Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: Beck and Ben Folds Five

The Best of What's Around
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Crush *
Don't Drink The Water *@
Recently (On Broadway, Some Do/Some Don't)
Back To Alexandria *@^
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Pig *@^
Jimi Thing
For The Beauty of Wynona
Tripping Billies (Nature Intro)
Two Step @
Stay *@#
Crash Into Me *@
All Along The Watchtower (Stefan solo intro) *@

* with Butch Taylor
@ with Bela Fleck
^ with Big Voice Jack
# with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King

Mike L.
Amazing show!!!! I don't remember the setlist completely but can just review highlites.  This was my first DMB show since 1 year ago yesterday.  I really needed to see him.  BenFolds was tremendous as an opener and got the crowd to their seats early. Beck was decent but nothing spectacular.  Well Here it goes.  I was extremely shocked by the opener. BEST OF WHATS AROUND. I was almost positive they were gonna open with Pantala Naga.  Pretty standard version. Don't Drink the Water I must say sounded amazing. I see alot of people bitchin about hearing this song.  I absolutely loved it.  Other bright spots were For The Beauty of Wynona.  Dave's voice echoed throughout the stadium and was excellent. This was alot of peoples bathroom break but I am glad they played it cause i needed to hear an unreleased.  Also Dave brought out his friend from South Africa and did one of his songs."Back To Alexandria". It was a bouncy little instrumental. Very impressive.  But i must say the best part of the entire show was WATCHTOWER.  Overall Giants stadium was surprisingly great.  The sound was really good from where i was, and the security was cool.  Lots of young girls and fraternity boys, but that is what the DMB scene is now, so we can't bitch. As long as he keeps puttin smiles on our faces.
Ben Folds Five pretty much sucked but at least they went fast, which I can't say for Beck. I miss Bela Fleck. I wanted to hear one of three songs from Dave ... Granny, Halloween, or Warehouse, but I didn't get any of them. I was pretty dissapointed with the setlist that was chosen but it still sounded pretty awesome. The highlights of the show for me was Jimi Thing, Two Step, and Watchtower.  Stefen's intro to Watchtower was unbelievable, and Bela's banjo added a lot.  Overall the best version of Watchtower that I have ever heard.  Boyd had a nice little solo in Jimi Thing that sounded pretty awesome. The low point of the show for me was when Crash started playing.  I couldn't even hear Dave singing, all I could hear was the high pitched screams of about 40,000, 13yr old girls.  What really drove me crazy was the way they were begging for the song before it started playing. Overall a decent concert, in a horrible venue. Oh yeah, still no Live @ The Floodzone
Sam K.
The parking lot:  Surprised by the amount of high school kids that I saw in the lot.  Security was loose.  Overall a good scene.  Not enough porta-poties. The show:  BOWA- Solid opener.  My section was counting on a two step opener since he hadn't played it the night before.  Good choice though. Pantala --> Rapunzel- Didn'y jam it out as much as I had hoped, but it grooved.  All of the crowd was on its feet now. Crush-  Sweet solo at the beginning by Stefan.  Should let him go off more often. DDTW-  Much better live than on the album.  Bela kicked in nicley on this one. Recently-  Nice touch with the "On Broadway" intro.  Didn't expect him to play this one tonight.  Awesome surprise.  Jammed it out nicely. Back to Alexandria- The flute guy (can never remember his name) from South Africa does this one.  One of the highlights of the show.  A calypso song.  Reminded me of the Phish tune "Yamar." So much to Say-  A crowd pleaser.  The whole stadium sang along.  Dave can replace the "People in every direction" line from Ants Marching with "Open up my head and let me out" from this one. Too Much-  One of my personal favorites to hear the guys play.  Again, didn't jam it out as much as I had hoped. Pig-  Was expecting Dave to continue with the angry theme and give us a long awaited Halloween.  However, Pig was awesome, enhanced greatly by the flute. Jimi Thing-  A standard Jimi.  Wynona-  Always a good brerak in the set.  We knew to gear up for some serious grooving now. Tripping Billies-  We were right.  Boyd went off as usual, trading off with Carter. Two Step-  The one we had been waiting to hear.  Boyd and Bela went at it.  The vibe was incredible during this one during the lead ins becasue you could feel the whole place shaking.  The higlight of my show. Stay-  The three gospel singers from the album joined him.  Great closer.  E: Crash-  Short and standared version.  A must play for all the younger fans.  I must admit however that no matter how many timew I hear it, it gives me chills.  I just grabbed my girlfriens and sang along. Watchtower-  He couldn't have ended it with anything else.  A good watchtower, but a great close to an unbelievable show. Overall:  Was considered at first that the band would not be able to sustain their normal vibe because the venue was so big.  To my delight they were able to sustain it and then some.  Great way to close out the first leg.  See ya'll at the Tibetan show.
Eric V.
Average setlist but a good show overall.  Anyone who didn't buy tickets just because the venue was Giants Stadium really missed out. Ben Folds Five and Beck both played excellent sets, though the acoustics for both openers was absolutely horrible.  I was really afraid that it would be that bad for DMB too, but without the distortion that the other two bands, it wasn't a problem. Best of What's Around: was a surprise, hadn't been played all year, it was so unexpected I didn't realize what it was until about 40 seconds in.  Rapunzel: had a great jam at the end, Leroi went absolutely crazy. Crush: Ditto, replace Leroi with Boyd Don't Drink the Water: standard Recently: Here's where things got going.  Dave did On Broadway and Some People Do, threw in a pot reference somewhere, which got everyone cheering, but noone knew the lyrics besides me and my friends.  Except for the radio songs, this was a terrible crowd.  Everyone in my section was sitting?!?  for most of the show and they had no idea what most of the songs were.  Anyway, standard jam, but solid. Back to Alexandria: I thought this was just some random jam, Big Voice Jack is the man.  Definitely outshone Bela tonight, who I thought was a little off. SMTS-> Too Much:  Just like last year Pig: Don't like this song much, but Boyd was outstanding on it. Jimi Thing: Only 13 minutes long?  I was disappointed... well not really Wynona:  Great song that noone knew at all.  Almost everyone sat down Tripping Billies: Everyone got back up.  Unbelievable jam by Boyd at the end, about three times as long as normal. Two Step: Dave was dancing like crazy, so was everyone else.  Bela took over this song like he always does, I have heard better versions though. Stay: They brought out the singers, unfortunately, but a good version, long long jam at the end.  I didnt expect it to be the closer because they'd only played 14 songs at that point so I thought there'd be one more. Encore- Crash: Noooooooo!  Not even a dixie chicken or anything.  Dave kept holding onto each lyric at random points which threw off everyone who was singing, which made me laugh.  At least it shut up the kid behind me who kept saying, "shut up you skinny bastard, and play Crash!"  Watchtower: Love the new bass intro, nice long jam in the middle which everyone got into.  Great way to end the show. As for Davespeak, there was a good amount.  Dave noted that it was Stefan's birthday, so we all sang happy birthday to him, but he didn't play along.  When he introduced Big Voice Jack, he talked about how Jack gave him the pennywhistles because he wanted to have them played in a stadium or something like that, so Dave said "well then just come the fuck over here and play" or something like that.  The show ran about 2:30, well worth the trip from Philly.   
WOW!!!!! What a show!!! Exept for the mistake in the encore(playing crash), this show was the best I've seen.  What a great surprise opening with BOWA- very unexpected, but everyone loved it.  PNP-Rapunzel was standard, with dave doing some wacky screams.  Crush, great song, but could use more energy- boyd tore it up on this one, as he did all night. Ive heard some say that they dont like DDTW, and they just want to "get it out of the way"- i love it.  At the end, dave sang solo, repeating "and I live with my jealosy, and i live with the notion, that i dont need anyone..... but me."  When i heard the beginning of recently, i could have died a happy man.  Wow- you knew on Broadway was coming, Giants stadium being kind of in NY.  I love that song, especially just before the jam at the end, when the violin does two sharp strokes.  I would have loved to hear Pretty Pretty Girl, but i guess i should just be happy to hear recently.  Next dave started talking about his friend Big Voice Jack from South Africa (who, if you look in BTCS, donated pennywhistles for the album), and they played one of his tunes- a real happy song- those whistles rocked!  I heard the chord for SMTS, and i was just waiting for Anyone Seen the Bridge, and when i heard it, i loved it.  Too much was a pretty standard version, with "i smoke too much", and "im gonna eat up your children".  Next came Pig- long jam... )was this where bela had his solo?)  Jimi Thing was next, and the crowd flipped.  Really good version, extra-long jam.  They played the Batman part.  After that came Wynona (i had been dying to hear granny and when i heard this, i knew there would be no room for it), and everyone (but me and like two other people) sat down.  I loved knowing this song when no one else did.  Next came Billies- the setlist says "Nature Intro"- whoever said that is wrong- Nature is an intro to Recently, and is a cover song- dave sings "Nature, Nayayturrre", in that intro- that alternate intro to Billies should not be mistaken for Nature- anyway, best version of it ive ever heard, lots o jamming.  At that point, i expected the set to end, just because of the lights, the energy of the song, and the way the song ended.  I was, however, wonderin how they would squeeze all the songs that they didnt play into the encore- then, i was wrong, and dave played two step- WOWWWWWW!!! Bela went off!!! it was unbelievable the solo he had- at least i think it was in Two Step- it was either here or in Pig- either way, i almost blew my load.  Then the girls came out, and really werent that bad on stay- i like it better w/out the backup singers, but these girls werent too bad.  Pretty standard version of stay, great song though.  Then they left, and when they came back, i knew what was coming.  I sat down, and took a deep breath- and they layed crash.  I covered my ears while the girls all screamed, and when they let up, i listened.  Its a good enough song, but by no means should it be an encore.  There was no dixie chicken, which i really wanted to hear.  Then stefan had his cool intro to Watchtower- the best ive heard.  Great jams, and dave sang the lyrics differently than i had heard.  All in all, an unbelievable night- WHERE WAS: last stop, liog, ants? where has Warehouse been? Oh well, still the best ive seen.
Stan D.
BOWA - Great intro, got the crowd going most of the older crowd knew this song. PNP -> RAPUNZEL - Typical version, kept the crowd on its feet. CRUSH - the intor was a little off and i think he changed the words but he had almost everyone dancing for this one DDTW - I don't why people dont like this song live, but i think it has become a strong song for them. RECENTLY - What a suprise? Great intro too bad no pretty pretty girl, but still had one of the strongest jams in the middle that i ever heard. BACK TO ALEXANDRIA - it was cool, but i think most people used this to get off there feet, it was cool for dave to have this guy play with them. SMTS -> AOSTB -> TOO MUCH- Great! I wanted this all night along with AOSTB and TOO Much and I got it, I love the little baby jam! PIG - The band really improved on this song, Boyd was excellent! JIMI THING - Dave and Boyd went nuts, The jam was about 20 minutes and Boyd was dancing all over the place, he ended up near Leroi! WYNONNA - I loved this song last year, and it was cool to hear a more powerful version. BILLIES - No one knew the intro except for me and a few others so we were up dancing before anyone knew what it was, it was cool very long jam in the middle! Again Boyd went ballastic. TWO STEP - BELA FLECK and BOYD that is all that needs to be said! STAY - Amazing, the back up singers really made the song great!  I was impressed. CRASH - Typical version however, Dave stopped playing for about 1/2 the song and let the band do the rest.  It was odd but it sounded Great! WATCHTOWER - Great intro for stephan, and i liked dave's impersination of Bob Dylan, i was so glad to hear this Live. Overall Dave's voice was the stongest I have heard in months, I was at the infamous Roanoke show, and this show blew away the roankoke show.  They really improved the new songs and brought back the energy they used to have on stage.
Jason S.
This was a very interesting show.  Instead of trying to play a great quantity of songs, the band seemed to be content in jamming things out.  Some hightlights:  Rapunzel's more musical ending parts sounded much smoother w/ Butch on the keys.  Likewise Crush had a more full sound than before.  Don't drink the Water now has a very dark moody intro, and a dave solo outro where he keeps repeating the "And I live with the hatred" parts over a slowly strummed guitar.  Back to Alexandria I guess was some old folk song that was played to appease Dave's guest on the flute-thing.  It was very light sounding, many people said it sounded kinda like a nursery rhyme.  In my opinion the song dragged on and wasn't excepted well by the crowd.  However, Pig was AMAZING!  Much fuller w/ the keyboard, and right before the "here are we part", Dave's South African friend did a really nice solo.  The rest of the songs were pretty standard(some w/ Bela), but overall another good show.
Jack K.
Definetely a nice show.Not the best I have seen but good enough.Dave and the boys sounded real good and had a lot of energy.Dave seemed to have a lot of spirit but not that much davspeak tonight.I was a little upset that they didn't play more old stuff.They played lots of good songs from the new album though.They brought on this african guy and did this weird tribal jam.Dave was dancin all over the place.Bela came on and was stellar as usual.I was also very upset with not hearing warehouse,lie in our graves,seek up,say good bye,dancing nancies,and typical situation to say the least.I think the band should focus on playing the old stuff more.The sound system at the stadium was not very good and not that loud either but the band got through it.Another good show for DMB and hopefully many more to see.
Jim P.
Submitted by Chad Stains Well, after a 3 1/2 hour trek to nyc from PA, I'd have to say this was the best of the three shows I've seen.  A little disappointed in the setlist after hearing about Foxboro, but it was still dmb.  Lots of radio songs but everything was done well and with great jams. Ben Folds Five:  VERY loud and distorted.  Terrible sound, I really couldn't make out much of their songs.  A big disapointment after hearing how good they were. Beck:  This guy has stage presence.  He played a great set and really brought everyone into the stadium.  By the end of where it's at...he had most of the crowd singing along....was a real cool sight Now onto DMB: Started off great!!!  First and only BOWA of the tour and it was the first time I ever heard it in person.  The crowd went nuts and everyone was dancing.  Insane jam on Rapunzel....they just kept taking it higher and higher!  Cool jam on crush too...same as cd with a little added....a start/stop sorta thing..don't know how to describe it--same as what i've heard from the tour so far.  New little outro on DDTW--real quiet, a few lines repeated after the insane ending, pretty cool.  Great recently, complete with 'on broadway' and 'some people do/don't' intros....would've been cool to get a water/wine outro but it was still good.  Pretty much the same jam as always, just like R2T.  Big Voice Jack, the pennywhistler, was awesome!  It was so cool to see him up there on stage with a huge smile on his face.  DAVESPEAK, not exact of course "A little while ago in S. Africa I met this guy who played the pennywhistle, and he gave me a few whistles and told me to give them to my sax player to bring him good luck and to use on stage.  He said he always wanted to play in a big stadium, but since he couldn't maybe his whistles could.  The Dave said, well fuck it why don't you just come play with us!"  Crowd went wild, and they played the Back to Alexandria tune.  Don't know if it was one of Jack's or some traditional S. African tune, but it was a cool suprise.  Crowd was pretty out of it though.  So Much To Say-->Too Much....same as it ever has been...I could really do without this combo.  It was cool the first few times they did it but it doesn't do much for me anymore.  Two of my least favorite songs, but i would have to say Too Much wasn't too bad....crowd got really loud and the lights were great on this one.  "don't smoke enough" line in there as well.  Pig was next....and was absolutely awesome.  The crowd was way out of it unfortuanately, but this was a great version.  The Pennywhistler came on and soloed for a good 3-4 minutes in the middle of the song.  It was great and really made the song stand out.  Jimi was next...and was pretty damn good.  Not the best I've heard, but still good.  Dave's soloing is indeed getting better.  Lots of good closeups on the vid screens of his playing during this one.  Wynona...pretty slow and the crowd had no pulse at this point.  I don't mind this song but it is pretty repetitive....bad placement in the set.  Billies jolted the crowd up and it was one of the best i've ever heard.  The crowd was nuts....they lights were nuts....and boyd was nuts!  Actually everyone on stage went nuts on the final jam....extended more than usual, though I'm guessing it's pretty close to what they've been doing with it this tour.  Still phenomenal.  2 Step was awesome as well...one of the few times you could hear Bela all night, he did an awesome solo along with Carter at the end....very much like 6.8.97, then the rest of the band closed the song up after he finished.  Very good.  Stay was the closer and the crowd really loved this one.....everyone was singing along and, dare i say it, i thought the backup singers were awesome on this.  Just seeing them up there dancing all around and really getting into it made the song....pretty good closer.  I would've bet my car ride home the first closer was Crash...and I was right.  Nothing special at all, no dixie chicken outro.  I thought for sure Ants was next...after the radio friendly setlist...I was absolutely shocked when I heard stefan messing around and start the bass intro to Watchtower!!!  My first watchtower live and it just might have been the best one that I've ever heard!!  Great jam in the middle with dave, boyd, and bela!  Boyd had some wild effects going on his violin.  He was plucking it like a guitar and was producing a sound that sounded like a piano almost.  The closest I can compare it to is when Bruce Hornsby guested on the song at the 12.30.95 concert.  It was soo sweet, and they jammed the end of the song out with tons of energy.  I've never heard the song done better!! All in all, it was a great show.  I was pretty disappointed with the setlist---No dreaming tree, OSW and after hearing about #36 at Foxboro I was really dying to hear that one.  But the songs that were played were done flawlessly, and were some of the best versions i've ever heard.  Great Pig, 2step, and Watchtower!  A great concert...not the classic I was expecting and hoping for on the drive up, but a great one none the less.
Josh G.
The show was alright, not the greatest i've seen, but definitly worht attending.  I sat in Section 318, so the sound wasn't the best and I couldn't see the stage to well.  BF% wan't terrible, better than i expected, but Beck was horrible (i still can't figure out why he opended for them). It was nice to hear BOWA to start off with, although i figured they'd start off with Two Step, OSW, or Seek up, but just becasue it would allow them to shake off any stage fright with a nice jam intro to warm up.  I liked Bela out there, he had some phat jams, especially on Two Step.  Big Voice Jack was cool, his song was one long jam, with him singing some words in some language i couldn't understand in the middle of it.  Although i enjoyed the guests, they were out there for too much of the show.  A nice guest to jam on a few songs is great, but it's something to spice up the show, not to drown it in.  Also, GS was too cold.  I froze my ass off.
John G.
This concert was absolutley incredible.  I went to see Dave at the arts center last year, but this concert just kicked its ass.  I wasn't expecting BOWA to open, but it really got everyone up and dancing quick.  Dave and the band were feeling it tonight.  Dave was dancing all around the stage.  And the band was very tight on all their songs.  They did the RTT version of Recently.  It was great.  Along with Recently, Jimi Thing and Tripping Billies were among the best songs that they were really jamming to.  Dave had some really cool vocals going on Jimi Thing.  Crush is just an awesome song to have a girl that you really care about next to you for.  For the Beauty of Wynona was also very beautiful.  It was the first time I ever heard it.  Pig was very nice to hear.  The encore was great.  I was expecting Crash Into Me to be played because of the previous nights.  The crowd absolutely went crazy when they started playing it.  Then Stefan's intro into Watchtower was fabulous.  Overall, the concert was amazing.  The band was very tight.  Bela Fleck especially shined at specific moments during the night.  You can tell the band was just having a great time. Well, those are the big highlights of the night.  Advice:  just go and see as many Dave shows as you can.  They'll never get old.
Evan T.
This was the closest I had ever seen DMB, as I was sitting in the 16th row looking directly at Dave in front of me.  Stadium was packed and was really ready for a concert.  So let me talk about the set.  Best was an unexpected opener, and although I would have rather heard Seek Up, it was still good, although there were many backup singers in the crowd.  Dave started off with some Davetalk, but nothing spectacular.  I was hoping that they would extend Pantala to its normal full length, but he played it as it is heard from the album, then followed it up with a nice Rapunzel with a medium length jam.  Crush is my favorite song on the album and I was not disappointed with it at all.  DAve definately loves this song.  Then, Dave called out the first special guest, Bela!!!!  I had heard earlier in the day that he would be there, but i was still very happy that he came out so soon, meaning he would play on many songs.  I was expecting Lie in Our Graves, but instead got Don't Drink the Water, which was alright, nothing special.  I was quite happy that he played Recently next, because it was the first song that alot of the audience didn't recognize.  It was a great tune and I was playing along with the band.  Then Dave brought out Big Voice Jack from South Africa and played one of his songs, Back to Alexandria.  Everyone in the band was having a great time with this song, as they were all smiling.  So much to Say was next, followed by Too Much with the Bridge in the middle.  Pretty normal, but iwas a little upset that everyone in the stadium was singing along.  They brought back Bela and Jack to play Pig, which was cool and more enjoyable than the album.  Right when I heard the opening of Jimi, i started my stopwatch to see the length.  Great jams with Dave and Boyd, but it seems the crowd got a little disappointed and started to become quieter, which is why Dave seemed to end the song a little shorter.  But it still was a full 10 minutes.  Since the crowd was a little quiet during Jimi, Wynonna made the crowd seem silent.  Very few people had even known this song, even less heard it, but it was such a sweet song that should have been on the new album.  Once i heard the beginning of the Nature intro, i knew that Billies was coming but not many people did.  it was a great jam.  Quite happy that they played Two Step next, although it was fairly ordinary.  Stay was the last song of the set, and it sounded just like the album, but it was still very clean. I was extremely disappointed with Crash, just because i am sick of the song.  Dave seemed to listen to the crowd for the final song, as many people were chanting out Watchtower.  He played it and the band jammed for a while with Bela.  I liked Stefan's opening. All in all, a pretty good show, but still missing alot of what i wanted to hear.  Lie in our Graves and Nancies I thought would have been good touches, but at least he didn't play Satelite. 
Chris B.
BOWA-awesome opening song.  Didnt expect them to play this and when they opened with it I went wild. Pantala-awesome intro Rapunzel-excellent song, even better live, love this song, and they played it perfect. Crush-Stefan had an awesome intro to this song, he played awesome basslines all night DDTW-Excellent song with a great ending Back to Alexandria-really dont know this song and I have never heard it before, but it still sounded alright SMTS-Great song, whole band wails in this song Too Much-I have heard this intro before and it is so much better in person, Dave does some awesome foot work in this song.  Song sounded great. Pig-Excellent song with great lyrics, definately sends a great message along with some definately soothing sounds Jimi Thing-Awseome song, that is all that needs to be said about this tune.  Long jam with an excellent solo by Boyd. Beauty Of Wynona-Didnt know this song either, but still a decent tune. Tripping Billies-good intro, and an awesome song, Excellent jam by the band led by Boyd. Two Step-Awesome beginning folowed by a strong end with the whole band wailing away. Stay-The gospel singers came out and did a little jamming with Dave and friends, made this song sound awesome live.  what a way to end the set before they broke for the encore.  It sounded awesome. Encore Crash Into Me-Dave came back had a few words and when he strummed the first chord the place went nuts.  It sounded awesome. All Along The Watchtower-When Crash was over I started shouting for watchtower and sure enough Dave played it and he played it at his best.  Boyd started playing his violin like it was a little guitar and the sound was amazing.  This was the best concert yet.  It was my third and the three is definately a charm.  For anyone able to get tickets for any Dave Matthews Band show, I strongly suggest to go to one their shows.
Mike G.
BOWA-great opener, got the crowd going and love flowing. Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel-gave a fresh new sound to their concert, seemed like it reminded everyone of playing Before These Crowded Streets on their cd player. Crush-kept the crowd on their feet and dancin' DDTW-wow, everyone went crazy, there was singing, dancing, and screaming. Carter's opening drum beat hit you hard and brought a tear to my eye. Recently-brought back memories of Remember Two Things.  I'm glad they added this one in. Back to Alexandria-a lot of people chilled with this one.  Seemed like only me and a couple people knew what was going on. So Much to Say-a big group sing-along.  SMTS was definitely one of the hits with the crowd. Too Much-this one got the adreniline pumping with Dave's strenuous, "Suck it up, suck it up!"  Took all the pain and tension from everyone's now jello-like legs. Pig-everyone sat back and listened to this quiet little tune while everyone sang along with Dave.  Everyone pointed up to the sky in the verse, "Here we are, on this starry night starin' up at space, and i must say, i feel as small as dust lying down here." Jimi Thing-not one of my favorite DMB songs, but if Dave plays it, I love it, and so did the crowd.  Their outro jam kept the musical high going as Dave did his signature Charleston jig dance. For the Beauty of Wynona-not many people knew this one besides me.  Could of went without it but it was interesting to hear this solemn yet soothing tune. Tripping Billies-I love that three chord intro.  As soon as he started playing it, everyone knew what was coming, and believe me, it came.  This percussiony song hit the spot.  The night wouldn't have been complete without it. Two Step-I love this one at every show.  The usual jam was great with some violin picking from Boyd and grassroots banjo from good ol' Bela. Stay-good choice on the bands part to leave stage on this one.  It hit the crowd strong and kept us screaming for more.  The background singers added to the strong ora.  As the band walked off people screamed their lungs out and lit up their lighters for them to come back on. Encore: Crash Into Me-wow, powerful stuff.  Got my heart beating and brought a tear to everyone's eye.  Everyone felt a unity as we sang to this popular tune. Watchtower-I've been waiting to hear this one live again and it ended the night perfectly.  Stefan's intro bass solo got the anxiety running high as everyone waited for that first note to come out of Dave's signature black acoustic.  Personally, I would have rather heard Ant's Marching at the end as usual, but this was definitely my second choice of enders.
Un-Believable Jack, the African guy, was awesome.  I loved the pennywhistle and the jam.  It was just amazing.  Good version of So Much to Say with Anyone Seen the Bridge outro.  Recently had the Broadway and Some people like to smoke... intros.  Awesome all out jam at end of Rapunzel.  Carter was wearing this soccer goalie shirt that only he could wear.  Really good version of Crash (no im not some crash only lovin fan).  They played Beauty of Wynona which nobody knew.  Everyone sat down.  A lot of people complain about Stay and the gospel singers but I love it and when they came out as guests I went nuts.  They were really good.  Bela's da man.  He played unbelievably awesome with Boyd and Dave during Watchtower.  I'm not a big Jimi Thing fan but this version was really good.  They played Pig which was unbelievable.  On DDTW at end the band stopped playing and he sang the final lyrics on his own. That was really cool. high points:   Watchtower, Rapunzel, Crush, Back to Alexandria (Jack jam), cool stage set up, atmosphere low points:  sound problems
The Best of What's Around: Great opener... the guys were full of energy and Boyd sounded fantastic! Pantala Naga Pampa  --> Rapunzel One of the best versions I have heard of Rapunzel yet. Again, the guys were all over this. Crush: Did the temperature in the stadium turn up during that song, or was it just me? Boyd's solo was gorgeous, and that piano added a certain je ne sais pas. Don't Drink The Water: Bela!!! He does some amazing things with that banjo. Recently (On Broadway, Some Do/Some Don't): I can't believe they played this!!! My section was screaming the words at the top of their lungs. They jammed it out in the middle. Back To Alexandria : Dave introduced Big Voiced Jack, who then began to play the pennywhistles... that man can jaaaam. He started chanting... Dave was grinning from ear to ear... he seemed really happy to have him there. So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) --> Too Much: I thought I'd be irritated if they played this... but at this point, I didn't care... they could've played a Garth Brooks song and I would've been into it. But it sounded awesome! Pig: Bela sounded awesome on this. and that piano... again it sounded terrific. Big voiced jack's pennywhistles sounded awesome. Jimi Thing:  Best version i have EVER heard. they jammed it out for at least ten minutes. It sounded spectacular. For The Beauty of Wynona: I've never heard it before, but it sounded great. Dave's voice was chilling. Tripping Billies (Nature Intro): The crowd was SO into this. The entire stadium chanted along. Have I mentioned how much I love Boyd Tinsley yet? Two Step: Stefan had some kind of slide for this one... it was definitely the best version I ever heard. Stay: NO!!!! I thought I got rid of the backup singers!!! I was hoping to hear Dave by HIMSELF, not those gospel singers... but what can I say... I still loved it. Encore: Crash Into Me: I guess I was expecting this. Still beautiful though. The crowd got very loud. All Along The Watchtower (Stefan solo intro): Stefan, you are the man... his solo was incredible!!! How come I didn't know he could do that? It was a great closer, and I was (pleasantly) surprised they brought it out. All in all, it was the best first Dave Matthews Band concert a girl could ever ask for. Carter was grinning like crazy every time they showed him, Boyd was going wild, Dave was full of energy, stefan sounded incredible, and leroi was phat as hell. Dave wished Stefan a happy 58th birthday :) I'm already counting the days to July 31st in Hartford.
Dan B.
First off let me say both Ben Folds Five and Beck could be playing Giants Stadium in a few years. They were out in full force . I wasn't sure if they'd have all of the guests that they had at Foxboro on Friday, but then I saw them setting up the piano and Bela was moseying around the satge fiddling with his pedals and such. Only sore spots were theannoying delays of the jumbo tron and sound systems and the center jumbo-screen kept flickering on and off. Here's the set: BOWA:  I did not expect this at all. Real tight and Dave& the boys  seemed really into it and not as nervous as Fri. Good opener got the crowd pumped. Roi was ON. PNP>Rapunzel: "Every single thing you do to me is like I'm F#cked." Better PNP than Foxboro. Rapunzel jam was excellent. Butch Taylor adds a real nice touch to this song. DDTW: I like it. Crush: One of my favs of BTCS. I like the little rests they use in the end jam. Stefan was kickin' on this one. Same with Boyd. I didn't think Boyd could live up to his peformance on Fri, but he matched it. Recently: R2T intro was nice. I really wanted to hear either Pretty Girl or Wine/Water jam outro, but I'm happy with what they gave us. Back to Alexandria: I loved the jamming!! This was just a South African jam featurinng Big Voice Jack on penny whistles and the boys. I'm so happy for this guy. His microphone was pretty much useless in Foxboro and the crowd couldn't hear him much, but he was wailing loud and clear tonight. The rest of the guys were just funkin it up real nice. DAVE TALK: I'm not perfect here, but it's pretty close "I was in South Africa and I went to get some penny whisltes from this guy for Roi and Jack ssaid "here take these and give them to your saxaphone player. I have always dreamed of playing in the big stadiums, but I never will. So give these to your saxaphone player and maybe my whistles will play the big stadiums.' So I said 'Fuck it! Just come over" SMTS>ASTB> Too Much: Good. Needed a familiar song to get the crowd back in it. Pig: YEEESSSSSS!!!! I get teary eyed every time i hear this....*sniff* Jimi Thing: One of the three song I wanted to hear that they didn't play at Foxboro. Dave solo was sweeeett. Boyd was on fire too. Solos all around. It was one of the highlights. Wynona: I'm not real familiar with this so when I heard the opening chords I was thinking Blue Water. I was disappointed, but not upset. I like this one. Short though, maybe 3 min tops. Tripping Billies: I love that Nature intro. Dave should put the lyrics back. They're so peaceful. BOYD! Two Step: One of the others I wanted to hear but didn't at foxboro. I was reeling. Stay: Still kicks ass, backup singers or no. Encore: Crash: Where's the chicken?? I like Tennessee lamb. AATW: I finally got to hear it live. It opened with about four different solos from Stefan. Huge jam in the middle. I think Dave's carpal tunnel was bothering him though. He didn't funk as much in the middle and used barre chords (easier on the hand) Great show. In my point of view: not as good as Foxboro (you can't beat One Sweet World w/ols intro), but still great.
Peter C.
This concert was awsome!!! I've been to a bunch of concerts, and this was far and away the best! All of the boys were on last night, and the energy pumping through Giants' Stadium was scary!! Ben Folds Five and Beck were nice openers, eventhough I felt that Beck's tunes were a little too wierd for me, and they really had the crowd going once they were done. From the moment that DMB got on stage, I knew that this would be a great night, and it looked like Dave felt the same way. I was pleasantly surbrised when they opened with BOWA, it ROCKED!! In fact, every single song that they played was great!! Some of my favs that they played last night were BOWA: just because; RECENTLY: the Broadway and Some do.don't intros were great, and they was a fantastic jam ; Big Voice Jack's BACK TO ALEXANDRIA: it was just a funny, happy song!!!!; FOR THE BEAUTY OF WYNONA: last June at Jones' Beach was the first time that I heard it, and I really wanted to hear it again. Also, I don't remember if Dave did it the same as last year, but the electric guitar sounded very nice: BILLIES pissed me off, because I, and everyone else around me thought that was Granny and then the Nature Intro ended, Billies began, and we were all like FUCK!!!!!!! Anyway, BILLIES was good. I thought that it was a nice touch to have Tawatha, Cindy, and Brenda on STAY. It was excellent!!! I didn't like CRASH that much, because it was the same as the album version, but WATCHTOWER was great. Stefan's solo set it up, and it was a great closer. It was very special, because Dave sang the part where he says, "All along the watchtower...." differenntly than he normally does. It was like what he did at the Garden on 10/3/96. It was really cool. I was disappointed with only three things: 1) no GRANNY 2) Boyd didn't sing 3) no Ants All in all, this concert was amazing. Like I said, it was the best that I've been to.
Evan L.
All in all, I thought the boys played great, but the setlist was kind of disappointing.  Watchtower was spectacular, with Bela answering Boyd's plucking. Jimi Thing was another highlight (sweet solos from Dave and Boyd) as were BOWA and Alexandria. No problems with the sound, as was mentioned in reviews of Foxboro. Leroi was also out in force, much more so than in the other times I'd seen the band. Good show, could have been great with a slightly revised set list.
Justin L.
Lets just say who the hell were those guys last night?  And lets please prey that they dont go home, ever! That concert was my 4th show and definately ranks as the best one ever.  Those guys were on and there is no doubt about their musical ability anymore. The new album to me was amazing when i got it just because it showed they didn't have to test all their new stuff out first live before they recorded it which entitled them to experiment more in the studio and definately jam more on stage. Bela Fleck as i have said before is an amazing banjo player and definately has improved Boyd's quality of playing.  What was up w/ Stefan with that solo, i couldn't believe what i was witnessing during Watchtower that was definately the ultimate version only to be topped by the ritz power jam version on 2-5-93 w/ Phish, BT, Allmans and P-Funk. Stefan can definately grow to be one of great bass players.  That solo was amazing, short but amazing.  Boyd picked at the violin like it was a banjo and oh my god i could talk forever about this show. Dave soloed at the end of dont drink the water and it would only have been topped by a vocal jam.  Rapunzel was jammed out so much that my head felt like it was going to explode. That jimi jam was awesome at one point i was hoping they wouldn't go back to end the song but instead intro into the next. Pig was awesome and is such a great song and they can do so much with it over the course of the rest of the tour. Stay was also good but not great. What was up w/ that wait before the encore they took their sweet time comin out which was awesome everyone went nuts and the arena lit up w/ lighters. Big Voice Jack was awesome and that song of his was unbelievable they demonstrated skills that they have never shown before. One complaint the keyboardist wasn't loud enough. Over all what a kick ass show
Byron B.
Coming of Roanoke, Montreal, and Toronto let me just say this: Giants Stadium is F**king HUGE! The stage setup was the best I've ever seen. There were two big screens on each side of the stage, one huge circular screen with lights around it in the middle ( similar to the one in Pulse) and one screen behind the soundboard on the floor. There were also two huge backdrop's on each side of the stage, they were blue with the red circles from BTCS. Carter was wearing some trippy orange skeleton outfit that practically glowed in the dark. I think Stephan had on a green Alien jersey, Leroi was chillin in white without his sunglasses, Boyd t-shirt and jeans, dave-just chillin. I heard someone say that Dave was nervous because he had nnever played to a crowd this large before. You could kind of sense that because there really wasn't much Dave speak throughout the concert. On to the review. Best- Out of nowhere, this was my 6th show and the first time hearing this song. Good opener, the crowd really enjoyed it. Pantala> Rapunzel- I called this one, Dave was teasing with One Sweet World before this, would have been great. Regular version. Great song to dance to. Crush- Standard version, stephan was playing awesome all night, good solo DDTW- Dave introduced a special guest, and imediately I knew it was Bela. I saw him last year with the band, and he was great. This year, even better. Sounds much better in concert with Bela. Dave growled at the crowd before startin this one. Recently- Started out with Broadway, I lost it, then went into some people do, some people don't, I didn't know if I was dreaming or if I was really in Giants stadium. Great version, jammed for at least 10min. Back to Alexandria- Dave introduced a friend who had come along way from south africa to come and play. I knew it was Big Voice Jack. I was just hoping that we would be able to hear him. For all of you that were in Foxboro, I'm sorry you couldn't hear because he jammed. He started playing and those recorder's of his whistled through the stadium crisp and clear. A long jam that had me stumped, but danced my ass off. So Much> Too Much- As soon as he played so much I knew what was coming. Anyone seen the bridge the bass was just pumping. It was so loud. Basic versions, a little lyric change, suck it up, f**k it up. Pig- Long extended jam with Bela, Big Voice, and Jack Taylor. The best pig I've heard. Big voice and Bela tore it up. Jimi Thing- There hasn't been a concert yet were I haven't heard this song. It's great to smoke to because it's at least 10min long in concert. Everyone took turns soloing. Wynona- Out of nowhere. Second time I've heard this song. Very mellow, many people didn't know it, but quite a few did. Tripping Billies-Nature Intro which no one knew, which confuses me because they alway's play it like that in concert. Crowd of 50,000 plus went nuts. Boyd was on fire. Two Step- Another song I've always heard. I don't mind it. Bela was jamming at the end. Soft intro, I can never sing along because he changes the words everytime. Stay- Dave intruduced three ladies and I knew what it was. I've heard it both ways and to be honest, with them it sounds better. I'll probably be hung for saying that, but give these ladies credit.  They are amazing singers, and bring a new perspective. Even Pink Floyd has backup singers. Bela tore it up once again. Crash- You know you're going to hear this song until you die. I don't mind the song, and if you were dave and heard all those female cries you would play it too. Good version, I think maybe a Dixie Chicken at the end, but I'm not sure. Watchtower- Stephan intro, I was looking forward to seeing how much better the song sounded than when I heard it in Montreal and Toronto. Stephan's amp was out for a bit during his intro. They got it fixed, he stopped and just started jamming. I didn't know if he was ever going to let them play the song. Bela added a new sound to this trademark song. All in all this was a classic DMB show. Bela added some hype, and with Big Voice Jack, Butch Taylor, and the back-up singers this is a show I'll be talking about for years to come. I would love to get the tape of this just for the Back to Alexandria jam. Watchtower and Two Step with Bela are worth it too. No Nancies, Warehouse, or One Sweet World. O.K. though. I'll see you all in Saratoga and Vernon Downs. Peace!
Dawn L.
This show was absolutely amazing!  I knew we were in for one hell of a show when the band opened with "Best of What's Around"! Then Pantala and Rapunzel into Crush which arguably could have made for the best show opening ever (at least what I have seen)!  Then DDTW and Recently were okay, actually DDTW was the strongest I've heard it.  Then Dave's guest from South African joined the band to jam to Back to Alexandria which was awesome, great tune!  Then the rest just got better and better! Playing alot of "oldies" and only 2 more from the new album.  We all could have gone without "SMTS --> Too Much" for the 5 millionth time. Dave (especially) and the band look like they were having the time of their lives up there.  Bela was welcome addition, he really adds alot to the music!  I love him! BFF and Beck were pretty good, same exact setlits as the night before when I saw them at Saratoga (SPAC), but I could sit thru BFF a hundred times and hear the same thing, they are awesome too.