Dave Matthews
Northwest Old Growth Campaign: Victor Steinbrueck Park
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 2:05pm
One Sweet World (Swim Naked Outro)
Where Are You Going
Dancing Nancies
Bartender (This Land is Your Land Outro)
Halloween (tease - first few notes)
Grace Is Gone
Ants Marching
offstage 2:45pm
Entire show Dave solo

Jason A.
First and foremost -- thanks Dave!! It was a great surprise finding out Dave was playing a free benefit show down by Pike Place, and he definitely put more energy and funk into it than you can ask for at a free show. Also thanks to the crowd -- there wasn't the usual "play Christmas Song!!" and catcall requests that would make even Carson Daly cringe.. for the most part, everyone was very cool. Hopefully we earned ourselves some future acoustic shows.. :) OVERALL COMMENTS: Dave's voice sounded really good today, and he put a lot of emotion into the songs. I was about 30 feet back and his face turned so bright red a few times that I thought he was either going to burst or have a stroke (luckily neither happened). There was quite a lot of Davespeak at the show today about the environment and how people need to get involved, so if you like Davespeak I'd get a copy of this show. Not sure the official term ("Davesounds"?), but he also sang quite a bit of funk during One Sweet World, Dancing Nancies, and Ants... Quick run-down on the setlist: One Sweet World -- great opener considering the venue and event.. I could hear a lot "I told you so's" in the crowd.. Dave mentioned it would take him a second to get warmed up.. Where Are You Going -- standard version.. kinda cool getting to compare where this song has evolved from when he played it the first time ever last year at the Groundworks acoustic show. Dancing Nancies -- Dave put quite a bit of emotion into this one and everyone was singing along. Lots of fun. Gravedigger -- I felt like the crowd was somewhat emotional during this song. Everyone kept pretty quiet and it had a sombering effect. DDTW (tease) -- I'm not much of a musician, but I'm pretty sure he started off Bartender with a few notes from DDTW. Bartender -- Solid version, again he gave off quite a bit of energy. Halloween (tease) -- I'll admit he got me on this one.. after Halloween coming out of nowhere at the Gorge, I let me guard down. Maybe this is a hint that he'll be playing Halloween some more this Winter. Grace is Gone -- Dave mentioned he was going to play a "slow song and then speed it up" (or something to that effect). Everyone was pretty quite (thanks) and it was very enjoyable. Ants Marching -- this was probably the highlight of the setlist for two reasons: 1) everyone was singing along in a non-obnoxious manner, and 2) Dave was AWESOME the last minute or so.. he didn't really sing the last minute of the song, but instead jammed out and sang a bunch of Davefunk that matched really well with the guitar playing.. it was reallllllllllllly funky and everyone in the crowd loved it.. if Dave or someone on his staff ever reads these write-ups, tell him thanks from a bunch of appreciative fans.. we all loved it. On a personal note, I got my first Dave autograph today on his way out (unfortunately in my Civil Procedure textbook for law school, but oh well... now I guess it's really worth the $70). As he was signing it I said "thanks for the show, see you in a month" and he looked right at me and gave me a big ole grin.. so, for those of you who are trying to confirm the rumors of a show at Benaroya Hall next month, I think that's confirmation enough for me. :) Lookin' forward to next month and catching "Last Stop" this Winter. ;)
Horrible place to have a concert, but a great concert nonetheless...OSW-sounds great solo, crowd enjoyed it...WAYG-standard, radio fans sang along...NANCIES- wow. Definite hilight. Dave really got into it, and seemed to be enjoying himself the whole time...Gravedigger-love this song, Dave got into it...Bartender- great version, with Dave singing the "This land is your land" outro like D+T shows...Encore- Haloween tease- Dave was just screwing with us, no lyrics, just sounds with the opening chord progression. I yelled for more, but to no avail...GIG- nice song, crowd sang along...Ants- GREAT version. lots of dave scatting at the end...overall, it was really cool to see the man in such close proximity...great time...
Awesome show for a great cause (protest.) It was really cool to see little kids (including Dave's) running around, making this somewhat of a family event. There were not to many obnoxious fans, and everyone seemed to respect the small space. I was lucky enough to shake Dave's hand on his way in, and talk to him while he autographed my guitar on his way out. He took the time to sign so many autographs, and I think everyone feels a connection when he does (along with his playing.) Thanks to Dave, and everyone who put this event together.
Awesome, awesome show. It was a great mixer, alot of hardcore fans as well as a bunch of casual radio listeners just passing by. Great setlist, ants marching being the hightlight. What can i say. Damn. Shook Dave's hand, got his autograph, what more can i ask for?
It was my 13th time seeing Dave, but the first time that I saw him solo, the first time I saw him in Seattle, and the first time I saw him for free! I was in the third row, and I got a lot of pictures. I'm not good at estimating crowds, but I'd say there were at least 600 people there. The rally started at about 12:40pm with the Jill Cohn Band- I enjoyed them. Then there were some speakers, and when our Representative, Jay Inslee, was almost done with his speech Dave arrived. We could all see Dave in the backstage area and people were taking pictures and cheering. I felt bad for Jay, but he was almost done anyway. Dave was very talkative the whole mini-show. He had written the setlist on his hand! I could see Ashley and the twins dancing in the backstage area. I heard that she is involved with the organizations that put this all together. I enjoyed the show very much!