Dave Matthews Band
Hershey Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots

Two Step
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Swim Naked)
The Song That Jane Likes
Lie In Our Graves
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Last Stop
Tripping Billies
All Along the Watchtower

Doug K.
Hershey, as always is a great venue and for DMB it proved to be awesome. The concert was like sticking your finger in an electrical outlet, for 2 hours. The highlights of the show for me were: Jimi Thing, which is always great and Watchtower where they did this incredible calypso drum jam for about 3 minutes with the sax fading in at the end of it. These 2 songs were played with so much energy. The best was Tripping Billies, they took that energy to a new level from the start of the song and just keep raising the bar higher and higher the whole way through to the end. You could feel the energy of band cascading through everyone around. I would love to get a tape of this show, I will compress to MP3 format and post on the internet. Please email me for details.
Dave B.
This was a very high energy show. I was down on the floor and EVERYONE was just dancing and having a great time. The band was giving us a lot. Two Step was a great opener. Pantala/Rapunzel were great together as usual. DDTW was pretty fast and included a nice little sacry intro by the band and a cool outro by Dave alone. Next was One Suite Whirled (intro) leading into One Sweet World. What an awesome song. The whole stadium was up and dancing. Skipping to #41, Dave messed up the lyrics and came out along the lines of ".....What if they came down crushing.....Do you wish a dance...... oops I screwed myself up.........". Pretty amusing. Jimi Thing was slow and grooved much better than I have ever heard it. Crash Into Me was bound to come sooner or later, but it still generated a lot of energy. The Last Stop was surprisingly GREAT live especially with the outro. Quite a surprise. Speaking of surprises, Warehouse kicked my butt and gave the whole crowd 'happy feet'. Tripping Billies.......great closer and totally 'in your face'. I was ready to throw them my first born after that :-) Encore was OK. Satellite wasn't a neccesity, but I even started getting into with everyone swaying. Stephan played a cool bass solo that led into All Along the Watchtower which was pretty funky. All in all, it was a great show and proved once again that this band is by far the most talented group out there. Thanks
Brian C.
What can I say Dave and the boys have done it again! This was my 3rd show in six days, and I loved every minute of it. For some reason Dave likes to talk at this venue, I can't remember exactly what he said, but I know there was a fair amount of funny Davespeak. The only thing I don't understand, why Watchtower again?? I love the song and they always tear it up, but how 'bout something else. PEACE!
Joe K.
Smokin show guys, it was a lot of fun. We had lemon fights, Firehoses, topless woman...a well rounded night. The sound was incredible, and for me it was the best view of the band I've ever seen. The crowd was a bit obnoxious w/ all the pushing and crowd surfing, and whats worse is that it never stopped...to the show: 6:30 brought Agents of Good Roots, and they jived, they were really groovy. Unfortuantly the crowd was more concerned w/ pushing each other....around 8:00 Dave came and the place was nuts. The local fire department came and sprayed us all down, people were passing out, kinda uncomfortable in close, but the music helped us keep truckin. The setlist was great in my opionion. Brought out some older ones like OSW and Warehouse, they had a Jam period where they played #41, Jimi, then Lie in Our Graves and that was a real treat for me.....they played a killer Tripping Billies, they all just went BEZERK!...they played both Crash and Satellite which was kinda dissappointing, but I love them both, would have loved Ants tho....ended it off w/ Watchtower....had some others in between like PNP-->Rapunzel which I personally went nuts at, and Don't Drink the Water...all good all good......We had some great DaveSpeak as well.....it was a great great show....hope to get a tape of it soon...c ya all around....Joe
Cara M.
The Hershey concert was excellent overall: the band was into it, the crowd was into it, and the setlist couldn't have gotten much better (except if they had played Halloween, since it's been a while.) Agents of Good Roots started off strong, but a lot of the crowd's attention ended up being focused on members of DMB to the side of the stage, particulary Dave himself, getting ready for the concert, milling around between trailers a couple yards away. When Boyd arrived in a beat up BMW about 15 minutes before the show, more attention was focused on him than the opening band. They left shortly after. Anyway, Two Step was a great opener since the crowd got into it immediately. The Song That Jane Likes, Stay, #41, and Lie In Our Graves kept the entire stadium up and dancing for the middle of the show, with Stay being especially good. Warehouse was also good, but Tripping Billies was the best version ever by the band and not even the encore could top it. Everyone was dancing and singing along and Boyd was having the time of his life on his extended solo. Satellite slowed things down a little for the encore, but All Along the Watchtower was played with so much feeling, making it a great closer.
Jacob W.
A few interesting things: Leroi came out doing a "put your hands up in the air" kind of move with his glasses off...looks like he really is getting rid of his stage fright... Dave and Boyd had a big laugh at that. After the into song, Dave pointed at 'Roi and said "He's afraid of the Super-Dooper-Looper..." (a pretty lame rollercoster at Hersheypark). During OSW, Dave added in the lyrics to the extent of "move up and down, not side to side, don't push each other, etc., etc.) He showed a lot of concern for the people who had heat exaustion, etc. Before The Last Stop, I could SWEAR I heard a Recently tease... That's about the interesting stuff I can remember.
DiCap99@aol.com .
The parking lot was dead, the people were violent and the vibe was bad. The set was fabulous, the band is great and Agents of Good Roots rocked. When the first thing Dave has to say is "...stop pushing... people are getting hurt..." you know that the vibe just isn't how it should be. Yes, the set was good. Yes, Dave Matthews is a modern day God. No, every show is not the greatest thing ever. I hate these people who think that the band can do no wrong and that they think they know everything about the band. I love these guys more then anyone, but I can also realize that there is a such thing as a bad night and a bad show. This Hershey concert was both.