Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Shawn Colvin
Lie In Our Graves
Dancing Nancies
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Let You Down
The Maker
Recently (Pretty, Pretty Girl)
So Much to Say
Lover Lay Down
Two Step
The Song That Jane Likes
Say Goodbye
Proudest Monkey -->
Letting Go (Tim solo) -->
Stream (Tim solo) -->
Letting Go (Tim solo)
Christmas Song
Crash Into Me
Minarets -->
"Dreamed I Killed God" -->
Typical Situation
Too Much (Golden Years, Fame)
Ants Marching
Warehouse (Passion Intro, Stop Time Intro, Wild Thing)

Jbeau L.
The show was fantastic! A few notes: The crowd -- definitely not too loud, barely any yelling during songs. Never had to be told by David to shut up. Some yelling between songs, including a few guys who insisted on yelling for Me & Julio, even after David had explained why he would not play it. Some idiot was also yelling "play I Remember Thinking" ... the mark of a bootleg CD owner, I'd bet. Often too quiet, with too many conversations going on. Always gave a hearty applause after every song. For some reason, everyone decided to stand up for all of Crash Into Me and some of Minarets. The theatre held 2500 people. Sean Colvin, the opener -- young woman singer/songwriter. David referred to her as "one of his heroines" when he introduced her. She will be the only opener to play on this tour. What Will Become of Me/Us? -- David sung the "us" lyric in each verse Let You Down -- "I can't whistle ..." The Maker -- incredible. Pretty, Pretty Girl -- very short version of this outro TSTJL -- "I have a sister, her name is Jane ..." Crazy -- cut short, for some reason, right before the normal "coming back again..." lyric Tim solo stuff -- this was certainly one of the highlights of the show. David walked over to Tim and said a few things into his ear before leaving the stage. Tim's solo part could be classified as anything between 1 and three songs. He began for a few minutes with something I have never heard before (awesome), then intro a wonderful Stream, then into something else I have never heard. His effects and pedals were working to their fullest! Standing ovation. The New Song -- Wow! This song was truly beautiful and emotional. I have never heard Cryptorchid, but I am rather confident that this was original DM material. A recurring wailing part added a ton to the beauty of the song. The only lyrics I could pick out were "I dreamt that I killed my mother.' Hmmm. As for a name, we asked Bagby, who responded with "something that made him feel groovy." The new song was jammed straight out of Minarets and into Typical Situation. It, however, was not just simply the "jam" I have heard others refer to of late. This was a song. A new song. Warehouse -- Wow again! I have never heard Warehouse sound like this. Tim played his guitar with effects that made it sound like a bass, and he laid down a groovin' bass line (he did this at other points during the show, also). The wailing intro was longer than I had ever before heard, straight into the Stop Time intro, into an extremely emotional Warehouse. Then, just when we thought it was over, David took us into a great Wild Thing outro. An experience to remember. Final note -- after the show, I obtained the sheet of songs (not a setlist) that Dave & Tim had to choose from, which was taped to the carpet next to David's stool. It includes songs such as Get In Line, Exodus, and Hold Me Down. So, we can rest assured that at least someone near David knows that these songs till exist. Awkwardly, Crazy, Deed Is Done, The Maker, Is Chicago, and others were excluded from the list. I really don't know what it's purpose was. Anyway, the show ruled. Later.