hearing this song, epsecially because it seems to bring the band the closest since they sing what would you say in unison with Dave. It sounded great. Crush, nice to hear. One of the better cuts off BTCS and sounded great. Grey Street, loving it more and more everytime I hear it. Sounds excellent. Nancies was fabulous to hear! Didn't play a lot of in the ' 99 tour, but it's popped up twice out of the last 4 shows which is good. Warehouse was good, pretty standard. Sweet up and down is starting to appeal more to me now. They have played this one at every show and it's really starting to grow on me. Typical Situation was pleasant to here. I do believe Dave through in an extra verse, one I wasn't familiar with. Bartender, the band with the song does sound really good. I didn't think so as much at first, but after hearing it now I think so. Boyd and Leroi's part sound similar, I think, to their part on DDTW. R E C E N T L Y was SPECTACULAR. Definitely the highlight of the show. It had to be the best version I had ever heard of the song. I was wondering if they were going to play it again tonight. I showed up early for this concert due to the lawn seating and caught the end of the soundcheck and that's what the band was playing. During the soundcheck, they were playing the extended version, the version on the cd where the music goes on. At most of the shows, at least in recent times they cut off the song rather early, but not the case tonight. Sounded great. The whole band was jamming. Digging a Ditch sounds great with the whole band too, it's not what you'd expect, but good. Raven sounded great. Two Step was pretty standard, did get some hype out of the crowd though nonetheless. Encore, Billies only. Was dissapointed but I do understand that due to the weather, they should've. I heard rumor though that LBV was going to be played before and I was bummed to hear that I lost out. Billies was great in the rain though. It was the most the crowd was into the show. People were dancing everywhere!! All in the aisles and in the walkway that seperates the lawn and the pavillion. That is something I won't forget. I don't know what to expect for tomorrow. Hopefully Seek Up as an opener. I'm sure Ants will pop up too. See you tomorrow....
Anna Z.
Friday night's show was much tighter and more energetic than Thurs' Deer Creek. "World" is one of the most beautiful ways for DMB to start and it got the crowd happy, considering we'd been watching the skies, anticipating rain since the gates opened. I noticed that Boyd did some interesting intro to WWYS that was very reminiscent of Ants, so if any of you have thoughts, email me! Crush was nice simply because we got to see Stefan actually getting a little groove in his be-hind, something I've so very rarely witnessed, and Dave's smile after the audience cheer for "feeling high" was classic. Grey St is a nice little ditty, and although the lyrics seem a bit down, the music is lovely, almost incongruent to what lyrics I could understand. Nancies- Yeah, boys!!! Been waiting through 6 concerts to hear that one again. I was disappointed, however, to hear the distinct absence of the Lawn sing-a-long on that. Warehouse, you just couldn't get enough of this one. Somewhat funky with a tad of Dave-scat, Sweet Up + Down gets "ya butt movin'!" Again, the lack of audience particpation during Situation, but the band more than made up for it -- if we got quiet, they played harder. Bartender would sound a little more together when placed as an intro/outro to DDTW (maybe because that's where I've heard it before), but full of emotion, nonetheless -- it was good to hear all the guys on it. Recently, until recently, was one of my favorite songs to hear live, but the disappointing "incomplete" version on Thurs and the sound check I heard Friday, made me want to sit down. Maybe they sensed that coming from the audience in general, because DMB went into the jam that we so desire, adding in Pretty, Pretty Girl and Take Me to the River, spotlighting all of their talents nicely. I love Raven, a lot of emotion in this one, can't wait to hear it again (Soldier's, anyone?). Now I'll be honest with y'all and say that since DMB didn't play Two Step on Thurs, I was expecting it early on in Fri's show. I kept hoping, I kept waiting for Boyd to put down his bow, and by the end, I'm sorry to say that I had almost lost my faith. The wind began to pick up, the lawn cheered like crazy, Boyd put down the bow, began the Two Step intro, stopped to listen to Dave, and began again. The audience went nuts!! The band went nuts!! Just as Dave began singing, the lightning and thunder we'd been watching curiously in the distance all night stopped directly above us, like it was reined in by the song. The third verse, I believe, was changed, but I can't remember the words, something about a storm coming? Lovely jam towards the end, more repeats than usual. After their break, the band returned with Dave saying something like "you're pissin' off the seasons (? seats? a little help here!) and they began Billies as a much harder rain started to fall. The Lawn became a writhing, jumping, roaring mass of gleeful insanity, taking "be merry" to heart instead of getting out of the rain. Too bad it was only one encore, but it was a grand ending to a wonderfully energetic evening. You could not script that better!
Scott S.
Wow! What a show...Dave came onto the stage at about 7 o'clock to introduce the opening band. At just around 8:10 the band hit the stage. The whole band looked real energized and ready to play. The opener of One Sweet World was a treat, my first time hearing it as an opener was a pleasent suprise. After O.S.W. he moved right along to D.D.T.W. which personally i wasn't to thrilled about but it was really nice to see to whole band into the song. What would you say followed up and it was awesome the whole crowd was so loud although dave did break a string, one of two times during the show, during a mini jam so he had to change guitars in the middle of the song. After that song ended you could see Stephan messing around and start the intro to Crush which made the crowd go nuts, the song was real long tonight almost over 15minutes. After Crush he went into my new favorite song Grey Street, I gotta tell you every new song is awesome, which suprisingly a lot of the crowd had known. Then the moment i had been waiting for DANCING NANCIES into WAREHOUSE, I had not heard Dancing Nancies since 1998 at Alpine Valley. It would have been awesome if it went from D.N. right into Warehouse but Dave chose the stop-time intro to warehouse instead. Nancies was awesome Boyd had a mad JAM. After that Dave slowed things down with Typical Situation. Boyd then started up with his intro into Bartender which sounds awesome with the whole band. Then by far the best song of the night RECENTLY it had to be 17 minutes long and with the Pretty Pretty Girl verse and Take me To the River addins was awesome, the whole band took turns with solos and then a huge jam together made it perfect. Diggin a Ditch was nice to hear with the whole band. Raven was awesome a new song with a dramtic touch to the setlist. Then the humor of the night Boyd started Two Step a little to early cause when he started Dave, Carter, Leroi, and Stephan look at him and Dave says "what are you doin?" it was funny everyone was laughing. They got things straight and Two Step was an awesome closer as usual, then the storm picked up. Dave comes out for the encore and people in the 15th row have signs that say HALLOWEEN and dave says "Sorry but it isn't the season." it was funny then Dave looks to the sky and sees the lightnig and points to the sky and says to the crowd "One more." and Tripping Billies it was and man was it awesome. Dave broke another string during the song but it didnt stop him from jamming with the band casue he got another guitar and picked up where he left off. All together it was an AMAZING show and I was soaked by the time I got to my car and it was well worth it.
Joshua P.
Wow, a complete contrast to the first night, but is never big suprise with dmb. 4th show and 2nd time i've heard One Sweet World open. I love that instrumental intro! After hearing DDTW, WWYS, and Crush all in a row, I was a little worried (although they rocked WWYS and Crush!). But to my pleasant surprise they quit the radio songs. Grey Street! One of the 2 songs that beat the previous nights versions. It was so intense. DANCING NANCIES!!!! One of the songs i was dying to hear live (the other halloween). Its fantastic. Sort of did an ala Red Rocks into warehouse, but they stopped inbetween. Sweet Up & Down...still unbelievable! Typical Situation, first time heard live, now I want to hear it every show. You could tell by the expression on Dave's face that this song had a deep meaning. The jam in the middle? WOW!!! I love it. Again Bartender was unbelievable. This is their 4th song written with Drop-D tuning, and by FAR the best! Now for the 2nd song which was MUCH better than the night before...RECENTLY! I knew the jam was going to take place though because someone next to me said they heard it in the soundcheck. The only thing that could have possible made this song better would have been "some people do" intro (but then i would have probably peed my pants). I have over 300 hours in Dave and this was the Best recently I've ever heard! Digging a Ditch, wow, love the d&t version, love the full band version, so pretty! Raven, becoming one of my favorites, deep, deep lyrics! Two Step! (love it live!). In the intro he said something about "the storm is coming" right about as it started to rain. Is he good or what? People in the aisles dancing, incredible feeling around you! Tripping Billies, 3rd time i've heard it, and its always good! I think the encore got cut a little short b/c of the rain, but its ok. All-in-all, great show, i rank it 3rd of the 4 I've seen (been to some kick ass shows). Last night was better though, but I don't think it can be topped (unless they play halloween on sept 20th..when bela will be guesting!!!)
Johnny Z.
This was the best dmb concert I have ever been to. First of all, Me'Shell is great. Anyway, OSW was a great opener. I've heard DDtW at every concert I've been to, but this was the best version. WWYS and Crush were typical but amazing. Grey Street was great--Dave seemed really into it. Dancing Nancies was awesome--first time for me. They did the Red Rocks thing and almost lead into Warehouse but stopped, and did a very powerful version. SUAD was okay. Typical was amazing. Dave rocked on Bartender. Recently was awesome, so was digging a ditch. Raven was okay. Two Step was great. In the opening, as it was about to rain, Dave said something about "the storm is coming" and the crowd went nuts. The rain came for tripping, but it was emotionally charged. Too bad here was only one encore song, but rain is rain. Excellent show.