Dave Matthews Band
Sony Blockbuster Amphitheater, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots

Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Lover Lay Down
Tripping Billies
Seek Up
Don't Drink the Water *
The Dreaming Tree *
For the Beauty of Wynona *
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dancing Nancies

Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Too Much
The Song That Jane Likes
Greg Howard & Carter Jam -->
All Along the Watchtower *

* with Greg Howard on Chapman Stick

Jude S.
agents of good roots (for those interested) went like this: come on, i gotta move, two bucks in cash, allman bros. cover (sorry, don't know the name of that one), shot down, smiling up the frown, upspin, where'd you get that vibe? as for dmb: one word: fireworks. saturday's performance had a lot to live up to in my mind. friday night was excellent and i was bound to avoid the potential of repeating mass amounts of songs. thankfully, repeats were held to a minimum and i was able to enjoy the surprising lover lay down and the always fabulous dancing nancies. as i remarked on saturday before the show, friday's night seemed to have an UTTAD feel. saturday seemed to have a R2T feel. with the surprise inclusion of STJL as the encore, tDMb brought back 5 songs from that album over the two nights. this, i believe, is a very positive feeling for the remainder of the second leg. whereas the first leg seemed to be setlists tailored for "pimping" the new album (which is perfectly understandable), the second already seems to show promise of a little diversity in set selections. the show seemed to take on the similar format of saturday with greg coming out and the dreaming tree being performed. however, at the end of the dreaming tree (and this was best visible from my lawn seats as i had a friend who was in the covered pavillion and he couldn't see as well) fireworks appeared to the left of the stage (as you're facing it) and continued over the water and the BFB until the conclusion of Wynona. it was so cool. dave said something along the lines of, "thank you all for indulging us". whether this means their crew set that up or he was just thanking us for the ability to basically stop jamming on the dreaming tree so they'll could watch, i don't know. i know it was cool and it was the best part of saturday night.
Bostonbilly@geocities.com .
First off - to clarify - there is pretty much no way that the fireworks were part of the show. They did not follow along with the music even vaguely, and there was something else going on at the waterfront that night. Saturday's show was much more energetic than Friday's show, Personally, I think saturday was closer to UTTAD and Friday a more mellow, relaxed R2T. For any casual fans, Saturday's show was the one to attend, as the both the crowd and the band more into the show. The Greg Howard portion of the show (Dreaming Tree, DDTW) is incredibly boring, but nice for a unhurried bathroom break. It was great to see the diversified set list spanning two nights, with little repitition. The only dissapoinment for me was that Ants didn't make it into either list. Watchtower is great, but closing with the same song both nights was a little stale for me.
Eric V.
Though tonight's show had a much more standard setlist than the previous one, the band came out on fire and the crowd responded in turn by going crazy all night long. Rapunzel was even better tonight than the night before, and with Two Step and Stay, everyone was dancing all over the place. Lover Lay Down was totally unexpected, so was Seek Up since they played it the night before. Crush was outstanding and got everyone going again. The Dreaming Tree seemed really tedious tonight, it's just not the kind of song to be playing in a huge amphitheater full of people who don't really know all their songs. There were fireworks going off at this point but i doubt they had anything to do with the show. Wynona was a nice surprise, of course noone knew it so I had to tell about a hundred people. Jimi Thing's not my favorite song but of course there were some great jams in it. Then they had to play Crash. Once again, thousands of people yelling and screaming while I went for a beer. Then, the high point of the night, Dancing Nancies! People didn't even know this song but everyone loved it. Boyd was unbelievable all night, especially here. I was praying they'd go straight into Warehouse but instead we got the bridge to Too Much to close things out again. It was really annoying seeing it as a closer again, especially when the band has so many other good closers in their arsenal. The Song That Jane Likes was the second high point of the night, though they really couldn't do to change it live, it was the first time I'd heard it live. Greg Howard did a chapman stick jam as a Watchtower intro again, great, but for those of us who were there both nights there could have been something else. Overall, though, not as great a show as last night in my opinion. No really good Davespeak, unfortunately. Everyone was really into it, though, which made it so much more fun. I must have met at least ten nancies tonight. A great weekend in general, thanks to everyone who was a part of it.
Chris M.
Saturday nights show at the E-Centre blew Friday night out of the water. There was little repetition throughout the show from the night before. Two Step got the crowd going, excellent song live as usual with Boyd picking the violin. The radio favorite Stay was played next, pretty good version. Next was the surprise of the night, a beautiful version of Lover Lay Down, I definitely didn't expect this after checking out the more recent setlists. The always jammy DMB anthem Tripping Billies was next. Seek Up once again, two nights in a row. I though that that was kind of weird. Would've liked to have heard something else older like True Reflections or Granny. Next was my favorite tune of Before These Crowded Streets, Crush. The outro ending that dave does for DDTW where he ends singing "And I don't need anyone but me" by himself is cool. The Dreaming Tree, okay this is a good song, but it does not work live and two nights in a row? What about Warehouse? During the Dreaming tree, fireworks went off over the waterfront, I hope Dave knew about them otherwise if I were him I would've been pretty ;pissed. For the next 10 minutes everyone watched the fireworks. It totally took the attention away from Dave and the boys. So they did for the Beauty of Wynona, I guess because no one was watching them. Jimi Thing was sweet as usual. Crash.....well it was Crash for the millionth time. Dancing Nancies was a good tune to add to the setlist for the evening. Too Much, another song I could do without although the ASTB intro is really cool. THat was 14 songs into the show and I knew that they would be out to do at least two more for the encore. I said to my friends, " I guess I won't be hearing Granny or the Song That Jane LIkes now". Next thing I know Dave comes out and says "I have a little sister named Jane and this is the Song That Jane Likes", it made my night. It is so funny to see the fans who only know Crash, Satellite, Tripping Billies, Stay, etc. react to song like TSTJL. So many people didn't even know it and I overheard someone behind me say, "This sucks man", but I didn't even get mad because I was busy enjoying the song that I had really wanted them to play. It was great! Finally they closed with Watchtower again and it rocked more than the night before. The concert as a whole was incredible and besides the last E-Centre show last year when I was in the fifth row, it was probably the best so far. In terms of setlists, it was probably the best I've seen so far. I still would kill to hear True reflections live!!!!!! But this show definitely kicked some serious butt!!!!
Pete M.
I was disappointed with the Davespeak, although Dave definitely was into the concert. The band was definitely loose, and the crowd was very casual. Most of the audience did not cheer or even recognize many of the songs off of BTCS with exception to Stay and Don't Drink the Water, which are coincidentally the songs that are playing on MTV. I have mixed feelings about this. Maybe the mainstream fans are giving up, is this a good or bad thing? The majority of the crowd was rejuvinated with Crash Into Me, and I was suprised that even Dave was really grooving to this song. Dave could definitely have done without The Dreaming Tree, its not a good song live, the message isn't strong enough for a concert situation, especially when even I started to yawn, as drunken and stoned fans were enthralled by the fireworks more than the band, which was really rude. However, good old Dave said something about thanking everyone for listening to the band, (rather than the fireworks). Even so, I was even more alarmed to discover that many in the crowd did not recognize Jimi Thing or Dancing Nancies, we were definitely dealing with a Crash Crowd, and I was sort of scared that the encore would end up being something like So Much to Say or something. However, I was really hoping for a really good live version of Cry Freedom, it would have been perfect for the Nancies, yet we were in for some really good luck with THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES! I couldn't believe I was hearing it live, although the crowd basically turned their backs, except me and a chick I made eye contact with who also knew the words. I didn't meet many other Nancies, although if anyone was there, I started a One Sweet World sing along in the parking lot, and I had about 20 people singing along. Many others laughed and said "What band is HE singing?" I don't care that they closed with Watchtower twice, cause it was definitely a good closing jam!! But I was kind of praying for Warehouse, although at least most of the crowd probably would have went home. Where was Ants? I was sort of suprised that they played every "radio song" but that, oh well, I guess Dave was sort of sparing all of us who get bothered by the girls yelling, "Play Crash Into Me again!!!" Oh please. It was probably the best set I have seen, I just was hoping for Pig (don't burn the pig) and Warehouse especially. Very fresh.