Dave Matthews Band
Saratoga Perfoming Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots
Lie In Our Graves
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Dancing Nancies
Seek Up
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Two Step
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Too Much
All Along the Watchtower
The Song That Jane Likes
Tripping Billies

Overall the best show by DMB i have ever been to. Including Giants and two others from years past.. I had inside seats so i didn't really get a vibe from the lawn but from the parking lot, the vibe was fixin to be pretty good. The beginning started off slowly, Lie In Our Graves was a great opener but DDTW, Satellite and Stay was too much all at once. But i guess it was good to get tehm outta the way. After that teh shwo was amazing. Dave and teh crew gave off so much energy tonite that i am wired. Well in teh lots i ran into a friend who listened close for the soundcheck and he told me they did Warehouse. i didn't really think they would do it but guess what. I Was Wrong It was teh song of teh night along with A JANE encore.. HOLY COW..Night everybody
Becky M.
This was my second show. Not including stuff from BTCS, I heard a lot of firsts at this show. They were Warehouse, Nancies, Watchtower, STJL, Satellite, and the dixie chicken outro to crash. I heard Warehouse during the sound check before the show and I was surprised when I first heard it because I hadn't seen that they'd played it so far. Satellite went out to this girl named Becky. I don't know who she was, but my friends on the lawn assumed I was going crazy. The band had a lot of energy. Dave was dancing like crazy and boyd was all over the stage. Stefan's little intro watchtower kicked ass and Carter had a great solo before ASTB. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts when they played stay, ddtw, and crash. When they started The Last Stop I don't think there was a person in the whole place sitting down. They crowd got really into that one, it was great. The lighting was cool. Went incredibly well with the music. When they started stjl all the lights became soft pastely colors as opposed to the intense reds and organges that were common during the last stop and ddtw. They picked some good stuff to open and close the show with. Liog let them jam out and get everyone ready for the rest of the show and I think billies left a lot of people wanting more. I saw at least 3 drum sticks go flying from Carter's set to the back of the stage, and Dave switched guitars about 1/2 way through billies. Exellent show. Better than last years in my opinion...being inside may have helped though. Ciao!!
Dave S.
My ninth DMB show, and by far the best, even better than the Giants Stadium show or last year's show at SPAC with Bela! The vibe was absolutely incredible... none of the crowd surfing and severe crush like last year (though dave did warn everyone against that at the beggining). The band played hard and intense, and many were the times people turned to each other with comments of "how can they top that?" Dancing Nancies --> Warehouse was a real high point, as were Seek Up (i clocked it at over 15 minutes... anyone else?) and a Crush that early versions like Roanoke could only HINT at! The number of lighters for Crash and Watchtower were incredible! Speaking of which... INCREDIBLE FREAKIN' VERSION OF WATCHTOWER!!! Woo!!! How could they encore that? Well, STJL was nice to hear again, but Billies managed to at least rival Watchtower for sheer pants-wetting intensity. Absolutely incredible show! Only let-down was Two-Step, usually a live high point, but this time only about as long as the album version, and not even as intense. That's the only downpoint i can think of though!
Nancy C.
Other points, lessee...after Nancies, Carter applauded Dave madly. And after the Bridge->Too Much thang, Dave prostrated himself in homage to Carter. I thought both of those were funny. They really love it up there. Light show has come a long way...they did a crazy thing during a Carter solo, black stage with hot white beams of light staccato on Carter. The crowd was immense, totally psyched, almost fearsome with their noise. Rock on.
Mike D.
I've been to 13 Dave shows and let me tell you this was not the one to miss. I was in Saratoga by noon, and in line at 3:45pm, we had a perfect lawn spot by 5:15pm. Dave announced the opening band as usual and the evening began. Agents jammed for a while and I was ready to groove. Kind. And it is Dave time, Lie in Our Graves was a nice suprise and Rapunzel got me rockin'. Though Don't Drink The Water and Satelite weren't songs I was dying to hear they were amazing. Now.... Stay, Nancies, Warehouse(rediculously good), Seek Up, Crush, Last Stop and Two Step....WOW! I never danced so hard in my life. Nor have I ever seen so many people at SPAC. Crash and Too Much were cool but, Watchtower was a performance I'll never forget. Dave was a madman for the whole tune and it was damn funky. If the show ended then I would have still said this was an amazing event but then Dave and the boys come back out and finish with Song That Jane Likes and Trippin Billies and I was left smiling on the grass of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. I must also mention Stephon was the best I have ever seen him....he jammed several times and even did some stuff with a slide. The rest of the boys rocked as always. Dave was in his usual state and had many comments that stirred laughter.
Definitely the best Dave Matthews Band performance I've ever seen. The band was hot!!! Lie In Our Graves was a surprising opener, and Boyd danced and chimmeyed all over the stage. His solos for LIOG, Nancies and Warehouse were amazing. Carter was insane, he pounded the drums all evening and never stopped. The light show was great, and highlights include: improv before PNP>Rapunzel, Stephan's bass solo, an intense Last Stop (in which Dave bowed down in homage to Carter), a funky Watchtower and the Song That Jane Likes. Every song was tight and fueled with mind blowing jams and an intense amount of energy. Truly a great show.
Dave B.
The show was excellent. Hadn't seen Dave since 6.6.97, and while I didn't think this show matched that one, I left happy. The highlight definitely had to be the first Warehouse in over a year, and also Stefan. He was ON and absolutely tore it up. I hadn't seen the setlists from this tour yet, so the band had me guessing, despite the 14 (!) repeats from the night before. My song calling was hot, I only missed a few (got some strange looks from people too :) - my biggest gaffe was thinking #36 would come when Carter was playing with the percussion before ASTB. (It sounded like it was coming, dammit, listen to the tapes) I was surprised by the Jane encore as well. I've always been a fan of the older stuff over the new, but I have to admit that as a band they are better by leaps and bounds now. They are so incredibly together, and they absolutely love what they are doing. The show was full of energy, and they knew exactly how to get the crowd into it and keep them there. While I was disappointed to see several songs (there are 5 or 6 songs I have seen at all 5 of my shows now) it in no way took away from the experience. I had a blast. The security kept things under control and I didn't have to worry about my health at all. I was on the lawn and pretty much resigned to watching the screens for my view of the performance, but the video board guy did a good job and it was fun to watch. (with the exception of the damn settings boxes popping up from time to time). Got my first watchtower, which was great, and I really like what they did with the end of Crush. Stefan at the start of 2 Step was awesome- he made his bass sound a lot like Tim's part when he's there (reminded me of the range Victor Wooten shows) It was great. Overall, a good show and a great time.
Karen N.
Wow. Just when I thought that the Dave Matthews Band couldn't get any better they did. This concert ROCKED. It was by far the best that I have ever seen (this was my 4th time incuding Giants Stadium). The setlist was unreal- Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, the outtro at the end of Before These Crowded Streets, the greatest version of Watchtower that I have ever heard, and the dixie chicken version of crash. Amazing. See you all friday and saturday in hartford.
Dennis R.
I will try not to restate which has already been posted. One of the things I noticed about the show was how long it seemed. Right about after Warehouse, I asked my friend what time it was thinking the show was almost over and he said it was 10p! A whole other hour of euphoria!!!!! The whole friggin' band jammed as I never thought was possible. I think that is what made the concert seem so long. But I must say that Boyd tore the house down especially. Stefan seemed he would steal the show from Boyd on Watchtower, but then came Tripping Billies - I think it should be called Boyd's Song. Tripping wasn't as good as the Tibet show; conversely, Watchtower rocked compared to the Tibet show. And as many in the NG and on this site have complained about Crash, the sing- a-long at SPAC makes that song one of my favorites in concert. When I last heard that song, a month after the Crash album was released, it was one of my favorites. I will still turn it off when it comes on the radio, but I hope they play it at every show I go to.
Nick K.
Although this cannot possibly describe the feeling of this concert, i'll try my best. It was my first, and absolutley amazing. LIOG was a great opener, and DDTW water redeemed itself finally, making it close to first on my list. Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, and Watchtower were total @#$% and piss your pants multiple times versions. I've never freaked so much in my life. They were absolutly amazing, if you weren't there, you can't possibly understand. Two Step was great also. Stefans solo's throughout the concert were cool, but he needs more. Carter just totally ripped it up the whole time - you can never underestimate him - he's simply GOD!!!! Dave is GOD too, so I guess there's 2!!! Overall, it was a life changing experience that i'll never forget - if you've never been to a dave concert - You may as well be lying in your grave!!!! C Ya!!!!