Dave Matthews Band
Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, Kansas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Haris & the 5 X 5

onstage 8:16pm
The Stone *
Don't Burn The Pig *
When The World Ends *
Crush *
Grey Street *
Grace Is Gone *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Scat Outro) *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen The Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Jimi Thing *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Fool To Think *
Digging a Ditch *
Redemption Song (tease - Stefan only) -->
Stir It Up (tease) -->
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:14pm
onstage 10:21pm
Gravedigger +
Two Step *
offstage 10:48pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Phillip S.
Tonight's show was pretty good. Of the Five shows I've been to, it may have been the worst, but that definitely doesn't mean it was bad at all. Dave started out nicely with the Stone and Boyd went crazy with Pig. WTWE was nice, it got the sluggish crowd finally somewhat into the concert. The boys had a good time jamming to Crush. Grey St. was awesome as usual. GIG was one of the better versions I've heard. Then Dave spoke about Ben and Jerry's and told us we should do what we could to save the earth and ozone layer . . .. headed into a sweet intro and a soothing OSW. Then the combo SMTS - anyone seen the bridge - Too Much. Everyone was dancing by this point. Jimi Thing was ok, during the jam Dave really got into it dancing and playing. The next four songs just really killed the mood - most everyone sat down during these, except for WAYG which got the teeny boppers and newcomers going. Then Stefan lead a great intro into a powerful Watchtower, and awesome close to the set. Dave came out alone for the encore, he said his voice was hurting, so I knew we'd get Gravedigger which is an incredible song. My buddy, a Dave virgin before tonight came simply to hear Two Step. For the last song of the night, he got his wish, and boy did the band tear it up. A nice long version with everyone getting a solo, even Butch, it had everyone dancing again. A great close. Not a bad show at all, just kind of a dead spot near the end of the set.
Josh D.
Four words...Fonz is da Shit. Steffan stepped in up tonite along with the rest of the band. Daves voice sounded great considering he said he was having some issues. Setlist was really well done with the ever so popular Watchtower. Two Step was unbelievable in the encore with Dave's solo of Gravedigger proceding it. They seemed to slow it down toward the end, maybe cuz of Dave's voice but the end made up for it all. I have seen three shows this year but many last year and the band is really starting to gel again...Peace, Love and Happiness from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky...
The band was a little more low key than the last few nights, the crowd wasn't fully into it and Dave's voice was definitely a problem for him, but this last minute addition to my summer tour (37th overall show) was worth the trip. Why? LeRoi!! After a few quiet shows, he was hot tonight. STONE -- love the song; great opener. PIG -- wasn't as popular with the crowd as other venues, but a solid performance. WTWE -- standard, with a little extra drawing out of the slow down for "I'll be burning one...we'll be sweet making love." CRUSH -- very nice. Boyd and LeRoi kicked it and Dave gave a little extra singin' (some scat; some lyrics) at the end which I haven't heard before. GREY STREET -- picked the crowd up a little bit; standard version. GIG -- four shows in a row? Beautiful, mellow and soulful. Big fan of Fonzi's Amazing Grace riff intro. OSW -- Dave plugged the fine folks from Ben & Jerry's and their environmental info before the song because he likes to ski. LeRoi tore up the instrumental intro. Nice scat outro, but still no swim naked? SMTS --> (ASTB) --> TOO MUCH -- got the crowd hopping again. Fonzi took a little extra time switchin' up making it easy to see the Bridge was coming. Dave took it easy on the scat (and no kickin' jig in the bridge like Alpine), but no taking it easy from LeRoi. Too Much rocked, and Dave did give us a little extra dancin' during the song. JIMITHING! -- haven't seen this one since Spring. LeRoi's jam was awesome - probably the best I've heard from him on this tune in a few years. Dave followed it up with a killer jam of his own; he was intense. Then he tried to pass it off to Butch, but Butch played only a few chords before standing up and signalling for the band to jump back in. Missed opportunity resulting in a solid 12 minute song, but could have been more... LOVING WINGS -- beginning to wonder if the song is complete as is rather than a work in progress. Standard; beautiful; easy on Dave's voice; heavy on LeRoi. WAYG -- crowd pleaser that pleases this long-time fan. FOOL -- well received; I like the three strings intro; one of my least favorites from Everyday. DIGGIN A DITCH -- beautiful as always. Fonzi bass --> AATW -- after a little bit of other Marley, Steffan laid down the bass line for Stir It Up. Some call it a tease; I call it another missed opportunity. Steffan gave plenty of the bass and the band stood ready to jump in, but the audience didn't seize it like it did at Alpine Saturday. Dave gave us the more slow, soulfoul voice (less cracklin' scary voice) beginning. Good jams at the end from Boyd (wa-wa), LeRoi and Butch. E: GRAVEDIGGER - mellow and blue. Dave managed to dig deep and carry the ending strong. TWO STEP: good wrap up for the show. Butch's jam was great; Carter's jam was a little less than typical of late. Fine show with some good highlights but never quite blowing me away; overall ranking somewhere around 25-30 of my shows.
James F.
Very solid show. My 5th time to see them. The set list was very similar to a show i was at in July, but that didn't hinder my enjoyment. Stone was a good opener. Pig was wonderfully amazing probably the second best song of the evening. The SMTS=>Any One Seen the Bridge=>Too Much was very very cool. but the highlight of the show was Stephans Watchtower intro. at first he was just screwing around on the bass...then he starts playing Redemption Song and blends that into Stir it Up..and closes it off with 2 minutes of speed bass. My biggest complaint of the show was the crowd. most of them didn't seem like they knew any of the songs being played. and they had the nerve to talk during Gravedigger. Grrrr. Disrespect makes me mad. But otherwise, it was great. I had a blast and got to initiate my friend Andrew into the wonderful world that is Dave Matthews Band.
Josh B.
Wow! this show was incredible! The funked out, cuban style version of Two Step in un-real!! Butch and Carter played back and forth for quite a while improving. Dave was showing a few signs of vocal strain again, and was having a pickle of a time hitting some of the high notes, so he did what only Dave would do.. (more) improv! The setlist seemed a little short, but the show clocked in right @ 2 1/2 hrs- and that version of Two Step was well worth the 400 mile trip!
Michael H.
After seeing DMB in StL last week (8.26.2) I was ready to see the band outdo themselves again. I was NOT disappointed! The show was amazing. Even though Dave's voice was going and we didn't seem to hear as much from Boyd as we did in StL last Monday, the show still kept us dancing and singing and shouting, etc. They opened with **THE STONE** which I love and was so excited to hear. I knew the show was gonna be a "Greatest Hits that aren't on the radio" kinda show.(which I always enjoy). So it was the first time I saw STONE live, a magnificent piece. They played it pretty much how it would be expected to be played live (Listener Supported), but as they were ending, they faded out.and when we all thought they we done: BAM they rock out the last few seconds of the song with crazy lights and drums and everything.AMAZING. It didn't seem to get a lot of the crowd going though (the jerks that don't really know DMB as intimately as those of us who read these reviews do), but a lot of DMB-heads seemed to comment that it rocked their world. Next up we had **PIG** which was pretty much the same as in StL - read my review for the 8.26.2 show. Then **WHEN THE WORLD ENDS** came up and it was tight like in StL (read that review), but Dave did something different with the vocals in the "we'll be burnin' one, we'll be sweet makin' love" was a cool little jiggly voice thing - like a skipping record.coolness when he does that - my girlfriend giggled at this: she thought it was cool, too. Next was **CRUSH** a beautiful song to dance to and hug someone to.once again, read the StL Show, BUT - Dave did something different - he scatted some stuff in the jam session, and came out with some new lyrical/poetry stuff - "the sun's in your eyes" and/or "the devil's in your eyes" it was kinda cool, but couldn't hear him. My only complaint about sound for the evening was that Dave's vocals were down low. Add the scratchy voice that bothered him tonight and you can't hear Dave sing Dave's notes. : ( **GREY STREET** is a fantastic song. Nothing special here, just the magic that it seems to bring.I love this song. Then Stefan led us into **GRACE IS GONE** which is another masterpiece (see what I mean about this being a "greatest hits" type show??!!) this was a beautiful song as expected. Dave then stopped to mention the folks at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and about the stuff that we can all do to help out, etc. and I knew we were gonna hear **ONE SWEET WORLD**. This song is a beauty (and an oldie at that - one of the few oldies tonight). I loved the Wan Suite Whirled intro (as I've heard it called before) and then the song itself. It was powerful and had everyone dancing around like the hippies that a lot of them try to be with their pot-smoking, etc.but the sing was great to hear. (It's so fun, just listen to it!) Dave closed out the song with some scatting over the jam session (this song might be the biggest highlight because I wasn't expecting to hear it). Dave then started to tease us with a few notes from **SO MUCH TO SAY** and we were going crazy, thinking he's just toying with us.. but sure enough he follows through and we hear SM2S which goes into **ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE** and into **TOO MUCH** now AStB was great, this is jacked up and sounds so cool. I love Stefan's bass on this segue. 2Much was fantastic, too. Crowd went crazy and I think Dave did, too. He screamed "Fuck it up! Fuck it up!" instead of "Suck it up! Suck it up!" and whenever all us kids hear a cuss word that their moms don't let them say, we all go nuts. This reminded me of the show two years ago (9.20.2000). Next up is **JIMI THING** which everyone loved because they were all stoned. There was so much pot there. You pot-smokers should spend your money on some of that Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream instead. But seriously, this song was almost as good as StL 8.26.2, but I didn't expect it to compare. It did a very good job though. I loved it - the solos were amazing. Boyd had a little solo (didn't see much of him tonight) but LeRoi's solo was awesome (he did great in Crush, too earlier on) and Dave's solo was cool too. As a single performance with nothing to compare it to, JIMI was still amazing, and I loved it (but StL was better!). The guys then did **LOVING WINGS** starting with Dave and then the rest of the boys joining in to jam with it for a while. They did a much better segue into **WHERE ARE YOU GOING** this time than they did in StL. LW and WaYG were pretty standard. Dave got out his electric and I was hoping for **FOOL TO THINK** b/c it was so cool last week. It was pretty similar to 8.26.2, a great song to try to dance to - I like the guitar and the rhythm on this one. Then Dave started playing **DIGGIN A DITCH** - this song is all right. I like it, but it isn't really a favorite. I like to hear it, but I don't know what to do when he plays it so I just stand there and look around. Stefan would be playing his bass b/w almost every song tonight and in this break he started to play what I am gonna call a SEEK UP tease, but it was only like 3 times through the notes ad then he stopped and started to play **STIR IT UP** which segued into **ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER**. This was cool because only the real DMB fans knew he was playing Watchtower. It was great: Stefan and Butch led in with their Listener Supported type intro, and Dave played his few-year-old intro that doesn't seem to be recognized since everyone only seems to be able to detect the old bar intro. Watchtower was nice: had the whole crowd singing and shouting and clapping. It was awesome to watch Dave scream "HOWL!" (even when his voice hurt - poor Dave). I knew here that they were done for the night. That was all I needed. I could have left right then and been satisfied. But, of course they were gonna play an encore! So Dave came out by himself and played **GRAVEDIGGER**. This is the first time I've seen it live, but I do have a recording of it somewhere, that is the only reason that I knew what it was. It was cool. My girlfriend really loved it, too. Dave did great for a voice-aching man. Then the band joined afterwards and tore down Sandstone Amphitheatre with an awesome version of **TWO STEP**. This might have been the best song all night. I am so glad to have heard this song. It made my night. They played FOREVER and it was welcomed. There was a cool Butch Solo or duet w/ Dave. Butch did a great job all night, but hadn't received any spot-light-time yet. So this was good for him to be singled out and loved by the crowd. 2 Step was great and a great closer. DAVE please come back soon. It's been a long two years without you in the area, so come back next fall please. My overall about the show is as follows: STONE = strong all the way until LW -->WaYG (b/c I am not 2 big a fan of these) and then Watchtower until the end of the show. Those were the best times tonight. Now the cool thing is that there were 17 songs in tonight's set list. On top of that: I loved the first 10 and then didn't not like the next 4, but they didn't hit me with the same power as the first 10. The final 3 songs were a great close to a great evening. To the drunk and high 38 year-old lady (Theresa) who sat next to us, I'd just like to say "hello" and "you're weird"
Good setlist and awsome sound. All I can say it that Stefan is so underrated as is Leroi. Carter tore it up with some killer solos and like always, Boyd did his part. I know it's not DMB faults, but where was the crowd??? The Stone was sweet for an opener. DPTP was great to hear along with Grey Street. OSW was good, but the night best song had to of been ALTW! It was great to finally hear Two Step, awsome closer. I just wish that the crowd would of treated the band tons better.
Travis K.
Had a great time at the show! My wife checked out her first Dave show today! First off, tonight's show was kinda an odd one as far as pacing goes. At first it looked like they were going for a slow build to a climax. They started with songs like Stone, Pig, and Crush, and went into tunes like Grey Street, So Much To Say Too Much and Jimi Thing. Things were going well, but then they did four really slow songs in a row and followed that with Watchtower to end the first set. I like Loving Wings, Where Are You Going, Fool to Think and Digging a Ditch, but all in a row they can really slow a show down. More over, they left no build up for Watchtower. Still, there were some great hilights. Dave had some hilarious scat Dave-Speak, and his somewhat ragged voice (from yelling at the softball game?) just added to it. Grey Street (along with Bartender) are my favorite songs off the new album, and it was a great version of the tune. Watchtower is always a treat, and Two Step ruled the night. Carter and Butch each had "you-wouldn't-believe-it-even-if-you-were-there" solos. Thank-you Dave!
Traci S.
That was truly incredible! What a group of very talented guys. I have seen alot of shows in my 40 years, but I was amazed- They all know their job & do it well. Very in tune with one another! A great, don't miss show! DMB is in a league of their own!!!!!
This was my first ever DMB show. I have been a fan since 95 and it was a night I wont soon forget. The Stone was a cool opener. When the world end is a really cool songs live and something I was stoked about seeing...Crush. This is one of my personal favorites and I'm feel lucky I got to see it live. Dave really got into Grey Street which is one of my favs from the Lillywhites/Busted Stuff.Grace followed by One Sweet World(which was is great with the full band) was pretty cool. The crwod really got going when they played So Much To Say follwed by Too Much. Stephan was awesome on Too Much. I didnt think they would play Diggin a Ditch, it was suprisingly cool live. It just didnt seem like it would be a good live song to me, but DMB pulled it off.Along with the Stir It Up tease came a lil redemption song tease, and Watchtower was awesome. I hadent heard Gravedigger yet, that was a good way to open the encore and then Two Step just blew everyone away. This was an incredible way to close the show, hard to beat a 15-20 min version of two step in my humble opinion. I wasnt to happy with the people behind me who complained "they can do better" blah blah blah. As much as they tour, we are lucky they can stand, let alone rock our worlds for 2/12 hours. Ou of the hundreds of concerts I have been to, this is right up there. One of my fav bands a great set list and a gorgeous midwest night. Hard tto beat that! I cant wait to do it again.
Matthew G.
HIGHLIGHTS: First things first: Dave Matthews Band with Butch Taylor put on a great show tonight. They tried hard, it appeared as if they had a lot of fun. Dave apologized for his hoarseness, but it didn't seem to affect his performance. In fact he scatted out a few lyrics in a unique way, very nice. The setlist was pretty standard with no major surprises or special songs, but they were jamming well and having a blast on stage. A solid performance from the entertainer's side of it, no doubt. LOWLIGHTS: The crowd may as well been a bunch of cardboard cutouts fluttering in the breeze, especially the lawn. There was an amazing stillness to everyone that was quite unnerving. The moved a little for Too Much and Jimi Thing, but overall there were a fickle bunch. Unlike his quotes on Saturday and Sunday at Alpine Valley about Wisconsin being the band's favorite place to play, Sandstone was treated to "Can Y'all hear me out there?" The band even attempted to recreate the Stir It Up intro to Watchtower from Saturday night but the crowd in KC wasn't involved enough to play along so Dave waved it off. OTHER LOWLIGHTS: The intoxicated guy excitedly yelling "It's Satellite!" a full ten measures into Gravedigger. Good call. Don't let me forget his two friends who had been ejected for attempting to jump from the lawn to the pavillion and not being able to negotiate the 10 foot drop onto concrete. I hope that hurt, it sure sounded like it did. The girls in front of us who booed Loving Wings and then loudly proclaimed how much it sucked to everyone around them and then started a high volume conversation. They were quite happy, however, when it segued into Where Are You Going. They then all locked arms and sang along, loudly, and horribly off-key. Sad. VERDICT: My 19th show was a disappointment. I expect a certain level of reciprocity from the crowd when a band puts out a lot of hard work, and frankly it wasn't there. I hope that more than a few of these "fans" went home as disappointed as I am, but only because they didn't hear Crash Into Me or Satellite.
Daniel P.
This was the third concert of these guys that I have seen this summer, I went to both St. Louis Concerts also. I thought that last nights performance was decent. It was worth the money I paid for the tickets, however, I got after the show backstage passes to chill with Dave, but because he wasn't feeling good, he left. I was really mad about that. But the thing that got me the angriest was that all the people said that the crowd WASN'T into the show, that is very inaccurate. Of the three concerts, the crowd was the most lively. I couldn't see anyone who wasn't singing along. On top of that, this show sold out in 2 1/2 minutes for reserved and an hour or so for lawn. On top of that, this was one of the largest shows Verizon/Sandstone has ever put on. They over sold the lawn seats by several thousands to accomodate for all the fans. So don't bash my home state and tell me that the crowd wasn't into it!
This was my third time see'n Dave, second time at sandstone. After two brownies and a chat with maryjane i was good to go for the show. The weather was perfect, the crowd was cool. The stone was a nice opener. Pig was awesome. When the world ends is one of the few song i like off everyday, so i was happy to hear that one. Crush was a nice crowd pleaser. At this point i look over to my girl friend and say, "i'm think'n grey street", and i guess the band was think'n the same thing, love that song, don't really like the new lyrics but still a good song. I was very happy to finally here OSW. SMTS and too much were awesome, these really got the crowd jam'n. Jimi thing, one of my all time favorites, was nice to hear. Was'nt real excited by where are you going. Digging a Ditch another song i really dig was nice to hear, WATCH TOWER was excellent one of the best i've seen, stefan's bass rocked. Two Step was a nice closer carter tore some shit up on the drums, as did the rest of the band. so i was pretty impressed. Overall, a great show, not the best i've seen, but still damn good, crowd was into it, weather was nice, and a damn good setlist, so i'm pretty happy
Andrew W.
Tonight the band jammed. Period. The band just jammed time and time again. 4 songs over 10 minutes, maybe 5. Stone, Pig, WTWE were 3 solid songs to start it off. Stone is a wonderful opener. Then Crush, the boys have simply perfected this one. Grey St. sweet as always. GIG had a surprisingly long jam. It seriously rocked out hard at the end, I was loving life. One Sweet World with intro is nice to hear. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much always is just fun. Jimi Thing:best LeRoi solo ever. It went on forever and kept building momentum, then Dave had a great solo despite a slip up that he wasn't subtle about. I'm a huge fan of Loving Wings after last night, fantastic song. WAYG, Fool, and DAD don't bother me. Stefan did a little "Redemption Song" then "Stir It Up" then a jammin solo before a powerful Watchtower. Gravedigger is an incredible song and a 15 minute Two Step to cap it all off. Butch and Carter had amazing solos. Tonight everyone had their moments except for Boyd, he didn't seem too into it. Best show I've seen.
Chad F.
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (formally Sandstone Amphitheatre) is the worst venue I have ever been to. I left my apartment to make the 5 hour drive at 11:30 a.m., and thanks to the illogical set up to the parking lot and the incompetent and depleated staff, I finally parked my car at 8:30 p.m., just in time to miss The Stone. Inside the amphitheatre, I was greeted by pavillion seats which were set up so you could not see over the person in front of you. And the entire crowd was asleep. Nobody was cheering, no one was yelling, no one was singing along. It was like a bunch of cardboard cutouts. And the band tried to get the crowd into it. They really did. Jimi Thing was one of the highlights of the night, with a scat interlude from Dave, and Butch and Dave had a steller solo duel. The crowd sat down. Loving Wings was beautiful, and the crowd sat down. The only time the audience even showed a pulse was during Too Much. Dave's voice was blown, and he couldn't hit any falsetto notes, but he didn't let it affect his performance. He, and the rest of the band, still gave 110%. No one in Bonner Springs seemed to notice. Before Watchtower, Stefan started playing Stir It Up, as he did at Alpine on Saturday. Only me and my friend sang a long, and the band ditched the effort in favor of an incredible Watchtower. A few people stood up, and walked to their cars. Band's effort: A+. Audience participation: I don't think anyone would have moved to help Dave if he had a heart attack. My advice for DMB is to skip Bonner Springs and do a third night at Alpine. Both Wisconsin and Kansas would appreciate it.
Andy B.
Great show at Sandstone last night. The venue isn't the greatest place to have a show, but from where I was sitting the sound was good, so not too bad. Parking sucks, because there are two separate lots that aren't connected. On to the show: STONE - Good opener, made up for when I got to Deer Creek late and missed this and... PIG - Same first two songs as 8.10, and it was great for me, since I missed these two. Great version, awesome to be able to be "on this starry night staring into space." Dave teased Seek Up for about 30 seconds before going into... WTWE - Standard version. Nice to get out of the way early. Dave switched guitars and got another 6-string, so I was expecting YNK but instead got... CRUSH - Great version, better than the last time I saw it. Dave came up to the mic and did a little scat outro to the song, similar to last year's solo tour. Switched guitars again, going for the 12-string, and busted out... GREY - The one song to be played at every show I've been to, and it's definitely a great one to see live. Lots of energy. Dave switched back to the 6-string, and Fonzi grabbed the slide, playing a sweet intro to... GRACE - Best version I've ever seen, mostly because of Fonzi's intro. Jammed for quite a while, I was loving the back-to-back Busted Stuff. Dave talked about One Sweet Whirled for a minute before starting the intro to... OSW - 3rd time I've seen it this year, and it gets sweeter every time. On to another old song... SMTS - At this point I started noticing Dave couldn't hit all the high notes. Nothing major, just had to drop or skip a few. As expected, this led right into... ASTB - After hearing stories of the crazy 9/1 dancing, I was ready to see Dave bust a move. But it was not to be, just some standard moving around. Carter had some tricky moves though, jamming on the toms while the crew completely replaced a snare. He's the man. I was ready for... TOO MUCH - Not bad. A good song, just played, well, too much. After it was... JIMI - Oh yes. 16+ minutes of nonstop funk. Great solos by Boyd and Roi, and Dave completely tore it up, doing bends and pull-offs and stuff, almost like a Tim solo. He walked over to duel with Butch a bit, then made a motion with his hands like, "forget it" and finished out the song. Another different thing was, because of his voice, he did the "lately I've been felling low" part really low, rather than way up high like usual. Sounded pretty cool. At this point just about my whole section was sitting, and it didn't help when they started in on... LOVING WINGS - I'm really loving this song now. Roi has an excellent chance to shine, and the lyrics are great. I was grooving on it, but my section remained sitting down. As you can probably guess though, everyone jumped right back up for... WAYG - Having seen it at all my shows this year, I wasn't that thrilled to see it again, but I knew it was coming and was able to make the best of it. I'm starting to hate Roi's solo though, because it's so die-cut. Another guitar switch, and from where I was it looked like the baritone. I was calling So Right, but instead it was... FTT - One of those songs you either love or hate. I happen to love it, so I was grooving. Always the witty one, during the "all you do is toss me pennies" line, I tossed some pennies at my friend next to me. Good for a laugh, at least. After this was a nice mellow... DIGGIN - Standard for this year. Good to hear. At this point, Dave said his standard "this is going to be the closer now" lines, and Fonz was getting ready to shine. He started playing Redemption Song, and went through the whole intro riff twice before starting into... STIR IT UP - After hearing a clip of the Alpine version, I was ready for a nice long jam. Unfortunately, the KC crowd sucked and hardly anybody was singing along, so it didn't take. After a while Fonz gave up and started his intro to... WATCHTOWER - Some people are sick of this song. I'm not one of them, yet. Nice different version from the last one I heard (8.11.02) - Boyd did a solo on the wah, Butch did a solo on the keys (WITHOUT the electric guitar effect), and Roi did a smooth sax solo. After only a few-minute encore break, Dave came back out and apologized for his voice, then started on... GRAVEDIGGER - Good version, the crowd around me wasn't too obnoxious. This song has really grown on me. Trying to guess the closer, my friend and I noticed that Dave didn't switch guitars, so it wasn't going to be the expected WYA. Also, we knew his voice couldn't handle Rapunzel, so we were guessing Everyday, Ants, or the long shot, LIOG. Instead we were surprised by a nice long Two Step. Excellent jamming by all, and a great way to end my summer concerts.
Jeremy S.
This was my second show this year. I have to say that I was extremely pleased. However a bit short and Dave had a horse throat (which he apologized for) the show did not lack funk, intensity and flare. Fonzi is one hell of an underrated bassist. He absolutely stole the show with great riffs during Crush and So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) into Too Much. Not to mention when he went into Bob Marley's Redemption Song and Stir It Up as an intro to Watchtower. As a big Marley fan, I thought this was incredible. The highlights of the show for me were Don't Burn the Pig, One Sweet World, Watchtower (mainly because of the Fonz), and the encore of Gravedigger and Two Step. My friends and I, as well as most of the people around us were all very into the show. We were all singing and dancing around the whole time. There was not one point in this concert that I would consider a "low point," however I do wish every show would last 3 hours. But this was completely understandable due to Dave's horseness. One more thought: I think it is about time that Butch Taylor be considered part of the band and not just "special guest." Just a thought.
Well, accordingly, people have been complaining about the crowd, which is really understandable and unfortunately I have to agree. The only enthusiastic people besides me at the show were the girls screaming "I love you Dave!" in unison constantly over and over and over, even during Loving Wings and Digging a Ditch. It WAS a great show though, if only for the music. I absolutely had a blast outside of the lady spilling beer on my flip-flops...*laughs* but that's understandable. Hand-eye coordination is never up to par as it should be, hehe, but, that was made up for it when I was walking into the amphitheater and caught Leroi ridin' by on one of those 4 wheel carts. 3 feet away from Roi, baby! Hehe, anyway, the people who actually WERE into it were well...into it, and that made the world of a difference. And that's all there ever really is to it: as long as you're having a great time and no one else is into it, you're, well, having a great time with one of your favorite bands. But man, as one of my first shows, bloody hard to beat that Two Step.
Jessicah W.
I love this band! I was so psyched for what he was going to open with I didn't even realize that it was ACTUALLY Stone, only in my dreams I thought! Definetly on my top 5 list! Fantastic! I was extremely disappointed in the crowd (as many of you are I've noticed). I am a proud Kansas girl, and I want Dave to come back, no one in the crowd around me seemed to know what was going on! I don't think they realized these guys were giving us their BEST stuff! The old bunch in front of me didn't know any of the songs! I had to tell them the name of that 'one song'... IT'S CALLED CRUSH! Give me a break! They wouldn't shut-up the whole night, and during Gravedigger, they talked louder! Why talk louder on a quieter song? And in my opinion, a beautiful song, very sad, but so beautiful. No one around me was dancing, no one was singing (i'm a singer, I rock it out to every song). I was getting bummed. My favorite parts had to be Dave's solo on Jimmi Thing, especially the low sexy voice for " i take a taste of what's mellow..." So hot! Then Watchtower, I almost broke my foot dancing around! That song has so much power! Then of course, Two Step. Carter made it rock out with his ABUSIVE drumming! It was awesome! Stefan gets the award for stepping it up and shining bright! He was full of all sorts of good stuff. I loved this show, I love Dave, and I do love Kansas, so let's not piss of the Dave Matthews Band next time they come! And if they do come back, I'll put in my request now, Say Goodbye PLEASE!
Ben C.
Dear "fans" of DMB, While I have been stopping by here for a while now, this is my first time to post on this site. I must say that I am appalled at all the critics out there regarding this show, or any other shows for that matter. I too attended the show on Tuesday night. Best night I will have all year. No, this is not my 37th show of the year and no, I don't know what they sounded like the night before. But I don't care. I work full time, overtime, and go to night school. I have a wife who works full time and a lot of overtime as well. I also am the proud parent of a two year old son. While working overtime on a Saturday in May, my wife, while trying to entertain my child, dialed on three different phones trying to get in to get tickets. After eleven minutes of frantic dialing, she finally got in, only to find out that the seats were all gone. Lawn was all that was left.after eleven minutes. She then called me to give me the news. I was ecstatic as I was very disappointed when Dave did not come to see us last year and now, finally, after a two year wait I could go see them again! Now let me explain something.I discovered Dave Matthews after Remember Two Things had been out for a little while. I knew as soon as I popped it in that I had found my favorite band. It was all I would listen to that summer between my Sophomore and Junior year. Over the years, I have collected most of the CD's. Some got stolen, some too scratched up. But I have never stopped listening. I have always enjoyed the way they re-create themselves on each new CD and have never been one to blast them for doing so. If I don't like the song, I don't listen to it. I also have never been one to over-analyze the songs either. I simply enjoy them for what they are, great songs. Dave Matthews has become a way of life for me. It defines me to the extent that no matter what mood or circumstance, I can always listen.any song will do. I love to listen to the Dave Matthews Band. Now that I've had to grow up and deal with two car payments, a mortgage, real work, making a marriage work, raising a child, music is more important than ever to me. I can escape back to a time when I was somewhat care free and enjoyed the music right along with my young life. It seemed like forever before they would get here in September. It was all I could do to stay focused at work on September 3rd. My wife called all excited on her way home. We mixed drinks, iced down the beer.and waited for my parents to come baby-sit the boy. Finally they got there and we raced toward K7 and Bonner Springs for the night I had for which I had been waiting such a long time. Damn the traffic though. We waited for almost an hour and a half to get in. But the show was worth it. For a few hours, I was exactly where I wanted to be. The world could have stopped around me and I wouldn't have cared. You could have said that I would die tomorrow and I wouldn't have cared. I jammed out for almost three hours. I never stopped moving. I had to stop my foot from tapping when the music wasn't even playing. Finally, the all important analysis of the show. It rocked. No, I don't really recall all that was played. No, I didn't catch that they were trying to play Stir It Up. No, I didn't think the crown sucked. Gravedigger was excellent. I left feeling like a million bucks. I love going to see DMB and I can't wait for them to come again. Now the real reason I am screwing off at work to write this is to lash out at the people who are bashing on the crowd and analyzing every damn piece of the show. Since when did this become the cool thing to do? I personally don't care if you have been to 37 shows or if this is your first one. Great, you are a fellow fan. I don't care if the only song you know is Where Are You Going. Great, you are a fellow fan. You may not have listened as long as I have, but you are a fan. I guess I am just sick and tired of hearing you people bitch about the crowd, talk about Dave's voice, what underwear you were wearing and how someone next to you wasn't as big of a fan as you. You bashers and over-analyzers need to get a fucking life. I know, I know, no one is as big of a fan as you but seriously, I don't see Rolling Stone knocking on your door to pay you for your expert opinion. What ever happened to just enjoying this shit for what it is? Quit knocking people for not cheering at the same time for a song that you just saw last concert which was so much cooler except for this part.oh and this guy sucked.and those people didn't respect the band. Blah blah blah..fuck off. I am never going to read these reviews again. You pompous assholes have to find something to do with your spare time. Get off the high horse and go back to enjoying the music. How can you enjoy something that you spend half your time bitching about? To the people talking during Gravedigger.did you catch up with your friends? Did you enjoy the concert as a whole? Good for you. To the people who sat down during some songs? Was it nice to sit for a while? Did you enjoy yourself all the same? Good for you. Sorry about that guy behind you who kept scribbling in his little notebook about every single thing that happened while you were trying to enjoy the show. Dave, I'm glad you came to Bonner Springs. I will be there again next time you decide to show as well. Sorry, I have to many things going on and I can't follow you around the country with the other mad critics. But I guarantee I will be there again, to spend another evening listening to my favorite band ever. Oh yeah, that was my third show, for all you people keeping count.
Troy J.
Wow. Kind of hard to explain. I drove 13 hours from Houston to see the show. We were on third row so it was cool. Long drive, but up close. All of our neighbors were cool. I was FXXXXud up but my girl didn't know. i thought that it was quite the show. You guys in Bonner Springs know how to Party!!!! Not my favorite setlist in the World, but I still had a Ball!!! I was the drunk Texan in the third row with the Cowboy hat on. Peace, Love and DMB. We'll see you on the next pass..... I Luv U Alli