Dave Matthews Band
Starlake Ampitheatre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Poi Dog Pondering
Don't Drink the Water
Tripping Billies
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
The Last Stop
The Dreaming Tree
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Crush *
Stay **
Dancing Nancies
Two Step
Rhyme and Reason

* with Mitch, DMB's caterer
** with Kornell Hargrove, Arlene Newson, and Robert Cornelius

Dave came out wearing a tossle cap, and a Jacket, which he later took off because he said, "It's warming up in here"  In Pittsburgh, It was freezing, if the temp reached 60 we were lucky.  On Tuesday we were hit with a bunch of Tornado's so were having some crazy weather The setlist may be a bit out of order in the middle DDTW:  Good opener, pretty standard until the end of the song when just dave finished it off.  After the last "Blood in the Water" Dave sang solo, just him and the guitar "And I live with the notion that I don't need anyone but me" Billies:  WOW.. BOYD is insane.  Dave and him went off for a considerble amout of time.  Boyd was amazing alll night PNP-->Rapunzel:  A good jam at the end. Pig:  Introduced this one by making Pig noises.  Sounded real good. The Stone--->DIDO:  okay I liked the stone, and I thought the transition into DIDO was great, never realized until now how much they sound alike. The Dreaming Tree:  Bathroom Break for me, I could still hear it.  The song sounded beautiful, but It's too slow to play at a concert. Crush:  Again Wow.  After the Dreaming Tree was over I saw some guy come out and pick up an electric guitar.. the stage was smokey so I couldn't make out who it was I thought--Timmy-- but then dave introduced this guy by telling how well the crew treats them.. this guy was their Caterer(sp).  He was pretty damn good.  They jammed forever on this one, this cook filled in for Timmy nicely.  There was kinda a start stop at the end it was cool.  Dave, Boyd, Stefan, and the Caterer were all Jamming in the center of the stage. Stay:  Knew this one was coming when he talked about Poi Dog,  It was good, long at the end,  but good. So Much To Say:  Not much to say here standard version----> ASTB: basic one Stefan rocked.----> Too Much:  F*ck it up, F*ck it up, you get the idea...... The Last Stop:  WOW. Probably the higlight of the show for me I love this song the reprise outro at the end was awesome, Boyd shined once again for this one. Dancing Nancies:  The place went nuts, Could I have been in milione in F*cking Bel Aire, Lost Somewhere in Pittsburgh.. but besides that stuff all I can say once again is BOYD wow him and Dave jammed forever it was like a 15 min song (I'm guessing). Two Step:  A great closer.  Stefan's bass intro is sweet.  Dave added new lyrics in the begining, like something about hiding away and watching the world for a thousand years.   They didn't jam too long at the end. Encore: Granny:  At First only Dave, Carter and Stefan came on stage, so I thought something was up.. I heard the first chord to Granny and went nuts!  Not many people knew it, but I sang my heart out.. Then had to tell everyone what song that was.. Rhyme & Reason;  Never in a million years did I expect to hear this song.   I couldn't believe it, this is a great closer, at least in my opinion, at the end he said I see heaven yeah.. Overall the concert was great, I think this setlist worked well.. Besides DDTW, Too Much, and SMTS, no real BIG radio songs were played which made my night.. thank god  After almost everysong the band jammed, it was an incredible night, I saw people taping it, I would highly recommend trying to get a copy.
Rick M.
Rainy and cold day in the area of Pittsburgh. But it cleared up nicely for the show, but the cold didn't leave. Poi Dog did a nice job opening and was the best opening band I have seen. The breakdancers were nice, but they should have done more. Dave came on wearing a winter hat of some kind and talking about the weather in Pitt. The band came out with big energy. DDTW: Decent opener. Didn't really expect this one, so it was nice. The crowd like it and they had a nice long jam at the end of the song. Billies: Good version of Billies. Boyd had a big part, as hey did all night. He was the one that shown the most during the night and took control on this one. Another one the crowd really enjoyed. Pantala-->Rapunzel: Good upbeat song. Nothing to special about...a little jam at the end, but that was the common thread for the night. Knew they had to slow it down next and... Pig: Dave started out by making Pig noises and my friend called it. It was a nice version of the song, but went very much album style. The Stone: Dave introduced the song by saying "Stoned!!!" into the mike. that got the crowd going for obvious reasons. This is where the new stuff started to drag. The band eventually played 9 of 11 songs off BTCS. I would much rather see a couple new ones with the old stuff. All night I was calling for Granny. --> DIDO: Really suprised me, because I think this is the first time they played it. It was really nice and they jammed on it for a while and had some new lines in the middle, but I couldn't catch them all. Very nice version. Last Stop: Good songf and the lights were good, but too much off the new album and I knew that radio stuff still needed played. Dreaming Tree: Really like this song, but it's better in a Dave and Tim setting and if they play Pig, they really shouldn't play this one. This is when the concer got long because... So Much to Say (Anyone seen the Bridge)---> Too Much: Standard versions and all the teenage girls went nuts. "I Love You Dave". Well, that's great. The end of these songs were great because it led to... Crush: Very nice version, crowd really enjoyed it. Nice jam at the end. Stay: Knew this was coming when he introduce Poi Dog. Good song, album standard. Dancing Nancies: One of the highlights, very long jam at the end. One of the best versions I have ever heard. Two Step: I knew this was coming, but it was terrific. The crowd loved it and was a great set closer. GRANNY!!!: The one I wanted the most. NO ONE in the crowd knew it. Everybody just stood around, but I went nuts. People behind me laughed at how high I jumped and went nuts, but I chuckle as they knew nothing but the radio stuff. Anyway it was an awesome version and made my night. R&R: Didn't expect this at all, but my friend starting singing it before they started and I was amazed. A very good encore. The show was great. Too much new stuff, but I hope they will change it up when they come back for the summer. Well, see ya at Cleveland and again in Pittsburgh.
Michael R.
First off, traffic in Pittsburg sucks.  So we missed Poi Dog. But we had second row center so I can't com[lain too much. Dave had on a stocking cap and a jacket.(looked like he should be playing punk!) DDTW---Great opener, it really got the crowd into it.  Had a neat little outro thingy--Dave solo Tripping Billies--Nature intro--Just awesome--Boyd was just spectacular PNP->Rapunzel--real nice--like Dave's funny noises in it Pig--Nice to hear this one. After Pig, Some one in the firdt row throw a joint up at Dave's feet and he saw it.  He then made some inhaling noises and mage some faces towrds the audience members who throw it and a little wink, picked it up and set it on an amp and said something to Carter.  Then he said "Stone" and went in to Stone--really nice, -->DIDO--these two are great together. Nice cahnge in lyrics The last stop--this song just rocks--(I was hoping for  them to go right into Minarets, I think they would go great together) Dreaming Tree--This was a surprise!  Nice sound, great jam. SMTS--Nice to hear with the bridge -->Too Much--nice jam nothing special Crush--I saw someone in the shadow with a guitar I was hoping it was Tim, but it turned out to be Mitch, th caterer, it sounded great like the album almost. Stay--I saw the mics come out and we know what it was.  Sounded neat with the male background singers with the female one.  Dancing Nancies--This was awesome, I was hoping I would I hear it. 2 Step--great closer, before the encore.  I thought Nancies would be the last one but I was surprised. Encore Granny--It was great to hear this live in person again.  No one around me know what it was.  I let them know!!! When I yelled "Oh My Gosh GRANNY!!" It was just Dave, Stefan, and Carter. Rhyme& Reason--This was a shocker first time they played it on tour this time, Nice jam great song.
Steve M.
A good show from the boys last night.  We got there to hear them soundcheck.  They played Rapnuzel, Rhyme and Reason, and Crush but with someone playing an electric guitar.  I knew something was up.  They started at 9 ended at 11:20. It was a nice night after rain all day, and the venue was packed.  DDTW - this surprised me for an opener but was fine.  I liked the slow ending with Dave singing the "I'll live with the notion..." Billies - I'm not a huge billies fan but this song just kicked ass.  Easily the best of the four I've seen live. The lighting was really nice for this with white lights just on Carter for his solo. Rapunzel - nothing special here, tempo was a little slow. Pig - I was glad to here this one.  Really nice, Dave subbed "burn one down." for a "don't burn the day." Stone - This is one of my favorite songs on the new one, it was pretty good.  It was much slower than on the album. Dave switched guitars mid song, a trend that would continue for many songs throughout the night. Last Stop - sweet.  I'm not too big on this song, but I loved it last night, especially the segue into the reprise.  The segue was some of the best jamming the boys did all night. Dreaming Tree - really nice.  The jam at the end was the musical highlight for me, nice and long. SMTS -> Too Much - nothing new here Crush - Now I heard the soundcheck so I knew there was going to be a guest, I was just wondering who.  It turned out to be the cook for the band.  This was really nice, the jam was long, with a big Carter solo.  The guitarist was pretty good, he was probably nervous, because he played pretty at soundcheck. Stay - everyone was dancin Nancies - hell yeah, Dave switched up the lyrics at the beginning a little bit.  Everyone was trying to sing along, but couldn't.  The jam at the end was nice, even if it's the same one they've been playing for 5 years.  Still was a highlight of the show. Two Step - Perfect closer, version was much like 11/9/96.  Long slide solo from Stefan, intro lyrics from Dave.  The ending wasn't too long. E: Granny - I could feel this coming.  My friends and I were going nuts. Rhyme and Reason - First time all tour, I was expecting it because of soundcheck.  Dave ad libed all the verse lyric.  I was glad to hear this one. Overall comments on the show:  There was a long time behind songs.  Crowd was okay.  My only problem with the show was it predictability.  I called about half of the songs.  Other than that the show was great.  No satellite or crash.  Dave did a lot of dancing and Boyd was hot.  Overall a great show, if anyone has tapes email me.
Jay L.
Overall it was a pretty good show. The crowd around me didn't seem that into it, but they never do. It was freezing, so Dave all bundled up for the first few songs. DDTW was solid, nothing spectacular... a good opener. Billies was great, Carter was nuts. Rapunzel was alright, it seemed like something was missing though. Pig was good, although no one really seemed to get into until the end. The same goes for The Stone which was very good, I didn't really miss the Kronos Quartet at all. DIDO was very good, and the crowd seemed more energetic. The Last Stop was great, Dave did a cool little intro with the moaning/wailing from the beginning of the song.  The Dreaming Tree was basically the same as the album version, it was good, but it's not really a great concert tune, you can't dance to it. SMTS got the biggest applause of the night, it was the basic version. The Little Baby Jam was great, Stefan was rockin all night. Too Much was the usual too. Crush was very good, and the caterer did a good job on electric guitar... they jammed for a while. Stay was the same as the album version, with the Poi Dog backup singers. Nancies was great (w/ a lost somewhere in Pittsburgh), Dave and Boyd jammed forever on it. Two Step was real good too, a good closer. It was great to hear Granny, despite having to fill people in on what it was. And Ryame and Reason was fantastic... Dave sang completely different lyrics, except for the very beginning and the chorus. Dave also mentioned that it was Fenton's birthday. Leroi didn't seem to be too into the show, he was kinda quiet.
Nick K.
The show kicked ass. Spectacular lights and very well performed. The setlist wasn't too good. 9 songs from Before These Crowded Streets and 2 from Under the Table and Dreaming !?! Oh, well. It's the band not the songs. I still want Crash Into me, though. (That was the common thought in the parking lot afterwards) People were going nuts! They were yelling at the equipment roadie as soon as he came out. It was interesting. As soon as Tripping Billies was played people started dancing in the isles and in my seat. It was a party. People had to sing along to every damn word. I think Granny was returned so Dave could sing in full for once The best song was Dancing Nancies. Dave and the violinist did this duel thing that was very cool. It was a great show and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Nick L.
After Seeing Dave and the boys in Roanoke for the first show of the year, I was eager to see if they had improved and if that was at all possible.  I was hoping to hear some of the same songs they played then, but was suprised by the setlist especially encoure.  The show was great, not a lot of dave speak, but you'll have that.  Dave was stylin' a tossel cap at the beginning of the show and commented on how it was warming up and took it off.  We tailgated before the show so I just caught the end of PoiDog Pondering (sorry I'm a frat boy and not wanna those perfect nancie fans.)  They were breakdancing which was cool. Star Lake is a great Venue at least compared to the shit hole in Roanoke (Victory Stadium.)  The Lighting was sooo unbelievable it was amazing, during crush the had an awesome blue lighted background. I have Pictures you can see at my DMB page.  http://www.pitt.edu/~nalst11 DDTW-  Didn't really agree with it being released as the first single, but man what a way to open a show.  Plus you get it out of the way *grin* Tripping Billies- I love this song.  Boyd and Dave jammed in the middle of the stage forever it was great there was even a older married couple in front of us grooving to it.   It's a great way to open up a show alot of excitement. PNP-Rapunzel- My second favorite song on the new cd behind crush.  Good little jam Liked it alot Pig- I knew it was coming when dave starting oinking into the microphone.  A lot better than when I first heard it in roanoke. Stone- Love this song especially the I'll do the same if the same's what you want line.  Lots and Lots of energy!  and then DIDO-  What a transition.  They should be paired together at every show.  You just keep groovin' to these two. Last Stop- Love this song on the CD There is no way they could play it as good as they do on the CD but it sounds great in concert too! Dreaming Tree- Didn't think it would be that good live, but I like it.  It kinda Grows on you. SMTS- Played it as an encoure in Roanoke, but I like it better in the middle of the show.  Everybody sang to this song, but I kinda expected that! Too Much-  Played TOO MUCH Crush-  Can you say lighting!  Unbelievable gave me the chills.   I love this song everything about it.  It just makes me wanna walk up to that girl I dig and say It's crazy I'm thinking just knowing that the world is round and here I'm dancing on the ground.  Am I right side up or upside down is this real or am I dreaming?  Then we hook up *grin* Stay-  Like the song.  Loved it at Roanoke when they didn't have the backup singers.  Poi Dog does a really good attempt though. Dancing Nancies- What can I say but Wow Wow Wow.  Lost Somewhere in Pittsburgh heh dave?  I'll help you find you way anytime! Two Step-  Changed the beginning a little I think.  Dave loves to play it in concert and I can see why.  Stefan jammed big on this one.  What a way to end the set! Okay the encoure.  I read all the reviews of the shows the week before this one and dave has been playing Crash like every time and even ants marching the past couple so all I can think is this place is going to go CRAZY!!  Lighters lit the place up it was great (got a pic of that)  Dave comes out and.... Granny-  hahah fool I am such a fool crash and ants was too good to be true.  Granny is awesome though and I liked to look around and see all the puzzled people! *grin* Rhyme and Reason-  I absolutely dread this song so I was a little dissapointed but then I was like Dave Rules The show ruled and I was happy.  
Andy J.
Dave rolled out in a winter cap which might i add was needed, it was balls cold out side, he later took off the cap DDTW-As soon as dave played the first notes to this song the crowd went nuts, dave jammed and sang solo at the end i think it was an OK opener. Tripping Billies-- i love this song and when he was playing the nature intro i yelled tripping billies and still no one knew what was coming and when he broke into billies everyone went insane.  dave and boyd jammed crazily, carter added a solo at the end. PNP-->Rapunzel-- awesome song live, dave kicked it up good, stefan was swinging and grooving to this song even. one of my favs off the new disc and i danced up a storm to this tune. Pig-- a great song and dave made crazy noises at the beginning to kick it off. The Stone---> Drive in, Drive Out--- two great songs back to back, both jams were long and good, in DIDO dave added the lyrics "have a little tea party", but during the song i kept getting interrupted by a dude in front of me who was astounded with the girls from johnstown i was with he kept yelling "johnstown girls and dude"  he paid for all our beer though! The Last Stop---  what can i say yet another good song, dave started it off with his own oriental type lingo and then the guys kicked in with the song, a great song live Dreaming Tree--  i love this song!  a great song a nice slow in the jamming everyone loved it, or so i heard by all singing along with it. dave even added a little jam at the end, i loved it SMTS--->Too Much-- two great songs i did not expect to hear these songs but i loved them dave and boyd jammed hard on both tunes, dave added the lyrics f@#* it up which was nice. Crush-- dave brought out their caterer to jam with them, and jam he did, boyd did their usual jam but at the end this guest just went nuts playing with a wah-wah pedal i think  i loved the song. Stay-- dave brought out the back-up singers from PDP, the band was solid and with the back-up they were great the one dude from PDP was dancing around like a nut when he wasn't singing. great song Dancing Nancies-- WOW! Not only did dave say lost somewhere in Pittsburgh, but he and boyd were playing a game of see who can jam the longest, i was in absolute awe with the band and their jamming capabilities i knew they could jam but boy did they jam. Two Step--  what can you say about this song, live , recorded it doesnt matter it will be kick ass no matter what once again dave and boyd------nuts!!!!!!!!!  they jammed , and stefan's bass line to open things up was great Granny--- The only song I was dying to hear live and I heard it, me and my cousin were pumped beyond belief i was dancing up a storm and singing and then my friend says where are leroi and boyd, but then in the refrain the came out and sang the "love" part and the "baby" part. great song Rhyme & Reason--  i love the song, i just don't see it as a good closer, i danced up a storm though this was a kick ass show, i didn't leave once i watched the entire thing all night dave and boyd jammed hard stefan was in the spotlight  too, leroi kinda lurked in the shadows, but that's ok because he kicked it up good i was overly satisfied, i love the band and they reinforced my theory as them as the best live act around today along with phish. i saw people taping the show and i would like a copy so get in touch with me and we can trade or somethig.
Chad M.
It was cold out that night. Dave had a tossle cap and jacket on when he came out, but he later took it off.  luckily it pretty much stopped raining about an hour before the concert. DDTW: It was good, nothing real special, pretty much standard except ending. I was a little suprised to hear them open with this but it was still cool. Billies: Definately one of the better songs that evening. Boyd was awsome. This was one of the best solos i've ever heard him do. It was great. After this song Dave said "Glad to see the smoke is still in the sky" everyone cheered. PNP>Repunzel- Not too many people around me knew PNP at first but when Repunzel came in they reliezed it. Very good and a good jam at end. Pig: Very good but I can't remember many specifics about it. The Stone and DIDO> Very cool. Lot of people seemed to think it was 2step at first. DIDO was very good also The Last Stop: Definitely the highlight of my evening. The entrance with the real slow playing and the indian like singing was cool. Then Dave Turned around and the lights went completely black for a couple of seconds, then they came in and nailed it hard. The crowd went crazy. My favorite song on BTCS. I loved it. The Dreaming Tree: This is one of my favorite songs on BTCS but it was  a little slow. still liked it a lot though. It is a great song. A guy behind me screamed "New Song" which I thought was rude and it kinda ticked me off. The soprano solo by Roi was great. Being a sax player I like to hear his solos the most. So much to Say was great. then Too Much rocked. Every one went crazy (Not like Last Stop, but still crazy) it was real good. Crush. was great. I love this song esp. the entrance. I thought the electric guitar that came out was Tim, but I guess not. He was still real good. Jam was great. Stay: Cool with Poi Dog Two Step: was an awsome closer. Changed a few lyrics The break before encore Every one shined their lighters and was screaming Dave Dave Dave. Looked real cool. Granny: Was glad they played it. I never actually heard the full song but still knew what it was. At first only Carter Dave and Stephan were out but later Boyd and Roi came out. Ryme and Reason: Love the song, but was disappointed to hear it as the closer. Being my first concert I really hoped for Watchtower or maybe True Reflections. They played it well but wasn't that great as a closer. Being my first concert it was definitly something to remember. I thought it was great and I'm getting a DAT recording of it soon. That would be great for them to release this as a live CD. On the way home we were in an accident. we were hit by a flaming volvo which later exploded. it was a 3 car accident and everyone was OK. That made the night even more rememorable. I'm also going to the Aug 4th concert and hopefully another one in like Ohio or something, somewhere nearby.