Dave Matthews Band
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots

Don't Drink the Water
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Seek Up
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Lie In Our Graves
Two Step
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies

Adam H.
DDTW was a great opener, it got everyone to there feet and singin along. The concert was really good, but not the better of all the ones ive been to, the setlist wasnt that great. The encores needed changing too, tripping billies is getting old. Other than that it rocked. Everyone was up and dancing the entire time, including me, without getting tired, but with all that energy the bands magic pumps into you how could you get tired?
Jeff W.
Wow, this show was absolutely unbelievable with an excellent setlist and a great mix of old and new, known (radio songs) and unknown. I've divided the show up into 3 parts to shorten this. First... DDTW, Satellite, OSW, Last Stop, and Seek Up; The crowd really wasn't into it for all this, no one seemed to realize there was a band playing (in other words, too much talking). It was great to see the full OSW intro and The Last Stop was REALLY cool and extended as was Repunzel. Next section was Stay, Jimi Thing, Crash, LIOG, Warehouse and Two Step; This was the most amazing set of songs I've ever seen them play. Stay got the crowd REALLY into it and there was no turning back. Jimi Thing was long and ALL BOYD, I've never seen a man go so nuts. It was great to finally see Warehouse after all this time of them not playing it and I simply can't say enough about the unbelievable version of Two Step they played, the crowd was really into it and singing along. By this time the whole tone of the evening had changed from Dave being a background band to every person in the place in awe of the past few songs. Finally there was the closer, SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much and the Crush/Billies encore. SMTS and Too Much are really 2 I could've done without, but a decent audience sing along. Crush was WEAK in the encore, not much feeling into it but I guess they were saving it all for Billies b/c never in my life have i seen anything so spirited. I've seen Boyd go nuts but NEVER have I seen anything like him in this Billies... the crowd was nuts over Boyd. I really think he makes or breaks Dave shows. It was a good closer and a good break from Watchtower with gets a little repetitive after awhile. Overall, this was one incredible show, the second part from Stay to Two Step really made the show worth it and the crowd really got into it by then..... no Granny, but hey, you win some you lose some... awesome show.
Karim J.
The moment Dave took stage we all knew we were in for a special performance. The unbelievable opening of DDTW captured the intensity and emotions of everyone in the sold out venue. 165 minutes of truly amazing music ensued. All I can say is you need to see DMB for yourself and experience the time of your life.
Of my seven Dave shows, this was the best one I've been too. A great setlist, a great crowd, and an incredible Boyd. Dave was yappin like a madman and the band really looked like they were having a great time. I've never seen Boyd this fired up. His solos in LIOG, Tripping Billies, Warehouse, and Jimmi Thing were just incredible. I've never seen him so fired up. The highlights for me included the 17 min. , incredible version of Seek Up, 18 min. amazing Boyd of Jimmi Thing, and a sweet intro and performance of One Sweet World. The only things missing were Nancies, Watchtower, and #41, but I can't complain. It was great to finally hear Warehouse; it is a little different, but nonetheless amazing. An incredible show. Can't wait for Columbus next week!
Cory F.
Dave and the boys started their set aound 8:10 with a couple of crowd pleasers, Don't Drink the Water and Satellite, and really got everyone moving with Pantala into Rapunzel. One Sweet World had a very pretty intro although most people seemed a bit confused as to just what the heck it was they were playing. Still it was nice to hear the old stuff like that and Seek Up which had an incredible intro jam by Leroi. A free flowing version of Jimi Thing that included a nice Dave solo at the end led into the crowd sing-a-long Crash Into Me. Lie in Our Graves included an up close and personal Boyd solo that brought him from the back of the stage to practically on top of the crowd. Warehouse and Two Step seemed to be overshadowed by the set closing So Much To Say/Too Much that really got the lawn grooving. The encore started with Crush, a song off the new one that really works well later in the show. It included a fantastic jam between Leroi and Boyd. Tripping Billies finished off the night with Carter going absolutely nuts! The lights really brought the crowd's attention to this amazing drummer. The band just keeps getting tighter and tighter and I can't wait for the next one.
Mary O.
This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert. The Agents Of Good Roots were ok. (A few people commented that Andrew Winn sounded a lot like Dave.) Don't Drink The Water was an awesome opener. Satellite, Pantala Naga Pampa and Rapunzel were very good. One Sweet World was incredible, the long intro really adds a lot to the song. Not too many people seemed to know this one. Stay was so much better than on Before These Crowded Streets, without all of those annoying backup voices. When they played the first three chords of Crash Into Me, everyone went crazy. All of the crowd participation and the stage lighting made it awesome. Dave said "This is a song about being dead;" and they played Lie In Our Graves. I really didn't expect to hear Warehouse; it was great. Two Step- the perfect concert song. I think Dave once said that this was his favorite song to play in concert, and it was awesome. So Much To Say and Too Much were ok. The first encore song, Crush was amazing. All of the lighters went up, everyone was singing and the last "It's crazy, I'm thinking, just knowing that the world is round. Here I'm dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down? Is this real, or am I dreaming?" was awesome. Tripping Billies was very spirited. I was really hoping to hear Ants, because it's one of my favorites, one of their signature songs and this being my first DMB concert. The other one you just gotta hear that was missing was Dancing Nancies. Like they did on the Red Rocks version, "Could I have been lost somewhere in Cleveland?" would have been great. Another one that Id be happy to hear: The Best Of Whats Around. For anyone who knows about how Blossom is pretty famous for it's leaving-concert traffic problems, this one wasn't that bad. Almost everyone had Dave CD's or tapes on and their car windows open. Three things that really surprised me: of all the obnoxious crowd stories I've heard about, it wasn't a problem here; how there was an even mix of older and younger people; and how the album songs were as good, or the songs that were usually annoying were a lot better live. It was an incredible show.