Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Township Auditorium, Columbia, South Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Lie In Our Graves
Dancing Nancies
Let You Down
Two Step
Lover Lay Down
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
So Much To Say
Proudest Monkey -->
Help Myself
I'll Back You Up
Say Goodbye
Too Much (Fame)
Crash Into Me (Tambourine Man)
You Are My Sanity (Tim solo)
Angel From Montgomery
Typical Situation
Seek Up
Ants Marching

Rob L.
Okay, the thing that always seems to make or break D&T shows is the crowd. Well, I really have mixed feelings about the crowd tonight. For the first few songs I thought that the crowd was really good. However at about Let You Down or 2Step, they started to get kinda rowdy and obnoxious(the "We Love You, Dave" girls started). Then, after Tim's solo, the crowd was cool again. Really weird to have a crowd act like that. I was sort of annoyed that everyone decided to rush the front when Ants started... but that's just me. Highlights: #41 is soooooo good with just D&T. I can't believe that they play that with the whole band. D&T's version is much more moving and effective at conveying the sadness of the lyrics. Help Myself rocked!! It's my new favorite unreleased song. I'll Back You Up was surprising, but welcome(even though some dumbass yelled "This is so beautiful!!" right in the middle of it. counter-productive to say the least). Too Much was funky and slow. I loved it! Tim's solo was one of the main highlights of this show. I'm pretty sure that it was "You Are My Sanity", but I've only heard that song once, so I can't be positive. Tim is the man. No doubt about it. People say that he never speaks, but I'd beg to differ. His playing and his facial expressions speak volumes. After his solo, the crowd really quieted down. Seek Up was beautiful, albeit a shortened version. Davespeak: told the booger story. Also told an awesome story about a tree in some rainforest that has ants living in it that protect it. In turn the tree feeds the ants by secreting sugar water. He related this to the GReenpeace table as well as leading into Ants Marching. Very cool vibe going during this story. Aside from those two stories, there wasn't much davespeak. Throughout most of the show, he was making fun of all the people that were yelling.