Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots

Don't Drink the Water
Lie In Our Graves
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Say Goodbye
Too Much
Jimi Thing
One Sweet World
The Last Stop
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dancing Nancies
All Along the Watchtower
Typical Situation
Tripping Billies

Beth M.
This was a great night! I took my nine year old niece for her birthday, and she was treated to a great Dave show. DDTW was a good choice for the opener, since it really got everyone into things right away. I was pleasantly surprised with Say Goodbye, and Crush sounds great live. The really mixed things up with the older stuff and the songs from the new CD, which made all around me quite happy. I was thrilled to hear One Sweet World, and the guy next to me was asking me what CD that was from, and he was shocked to hear that there were CD's before Under the Table. Watchtower was absolutely incredible (first time I have heard it live and it was worth the wait!) This was a great night all around and my niece is now a true Dave fan. As we drove home, she said to me "Can I go with you tomorrow night?"
Josh G.
WOW! What a great time I had at this show. It was amazing. The show, the trip, everything. I'll spare you all of it and go right to the music. Boyd was on fire tonight, he overshadowed everyone tonight. He soloed like crazy. I liked the tease with the nature intro. It was odd. At the end of nature they stopped completely, started talking, and went into PNP. They also did this at one point with the opening chords to nancies, they started to play it, stopped, discussed, and moved on. They teased with Lover Laydown Chords also, but never got around to playing it, look for it tomorrow. Jimi Thing was a solid 14 minutes, some of the other jams ranked up there too. This is the first time I've seen them without a special guest of some sort, and i'm glad there wasn't. I appreciated hearing the band as a whole for once. This was my fourth show, probably the last of the summer, and this is definitely tied with Jones Beach 6/10/97 for best show i've been to.
Jonathan H.
This was possibly the best Meadows show since 1995, when the brought out 36, Watchtower, Angel, and Dave Harris from Deon Farris. They boys were just ON tonight. DDTW got the crowd into it, but the new stuff wasn't as excititng as some of the old stuff they pulled out. Dave's added a new verse to Rapunzel, which was quite a suprise to me. I thought he messed up, but it happened both nights. THE RETURN OF SAY GOODBYE!!!!! The longest Crush jam i've ever heard. Jimi had a nice jam. Old school OSW intro, very nice. Stay had everyone dancing and going generally nutz. Nancies was a nice blast from the past. Warehouse blew my mind, cuz that is one of my all time favs. I could talk about this Watchtower for hours, but it was overshadowed by the next nights version, so i'll spend my time there. Typical was good for an encore, and Billies was something that everyone knew, and went nutz on, good closer. All in all a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bob A.
What a great concert! The last show I attended was Giants Stadium and this blew it away. The setlist was a LOT better and the band was just on. Agents of Good Roots were a LOT better than I thought they would be. I've heard the album before, but I guess I didn't listen close enough. They had a strong groove and great songs. Now for Dave....Say Goodbye was done extremely well and was quite a surprise to hear that night. The vibe was totally there and Carter was unbelievable on this song (what a surprise). One Sweet World was great as well. Older songs like Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, and Typical Situation were great as well. Typical had an extended latin-type jam in the middle and was KILLER. As a whole, the band was solid, VERY into the night, and played close to three hours.
Chris M.
Oh what a night! So much energy and many surprises. Both the band and the crowd were feeling the vibe of the warm summer night. DDTW was a great way to open to get everyone involved, but if there were some that were holding out, they certainly got with the program with LIOG! What a version! After a little pause the band kicked into PNP -->Rapunzel which was, although a bit slower than usual, still a great version. Another pause before Carter and Leroi jammed out for several minutes together. I thought #36 was coming, but was damn psyched when the band segued into Say Goodbye. Dave silenced the young-girl sing along by changing the words as usual which was humorous to watch. The crowd got rockin with the band for Too Much and then the extended Crush jam came, veeeery nice (some guy on the lawn screamed "hurry up and finish, this song SUUUCKS!" I had to laugh when they were still jamming after about 3 more minutes!!) Next came Jimi which was extended as well, we'll say about 12-15 minutes. Fantastic! The band then went into the acoustic jam intro for One Sweet World which was dynamite, a nice change from the version in Foxboro. Stay was also different because of the lack of back-up singers. After hearing it live with and without, I'd have to say Dave singing "Don't it, make you wanna...Stay" alone is better by far. TLS was a great version, that song rocks live, I don't care what anybody says. I was surprised when Crash came next since it's been an encore staple. Hmmmm?? The last 3 songs of the set were just plain OUT OF CONTROL!! Nancies was unreal with an extended jam session. Warehouse made my night since I hadn't seen it since Boston '95! What a version!! Next came Watchtower, which I haven't seen since NHC in '95! My night was made with those too. Hmmm? What kind of encore is in store for us? I figured SMTS or Satellite, but I hoped I was wrong. The band came back out and went into Typical Situation which was OUT OF HAND!! The song lasted about 15 minutes with the band totally going off in the middle into a crazy jam, and segueing right back into "everybody's happy, everybody's free..." Totally nuts! What could beat that? As I said before, so much energy was happenin'! Trippin' Billies was a perfect way to end a fantastic show. Those 2 encore songs alone lasted over 30 minutes!! The whole show was about 2:40ish! SICK. Although I was hoping for a Seek, #36, Recently or #41, I left the place with a huge smile on my face. All in all a killer show. I'm ready and waiting patiently for the show at the Nissan Pavillion in VA. Can't wait for THAT one. Hope more surprises await... AD BONUM VITAM!!!
Michael H.
Hold on a moment while I wipe up my drool. MY GOD WHAT A SHOW!!!! Simply unreal. I saw them last time they hit the Meadows in '97 and this show blew that one away. DDTW was incredible, little did I know I heard it last time in 97 in the form of Leave Me Praying. When the song normally ends Dave kept on playing a really soft D chord and went back over the last verse (and I live with my justice....) LIOG was a great way to get the crowd movin. Rapunzel was cool as he added another verse. Crush was awesome live, they played a great jam at the end. I was shocked to hear Say Goodbye. They hadn't played that the entire tour. Stay was soooo much better with just Dave. Trust me if you haven't seen them live. Last Stop was a great surprise. Not that they played it. But how well, they played it. Dave started it with a little riff just like the one at the very start of Minarrets. Then he started wailing like a muizin(sp?) and then they played quitely before bursting in to it full force. They ended it with the hidden track from BFTCS and it sounded really cool. When they played Nancies I was hoping for "could I have been lost somewhere in Hartford," but alas it was not to be. Towards the end of a raging jam I was saying in my mind..."you know you want to go straight into Warehouse." Needless to say he read my mind and we were greeted with a terrific version. Now, the first song I ever heard of DMB was Watchtower and it got me hooked. I was dissapointed when I thought they had stricken it from the setlist forever along with I'll Back You Up, my other favorite. But, it was merely under going severe tinkering. Stefan opened things up with a grungey rock solo reminiscent of Hendrix's national anthem, before Dave dove right into the song. I screamed every lyric at the top of my longs. That song was SOOO energized. Boyd played a great picking solo with a cool effect hooked up. Previously I thought the best version I ever heard was on Red Rocks...not anymore. I was speechless. Typical was a great surprise in the encore. My favorite song of UTT, I was psyched that Dave even through in the mellow intro..."and so she says remember me...what if in the end it all comes down to nothing..." They had a cool calypso thingy going on in the middle. Then they closed with TB which was very energized though it couldn't hold a candle to next night's version. In closing massive kudos to Boyd for an incredible performance. He was really on his game tonight.