Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Paramount Theatre, Denver, Colorado
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
The Best of What's Around
Rhyme & Reason
Dancing Nancies
Angel From Montgomery
Recently (Pretty Girl, On Broadway)
The Maker
Say Goodbye
So Much To Say
Crash Into Me
Letting Go (Tim solo)
Lie In Our Graves
Two Step
Cry Freedom
Help Myself
Christmas Song
Stream (Tim solo)
Too Much (Fame)
"Dreamed I Killed God" -->
Typical Situation
I'll Back You Up
Don't Burn the Pig
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Ants Marching
Warehouse (Passion)

Jill K.
In comparison with the previous night, I can only say there was no comparison.... Dave and Tim came out happy and smiling, the audience was relatively quiet (for a Dave show), the setlist was one that you dream of. Dave said he had the sniffles, but that he was feeling "REAL good tonight". He and Tim were feeding off each other, using looks, grins and hand signals to communicate during and in between songs. Dave was making a lot more eye contact with the audience than he had the previous night, and his between song comments and jokes had the audience rolling with laughter. He told a hilarious story about travelling by bus across a border in Africa with an upset stomach which was so long and so funny, he had to break it in
I almost didn't go to this one. Thank God I changed my mind! I blew off an exam for this show, but it was so worth it. (Yes, I do have my priorities set, don't I?) This was the best show I have ever attended. Honestly. It is also quite possibly the best show I have ever heard on tape (D&T-wise). Fantastic!! I was a bit worried that it would be much like the night before--that Dave would have a bad connotation of the Theater since the crowd the night before was so lame, but all of my worrying was for naught. This was the most incredible show!! So, on to business...song comments! First, Dave tells us that Mike was making fun of his shirt before he came onstage. It did look kind of ratty, but hey--I don't love him for his taste in clothes, you know? :) OSW: God, I love this as an opener. One of my faves anyway. Don't ya love to swim naked? Chickachickaoww... :) BOWA: I was sad that my best DM pal wasn't here to hear this one with me. I LOVE this song!! It's great to hear it live, and at this point, you could really tell that the guys were enjoying themselves. Angel: Love to hear this one. Right then, I was firmly convinced that missing the exam I was missing meant nothing to me. :) I knew it was going to be all good from here on out... Recently: Dave was goaded into doing Pretty Girl. Guys in the balcony started it, and then some others in the front picked up the chant. They were all singing it out of rhythm, though--Dave had to step in and show 'em how it was done. He picked on the guys, sang one line of it, and then he and Timmy went into On Broadway, which they had been trying to do the whole time. The Maker: Wow. I really can't say any more about it than that. I was speechless, and y'all know how weird that is for me! TRIP STORY PART I: DM says, "My friend Mike told me I should tell this story again..." At that point, my friend and I looked at each other, and Dave said, "Y'all are gonna lose all respect for me," and we knew it was the infamous Trip to Zimbabwe story. It was much more in-depth this time around. I loved the added details. He asked if anyone had heard it before, 'cause we started cheering for it right away, and most everyone yelled no--I think about 5 of us yelled yes, so he told it anyway. :) Too hilarious, and too gross. SG: I love this song. This is my all-time favorite. :) Here's a line I caught: "Hear me call, oh I'm soft-spoken, but my soul it roars." *sigh* A nice little twist on the too-often used "soft-spoken" line, IMO. After this song is over, Dave says, "You know, that never works." Right on, my man!! You don't know how true that is...but I'm not bitter. :) He then described a conversation between a lady friend and himself, in which he said, "Coffee? I can't stay." She said, "But it's Saturday..." He said, "I have a meeting...with my mom!" :) Crazy: I love this song more every time I hear it. This could become a really good one...you know, it sounds much better now, than it did at that Agents show (the first time around) where he was so drunk he didn't, "remember (his) name right now." Hee hee hee... SMTS: messed this one up a little bit. TRIP STORY PART TWO: Conclusion--part one left off with the Americans in the back of the bus getting pissed on, and this section finished it all up. :) Cryptorchid: Dave has a thing for testicles. As someone on the list pointed out-- info that if I had thought about it, I would have been able to share, as I worked at an animal hospital for 6 years...a cryptorchid is a case of either one or both testicles being retained in the abdominal cavity--they are undescended. He has been telling that neuticles story like crazy (told it on the 17th), and then he sings a cover by a (really spooky, IMO) band with a title concerning testicles...somethin' funny is goin' on here... :) This song was really very pretty, though. I'll bet Mr. Manson cringes every time Dave sings it. Now there's a thought--do you think that MM will start covering DMB? I can see them doing a happy version of OSW. hehehe... Tim solo: What song was this? Chatterbox? I had no idea, but it rocked, predictably enough. The people next to us in our rockin' 6th row seats had never heard Tim before--they fell in love, and told me they were going to buy one of his CD's after the show. Yay. :) Two Step: Gets one of many standing ovations. Timmy got the first, I believe. Near perfect version of this song. *sigh* Love it!! Cry Freedom: Glad I got to hear D&T do it. I know that they played it a lot last tour, and I am so glad that they didn't abandon it this time around. The night gets better and better (though I am sure that the Jack and Cokes were helping!). :) Help Myself: Uh huh. Like I said, better and better... Xmas Song: I cringed, remembering the winter tour and the admonitions that, "this isn't a clapping song." Amazingly enough, everyone seemed to know this. At this point, I think I fell in love with the crowd. Talk about a moment of bliss... Stream: Lots more people stayed for this song. I always feel bad for Tim when people get up to take their intermission, but I usually end up feeling worse for them, since they are missing such a treat. Granny: Yep. The night just keeps getting better!! Love baby! At this point, someone yells, "WATCHTOWER!" Dave says, "God, I play that all the time!" He explains that they played it too much (!) lately, and so they are not playing it anymore, 'cause it puts him to sleep--he made little snoring noises, and closed his eyes to punctuate it for us. :) Thank God. Not that I don't love Watchtower, but I was glad to hear other stuff. There isn't a song that was played that I would have given up for it. NEW SONG: Huh. I don't know what in the hell it's called. This could be a pretty cool one, too--we really seem to be hearing the Peter Gabriel influences lately. The line I caught (amidst lots of mumbles) :) went like this: "I'm bleeding and I dreamed I killed love. It's okay as long as it hides." It was the same song as the night before, though. TS: That's my D&T song. Love it to pieces. Dave says, "Too many voices," even though we were all quiet. Maybe it was residual anger from the night before. :) Just kidding. IBYU: Dave intros it with, "this song is about the woman I was leaning on when I dookied myself on the bus." Hee hee hee. Can you imagine that? YUCK. Hehehe... #41: D&T don't know what to play at this point. The night is winding to a close, but they are having fun...Dave looks at Tim and says, "You wanna play our song?" Hmmm....I love when he changes this one slightly, like, "I won't tell you how to be," and, "I wouldn't take any more than I need," or, "I will bring you water." After this, someone yells "Freebird!" There's always a comedian in the crowd... Dave obligingly gives him a freebird, and then plays Jimi. That's telling them! Jimi: Like I said, it really should change to What Will Become of Us? This song rocks, that's all I can say about it. Dave starts to tell the Ants/Greenpeace story, but too many people are yelling, and the night before everyone was rude and wanted him to shut up, so he just gives the ol' plug, and then goes into...you guessed it--Ants. Yay. I firmly believe that it is impossible to not smile when hearing this song live. It is infectious. Everyone gets up and dances! Warehouse: DM says that they have been playing this one all the time because they enjoy doing it so much. That intro gets me every time. Love it. A line at the end that I caught: "In the warehouse, behind our eyes and between our ears." So, all of you who like to interpret this one, there you go! Oh--there was a girl in a black beret in the first row who was completely intoxicated/ in love with Dave/both. She tried to give D&T beers, but the security guard took them away and made her sit down (that lasted for all of two minutes), she walked right up to the front and snapped a pic of DM singing--he gave a little pose for her, but then the self-same security man took her camera. Later, she walked up as D&T were in the middle of a song, and (I think) asked if he was either staying in CO the next night, or heading to LA. Dave shook his head, and responded, "San Francisco." It was pretty funny, yet at the same time reminiscent of that RS article and the girl with the Kierkegaard quote at Miller's. :) Overall, a near perfect show. The only thing that would have made it 100% perfect for me would have been to hear Redemption Song, Hold Me Down, or Blue Water--which you guys in CA got to hear, damn you!! Jealousy...