Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Me'Shell Ndegeocello
Grey Street
The Stone -->
Drive In, Drive Out

The Stone
Drive In, Drive Out
Lover Lay Down
The Song That Jane Likes
Lie In Our Graves
Grey Street
Jimi Thing
Sweet Up & Down
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Too Much
The Maker

Joe B.
Great, Great show tonight. Very surprised by the set list, very mixed up-but very amazing. Knew it would be a magical night when they opened with Stone, one of my favorites on BTCS. Very similar to album version, but played really well. DIDO-really cool placement here in the setlist..normally find it towards the end, but I liked it here. #41--AHH, amazing. Lasted forever! Got the whole crowd groovin'! Recently, another crowd favorite but no "some people do.." into. This was extremely short, but I could tell that they were saving their energy for others to follow. LLD was amazing as always, and then Dave came to the mic and said "I have a sister named Jane.." I was jumping out of control, while others were glaring at me, thinking.."what's this guy up to?" New song Grey Street is amazing, sounds like the new album will rock major butt! Then a 20 minute Jimi Thing--CRAZY!! It was so long, but so so good. Sweet Up & Down is a killer tune. Then Bartender--oh boy, what can I say?? SO much better with the whole band, amazing lyrics. Such a good song. Raven was good and funky. Then a great #40. Good to hear complete version to calm everyone down. Encore--The Maker which was really cool, but hardly anyone knew it. Then JTR..which started off slow, but had a GREAT outro. Didn't think they'd finish with this..but a good show all in all! Looking forward the the other 2 shows at the Creek. See ya then
Larry H.
First, Me'Shell rocked!!! She needs to play longer. I was actually disappointed when I heard she was opening because I wanted to see Ben Harper. She won me over in a heartbeat. I am hooked. The band looked different. Boyd has short hair now and I have to agree with whoever reviewed one of the Polaris shows and said Dave is loosing more hair. The rundown: disappointing beginning. Stone was very slow and Carter didn't jam in the middle like usual. It was nice to hear it seque directly into DIDO but DIDO was also slow and lacked energy. Then the show turned around. #41 was the best I have every seen! A cut version of Recently was a nice to hear since I haven't heard the song in a while. Then Lover!!! It was great to hear this. Jane was a nice old tune to play. LIOG was the next real highlight. The jam has been reworked a little. Carter is more funky when it starts and then lays off for Boyd to take over but it is still quite similar to the old jam. Grey Street was next. Low down on this new song: medium tempo, about a depressed girl that prays a lot. I didn't catch the street part in the song-maybe it is just Grey? The middle of the song needs a beat because Carter is relegated to just thumping quarter notes. Dave howls and Roi has a good part. The jam in Jimi has been reworked a little too. Roi has a great solo and then Dave's solo is longer and better than it has been. Sweet Up & Down was next. Low down: Up beat, some scat type singing, Boyd has a solo sort of like Billies, Dave howls and Roi has a nice solo. At this point, the show went south for me. Satellite, Bartender (low down: Nice as full band, reworked old verses, beat similar to DDTW, Dave howls for the "on bended knee" parts), Crash, Raven (low down: my fav. new one of the evening, about depression again-was Dave or someone close to him depressed(?)-medium tempo, Roi has a great part, Dave sings falsetto a lot) and #40 were all in a row. This was too many slow songs in a row. All of them were performed well but the show just lost energy. #40 was great though. The lyrics have been totally reworked and it was about 3 min long. Too Much was a welcome change after all the slow songs. The encore started with The Maker. I love this song and it is not played nearly enough!!!!! Thanks to the band for playing it tonight!!!! The encore ended with the new John the Revelator. I don't like it as well because it didn't have the lyrics "who's that writing? John the Revelator" or "wrote the book of the seven seas" like it did. It never said John the Revelator but the rest of the song was the same. I don't know, maybe is is called Rain now. Anyway, it was a lousy closer, it had a small jam at the end that sounded like it belonged in DIDO but it didn't flow with the rest of the song and wasn't high enough energy for a closer. For once, I wanted to hear Watchtower. I was with a friend who had never been to a DMB show and we are both Dylan fans so I knew he would get a kick out of the Band's version of Watchtower. This show was pretty good overall but it just seems like the Band forgot how to keep the energy of the show up and how to close out the show. Slightly disappointing.
AntsMarching00@aol.com .
We arrive at Deer Creek around 5pm just in time to hear sound check. It was a little hard with the Pringles tent banging on the drums. I did manage to hear The Stone, Raven, and maybe Sweet Up & Down? Someone can correct me on that Im sure. The Show! Onstage time: 8:25 The only member who stuck out on stage was Boyd, as usual. That night wearing white pants that appeared to have children's paint all over them, something out of the 80's for sure. The Stone: It was great in soundcheck, but they did something different this time, they went right into Drive In Drive Out which was cool, I don't think the whole band was "with" the change of song, It could have been more effective for sure. Drive In Drive Out: displayed Carter's unique, and awesome, style of drumming. He tore it up. #41: after telling us that they weren't going to play a song off the new album, Dave turned and the magic of #41 graced Deer Creek. Aaaaahhhhh.... Recently: Can I just say...wow...I knew he was going to pull some stuff out of the old bag to play, It was definitely a shot, but pleasant suprise to say the least. Lover Lay Down: Awwwwwe.... Great song, first I had heard it live, glad I did. Song That Jane Likes: "I have a little sister named Jane, this is the song that Jane likes" Well Dave, so do we....just awesome! Lie In Our Graves: Welcome to the Boyd Tinsly show! Ya know by now...Boyd did his thing on LIOG....he rocked..again! Grey Street: Its new, I like, I want the CD! Or atleast the words so I can sing along next time. Jimi Thing: yes, sit back and relax, Jimi Thing was incredible, BUT! It turned into a Leroi Moore show tonight, which, in my eyes, was awesome! different version from LS, which will please everyone. Sweet Up & Down: Sweet fast paced song. I wish I could understand the words a little more, I feel I can get into it when I know what to sing. Satellite: He played, or toyed, with a stop time intro. sounded cool, I guess its what the kids are doing these days, stop time on some old songs, SMTS was stop time, now satellite? Standard version. Bartender: oh dear lord! This song has huge potential. I was blown away with Dave's control over the dynamics of this song. This is gonna be big! Crash: yea! now everyone can sing along! Standard version. Raven: The reason I didn't recognize it at the start, Dave sang it differently in sound check, but its a nice song. #40(always): Guess what, same tune, different words, as long as everyone who own the LS CD doesn't sing along, then you can hear the great new words of the NEW #40, Bravo Dave! Too Much: Got the crowd into the final song with one that they knew. Wasnt a bad closer. I think we all know what he said at the end instead of "suck it up" yeah, he made some new fans with that! The Maker: Loved it before when it was he was just makin'. Now he's "THE MAKER" and I LOVE it! JTR: awesome song, simply awesome. It really did have some good jam to it, good jam, good ending to a great show, hope the rest are as diverse as they already are. Time off: 10:55
Jason H.
An absolutely mouth dropping show. They put on a phenomenal show. Not only was the band on, but the sound and surroundings at Deer Creek were awesome. Even the lawn had great sound. The only problems musically was that Roi's alto sax was a little off key on The Stone and they had a really rough start into Crash. That was it. Everything else was GREAT! Roi worked his magic on dual #41 solos, one with the flute and the other with the soprano sax. Bartender had a nice twist, it was played with the full band. Instead of being a 2 minute quiet interlude, it was performed as an 8 minute song with the whole band. It was great. They performed 3 new songs. One called Wait for Love, one call Sweet Up and Down, and one which I have never heard which I called And You're Gone because it was a repeating part of the chorus. They ended the show with a 10 minute jam on JTR. Things I found odd: Tim Reynolds did not join them at all. Dave was also missing his signature black Chet Atkins Gibson he usually plays live. Instead he switched between 3 other guitars. Also, Recently was SHORT. It sounded just like a studio cut. No extra jams at all. They finished with JTR, but they passed up on the chorus EVERY time. They played the entire song without once saying "Whose that writing? John the Revelator" It was kind of odd but what a great jam. I unfortunately cannot make it to tonight's show but will be there for the closing night on Saturday. I hope he saves AATW for me :)
Greg T.
It was nice to see the boys after such a long break. They looked happy again, as was I, and were all laughing together on stage. What was with the pants Boyd? Anyways, tonight's show was a slow one but truly awesome. Most of the old stuff is pretty standard. Dave changed the chorus in Jimi Thing but I couldn't understand exactly what he was saying. The solo's in #41 and Jimi Thing were extended and Dave kicked out a sweet solo in Jimi. I just love all the new songs; Bartender has DDTW feel to it with the whole band but is awesome. Sweet Up & Down is cool and so is Grey Street as it gets Dave howling away. Raven is a bit different but it gets Leroi playing the clarinet on this one. I love to hear #41 and was estatic that they played it. Recently was only two verses so I am not sure if they screwed up or just making someone happy (it did for me). Lover Lay Down is such a beautiful song live. The real highlights were all the new songs and #40, The Maker and John the Revelator. Come on with a closing like that nobody should have walked away without pure enjoyment and satisfaction that you just witnessed (and heard) something real special. See you all the next two nights.
Richard Y.
This show was truly amazing. I walked in not really knowing what to expect. I thought the Polaris shows were great and I didn't know if they could be topped, but this show I do believe did. The band didn't sound as rusty, the band was into the show, and the lighting was much better! Even though there wasn't Davespeak, Dave did approach the mic a lot when he wasn't singing and even though it was usually just a "thank you" or "hope everyone's having a good time", it was still nice to hear. Last year at Deer Creek, he barely ever approached the mic. I was a little disappointed as a whole with the Warehouse members I was seated next to. Most of them were not friendly and quite frankly, didn't know the words to many of the familiar songs and were not always respectful. That being said the show opened in a superb way. The Stone as an opener sounded great. I hadn't ever heard this as an opener and with only one BTCS song out of the last two shows, it was a suprise. Was hoping for the "Can't help but falling in love with you" and I thought for a split second, he was going to, but didn't get that lucky. The song sounded great though. Drive in Drive Out was pretty standard. #41 though seemed to be the song where the crowd finally started to get into the show. LeRoi had some great solos on this number. Recently was pleasant to here. Definitely sounded great. Lover Lay Down was very pleasant to here as well. Song that Jane likes sounded excellent!! Before Dave started the first lyric of the song, him and Boyd had a little extended jam going on which was fun to watch. LIOG was great as always. Sounded pretty standard though, but the crowd always goes wild during Boyd's solo. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the new material is ever coming and sure enough the 12 string guitar was being brought out. Grey street sounded great. Sure to be an excellent tune once the studio release is available. I think that will definitely be ony of my favorites. Jimi Thing sounded great as always, LeRoi and Stefan both had great solos. Sweet up and down sounded excellent too, I wouldn't be surprised if this is released as their first single. Satellite was pretty standard (Glad they didn't open with it this year like they did last). Bartender sounded excellent with the whole band. Nobody knew the words though except me and the two guys behind me. Of course the crowd went nuts once he played Crash, woo hoo! I wasn't excited. Raven sounded excellent in addition to all the other new songs. #40 was a suprise. I thought it might be played, but I thought it would be played during the encore. It sounded great. Again, only one other person than I knew the words. Too much really got the crowd involved. I think they sensed the show was coming to an end. Everyone knew the words of course. Someone a few runs in back of me made a good comment once the crowd started to sing. They said "Where have all of you been, the concert started a couple hours ago". The encore starts up and holy crap, it's the MAKER!!! I nearly peed my pants when they played the maker. I'm still in shock about that. Never heard it live and I'll never forget it live. One other person and I knew the words and we both didn't care because we were so excited to hear it. I still am in shock. I hope everyone else, the true fans, get to hear it as well. JTR was a great finish to a great show. Dave used his balls tonight. He did an encore with two rather unfamiliar songs instead of a typical encore which would consist of Ants, Trippin', or Two Step. I was thouroughly impressed. Traders, whenever this one comes along, definitely pick it up. Totally worth it!
Michael L.
We got in during the middle of The Stone, an hour and a half drive took over three hours. Traffic was awful. Anyways, great start. The Song That Jane Likes was a pleasant suprise. Didn't think I'd ever hear this again. This was probably the best Lie In Our Graves I have ever heard, Boyd with an amazing solo. Grey Street and Sweet Up & Down were both real good. I'm not a big fan of Crash Into Me, so i was a little disappointed to hear it. A full #40 was a real treat. After Lie In Out Graves, the momentum really died off. It came back a little with Too Much, but the encore had no energy, a ture disappointment. The Maker and John the Revelator should not be used to close a show. Great start, poor finish.
Joshua P.
This was my 3rd dmb show, and by far was the best one. I believe that this was the show for the TRUE fans (not the ones who place the shows quality on whether or not they hear Crash). Anyway, opening with Stone > Drive In, Drive Out was unreal. I knew it was going to be an amazing night. #41 was awesome as always, I've heard it all 3 shows I've been to. Recently, HUGE suprise (and by some shot in the dark, I called that it was going to be played). I love how they mixed it up. Lover Lay Down had great lighting. They also managed to slip in Satellite and Crash without the show sounding "mainstream". Jimi Thing was the sickiest f*ckin version I've ever heard of the song. Not a big fan of it, but this verion blew me away. Grey Street and Sweet Up & Down, are simply unreal. I love these 2 songs, and dmb rocked the 30,000+ with them both. The band jammed on almost EVERY song. They even turned "the song that jane likes" (a 3 1/2 min song) into about 6 minutes. Bartender 10 minutes, Lie In Our Graves over 10 minutes. And then getting to hear a 3 min #40 was fabulous. The Maker was the ULTIMATE suprise. I love this cover and they did FANTASTIC! JTR did have an AWESOME outro, its just too bad most of the crowd didn't know it. It wasn't the BEST song to end on but really was a fabulous concert. I'm going to 9.18, 19, and 20. We'll see if they can manage to top this show. I don't know how they can.