Dave Matthews
Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
Grace Is Gone
Loving Wings
Fool To Think
The Maker
Dancing Nancies
Where Are You Going
Too Much
The Space Between
Raven +
I'll Back You Up
Song That Jane Likes
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away
All Along the Watchtower
Entire show Dave solo
+ first complete solo performance

Jason A.
Oh what a night! First and foremost (next to Dave), thanks to Seattle for being such a good crowd. Similar to the show a month ago at Pike Place, there were a 1/5 of the usual catcalls and song requests (partially thanks to the crowd "shushing" loud people from the very start), so it was a great experience (acoustics at Benaroya Hall are amazing). Someone else will be submitting the setlist shortly, so I'll make my comments general. Dave was *hillarious* tonight.. if you like Davespeak, pick up a copy of this show (it felt like a mini-Storytellers). His stories about "Bob the horse" and leather sole shoes were *hillarious.* Dave seemed really comfortable given how laid back (in a good way) the crowd was acting, so it seemed like he opened up quite a bit. As he mentioned in some Davespeak, he missed the occasional high note, but he made up for it ten-times over... lots of guitar and lyric jammin' (aka., "scatting") throughout the night. If anyone submits a review saying that he messed up some lyrics or his voice was off -- ignore them, they need to take a reality check. He played "Fool to Think" and "Raven" solo for the first time tonight, which was really cool to hear. Also the first time I've heard "Stay" (aka., "Wasting Time") solo. He mentioned he was going out on a limb a few times, and the crowd was really receptive. I'll leave the song-by-song analysis to someone else, but I gotta say I was really happy with tonight's show. Dave was much less nervous this year in front of his "hometown" crowd, and the crowd was really cool. Hopefully this will earn us another show in the near future. Thanks again Dave and Co. Notes: I rushed home to get the first post on this show, 'cause I got the first one for the Pike Place show. If you can get me up there first, it'll be much appreciated. Grab a copy of the show ASAP -- you'll dig it. Thanks!!
Sean P.
Tonight I witnessed one of the most amazing experiences of my life. If I never go to another Dave Matthews Band concert I will be satisfied because tonight has made me complete...! Dave performed at his highest level. I have never seen anything like ever before in my life. The crowd was so respectful creating dead silence while Dave was playing. You could hear a pin drop... I think Dave was extremely happy with us because he rewarded the audience with someone around 16 songs and a 4 song encore. You could tell that Dave was scared shitless, commenting on how nervous he was several times. But once he began to play a song that all went away. Just some highlights, Dave told us that he has never tried this song before by himself and he just wanted to play it...then he busted out with an unbelieveable version of Fool To Think... I also got to hear a solo version of my favorite song #41 with many added lyrics...Overall, this was the greatest concert experience I have been apart of. Thank you so much Seattle, Benaroya Hall, and last but not least Dave Matthews.
Ben P.
Wow, what a great night. My first Dave solo, and definetly awesome to see. Highlights:The Stone, always great to start the night off,Crush, I love his solo and all his scatting he does. Fool to think, first time he ever played it solo and it impressed me incredibly. The Maker, man do I love this song. Dancing Nancies, sweet as always. Bartender: dave goofed up once or twice but man he was going nuts on this song, Raven, juuust sweeeeet, Dave was singing his heart out. Stay, hadnt played it in a long time and it was a lot better than i thought it would be as a dave solo. First of before the encore, who would have thought he would play 5 stinkin songs for it. Ill back you up, juuuust awesome, everybody was quiet for the most part for this one and just made the song incredible. STJL, never heard it acoustic solo and i loved it. AIFHTSA, great cover as always, #41, i was wishing he would play it that night but as the night was drawing to an end i thought i didnt have a chance and he started, man was it sweeeeet. Watchtower, its funny because everybody knew it was coming and Dave knew it to, so he started talking about how he never plays the song. Overall a killer Dave solo and a concert that i will always remember.
It was a great show! Our theory for why he had a five-song encore was that he didn't realize that he had only done 14 songs! (Or he thought he had played for a longer time than he had.) He told a lot of funny stories, and in general was in a goofy mood. He had been drinking some red wine because he came out with a glass both at the start of the show and for the encore. The audience was very good compared to Dave & Tim audiences. There was some screaming, but Dave laid out the "ground rules." And audience members also helped keep things quiet. I was happily surprised! I saw Dave drive in for sound check at around 4pm. We also saw him leave. We didn't get to meet him because when he arrived they shut the loading dock gate immediately. And then after the show they had an entourage of cars and police escorts and just left. Oh well. It was a great concert none the less and I met a lot of people from the boards which was fun too.
Patrick M.
This concert was amazing. Lot's of great stories. About 50-50 talking and playing. Excellent setlist. I've never heard 'fool to think' played so well. It's really too hard to describe how amazing it was.
Jonathan G.
Holy God, this show was incredible to put it lightly. First off, the acoustics of Benaroya Hall are unbeleivable. Second, it was such an intimate setting, any shoutouts were promptly hushed by the amazingly respectful crowd. Unbelievable setlist, I'll Back You Up and STJL, and then an amazing #41. Wow, and a six song encore. I couldn't beleive my ears! Dave was having a good time, too (wink, wink). Basically this was one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen, and, if rumors are true, it might be the last solo show in awhile.
I have been to 13 Dave Matthews shows and 10/24/02 was far and away the most amazing I have ever gone to! Benaroya Hall is beautiful and was a perfect place to hold such an intimate show. The setlist was amazing and the stories were extremely funny. Even though Dave complained about the phlem production going on in his throat his voice still sounded great throughout the night. Opening with Stone really set the tone for the great setlist to come. Highlights included a great version of Loving Wings that sounded much better than at the Gorge. Gravedigger also sounded great in such a quiet venue. Dancing Nancies was amazing and the version of Raven blew me away. I have never heard such a great version. A four song encore was not expected and was a great way to end the show. A rare I'll Back You Up was excellent as was all the songs in the encore. The stories Dave was telling were extremely funny. My favorites being about his recent exprerience at the Naturopathic Doctor with his mom and his troubles with riding a horse on a farm in Virginia. The pace of the show was not at all rushed and Dave spent a lot of time casually telling sories and making jokes. I was in the front row and was able to see clearly the many funny facial expressions Dave was doing throughout the show. He was a little nervous about being on stage alone-which he also expressed when I saw him solo at the Groundwork show last year. This show was better than the two other solo shows I've seen and it was really cool that he was the only one playing on the bill. The crowd was quiet for the most part but a few individuals were not able to contain their excitement dispite Dave's repeated requests for quiet. People seemed very excited to be taking part in such a wonderful and small show. I will always remember this show as one of the best nights of my life....
well, well, well.... the show was great, minus the horrible, horrible "fans" who refused to listen to dave's pleas and still yell out song requests. in such a unique situation (dave solo), i was really hoping for a "a night with dave matthews" type of feel. lots of davespeak with songs intermixed. this occured at times, but there was definitely instances where he would begin to speak and cut it short because of inconsiterate people screams idiotic pleas. the venue was acoustically wonderful and our tape turned out great. i just cringe at how rediculous people sounded. the setlist was very even. a lot of newer stuff throughout the set and pulling out some rtt stuff for the encore. i'm glad i was lucky enough to experience this show. i just wish people could figure out the concept of respectfulness
Mike O.
Hope I'm not repeating what everyone has already said but this was the ultimate Dave Matthews experience. First off, I was blown away by the intimate stage setup: single carpet, candles, even some festive piles of pumpkins! I predicted he'd open with One Sweet World but was even more excited to hear him open with The Stone. Throughout the show, Dave kept commenting on how nervous he was, but who wouldn't be with the silence of the crowd! It was unreal, everyone sitting on the edge of their seats, taking in every note Dave played. I was tempted many times to shout out above the silence 'Canada loves you!' but it wasn't going to happen that night. He was also at his story-telling best. Dave may have thought his stories were dull and boring, but we all loved them. I mean, hearing about Dave being thrown into the air by a horse, who wouldn't love that? Back to the music, it was great to hear some acoustic classics like #41 and Crush. Loving Wings was just awesome too. I was equally excited to hear him experiment doing songs solo like Stay and Too Much. The 5-song encore just went to show how much Dave enjoyed playing in the intimate venue. By far, this was Dave at his best. It'll be difficult going back to the large stadium venues after this (though I'll still be there!).
Yeah, today is definitely a good day to die. I can't believe how awesome and sureal this show was! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire show with the hugest grin ever! Davespeak ruled, I loved "and to make it worse I noticed in the mirror as I came out that this shirt makes my boobs look big" or something like that and "I am no spiderman". He also talked about Willie and how "Crush"'s first word "crazy" came from Willie's song and Willie's "crazy" came from another song that went "stupid" and he starting singing that. He kept playing with his chair and pretended he was surfing the "wave" of obnoxious audience calls. So, anyway- the music- AWESOME!!!!!!
Andre R.
Ok, I wasn't at the show. It killed me to be home Thursday night and it kills me now. All I can review is how hard it was to get tickets. First, there was the Warehouse ticket lottery. Several of us who are members put in for tickets, not one of us won the lottery. Next, there was the chaos at Ticketmaster last Saturday. Despite waking up early and everything, tickets were sold out within 25 minutes. I didn't even get close to the front of the line. Finally, there was the e-Bay auction. One of my co-workers scored fourth row seats to the Saturday Gorge show for a very reasonable price, I figured we'd get lucky there. We found available tickets, but at $1,500 a seat. That was too steep, even for a rabid DMB fan. I guess I'll have to wait until someone offers a download or B&P of the show. I'm sure it was a classic, wish I were there.