Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Cultural Center (Marrywood College), Scranton, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Lie In Our Graves
The Song That Jane Likes
Dancing Nancies
Say Goodbye
Help Myself
Let You Down
Proudest Monkey
Too Much
So Much To Say
Stream (Tim solo)
Two Step
Jimi Thing
I'll Back You Up
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me
Angel From Montgomery
Ants Marching
Christmas Song

25 songs people! it was so cool and even though there wasn't much davespeak and no stories it still rocked....davespeak is as follows: the girl 2 rows in front of me: "DAVE! WILL YOU MARRY ME?" dave: "well....maybe for a coupla hours..." guy: "dave! play spotlight!" dave (in a souped up british accent): "no no...i wil not play that song...i do not like it...i do not...its is crap....i do not like it...so i wont play it..." guy: "watchtower!" dave makes fun of him by screaming out something that wasnt words just like noises dave blows his nose: "i keep everyone of these" (holding up the tissue) dave addresses tim reynolds: "i want you all to listen to this man...he plays at miller's on monday nights cept when i steal him for a while and we jam...he's been my hero for the last 9 years...tim reynolds" woman: "dave i love you!" man: "timmy i love you!" dave: "timmy says he loves you too!" woman (repeatedly after every song): "say goodbye!" finally... man: "SHUTUP!" dave points to him and smiles like yeah shut up lady...two songs later he plays say goodbye.. Greepeace plug: "hey listen y'all...i was watching this national geographic special on tv the other day and they were talking about this tree and all these bugs and stuff are on this one tree and these ants (CROWD SCREAMS)...i guess you have something for ants or something...anyways these ants come and the eat the leaves off these trees and they eat the bugs...umm...they ants jump from the leaves...and the trees i gives off this sticky stuff just for the ants eating the other bugs...and we brought some special guests (my heart jumps) from greenpeace along with us (my heart sinks) and if you like give them a dollar in their greenpeace bucket...umm...well...you go to heaven or something..." (paraphrase of course)... someone: "does timmy speak?" dave: "hell ya timmy speaks...timmy say something..." timmy plays his guitar in such a fashion it sounds like how we all envision aliens talking like dave: "see timmy speaks in his own language...hes got to back to his ship in a while so..." dave: "anyone want to hear a marilyn manson song? 'the world is a toilet'....there you are.." dave: "well i sang marilyn manson already tonight so lets try a little john prine" well thats all i can think of...i thought by time i posted this there would be a million reviews on this show but im here to say you missed a great show you all...i saw a guy with a hand tape and a guy on the balcony with some kind of device altough that could have been for a camera or something...anyways if you see it floating around...pick it up you wont be disappointed...oh dave forgot a verse in ants i believe the one that starts "we look at each other", forgot the second verse to tripping billies and started singing "nah nah nah nah nah nah i dont remember how this one goes...eat drink and be merry", dave and tim screwed up a change in warehouse i think it was and dave resang the verse for us after looking over a timmy and saying, "where the heck you going?