Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: John Butler Trio

Grace Is Gone *
The Stone *
Don't Burn The Pig *
Rhyme & Reason *
Captain *
I Did It *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
What Would You Say *
Crush *
Kit Kat Jam *
Jimi Thing *
Drive In Drive Out *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Two Step *
Cry Freedom +
What You Are *

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

The view from the front row was incredible! We were not expecting Grace as the opener, but it led up to a great, great show. Loving Wings gets better each time we hear it....and the Cry Freedom encore was a nice surprise. Woods, if you're out there reading this, we missed having you here at the Gorge.
David A.
Wow- I definately think that this show tops all the shows from Gorge '01. Grace is Gone was jammed out long to make a great opener, and the entire rest of the setlist seemed like an encore to Friday's show. The stone, rhyme and reason, and captain made the first half of the show great. NANCIES was unbeleivably long and jammed out, it was real tight. The rest of the show is REDICULOUS - Warehouse, What Would You Say, Crush, Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics), Jimi Thing - I mean, by this point the people in the audience were looking around at eachother in awe. Loving Winds is tight, and Two Step was awesome, carter and butch had long and SICK solos. What You Are was a great closer. I would say this show was better than last night, but not by much. See You at Gorge '03.
Oh, shit. I couldn't believe this show. From the chopper flying around @ sunset, to the killer encore, DMB played a show I would have paid a thousand dollars to see. Grace was great and jammed out to open the show. Stone was nice and tight. Pig just got everyone dancin. When they continued that with an awesome R&R, I couldn't stand it. Then Captain? I was wondering when it would stop being this good. Even I Did It was good. Dave mumbled a lot and then said something like,"sometimes you just gotta say fuck it" and busted into IDI. Nancies was sick even though Dave messed up a verse if I remember correctly. Warehouse followed and I know everyone was getting tired from dancing. WWYS ROCKED! I've never heard them play Crush like last night. Great jam! KKJ just kept the vibe going. Loved it. Jimi Thing was unbelieveable. DIDO was killing Dave's voice but still amazing. Loving Wings was beautiful for sure and WAYG was still good to hear. Butch rocked Two-Step. 20 mins of fun to end the set. They didn't take too long to come back out and then Dave starts playing a few notes. The entire place was quiet while he played a breathtaking Cry Freedom. When I heard the intro to What You Are, I didn't think it was possible b/c Dave's voice had been hatin it since the first third of the show. But he pulled it off and it rocked. Boyd was on fire all night long. They all jammed hard. The energy was through the roof and I'm so lucky to have been there. Until '03 -Dan
Tyler A.
This definatly has to be the best show out of the 4 I have been together. Boyd stole the night jamming everything to perfection. I had sec A row 31 seats, so that was a definate plus. Grace Is Gone: Good song but played way too much. The Stone: One of my favorites, I was really glad to hear it again. Don't Burn The Pig: Nice song, glad to hear it again as well. Rhyme & Reason: Incredible, this song was so well done. Captain: Wasn't expecting this one, but it was very nice. I Did It: One of the few songs I had said I hated, but hearing it live, I didn't mind it much at all, infact I kinda liked it. Dancing Nancies: Holy crap, this was one of the few songs I really wanted to hear, and it was done sooooo well, Boyd was rocking out and totaly having a good time. Warehouse: Damn another of the ones I really wanted to hear. The stop time intro was sweet. What Would You Say: Great song to sing along and keep the crowd going. Crush: Glad I heard it, very well done, the jam was awsome. Kit Kat Jam: Very well done. Jimi Thing: The Jam on this was incredible, great to hear. Drive In Drive Out: Nice song, well done. Loving Wings: Great, evern better than on Friday. Where Are You Going: Nicely done. Two Step: This has been my favorite dmb song for like 3 years, and after 4 shows I finally got to hear it, it was incredible. My legs where shaking soo much, it was jammed to perfection. Butch did some awsome jammin. Cry Freedom: Never thought I would get to hear this, but I was lucky. What You Are: Would have rather heard not as an encore, but I liked it, so it was fine. This was an awsome show. Can't wait till next year.
Kristin B.
holy mother of god!! last night's show was amazing to say the least. the highlight for me would have to be two step. i mean they must have been going for like 20 minutes. at some point, dave kicked out probably one of the sweetest guitar solos i've ever heard out of him. all togather the set was smooth and had enough old school songs to keep me extra happy, along with some new favorites. awesome, awesome, awesome.
after the first night show at the gorge, i feared i would be let down on night two. Yeah Right!! my god this was an awesome show. i felt friday's show was among the top two that I had seen (of 12) but Saturday night took the cake. an amazing show. the energy was awesome and hearing two step, warehouse, and jimi thing all in the same night was great. loving wings is a great song and was pleased to hear it both nights. before traveling the 800 miles from sacramento i said to myself that if i got to hear dancing nancies i would be satisfied. WOW did i get so much more. Thank you DMB-it was an awesome weekend.
tonight's show was absolutly amazing. i have never heard a better setlist. the whole show was one awesome groove. definately worth 14 hours of driving in one day to get there and back. when they pulled out R&R right after Pig, i thought i might die. and then nancies! oh my god nancies was so far beyond incredible and this was the first time i have seen it so yay! warehouse and wwys were sweet. what a great thing to hear warehouse. and then the best version of crush i have heard so far. two step was fabulous except that the speakers for the grass kept cutting out, but we could still hear so no worries. and the encore...i still cannot believe that dave played cry freedom-if you didn't make it to this show, you wish you had just for this one song-it was perfect. what you are was a great way to finish off the night. the boys definitely delivered tonight!
Jon E.
Unfortunately I only had unreserved seating in the grass area, and this was my first dave gig. I flew over from england to see him and I was pretty much blown away. I have to say that I'm a sucker for the singles, so Sunday Night's setlist would have suited me more (I still love it when they play watchtower)...but this show was great. Two Step was jammed to the max, the best version I've ever heard, butch and carter's solos were mind blowing. As usual Boyd played to perfection, but it was Carter who stole the show for me. Towards the end of the set, the speakers up on the hill started to die and kept crackling, which was kind of annoying, but didn't really detract to much from the performance. What an amazing gig.
Tonight was my 11th DMB show, and my brother and I were in the second row thanks to the Warehouse. It turned out to really be the front row because we were allowed to stand against the rail. We were just off to Dave's right. We brought a bright green sign that read "Carter is my hero" and got a drumstick at the end of the show! (Dave pointed at the sign when they walked out at the beginning of the show.) When the band walked on stage, the audience sang happy birthday to Leroi. Stefan even played a little bit of it on the bass. Now here are some highlights. When they started Captain I had a huge smile on my face because it's one of my favorites and I hadn't heard it live before. Dave saw me smiling and looked down and smiled back at me. I smiled at Butch after one of his solos and he smiled back. Roi was also looking over in my direction because my brother and I met him earlier that day so he recognized us. During Where Are You Going, Dave looked at me again and my brother jabbed me. I turned and asked him what he wanted. He said, "Dave's looking at you." I told him I knew Dave was, because I had been looking at him too. During Two Step I was happy because it was a better version than I had heard in Vancouver. Near the end of the song when Carter was doing a solo, Dave and I grinned at each other for a little bit. Besides Captain, I also heard Kit Kat Jam and Cry Freedom for the first time tonight. This show was very energetic, both from the audience and the band. It was very cool to see the crew taping the show again, and the helicopters flying overhead filming. It was also very cool getting one of Carter's drumsticks at the end of the show (he handed out about six). I think it was from Rhyme & Reason because it has teeth marks on it and it is very tattered in the middle. Plus my brother and I met Leroi earlier that day at McDonald's. It was a very fun day!
Vince R.
This was the first time i had ever seen DMB at the George and all i have to say is it was one of the best experiences of my life. From the moment i walked into the venue i was blown away. The sun setting behind the stage with the cliffs and the river was just beautiful and to know i would be able to enjoy this while hearing DMB playing was just too much. The concert on Saturday was one of the best i have ever seen and will remember for a long time. When he came out to play Cry Freedom solo and acoustic that was the defining moment of the concert. If you ever go see a DMB show make sure you see it at the George. Nothing compares!!!
Big J.
WOW! I am in awe at the performance that the band exhibited on Saturday night, my only complaint is that I didn't stick around for the Sunday show...ugh! Grace was a great opener for the night with the sun setting and relaxing after driving 1300 miles from L.A. to see the show. Pig was AWESOME as usual. Dancing Nanices rocked, what a great surprise, along with Warehouse, my feet wouldn't allow me to stop dancing all night. It was a night filled with old songs, such a pleasure to hear DIDO, the best ending to any song the band plays!!! I was hoping for LIOG as an ender, but Two Step was fine with me. I was so happy to hear Dave come out and play Cry Freedom, I always here others, but this was fantastic. I was hoping for something different than What You Are as the encore, but I was absolutely blown away by the performance on this, what a great song live! See ya soon, I will be at all Gorge shows next year!
John Butler Trio rocks, pick up the CD...GIG- very unexpected opener, but very neautiful version, with the sunset over the Gorge, very jammed out...Stone- one of my fav's, song never gets old...Pig- Heck Yeah, beautiful song, crowd loved it too, even up on the lawn...R+R- at this point, I was suprised (pleasantly) at the lack of radio hits, but a great song...Captain- BEAUTIFULLY done, best version I've heard, Dave couldn't hit the high notes, so he just wailed...IDI- even this song had more energy than normal...NANCIES-WAREHOUSE- definitly a highlight, I don't remember it now, but I know Dave's intro to nancies was cool, something about crazy times...WWYS- same old, happy birthday Roi!...Crush- same old again, got the crowd going though...KKJ- I loved it, the crowd sat down on the hill, more trouble with the high notes...Jimi Thing- an outstanding version, Dave's guitar solo has off the hook, very long, the crowd on the hill was very disrespectfull...DIDO- didn't see this one comeing...LW- WAYG- Loving Wings was beautiful, much more jammed out...I was the only one who knew the words, people behind me were yelling for satelite, I was quite mad...Two Step- great version, but the speakers kept going out on the hill, made me mad...Encore...CRY FREEDOM- if you told me last year that I would be hearing this, I wouldn't haev believed you...very moving...WYA- I knew this was comeing, and the speakers were going off and on, so I left early to beat traffic...i don't like this song...OVERall, great show, but I willl never see a show from GA again....very disrespectful people...
Adam M.
Even though this was only my second show, I have to say that it was simply amazing! It was well worth the 9 hour drive from good ol' Montana! The first show I went to was in Denver at the Pepsi Center last may, and even though I had amazing first row seats, the GORGE BLEW MY MIND! I was in the 26th row and could see everything perfectly! Grace Is Gone was the perfect song to start the show with...things only got better! After the conclusion of each song, everyone around me was anticipating what would come next...and my God when Nancies began...everyone went CRAZY! Overall, it was an excellent show! See everyone at Gorge '03!!!!!
Rob E.
Oh my God. I was a little worried when Dave opened with Grace is Gone, but I guess he didn't want to hint at what was to come. Unbelievable setlist with performance to match. I like Grace, but they played it the night before and it didn't seem like an opener song, but then they got things rolling with The Stone and it never stopped. Even the version of I Did It was one of the best I've heard so far. Dave's vocal performance on Captain was unbelievable. Dancing Nancies with the entire stadium singing along. Crush, Jimi, Two Step, Cry Freedom and the What You Are ending were almost too much to bear. Cool people around us truly enjoying a truly great show.