Dave Matthews
Side Stage, Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 3:00pm
Gravedigger +
Loving Wings *
Dancing Nancies *

+ Dave solo
* with Toca Rivera on percussion, Ian Sheridan on upright bass, and Aaron Leibowitz on alto saxophone (all from Jason Mraz's band)
Jason Mraz and his band were playing a set on the side stage of the amphitheater. Around 3:00pm, Dave joined the band onstage and played 3 songs. The crowd tripled by the end of the short performance.

Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: John Butler Trio
onstage 7:55pm
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Grey Street *
Granny *
If I Had It All *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Song That Jane Likes *
The Space Between *
Seek Up *
Proudest Monkey *
Too Much *
Digging a Ditch *
Lie In Our Graves *
Lover Lay Down *
Grace Is Gone *
Dreaming Tree (partial song - 3 minutes) --> *
All Along the Watchtower *
Long Black Veil (Dave and Leroi only)
Halloween (Dave, Carter, Stefan only)
Last Stop (tease)
Tripping Billies *
offstage 10:41pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Wow, wow, wow. What a great way to end the tour, and to cap off the 3 nights at the Gorge. The last half-hour was *incredible*, but let's start with the beginning. Pantala -> Rapunzel -- always a great opener, and definitely set the stage for a jammy night. Grey Street -- glad to see this came out again after it closed out Friday night... sounded as powerful as ever. Granny -- The crowd seemed to really enjoy hearing Granny... you could feel the guys starting to get their groove on.. If I Had It All -- solid.. no big surprises.. Crash Into Me -- Standard Crash with a quick Dixie outro.. crowd enjoyed it.. STJL -- I thought they were going into something else (can't remember at the moment), and then Dave whipped out STJL.. was very welcome and included some classic STJL funk.. Space Between -- Solid rendition.. nothing too surprising.. Seek Up -- I mentioned this one might carry on for a bit to a friend, and they didn't disappoint.. great jamming in typical Seek Up fashion.. Butch definitely made his presence known on this one.. Proudest Monkey -- Did I hear Leroi throw the Flinstone's theme song in there, somewhere?? Great version (crowd kept quiet for a good portion of it and Dave seemed like he was really trying to make it beautiful). Too Much -- All I can say is: Lots o' energy... Dave was going nuts... Digging a Ditch -- Beautiful song.. again the crowd kept pretty quiet and allowed Dave's voice to make up for some of the problems the Gorge was having with their microphones/speakers throughout the weekend.. the band did some great jamming that set the stage for... Lie In Our Graves -- The official setlist shows this as a full song, but I could swear they only played the last part after they wind it down and then start back up again.. I'm anxious to get a copy of the show to see the error of my ways.. Lover Lay Down -- Classic version.. nothing too fancy, just pure old skool Dave Matthews Band.. crowd was very quiet for this one. Grace is Gone -- At this point I think you could start to tell that the band was getting ready for a show-down.. lots of energy, and the crowd was giving a lot back. ------- THIS IS WHERE THE FUN STARTS ----- Dave and Stefan came out and did a Watchtower tease that lasted for a minute or so.. everyone was getting extremely excited, and you could hear the momentum building, but then.. what was that? no.. they couldn't.. YES!!! --> Dreaming Tree (tease) -- this was very beautiful, and thankfully the crowd kept it down a bit and enjoyed Dave's vocals.. I think everyone would have enjoyed the full shabang, but beggars can't be choosers, right?? --> All Along the Watchtower -- From Dreaming Tree Stefan and Dave went directly back into the Watchtower intro they've been playing the past year, and the band closed out with a great version... the crowd was overwhelming (in a good way), and you could tell that the band was really enjoying it (tons of energy). Long Black Veil -- after so much energy in the show up to this point, it was a nice surprise to hear Long Black Veil.. I'm getting a little redundant here, but the crowd did a great job of keeping down the hoots and hollers and just listening to the vocals.. Ok, so at this point Dave has given a shout-out to Butch and LeRoi, but Stefan, Carter and Boyd hadn't got the official Dave nod.. (I think you could argue Stefan got his indirectly from his crowd appreciated jamming for Watchtower)... so, when only Stefan and Carter were out on stage, I was wondering what on Earth they could be up to.... well... Halloween -- this was totally unexpected and caught everyone off-guard.. everyone down in Reserved was going nuts.. it was a 100% "classic" version, with Carter reallllly jamming out at the beginning, and Dave giving all that he could possibly give.. they even ended it with Dave doing that chilling-ghost-type-sound with his voice that is really kinda spooky/painful.. what a great treat. Tripping Billies -- I'll let someone else tell the story of Dave teasing the crowd about The Last Stop.. there was a quick little Last Stop tease from someone in the band, but then they went into a full-bore Tripping Billies that rocked. It was a great way to end the night, especially with most of us leaving the show trying to decipher Dave's comments about bringing out Last Stop in December.. Thanks for a great 18th show, and look forward to seeing ya'll again next year. Same time, same place.
Great Show! Everyone was very excited because of the filming, and that added to the feel. Dave came out and had to drop down an octive due to a cracking voice on pnp->r, but it was still amazing. It just proves how intense the weekend was. amazing liog, a rare glimpse of dreaming tree, a rocking watchtower (with fuzzbox on bass and wah on violin, and an unexpected halloween were some high points to me. oh, lets not forget seek up or the amazing tripping billies. lie in our graves was so good i had tears during butch taylor's solo. it was truly amazing! One last high point: during the encore break, we were all chanting "last stop!" dave comes out and he's like, "i heard you all. Actually, we weere talking about maybe playing it, but we haven't done it in a while. I'm kind of scared." He and leroi then proceeded with the best long black veil ever. One last note: mvp of the night = carter. His solo before halloween was just fascinating! overall a great experiance, deffinately catching all three next year.
alright, so last nights show simply blew me away. this is the 2nd DMB show ive attended at the gorge --- the first being the sunday show of last years tour --- and i guess i had almost forgotten how incredible a venue it is, because when i came up over the ledge and looked down on the stage i was speechless. a better venue for this band DOESNT EXIST, believe you me!! so my friend and i took our seats in the 34th row and checked out the john butler trio for a few songs. they were damn cool! i was pleasantly surprised... extremely talented musicians and songwriters. i was particularly impressed by their drummer, who really tore it up on the closing song. as soon as carter, dace, stefan, boyd, and leroi took the stage, the audience went wild!! of course, what else would you expect from a DMB show? ... their fanbase is one of the most devoted in the industry. things got off to an energetic start as the band grooved "pantala naga pampa", then busted out an amazing version of "rapunzel". though this was my 4th time seeing the band, it was only my 1st time seeing them perform this song. it made for a great opener and everyone was having a lot of fun... lerois solo was very impressive. "grey street" came next. the passion in dave's voice near the end of this song never ceases to amaze me. a crowd favorite... "granny" was good to hear, especially without the lovely ladies, although ive always found the full-band version to be slightly lacking. "if i had it all" kind of killed my mood, to be honest. dont worry, it came back up later. but hearing "crash into me" next certainly didnt help any. ill admit that its a really pretty song! it just wasnt what i was looking for right then. "song that jane likes", on the other hand, WAS what i was looking for. im pretty indifferent about "the space between". i could live without it. the jazzy feel of "seek up" was a highlight of the evening for me... not to mention, this was my first time seeing it performed live. leroi, once again, really tore it up. "proudest monkey" is kind of one of those gentle, mellow songs. however, just when i was beginning to feel sleepy, dave announced that the band was going to play something "snappy". "too much" followed, and it was probably the best i have ever heard it played! so much enthusiasm from both the band and the crowd. i have never seen dave dance as madly as he did during that song. in fact, the entire band seemed to be reeeeaaaally excited about every song last night! (with the exception of leroi... but then again, when does he ever get excited about anything?) carter had a huge grin painted on his face that never seemed to fade, and stefan was bouncing around like crazy. dave did quite a bit of mumbling... something about "it feels good!" over and over, haha. seeing the band in such good spirits is part of what made the show a memorable experience. "diggin' a ditch" is one of my personal favorites, and provided a great crowd singalong. however, i was not prepared for what was about to happen next. dave started strumming the opening chords to "lie in our graves", and i was immediately in heaven. boyd and butch were REALLY on fire. another one of the nights many highlights. "lover lay down" and "grace is gone" were the next two songs played... this was the "makeout portion" of the show! DMB closed the first set with a distorted bass solo into a "dreaming tree" tease, which faded into an intense "all along the watchtower". it was good to see everyone, including the crowd, so into it... after the band stepped offstage, people started to chant "DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!", and after about 10 minutes he came back out for the encore. "yeah, i heard ya'll." he proceeded to play a gentle acoustic version of "long black veil", with maximum crowd participation and a quiet sax solo near the middle of the song. it was beautiful. leroi then stepped backstage and was replaced by carter and stefan... at this point i was going over the entire DMB catalogue in my head, trying to think of what they could possibly play with only 3 musicians. a girl in the front row was holding a huge "THE LAST STOP" sign, and dave said something to the effect of "we havent played that one in awhile, its funny that youre holding that sign because we were just discussing backstage how we should bring that one back. look for it on the next tour though, when we come back here in december." next came an INCREDIBLE drum solo which led into "HALLOWEEN"!!!!!!! you could seriously feel the excitement... everyone realized what a rare occasion this was, and reacted by dancing until their legs were stiff and screaming at the tops of their lungs. the performance was so powerful and intense!!! it was unbelieveable. i will probably never experience anything quite like that at a DMB concert again. after "halloween" was over the crowd began to chant for "last stop"... dave stepped to the mic and said "didnt we talk about that already?" the rest of the band then came out and closed with "tripping billes", which kept the celebratory vibe hanging in the air long after the show was over. i left the concert very, very satisfied... of the 4 shows ive been to, this was definitely the most varied (as far as the setlist is concerned) and most exciting. so, thanks to the band for making it such an amazing evening, and thanks to nancies for letting me write a novel about it! keep the peace in the middle east...
Wow! First time in 4 years I have not made the whole weekend at the Gorge. After reviewing Friday's and Saturday's lists we knew Sunday was going to be an old school treat. You always have to catch yourself in the post show euphoria from making the inevitable "best DMB show yet" comment, but after some thought I can not remember a better start to finish set. Here goes: PNP->Rapunzel opening is a classic intro and got the crowd going. Grey Street was well placed though cut a tad short. If I Had it All did not fit all that well between Granny and Crash (though all three were well done). Dave and/or the sound team had a little voice/volume trouble on Crash though the Dixie Chicken outro was, as always a crowd pleaser. Then it gets interesting. A funky sound/arrangement to STJL than I had not heard before. Masterfully done. Seek Up (longest tune of the night) with extended intro and outro jams was brilliant. I thought the guy behind begging for PM since before the show would never get his wish. A real mellow version fit in well and gave the show even more old school DMB flavor. BOYD! on Lie in Our Graves...come on! That was rediculous he carried his Jam forever and ended by plucking that violin beatifully. I would call Dreaming Tree and extended tease...another perfect fit. Everyone could tell Watchtower (an edgy version hinting at what was to come) was on the way even before the show but especially after Stefan's excellent work before and after Dreaming Tree. LBV with Dave and Leroi really set the crowd up for the surprise of the night. When Carter came in an insane drum solo and just Stefan and Dave on stage many of us were looking for Say Goodbye...instead we saw "angry Dave" for the first time in quite a while and he absolutely destroyed (in a good way of course) Halloween. The three formed quite a power trio and shocked the crowd with this stirring performance. Tripping Billies sent the crowd home happy. Bravo. I seem to remember Dave mentioning something about The Last Stop..December...what is in store? Apologies for this lengthly rambling. Just wanted to jot some thoughts down. Til next time.
For about the first three songs, while the sun was setting, there was a helicopter making circles around the ampitheater. ??? As the show went on I noticed that there were many more cameras and camera angles shown on the big screen than there had been the previous nights...or so it seemed to me anyways. They also showed quite a few more shots of the crowd on the screen. So after an amazing show we get up to leave and the crowd was almost at a stand still.After not moving for about 5 minutes we said screw it and sat down. Getting out of reserved is rough. Trying to get out of the ampitheather makes you feel like you are a cow being herded into the slaughterhouse. Moo's sounding like cattle can be heard throughout the duration of the exiting. 20,000 people trying to get out of one gate. Anyone who has been to the Gorge knows what I am talking about! Anyways, it was all good. So we were vegging on a ledge when a man walks buy with an industrial size camera. He happened to notice the three very attractive girls that were in our group, go figure, and asked if they wanted to say anything to the band. The girls went nuts. They were all saying that they wanted to have his children and stuff like that. We asked why he was walking around interviewing people and he said that they were going to make a DVD/Video of that nights show along with some sort of documetary of the weekend and the venue! He said they hoped to have it out buy Christmas. Keep in mind that it was just a camera man who told us this but with everything else that we noticed going on it looks like those people who were not fortunate enough to be at the show will still get to experiance it. What an amazing weekend. Great music, great friends, great times! Until next year. Peace
Melissa P.
i had the most amazing night of my life yesterday! we drove 7 hours to see the show and were blown away. we were 5 feet from the stage and wanted to hear hallowe'en. when we could be heard, we screamed "hallowe'en"! a few times, and guess what...they played the most amazing rendition of it! coincidence...i think not! heard all my fave songs (seek up is #1) and just danced the night away. my bud and i were interviewed a couple times for the dvd documentary (we were the girls giving out candy necklaces...remember us?) and filmed dancing our butts off. hopefully we won't be edited out!! we painted up my car with colourful logos and showed dedication with my personalized lisence plate (DMB ROX). anything for the most amazing band on earth. boyd rocked the place with his amazing fiddle, stefan blew us away with his watchtower intro, carter pulled off a fabulous drum solo, leroi was awesome as usual, and all i have to say is, dave is the man! thanks for the memories and hope to see you soon for "the last stop"!!
WOW!!!! Everyone leaves a great concert saying that that was the best show they have ever attended because they are just excited about the music but I can honestly say that I can see how Dave can ever top this night! From beginning to end, the energy was buzzing around the Gorge(the best venue in America). The crowd was the best concert crowd I have ever been apart of. The band fed off the crowd and the crowd fed off the band. It was truly a unique experience. I'm not going to analyze each song but the highlights were definatly the jams on LIOG, Seek Up and a perfectly played Watchtower. The band made this weekend special with all of the cameras around the venue. They played Halloween for the first time in three years and it was truly special. The Dreaming Tree tease was unreal. It is my favorite Dave song and for him to bring that song back that night after a three year break was an out of body experience. Anyways, there is no way that Dave can possibly top that show but I'll be there next year all three days hoping that he can because you can never underestimate that power of the Dave Matthews Band!
After last night's show, I was wondering how they would top it. One word: Halloween. The Dreaming Tree tease helped, too. But the day started out on a high note when my friends and I met Boyd at Starbucks near our hotel. He was very nice and we took pictures with him. Now onto the show. My brother and I had seventh row seats in the center section for this, my 12th DMB show. Once again, the audience and band were on high energy the whole night. Every song received tremendous applause. I was very happy that they played Granny, because it is one of my favorite songs. Before Watchtower, Stefan was fiddling around with different things until finally he started Dreaming Tree. I was in denial until Dave started singing it. Granted, he botched the lyrics, but they still did several minutes of it. When Dave came out for the encore, people were chanting for Last Stop. Dave told the audience that the band was discussing it, but it would be scary since they hadn't worked on it. Then Dave said that maybe they would play it when they come back in December (?!). Although I would love to hear Last Stop sometime, it kind of defeats the purpose to bring it back later. Oh well. Then Leroi and Dave played Long Black Veil. When Leroi left the stage and Carter and Stefan came out, I was hoping they were going to play Halloween. I had not heard it live and I always wanted to. I turned to my brother, and then the girl behind me and predicted Halloween before they began. I was very excited when it began! And Dave sang the line, "Are you satisfied with f*cking?" (He didn't sing that line in December 2000 when they played it twice.) I would have been happy with Halloween closing the show, but I also knew that they hadn't played Tripping Billies all weekend. So when Boyd and Roi came back, I knew it would be Billies. Sure enough, it was. It was a very good way to close a wonderful weekend. There were only five repeats all weekend- Grace was repeated all three nights, and Loving Wings, Where Are You Going, Too Much, and Grey Street were repeated twice. I saw the first show of the 2002 at the MCI Center in DC, then Portland, Vancouver, and all three nights at the Gorge- it was a great tour! I had fun, and I hope you did too!
Greg T.
Just got back from Seattle to smog-haven LA and this is the first thing I'm doing now that I'm back. THE GORGE is the most beautiful venue anywhere. The view from the lawn seats is phenomenol. Everything was as my friends said "perfect". The Wil Seabrook Band on the side stage was pretty rad as far as a soon-to-be radio friendly band goes, and the John Butler Trio was the perfect band to watch the sunset from the lawn, even though we had actual seats. Then of course DMB - y'all know the rest from there. Just some highlights, other than the whole concert - freakin SEEK UP (Ryan's right that it's one of the raddest songs out there), WATCHTOWER (I've prob seen this song enough times, but it still gets the crowd goin and the "no reason to get excited" and the "wind began to howl parts" always get the crowd goin even more), PROUDEST MONKEY!!! CRASH!!! LOVER LAY DOWN!!! wow, HALLOWEEN (Carter is a god), and one of the coolest LIOG that I've heard - I had to take a few moments to close my eyes and take in how unreal it was to be at The Gorge and experience it. Peace and respect - til next time.
Andy T.
This was my 5th DMB show, and second of the weekend. I also went to Friday's show. I drove all the way up from Souther California for the show, which was around 1300 miles just to get there.. But man, was this show a hell of a lot better than Friday's!! This show was packed of firsts and surprises for me! Firsts: Granny, IIHIA, Crash, STJL, Seek Up, Proudest Monkey, LIOG, LLD, DREAMING TREE, and of course, the most amazing song I have ever seen performed either live or on tv/dvd, HALLOWEEN!!!! OH BABY! I was in 39th row, but got a couple's ticket for the 10TH ROW, CENTER, when they left before the encore!!!! So i was 10 rows away from Dave for the encore!! this was simply unbelieveable.. Dave, Fonz, and Carter come on stage and Carter begins the best, most awesome solo I have ever heard him play. I didn't know it was Halloween at first though. I had #36's drum solo from Red Rocks going through my mind, but I knew they wouldn't play 36. Then, all of a sudden, Dave and Stefan are playing away at Halloween! AMAZING!! Hasn't been played since 12/08/00 in Pennsylvania. And Dreaming Tree (though he messed up the lyrics and stopped playing, going right into Watchtower) hadn't been played since 08/06/99 in Connecticut. The Song That Jane Likes was so brilliant live. Its one of my favorite songs now. Though it was a rather mellow setlist, Billies and Halloween just blew the idea of a mellow show out the window. I cannot wait for the DVD Documentary to find its way to the shelves. I wish every DMB fan could have been there at this show, but I am so freakin' glad that I was one of the 20,000 fans who got to see what the afterlife must be like, cause that was heaven on earth. Thank you DMB for making my dreams come true.
Jim W.
Some advice: NEVER go to the first two shows of a three night stand and miss the last one (take it from me). I could only make the first two nights of the Gorge weekend because of work. I would have rather gone not at all rather than skip out than I did. Next time I know better (I just knew as I was leaving that Sunday would be special). I'm not writing just to publicly display my envy toward those who could stay, but to write that the weekend was asbolutely fantastic (except for the overly enthusiastic about their job security folks in the campsite). We camped the first two nights and had a great time. All the people we met were really cool and mellow, but still lots of fun. This combined with the music made it the best concert going experience of my life and reinforced my belief that after 32 shows and seven years, DMB and their fans are better than ever. Thanks to DMB and the fans for a great tour. I just hope that last show comes out on DVD...
D A.
Wow! What an absolutely amazing weekend we spent at the Gorge! Such a treat. The fans were great, the band was amazing, and we really consider ourselves lucky to have had the experience. Highlights from the weekend for us: Loving Wings, Dancing Nancies, Cry Freedom, Jimi Thing, DIDO, Proudest Monkey, Seek Up, LIOG, Watchtower, and of course HALLOWEEN!!! Thanks a bunch to DMB for an unforgettable weekend!
Jess L.
Absolutely unreal show. This was my 19th and best show. They did a great job of playing for new fans and old fans alike. I can't believe he played Dreaming Tree. It's one of my favorite songs and sounded great, even though it was short. Dave, Stefan and Carter playing Halloween? This was incredible. I loved that they played it the classic way (much better than the version off Before These Crowded Streets). I'm glad they played Grey Street again. Definately one of their best live songs. Proudest Monkey and Long Black Veil were also great surprises. All the songs sounded fantastic and the band was really into the show. The crowd kept cheering for the Last Stop and I was really hoping they would do it. Maybe next time. Overall, the show was an 11 on a scale from 1-10.
Jon K.
wow, everyone else commented on the actual show and..uh..yea..halloween..god damn. most energy i've ever seen out of a crowd during any song during that watchtower. i want to talk about the early 3 song set though. i was helping out jason mraz setup and all that from about noon on at the gorge sidestage (directly in front of the gates into the arena). jason was playing and then out wanders dave (about 3pm). dave looks around at the people waiting to get in and then wanders over behind jason and his band. he starts going up the stairs to the stage and says, hey you're sounding really good how's it goin? etc etc and jason goes, hey, you wanna play a couple tunes? so dave says, yea, sure and takes jason's guitar. at this point the 20 of us around jason's performance explodes to like 300. i was actually asked to stand in front of the little entrance to the stage area (it was just like a little tarp) and had to try and keep people from rushing and like mounting anyhow, dave played gravedigger and then said "this is a song i wrote for a lovely lady in my life in a hotel room in new york, it's a tiny song, that means you have to be quiet, so you can hear it. unless of course you don't want to hear it, then you can say whatever the fuck you want." and went into loving wings. WAYG was not attached this time..LOL then people were screaming for nancies so he played it for us. as he was leaving he shook my and some girl's hand and handed JASON'S PICK to some guy who was yelling for it...LOL then after he left jason was all "damn, he stole my pick! ah well..." and laughed about it. at this point dave hopped back in his golf cart and went back inside the venue. great time and i'd say if you haven't checked out Jason Mraz you definately should. his album comes out oct 15th on elektra.
What a show! This was my seventh show at the gorge and it may have been the best. I missed the first few songs as I did on saturday. But as I came up over that bend to look down on the beauty of the gorge, Dave went right into Granny. What a treat I absolutely love that song. By the time the next song started I was in the 12th row and what a treat it was because the closest I've been to dave before was 30th row. Song that Jane likes is always a good time, then space between came, which was not too bad. Only two songs off everyday kept me happy, though I do love when the world ends. Then came the monster of them all, seek up. My favorite dave song and this was the best version I've heard. Dave had this evil grin on his face during the jammed out intro. I get goose bumps just thinking about the look on his face during that song. Did anyone else notice this?!?! It was absolutely incredible. Proudest Monkey was on my list to see and I was impressed with this one...only that people started clapping which distracts from the music. I prefer to keep quiet and attentive to the beautiful music. Too much was absolutely ROCKIN!! Dave was pounding the shit out of his guitar, I've never heard it like THAT before! DAD and LIOG were sort of predicted, but then I got the Lover Lay Down that I had been craving since last years shows. When Dreaming tree came on it took almost a minute before I was that it was real! He hadn't played that song in like two years!! What a treat though only partial it was still awesome. All along the watchtower is one I'm a little tired of them covering. They do an incredible version, but they need to branch out to new cover songs. I liked last years WASTE, which is a beautiful song done with Dave solo. Long Black Vail was very beautiful with just leroi and dave. What followed was incredible. An amazing solo by carter then into Halloween!! What a treat! I had been hoping for Last Stop all weekend (my second favorite dave song) but they only teased us before going into Trippin. Over all a great show, better than saturdays...not to say saturday was a bad show (the cry freedom had tears in my eyes) but sundays was an amazing setlist and performance overall. I couldn't have hoped to get a more diverse setlist. Great show, I'll look for it on furthurnet.
WOW...if I live to be 150 years old, I will never see a concert that is anything like this...I was looking for a Seek Up-Pnp-Rapunzel opener, but to just get PNP- RAPUNZEL is good enough. Possibly the best way to open the show, got the crowd moving right off the bat, lots of Dave dance...GREY STREET- Hell yeah, perfectly played, the crowd knew all the words too...GRANNY-boy, three outstanding songs in a row. this show could only get better...IIHIA- kinda killed the energy for me, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it...CRASH- it's a good song, same old, nothing spectaular...STJL- got the crowd moving again, boyd and roi had the spotlight...SPACE BETWEEN-meh, I knew it was coming...SEEK UP- hell yeah, one of the best versions ever, it flirted with 20 minites, roi ripped up his first solo, and Carter went off on the drums at the end like I had never heard him do on Seek Up, outstanding. I thougt it might go down hill from here, but boy was I wrong...PROUDEST MONKEY- came out of no where. I thought I'd never get to hear this after it didn't happen before satelite on the first night, but there it was. very beautiful, with the wind blowing at your face, probably 10 minites long...TOO MUCH- more energy, Dave and the boys went off, great version, crowd still loving every minite...DAD- good version, I like this song more after hearing this...LIOG- I called it, and I was wondering if it would live up to the LIOG from last year at the Gorge, and the answer: it KICKED THE SHIT out of last years version. probably 16-18 minites long, I nearly cried in some parts...LLD- beautiful yet again, same old...GIG- third day in a row, I wasn't complaining, beautiful's where it gets interesting...Stephan solo- very hard rocky, and I was waiting for Stir It Up, but Dreaming Tree was a pleasant suprize. Dave had teased it one other time during the night, but this was one whole verse and a chorus. Carter looked lost the whole time, but it was still cool to hear for the first time in three years...AATW- one of the best version's I've heard, so much energy from the band and the crowd...Encore...the crowd is chanting LAST STOP, but Dave comes outwith Roi and says "we were just talking about that song, but we don't know it. But we'll come back in December, and we'll play you the LAST STOP." Crowd went nuts...LBV-a stunningly beautiful version, just Dave and Roi, with a light breeze blowing over the silent crowd...DRUM SOLO...I had been hoping for Haloween for the last 6 months, but I didn't think I would actually hear it, and the guys next to me were saying Say Goodbye, but it was just Dave, Carter and Stephan. The solo was amazing, Carter is the best drummer on the planet, and then...HALOWEEEEEN!- Dave hit the first F chord, and I just about jumped into orbit. People were asking me if I was OK. This has always been my fav song, and I never thought I would have the honor to witness it'ev probably seen the video of it now, so you know what I mean...crowd chanted last stop again, and Dave said "ya'll are crazy, we already talked about that"...TRIPPING BILLIES- I knew it was coming, my first live billies, and it rocked, but I was still recovering from what had just happened, the last chorus, with Dave and the crowd singing together is something I will not forget...after the song, the boys left, Carter went to throw his sticks to the crowd, and someone threw and American flag on the stage, and Carter picked it up and waved it around, and the Gorge exploded with cheering...This show was a "classic" show before the encore...after the encore, this show was THE "classic" show...
GORGE-ous! Heaven to me would be Sunshine, me, and DMB concerts for the rest of eternity - and now I know what heavenly venue the boys would be playing at! This was our first Gorge experience and I'm so happy we decided to be here for all 3 shows - and Sunday night's finale was the cherry on top for sure. Even though Dave broke his two year streak of playing "Say Goodbye" here (and broke my heart in the process), Sunday's setlist was still remarkable regardless. Opening with "Rapunzel" set the stage for what was to come. "Granny" & "Crash" (YES, I love that song) gave me the opportunity to sing myself hoarse. "Proudest Monkey" was a pleasant surprise as too was the treat of getting to enjoy "Grace Is Gone" again. THANK YOU DAVE for giving us three encores - including a beautiful and haunting version of "Long Black Veil" that I still can't get out of my head. All three shows Dave was very talkative - telling us Sunday how our chants of "Last Stop" for the encore had the boys thinking we could overhear their dressing room conversation, and even giving us a heads up on Friday of the planned early Saturday start time to accommodate the sunset. Overall he seemed genuinely appreciative of the experience we all were sharing. Summer Tour 2002 - 2 friends, 8 shows, 3 states, 10,000 miles, a lifetime of memories - THANK YOU DAVE!