Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Bailey Hall, Ithaca, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Lie In Our Graves
Two Step
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Cry Freedom
If I Had a Boat
Tripping Billies
Stream (Tim solo)
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Warehouse (Stop Time intro)
Too Much
Say Goodbye
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken outro)
Dancing Nancies
I'll Back You Up
All Along the Watchtower

J.R. D.
What can i say? The show was great. Dave came on right at the stroke of seven thirty and hardly any one was in their seat. He played Lie in our graves which really got the crowd going but the place wasn't completely filled until the third song. The setup is really neat. Two chairs with a small table in between which is the home to two plastic elaphants. Tim is a short little man with long black hair and he never sits down. It was incredibly annoying how everyone decided to leave and get a drink or buy a t-shirt during his two solos. He really is a talented guitar player. Dave talked alot. Everything from the American pronunciation of "booger" to masturbation. He also talked about going to school as a kid. Halfway through the show he commented on how sweaty he was and one girl screamed out, "take your shirt off!" he laughed and said, "shhhh! What did you just say?". Someone also yelled out,"Tim give us a sign!" but he just bowed with his hands together and looked surprised. The y played practically every good song: Say goodbye, #41, crash into me, lie in our graves, jimi thing, granny,tripping billies, two step, satellite and many others. They ended with Watchtower because, dave said, that it was JImi Hendrix's birthday. They also played a song i hadn't heard before. It's called if i had a boat and it really was a great song. The this land is yuor land and dixie chicken outros were cool too. All in all a great show. You feel real close to them in such a small venue. It was probably the best 2 and a half hours of my life.
Brian K.
This was a great concert, I have been to several DMB concerts over the last year, and while I cannot say this was the best, it was truely special. The atmosphere was terrific for this concert, on Dave's Birthday mind you. He played what in my mind, was the perfect setlist, #41 was great, and one of the many highlights of the evening. But, the encore of "I'll Back You Up" was truely beautiful. The Dave speak at this show was great covering every topic from the Indian food he eat the evening before to punishment he received as a school boy in South Africa. Tim himself was VERY impressive. Its one thing to hear his complexity on recording, but to see his hand movements and his manurisms as he plays makes it all the more impressive. Overall, this show would be hard to beat for the acoustic tour, I myself like the full band, but I truely appreciated this show for all its aspects.
Michael W.
Dave and Tim were in a great mood tonight, plus the Cornell crowd was very well behaved (quiet) during the songs and while Dave was speaking between songs which made it especially enjoyable. Highlights: Dave was especially talkative tonight. He repeatedly made note of how great Indian food is for some odd reason. During a quiet time between two songs, a girl in the fifth row stood up and asked sweetly "Dave, will you play satallite for me?" Dave responded with "uhh, how can I refuse?" and proceeded to play it. Song highlights included Stay- a pretty standard version but the 1st time they played it on this tour (Dave said before they played it that it wasn't his fault if it sucked cause they usually played it with "the other guys"), and Dancing Nancies to close the main set- Dave and Tim built speed and power into nancies at the end and after finishing on one solid note, brought the crowd to its feet. All in all, it was a great performance and Dave and Tim showed how much they love to perform together.
An AMAZING show. The best Dave show I've ever seen. The whole atmosphere was just personal and intimate. Dave talked a lot, which he never does anymore during his band tours. He conversed with the crowd. about...caning in Africa, boogers(of course), masturbation, etc and he kept talking about some invisible dude(was it a monkey?) next to him talking to him. I think he gained a little weight too, but who cares. Anyway, LIOG was a great opener but people were still shuffling around and getting to their seats. I was scared we were gonna have a bad crowd, but actually it got quieter and I'd say overall, the crowd was pretty respectful of Dave and Tim, except for couple of screaming of requests and "I want you Dave"'s. It was great to hear songs from BTCS album done in acoustic, like Crush, DDTW, and Stay! He played Stay for the first time acoustic. It was pretty special. He kept saying "sorry if it sucks..." but it was awesome. I was so excited when they played Cry Freedom and #41 , SUCH beautiful tunes. Great when done in acoustic. I must say Tim is wow...I can't even find a word to describe him. He played two solos, one of them Stream. He never joins in on the Davespeak ever but his presence and his performance just does it for him. The highlight of the show was I'll Back You up (the crowd got so quiet), All along the watchtower (encore)-the crowd had been asking for it forever, Say Goodbye, Stay, #41, and Warehouse. He played Granny but nothing really special. The encore AATWT and I'll back you up were really intense. And he kept telling us how much of a great time he was having, which made the crowd excited. There's so many other songs from this 21/2 hour show that I wanna talk about, but I don't wanna go through every single song....but I was mesmerized...I could't even talk after the show.
Dave B.
Let's see, where to begin.... well, Dave was great tonight, no extended Davespeak tales but between almost every song he was damn hilarious with a short anecdote or two... and yes, as someone else reported, his hair is as long as it was pre-R2T and he's put on some weight... anyway, the show was incredible, and I'm listening to my tapes of it right now, reliving it with great happiness... (don't email groveling for tapes, please... I'll post many offers on the dmbml message boards.) Although it was pretty predictable (I was in rare from calling songs thanks to the DMBTA) nothing beats a Dave and Tim show. I got the privelege of taking pictures for the first few songs(very difficult when drunk- I don't recommend it), which was great, it gave me a chance to be closer than I have ever been before, and damn, I must say I'd never have recognized Tim. Wow, what a difference. Last time I saw him he looked like he does on the cover of Live at Luther... anyway, his guitar talents a mazed everyone there, and it was cool that he got to solo twice instead of once like the last time I saw D+T. (BTW, it was NOT Stream that was played the first time... I'd never heard it before. it was slower and lower pithed than Stream) Although I screamed for #40 (if you get tapes you'll surely hear me) no really super rare tunes were played, but there were several highlights for me, including IBYU and Nancies. It was an unexpected surprise to hear Stay, which I rather liked. Anyway, without going into too much detail about the Davespeak (some highlights include all the indian food talk, my friend getting a response to his Rolaids comment, and the bowling shoes chat) there's not much else to say- it was Dave and Tim, the setlist speaks for itself, and words can't do it justice.... and btw, Dave's voice was flawless... the last two times I'd seen him h was a little sick, and it was a helluva relief to hear an unfaltering Dave...
Scott C.
Ok, I knew tonight was going to be special. Not only was it Dave's 32nd Birthday, but it was the late Jimi Hendrix's birthday as well. The amazing show began with LIOG, as I made it to my 4th row seat. It became apparent after the end of the first song, when Dave spoke for the first time that he was by no means sober. He was either drunk, stoned, etc.. He even told us to bear with him because he was fucked up. Let me just say that it was an AMAZING night for davespeak. He told one story after another, and the crowd was eating it up. He was in a great mood and it was apparent in both the way he played and spoke with the crowd. He told several stories, one about how he used to get whipped back in South Africa after school instead of having detention, another about his ex-girlfriend for whom he wrote the song I'll Back You UP for, as he noted her "amazing nipples," and he made numerous references to the indian food he ate previously and how it disagreed w ith his body. Tim was quiet as usual, however one girl yelled from the crowd "show us a sign tim," and he made a funny face at her. Following LIOG were Crush, Two Step, DDTW (This Land outro), and amazingly, CRY FREEDOM!! Dave even said himself that it had been an incredibly long time since he played it. and after that an even BIGGER surprise, IF I HAD A BOAT, he told us to bear with the song and he'd tell us what it was afterward. during the song i heard everthing from that it was a Paul Simon cover to a John Denver cover, but dave told us it was a Lyle Lovett song, wow. kind of random?? but it was a night of firsts i guess. Dave took some requests, such as #41, Granny, and Satellite. An even bigger surprise, STAY! the first time ever played acoustic in concert by dave and tim, even dave said so ... he said if it sucked to not mind because they never tried it before. Other highlights were Jimi thing --> What will become --> Pantal a. Say Goodbye was incredible, and Dancing Nancies was breathtaking. Tim's solo was absolutely incredible, the crowd could not believe what he was doing, we all sat there in shock. and to end the night, a great encore, I'll back you up and watchtower. Dave said he wasnt gonna play watchtower but he did when he found out it was Hendrix's b-day. all in all an incredible night, wow. i cant' believe i was right there so close to it all.
Martin P.
First "Stay" and "Cry Freedom" of the tour. Dave warned us before playing "Stay" that it was the first time ever Tim and he played it like this, and not to blame them if it sucked. Well it started off sucking, Tim looked lost and his chords were off a bit, but they ended the song very well. Dave gave it a "kinda-good" hand gesture after finishing. I would have liked to hear more UTTAD and R2T songs, they played 8 songs off of Crash. Dave talked about masterbation, his time in Amsterdam, Jimi Hendrix's Birthday, bowling shoes, INDIAN FOOD -- every 2 minutes he was commenting and complaining about some Indian food he had eaten ... BOMBAY ... Dave was making fun of the people yelling out songs. I yelled to Tim whether he preferred Tim or Timmy. He looked at me (I was 2nd row) and then Dave went off on how his name is Tim, but he calls him Timmmy, "putting an 'e' on the end of it" as Dave said -- and then something about himself being annoying, as Tim was nodding. Then someone right behind me yelled out "Hey Davey" and there was a big grin on Dave's face. Twenty-two songs total, would have liked to hear #36 or Best of What's Around, but i'll try again at the Stanley tomorrow. Two mike stands, both behind me on the left side of hall -- but only one recording came out good, a new pre-amp was turned down to low for entire show on the other. Good luck in trying to find the show!!