Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Recently (Pretty Girl, On Broadway)
The Best of What's Around
Seek Up
Lie In Our Graves
Help Myself
Don't Burn the Pig -->
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Dancing Nancies
Rhyme & Reason
Little Thing
Crash Into Me
Two Step
You Are My Sanity (Tim solo)
Too Much
Lover Lay Down
Blue Water -->
"Dreamed I Killed God" -->
Typical Situation
Say Goodbye
Stream (Tim solo)
So Much To Say
Cry Freedom
Tripping Billies
Ants Marching
Christmas Song

Jennifer P.
My gosh, what an awesome show. I had balcony seats but i snuck into General Admission. he he he. The definate highlight of this show for me, would have to be "Too Much". Dave and Tim took the slow route on this one and just jazzed it up. Then Tim doing stream was so awesome, watching his hands you'd think his fingers would fall off, Dave told the story of the girl he knew in Amsterdam who couldn't get the toilet to flush so she took her crap out of it and threw it out the window and hit some guy in the street. The police took care of the rest. It was a funny story. The crowd was very good. People were yelling out songs but not too much. The guys next to me were asking me the names of almost all the songs. At the end of Recently he did all the song additions everyone loves. I love how Tim talks with his guitar, but i still really wonder what he sounds like. I had a really good time, and I'll definately go again anytime they're near. I took some friends with me that had never really heard Dave or Tim and they're just as freaked out about them as I have been. These guys are truly an inspiration. I'd write more about the individual songs but, they were all pretty much as groovy as they ever are. Tim and Dave should definatley just record an album together Tim does adds neat sides to the songs, that nobody else can.