Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Shafer Auditorium, Meadville, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Too Much
So Much To Say
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Lie In Our Graves
Pay For What You Get
I'll Back You Up
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Crash Into Me
Say Goodbye
Typical Situation
Dancing Nancies
All Along the Watchtower

Mark W.
A nice show with a great crowd, which Dave called the best yet of the five shows so far on the tour. During LIOG if it hadn't been for the two guys on stage you've been able to hear a pin drop...wonderful! Granny was a nice surprise opener. At one point in between songs someone yelled "What's up with the elephants?" referring to the two plastic elephants on the table with the water bottles. Dave went into a story about watching a male elephant mount a female, and then introduced "Crash Into Me" by saying it was about elephants.
John R.
Over all a solid show, obviously because I don't think Dave and Tim could be less than great, but there were no setlist surprises which you all already know, so that was *slightly* dissapointing. Lots of cool Davespeak, no long stories, but a lot of crowd interaction and tons of little blurbs through out the show. Granny was a surprise openner, and Dave says something to the order of "I wanted to get that one out of the way, because a lot of people seem to like this one , and now they don't have to yell "Granny", in a mocking drunk frast boy voice with a dazed look on his face. Crush was great with this being the first time where tim gets to solo, and he made this a hilight for me. Other better than usual songs seemed to be #41(which is always great), the stone with wise men say outro, which i could see becoming one of my favorite acoustic songs, Jimi Thing >WWBOM tease (no actual words) >PNP , During Graves u could hear a pin drop in the place near the end decrescendo and i though it was so beautiful. Pay for what u get also was beautiful. Warehouse had an vocal intro that i could not make out(thanx for mumbling Dave ! :-) which was possibly passion. I believe the 2nd tim solo was Letting Go, as for the first one I'm not sure, and Typical was probbaly the hilight of my show. Spoon encore was absoulutely gorgeous, and Watchtower was well, as good as acoustic watchtower could be i guess, Tim was into this one though. As for Davespeak topics were masturbation and how "sometimes it's excellant", His desire for a 10 second acid trip, his questionning the fact of if mice fart, and elephant penises. They have a little table in between the two of them for drinks and such, which was also home to 2 liilte elephants, which sparked the whole penis thing! My fave Davespeak of the night was when he stated he is not good at reading body language, and he mocks a hunched over girl in the crowd leaning on her hand with her elbow on her knee, and says how she doesn't seem to be having a good time and "i bet she's wonderring y I'm not dancing?, and when are they gonna play the drums? " I got a kick out of that. An Audience member yells "say something tim", and he responds with some sign language and bizzarre body movements, that was funny also. Oh well, I hope i gave some of u some interresting insight, and i hope u can all catch a show.
Mark S.
This was my 6th Dave show and first time seeing him and Future Man (oops, I mean Tim Reynolds) together. Overall, it was a good show. As many have siad before, the talking in between is nearly as entertaining as the music. I guess it's just getting that glimpse in to the many personalties of Dave. The music - highlights including a bold opening of Granny, plus hearing the latest stuff stripped down - especially The Stone. The sound was incredible - they must have about a billion dollar system. Too Much sounded wya better this way, and the Spoon verse sounded more true with Dave singing it than the girl from You Can't Do That On Television. Lowlights - too many love songs, too much of Tim's toys, Granny was the only unreleased song played. The vibe - Dave's still on a masturbation kick - for the last 20 years, according to his own words. He talked about how great it would be ti have acid that worked in just 10 seconds, the size of Elephants penis's (he called Crash "the elephant song"), and he made fun of a pretty girl in the audience whose body language shiwed her disinterest. The worst part was the 2 girls sitting behind me who felt obligated to talk about their college social life ABOVE the music. The crowd really enjoyed singing along to the radio stuff. My wife and I (yes, I have awife and I like the music) had a good time overall, but DMB is still not as good as the band that I manage here in Pittsburgh: TELETRIO.
Elliot S.
An excellent show. My first Dave and Tim after seeing the band 15 times. I was impressed with the crowd as was Dave. He commented on how they have played 5 shows and we were the best crowd thus far. The venue reminded me of a high school gymnasium but was comfortable. The crowd was certainly respectful and Dave rewarded a few yellers with songs they wanted. Unfortunately he didn't reward #40 fans. Timmy was incredible and very well receieved by the crowd who obviously respected what he was doing up there. As a highlight I would probably go with opening with Granny. After the tune Dave said that it was good to get that one out of the way cause there are always some big voiced dudes yelling for it the whole show. That was one of many things he said that the crowd got a good laugh out of.