Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Eisenhower Hall, West Point, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Say Goodbye
Lie In Our Graves
Bartender -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Angel From Montgomery
So Much To Say
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
If I Had a Boat
Two Step
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Warehouse (Passion, Stop Time intros)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Too Much
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Typical Situation
Dancing Nancies

Brandon S.
GREAT SHOW. Amazing Dave Speak and he also put on a military jacket and wore it, it was so funny. Great Show and some amazing tim songs(as usual). The guy next to me yelled for Halloween and Dave responded"you can do Halloween this time of year". And #40 NO TEASE the whole thing. What can u say besides WOW. Well worth my 2hr drive. See ya all at the BEacon.
Jeff B.
Wow, Never have I antisipated something so much, and have it come through. The last 2 months came down to the first song of the encore, any my wishes actualy came through. As for the rest of the show, Amazing to say the least. Played every song i felt i needed to hear (the new one and if i had a boat) plus every other fav song i couldn't have predicted (Angel, CRAZY!) and the song i tried not to get my hopes up for, #40. Only downside was the rudeness of some of the crowd members. Sone guy actually screamed out during Timmy's first solo "Where's Dave, and Tim you're shit" I felt so bad for Tim, but it didn't seem to effect him, since he was great the entire show. Real spooky at times. I really liked his second solo he played last night. Also the lady behind me sung along, which was very annoying, but her boyfriend was giant, so I felt I could deal. Oh, one more thing, Dixie Chicken Outro had sold out to people who shout and scream along to it. Very disturbing. Oh we ll, still a great show, my 6th dave but 1 d+t and i'd say the best out of anything i've seen.
Josh G.
This show was very good, not as good as the show from 1997, but worth the trip home from maryland to see. I was glad to hear crazy live, as well as #40. Speaking of which, when i shouted # 40 to dave, some kid yells "It's # 41 asshole." And since i had been rattling off about my tapes to some kids around me (always looking to help a newbie) they all started yelling at the guy that I was right and nobody could no more. It was pretty funny. And when dave played it for the start of the encore i stood up, shouted # 40 to the kid and took a bow. A sides from that the show had some excellent jams. A very solid Say Goodbye to start the show off. I was a little disapointed by a lack of deed is done or little thing, but hearing a new song made up for it. The new song was a bit darker than anything they usually played, but it had some very nice lyrics to it. In addition, i am glad that they are finally selling Tim's CDs at the booths, I bought Sanctuary, and from what i heard on the car ride home it was interesting, very industrial sounding, but good nevertheless.
Brian D.
Aside from those fifteen year old girls who sing the words to all the songs from the major albums, the evening was incredible. The first half of the set was fabulous. They really mixed it up tonight. They have done Granny alot this tour, but Crazy. That was unexpected. I really like it. My highlight was when he came back out after a Tim song and said that he was playing a song by John Fein (?). Hearing Angel From Montgomery live was unbelievable. That was the song I was dying to hear tonight. The new song, "Reconcile our Differences" as it is bieng called, was an interesting song. Not dissapointing at all. The whole crowd joined in on So Much to Say. The Jimi Thing > What will becme of me > Pantala naga Pampa was sweet. There was an intro to Two Step. I don't know my intros very well though. They played it out nicely. Tim added a great echoing effect during teh intro to Warehouse. Coupled with Dave's voice echoing, the sounds were incredible. The Wise Men Say outro to Stone capped off an excellent song. I would like to hear Dave sing more of the song instead of using it as just an outro. There was a three song encore. Better than teh one song Watchtower from the last show. It began with some intro, but it oculd have been a short song. It went right into Pay For What You Get. This ia a fabulous acoustic song. Then into Typical Situation, whch has been playe dat almost every show. Still, it wasn't bad or anything. After the secong song, I got excited by them not walkin goff stage. Dave looked into the first few rows and said that this one is for you. They ended with Dancing Nancies. A nice ending. Tim Reynolds is a great guitar player. He can play really fast, but also play note by note. He also used his pedals to make some weird sounds. His two solos were nice. Dave told two stories I have never read about. One was about his experience in a Methodist high school in South Africa, and how he wore uniforms (like at West Point). He then commented how good seventeen year old girls looked in those uniforms. There were a few others as well. All in all, a tremendous show.
Adam T.
Just got home from the Dave and Tim show at the US military Academy. It was a weird scene with all these cadets in dress regalia and there dates in prom dresses. dave said they looked "sharp". The show itself was phenomenal. despite it being "the cold and flu season" Dave was in good spirits, talking about everything from boogers, to his early acid trips and the Grateful Dead. The classic moment was when a cadet threw his dress jacket on stage for Dave to wear, and Dave put it on during Too Much. The Cadet was escorted out by his superiors though. The musical selection was good. Pretty much all Crash and Remember... tunes, with some BTCS. Everything sounded great, even, too my surprise, Don't Drink the Water. But some of the cover songs were awesome, very moving. Especially, If I Had a Boat. All in all it was great too see Dave in a more intimate setting and he seemd really happy to be there. By the way Tim Reynolds is the shit!! See you in Spring/Summer 99!!!!
WOW......this was my first dave and tim show, it was unreal. Evidentally Dave has a cold, and he apologized if he sounded congested. Dave seemed really impressed by all the Cadets at West Point who were dressed in uniforms and how "sharp" they looked, and he talked about coming to IKE hall when he was a kid to see the Boston Pops.... anyway lil review of the show, great #41, and something amazing that lead into DDTW, i remembered something about "where would the lord and the devil be w/out each other".......or something to that effect, me and the guys around me deemed it a new song, but it was really good, Angel from Mont. really kicked some ass, TIMMY IS FUCKING AMAZING....that man in my mind is as good a guitar player as hendrix and clapton....but thats just me, great version of the stone, and amazing encore, although a little odd, #40 just blended into PFWYG and that just turned into Typical Situation.....oh yeah, and dave put on a cadets jacket at the end of the show....rather cool.....i didnt see any tapers, but if someone has a tape of this show PLEASE e-mail me....