Dave Matthews Band
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: Beck and Ben Folds Five
Pantala Naga Pampa *^ -->
Rapunzel *^
Too Much *^
Don't Drink the Water @
Lie In Our Graves *^@
The Last Stop (Reprise outro) @
Drive In Drive Out
Dancing Nancies
Dreaming Tree *^@
Tripping Billies
#36 *^@
Crush *
One Sweet World (Instrumental intro, Swim naked outro) *^
Stay *@#
Crash Into Me (Dixie chicken)
Ants Marching *@

* with Butch Taylor
^ with Big Voice Jack
@ with Bela Fleck
# with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King

Jared R.
Pretty good show...setlist was decent PNP-Rapunzel      good opener, loved it Too Much- standard version, it was on VH1 DDTW-  good version, loved the end, Dave went solo LIOG- Long version, good one too Last Stop- good song, stops and starts were good Drive In Drive Out- I could have gone without this Dancing Nancies-- It was awesome, Mix 98.5 had a sign that said Hi Dave in the sky on a plane, and that was when Dave said I look up at the sky Tripping Billies- I was the only one who knew The intro, pretty good version Dreaming Tree- good mellow song #36- even more mellow, no one knew this, people were confused throughout the show with 1/2 the songs Crush- 1st time hearing it live, loved it One Sweet World- good live version, unexpected Stay- a whole slew of backup singers ENCORE: Crash- place exploded,  I sang the dixie chicken with Dave by myself Ants Marching- Dave said,"We haven't played this much on tour, and we heard you guys wanted to hear it", then Carter went off with the drums and the song was unreal.  Boyd and Bela were awesome taking turns on the solo. overall---decent show (sound was not good)   Davespeak- biggest venue we have ever played, can you hear us in the back? Setlist- DID NOT INCLUDE: 2step (unbelievable, what is that all about? 1st time ever?)  Warehouse, BEST of whats around, or #41, or Song That Jane Likes..........
Kevin D.
INCREDIBLE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! The boys were on tonight and they were having fun. Lotsa guests. More like the Dave Matthews Family up there. Everyone was up there. PNP->Rapunzel:  Good way to start. Not too special. Too Much: Got the crowd moving. No intro, went right into it. Don't Drink the Water:  Introduced Bela Fleck and two guys from Johannesburg, South Africa. Good version Lie In Our Graves: Tried to give the guy on recorder a solo, but the sound didn't really carry. Great version with Bela giving a great solo. The Last Stop: This is incredible. The most energetic song of the night. The crowd enjoyed it too. DIDO: Good tight and energetic version. Crowd enjoyed it. Nancies: Boyd was on tonight. Tore this version up. Leroi left the stage for a bit, but was back on towards the end. Dreaming Tree: Slow and reflective, and the crowd didn't get into it. I don't care, this song is incredible. The jam at the end was great. The song is in 7, and Carter towards the end started drumming in 4. It was so great. Stefan did the stick part well. Billies: Very energetic #36: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I went crazy. Not a very incredible version, but it was still good. Bela and Boyd traded solos which was great. Crush: I wish my girlfriend didn't live in New Mexico. All I thought was about her in this song. Great jam at the end. Leroi and Boyd fed each other. OSW: Good intro, good version Stay: They brought out the background singers from the album, I think. I wasn't pleased with that idea, but they actually enhanced the song. It wsa really energetic. Crowd pleaser. Crash: Inevitable Ants: WOW. Incredible energy. Said how they haven't been playing it, but "it seemed appropriate for the night"  Bela and Boyd were great. INCREDIBLE SHOW, AND A #36!!!!!!!      Wow. Good deal of 12 year old teeny boppers, but what are you going to do. Huge crowd though. Dave and the band made the moment special. They indulged themselves with all the guests. I don't remember who the guys from South Africa were, but I felt bad that the guy playing recorder couldn't be heard. Somebody was playing keys. I'm wondering who it was.
Dan M.
It seemed like I needed the Hubble to get a clear view of the guys tonight, so forgive me if parts of this review are innacurate. I wasn't certain about which guests were on when because I couldn't really hear Butch Taylor or Jack Morollo (who I will just call Jack from Johannesburg because I'm not sure about his last name). Ben Folds 5 and Beck were both very good.  BF5 played for about 40 minutes and played a similar set to the one that I saw them perform in Providence a few months ago, but nevertheless, it was entertaining.  Beck was quite the showman. I'm not a big fan of his, but he got the crowd moving. To the show... PNP-->Rapunzel:   I don't think Dave and Carter were quite synchronized when they began, but it panned out.  Butch Taylor and Jack from Johannesburg (who Dave said "came all the way from Johannesburg" to play with them) joined the band on stage.  Taylor was on keyboards and Morollo was playing something like a pennywhistle. I couldn't make it out clearly.  Anyway, the song was fairly standard.  Jammed it out a bit after they ironed out the early wrinkles. Too Much:   They played it straight up--no intros or segues.  Everyone and their mother was singing along, which didn't bother me at first, but it kept going on for the show until they played Dreaming Tree.  Anyway, Too Much was fairly standard. No Bowie lyrics. DDTW:   After Too Much, Dave introduced the guest and then (drum roll please) Bela Fleck entered the stage!!!  DDTW was also accompanied by 46,000 backup singers.  The ending was extended with extra Dave yelling and then he stops and the band keeps going and then they stop and Dave started singing again the "And I live with my greed in me" lines.  It was a cool ending. Graves:   The middle section, I think, was supposed to feature a solo by Dave's buddy from Johannesburg, but I could hardly hear him. Nonetheless, it sounded a lot like the album version with no real solo in the middle.  But then it quieted down and Bela soloed beautifully.  Stefan was also doing some nice things in there as well.  No "and we dance away".  Good solid 12 minute version. Last Stop:  After everyone raved of this previously, I may have been expecting a bit too much.  It was good, but hardly the highlight.  Bela was on stage for this one too and complimented the song nicely.  The reprise outro is definitely the best part of the song.  The segue into it kind of sneaks up on you.  Again, nothing special, but good to hear. DIDO:  I'm a big fan of this song. One word: Carter! Nancies:  During DIDO and this song, a plane kept flying over the Stadium with an electronic advertisement from a local radio station.  But it seemed to be perfectly timed with the "Look up at the sky" lines, and the crowd let out a big roar when they realized it.  As for the song, Boyd tore it up as usual. Dreaming Tree:  I was curious to hear this one because it's my favorite track from BTCS. Bela, Butch Taylor and Jack from Johannesburg all joined the band for this one. Dreaming Tree live sounds a little thin without Tim Reynolds.  The ending was really extended (I timed the song as 14 minutes) and it basically featured Bela and Carter.  Carter really wripped it up, and then the ending was really chill with Bela.  I think that Dave got really close to losing the crowd at this point, but then... Billies:   Crowd loved it.  More Carter! #36:  Big surprise.  Carter had a relatively short drum solo and then they went right into the song.  I thought that it was kind of slow and dragged a bit. There was a Boyd versus Bela duel during the jam section.  I also think that Jack from Johannesburg took a solo, but I couldn't hear it.  I was a little disappointed that this dragged so much.  The crowd near me didn't really get into this one. Crush:   The lyric portion of the song was just like BTCS. The jam was decent. Boyd and Leroi came together on the right side of the stage and did a little trading jam. OSW:   At this point, I think the people around me were praying for something upbeat, but the intro to this didn't satisfy that need.  ONce the song kicked in, the crowd seemed to get back into the concert. Stay:  Dave brought out three female backup singers.  I don't believe he said their names, so I'm not sure if they are the ones from the album.  The song makes a good closer, but it seemed a little loose and unorganized tonight. Encore: Crash:  Used both "King of the Castle" and "Dixie Chicken" lines.  The crowd loved it.  I still like this song, so I wasn't upset to hear it.  Nothing real special, though. Then..."We haven't been playing this song much, but it seems fitting tonight." Ants:  Big ending to a big show.  Bela and Boyd traded off during the solo part.  The people behind me seemed pissed that it wasn't Watchtower. Overall, I was a little confused by the setlist. I thought that DMB would play more stadium-friendly tunes than Dreaming Tree and #36 (which may have went over better if it was faster).  Granted, in a mass of 50,000 people, the people around me are in no way the majority, but the people in my vicinity were all complaining that they had paid 40 bucks and needed to hear Watchtower. I was very pleased to hear Bela Fleck join the band.  But I was disappointed that I couldn't hear Butch Taylor or Jack from Johannesburg. The crowd was what I expected...a ton of people, many of whom were drunk, most of whom screamed their lungs out to every song they knew. I think this setlist would have gone over much better in a smaller venue. Hopefully this stadium thing won't become a trend... Some Davespeak: "Thanks to the Patriots for letting us use their house" "I think his is the biggest mother f***er we've ever played" "People in the far corner, when we're done, we'll come smoke a fat one with ya." (Ben Folds Five's setlist: One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces, Battle of Who Could Care Less, Philosophy, Steven's Last Night in Town, Brick, Alice CHildress, Underground, Song for the DUmped.)
Donny S.
Aside from having about the furthest seats away from Dave in the house, the show was excellent.  Quite a different experience from Jarry Park's 5000 person show May 2 in Montreal where I was 20 feet from the band.  This was DMB's first show in a stadium and Dave reacted by saying that this is the biggest mother f*cker we've ever played.  Bela Fleck was there and so was another guest, on the flute, all the way from Dave's hometown Johannesburg, South Africa.  Overall a kick-ass show, be sure to check out Pantala Naga Pampa-->Rapunzel, and Too Much on VH1 if you know anyone who taped it live.  There was also a couple of geniuses flying around in an airplane  welcoming Dave "Mathews" one T.  Whatever. Pantala Naga Pampa--> Rapunzel-- Kick ass version, one of my favorites off of the new album. Too Much-- Standard live version with lyrics "Don't smoke enough" and "f*ck it up" thrown in. Don't Drink the Water-- Basic version but great in concert Lie In Our Graves-- Normally not one of my favs, but an amazing Bela Fleck solo made it one of the highlights of the night for me. The Last Stop-- Long confusing intro had me guessing, one of the best off of the new album, longer version than I heard in Montreal. Drive In Drive Out-- Basic live version. Dancing Nancies--  My all time fav, that and Seek Up.  I prayed for one or the other and I got Nancies.  Excellent version upwards of 10 minutes. Made my night, can't wait to get it on bootleg. The Dreaming Tree--  Another great one from Before These Crowded Streets, didn't start playing it until recently on the tour.  Great version and Bela Fleck added a nice twist to it.  Much longer than the studio version. Tripping Billies--Despite it's being overplayed and a Teenie Bopper favorite I still love it.  I don't think any other Dave song can get me as happy and groovin' as this one.  Definately another hightlight for me. #36--  Of course of the 46,000 people at the concert 90% of the people had no idea what it was, but as soon as I heard the unmistakeable drum intro I was absolutely psyched.  Very long version again with Bela Fleck. Just as good, if not better than most versions I've heard on various boots and Red Rocks. Crush--  My absolute favorite off of the new album and outstanding in concert.  Both times I've seen it live Dave has always had the hugest smile on his face, I think he loves this one too.  Longer than the studio version with a little lyrical twist here and there. One Sweet World--  I had this one written off after I heard #36 because of their similarity, but to my delight I was wrong.  A very long intro very similar to that of 5/21/95 when they opened for the Dead in Las Vegas.  Great version, I was defiantely psyched to hear some rarer stuff like this and #36. Stay-- Ugghh.  I was dreading it all night.  There are very very few Dave songs that I don't like and here's one of them, but for only one reason...the back-ups.  In Montreal there were no back-ups and the song rocked, but as soon as 3 big fat ladies dressed in gospel attire stutted onto the stage I knew I was in for 7 or so minutes of torture.  Anyway... ENCORE: Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)--  I was hoping for Halloween or Two Step, but once again despite it being the worst culpret of teenie bopper following it's still a beautiful song and I enjoyed it...what I could hear over the screaming and clapping. Ants Marching--  Good to have it back in the setlist, but still was looking for Halloween, oh well, a nice happy way to end a kick-ass show. Overall a very good show that I highly recommend finding a tape of soon. Dave was on fire dancing up a storm, Boyd beat the sh*t out of his bow (as usual), the rest of the boys were fresh and played tight, Bela Fleck kicked ass as usual, and the flute guy from S. Africa played his lungs out, but I never heard a damn note of it!?!  He must not have been plugged in or something, or maybe because I was seated 3 towns over.  Ok, hopefully I see some of you at the Meadows in Hartford, Conn on Aug, 1, and then at the Walnut Creek Amp. in Raleigh, North Carolina on Aug. 29th and 30th.   
Dan G.
This was a great show! Many guests...Ben Folds Five and Beck opened and were both really cool. Dave mentioned after the first song that he thought this was the "biggest motherf**king place we've ever played"...Foxboro stadium holds over 60,000. A couple songs into the show, Dave introduced 3 guests- Butch Taylor on keyboards, Big Voice Jack from Dave's home in Johannesburg, South Africa on pennywhistle, and Bela Fleck on banjo. Pantala-->Rapunzel- definitely great opener, it was a nice feeling to hear pantala to kick things off. Too Much- this was good but nothing special. VH1 was broadcasting the 1st half hour of this show (first 2 songs) so i dunno if that had anything to do with this choice of a 2nd song Don't Drink the Water- dave was really into it, he reprised the "and i live with my..." part alone at the end Lie in Our Graves- solid version, but during the solo section, Big Voice Jack was blowing but could only be heard at the beginning, something was wrong with the mic...too bad, he was going nuts and he had this spiritual African suit on. Bela followed his solo, and was awesome as always. The Last Stop- slower, weird melodic lines from dave before this song hinted at what it was gonna be. outro worked great and he sung about love Drive in Drive Out- good, nothin special Dancing Nancies- GREAT- long, energetic, and of course boyd stole the show on this The Dreaming Tree- cool jam at the end with the guests, slow and deep. Dave dug what Bela was doing on this Tripping Billies- short nature intro, great energy #36- Great surprise, I think this was the first time for it on this tour- good song for the guests to play on. Crush- the jam at the end with boyd and roi facing each other was great, this is my favorite song on the new album and i loved it, but it was a good deal slower tonite than on the album, i think it's better a little more up tempo Stay- 3 backup singers, i dont know if they're the same ones from the recording or not- tons of energy, crowd loved it, really great version (Encore) Crash- good version, everyone sung along, nothing spectacular, dixie chicken was cool tho Ants Marching- "Uh, we haven't been playing this one too much lately but we thought...tonight it might be kind of appropriate". i guess he meant the huge crowd and having bela...they did the 1-2-3 thing while boyd and bela jammed. crowed loved it- and again, tons of energy This was a great concert- my 4th overall, i'm going to hartford to see them both nights next month. This might've been the first show without Two Step, which surprised me. And the 3rd on this tour with Ants. I would've loved to have heard Pig too. Until next time- see y'all
Jeff B.
DANK!  This was my 5th show, and it was no doubt the best.  Dave and the gang pulled out all the stops for their first ever stadium show, and we all totally appreciated it!  Ben Folds Five opened first, and they were their usual selves.  I've seen them 3 times now, but I just can't seem to get into them.  Oh well.  After Ben's set, Beck took the stage at 7 o'clock.  Beck was as querky as always and it was great to seem him and his band having fun up there.  The highlight for me of this set was definitely the solo song by his turn-table guy.  This dude rocks!  Seriously.  Check it out if you can.  Anyway, on to DAVE! Dave and the boys take the stage at 8:30 PM, just in time for the live VH1 broadcast.  Dave jumps accross the stage - obviously he is feeling pretty good.  After a little tuning and Dave playing a few chords, they bust out a Pantala Naga Pampa right into Rapunzel.  Phat!  During Rapunzel, Dave funked it up a bit, adding "Reekie Reekie" and other various sounds.  It was awesome.  Then, you could see the boys deliberating about which song to play next, but they finally settled on Too Much.  It was a good version.  After this, they brought out some special guests - a guy on keyboards, and a guy who "flew all the way from Johannasburg, South Africa" to be with us.  He played the flute and was a funky, skinny old dude.  Then the guys go into a fast Don't Drink the Water, and it was great.  Dave repeated a few words after everyone had stopped playing ("I live with my hatred...")  I can't remember the rest of the setlist in order, but I'll give some highlights: Lie In Our Graves - BELA FLECK comes out!  Awesome!  My favorite song, and during the jam part the African flute man gave a little, then Bela filled in. Totally awesome! The Last Stop - phat song live, great effects with the lights, and it was overall funky. The Dreaming Tree - slow, cool, many people took bathroom breaks...  extended jam.  Dancing Nancies - nice version, Boyd really shined.  Crowd totally loved it. Drive In, Drive Out - I'm not a huge fan of this song, but it really served to showcase Carter's talent to all the new fans, and it was quite effective. Tripping Billies - Boyd and Dave once again playing their hearts out. #36 - Yes, #36...  Jams by Bela and African flute man, pretty funky stuff, it was great to hear an old favorite. Intro -> One Sweet World - great tune, good stuff going on here from the band, fun times. Crush - totally awesome, definitely the best song on the new CD, and it was great here.  Dave and Carter really rock out on the chorus, I love it. Dave ended the set by saying we'd been a great audience, and that he was gonna bring out some guests to sing on the next song, and he brings out the three gospel singers for a great version of Stay!  It was beautiful...  I loved having all these great guests! Encore: Crash Into Me - nice...  played with his usual Gibson Chet instead of the electric he's been using lately... "We haven't been playing this song a lot lately, but we thought it was appropriate..." ANTS MARCHING!  - Yah, rock on!  Boyd and Bela trading solos, it was just totally the only way to end this great show.  I love these guys, and having them in a huge stadium just increases the love.  Keep well!  : )