Dave Matthews Band
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Poi Dog Pondering
The Best Of What's Around
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Lover Lay Down
Lie In Our Graves
One Sweet World (Instrumental intro)
Stay *
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Crash Into Me (Dixie chicken)
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Typical Situation
Two Step

* with Kornell Hargrove, Arlene Newson, and Robert Cornelius

Jared C.
Riverbend is a place that always sells out pretty fast like most of the venues the DMB plays, but it is crucial to be in the pavilion in my opinion.  Michael Graves [a good architect in his own right] was not thinking when he designed this thing for the lawn seats.  Luckily, we somehow managed to get some reserved seating and had a splendid evening.  The weather like last year was a scorcher, but had no effect on the lively crowd. Soundcheck was PNP->Rapunzel, Crush, BOWA [which screwed up]. Poi Dog was an enjoyable opener, but for the sake of space I will only say that since other people have summed up what they do in other posts. I was groovin, and note-takin' which gets very sloppy, but here goes: Recently [8.17-8.26] Very surprising opener for us, but we enjoyed it.  Nothing too special about it, but the song really works.  It got me going at least, the rest of the crowd, well maybe. Best Of What's Around [8.27-8.32] YES!  The soundcheck version got my hopes up and we were not disappointed.  Dave strummed something for about 2 minutes at the beginning which had me guessing. Pantala Naga Pampa -> Rapunzel [8.35-8.42] The first 'new' songs I have heard live outside of the 10 Spot, I liked, very fun jam.  Changed the lyrics a few times, 'Like I'm drunk' became 'Like I'm fucked'. Don't Drink The Water [8.45-8.52] I have heard only griping and 'getting it out of the way' stories about this song, but I enjoy it.  The lyrics and passion are decent, no where near what Leave Me Praying used to have, but a good tune. Crush [8.54-9.05] I love this song, the live version is good but I think my expectations were too high.  The raking Dave does during some parts is a great substitute for what Tim does on the album.  Dave and Boyd switched places and Boyd ended up by Roi, which I could not see. Lover Lay Down [9.06-9.13] Wow, did not expect this one, but was extremely happy top hear it again.  This was definately the beer break and talk to your neighbor song, which made it hard to see and hear at some points. Lie In Our Graves [9.13-9.24] The fog was finally released for this song, Boyd really rocked and came right to the edge of the stage and went nuts.  No 'Till we dance away'. One Sweet World [9.25-9.34] I called it as the opener, obviously wrong, but was SO happy to hear it later in the set.  The intro was phenomenal and the crowd enjoyed it, four minutes long. Stay [9.36-9.43] Dave called in the singers from PDP and everyone there knew that they were going to sing Stay.  This song really is nice live, and thanks to the people near us I had contact high.  Whoa. The Last Stop [9.44-9.54] Out of all the new stuff, I enjoyed this one live the most.  The bands middle eastern intro and Dave's singing are a nice beginning to it.  At the end of this, it sounds like the band could so easily step right into Halloween.  I almost thought they were going to, but maybe they will in the future.  The reprise outro is neat, maybe it belongs after this song on the album instead of at the end. Satellite [9.57-10.02] This song justs lets me marvel at Dave's hands, I wish I could stretch for that song like he does.  Dave pumped his fists at Carter after this one, as if to say 'yeah, we rok!' Crash Into Me [10.03-10.09] I like watching the people on this song, if nothing else.  Dave played it acoustic, and dixie chicken was an added bonus. Anyone Seen The Bridge? -> Too Much [10.10-10.15] I guess they forgot to play SMTS, because when they started up this jam I was incredibly confused.  It sounded good as always, and I just love Too Much live.  "Eat up your children' and 'Fuck It up'.  Dave made his first big jump of the night after this one. Tripping Billies [10.15-10.22] He gave the song title away during the nature intro, so finally everyone knew it before it started in.  OH MY WORD, once again, Boyd Tinsley went crazy and broke almost every string on that bow of his.  Almost paralleled last year's Billies at Riverbend. Encore: Typical Situation [10.28-10.41] Lasted forever, which was fine by me.  Stefan was nowhere to be seen on the Jam, which was disappointing because in the past he has been jumping and moving around like mad.  The jam picked up at the end after being seemingly uneventful. Two Step [10.42-10.51] I love this song, but it just does not end a show for me.  Seeing as though they have played it every night, I sort of knew it was coming, but had huge hopes for Ants.  Stefan's almost electric sounding part at the beginning is very beautiful. Overall, the boys never disappoint me, I wish I had more money and time to follow them around the world.
This was my sixth show, third in Cincinnati.  It was clearly the best Cincinnati show, but still only slightly above average in relation to the other non-Cincinnati shows I have seen.  .  The setlist was very interesting. Recently-I wasn't sure if he was going to play this one, and I was definitely surprised to hear it as the opener.  I was hoping that he would get DDTW out of the way or possibly start with Two Step, but Recently was a definite surprise.  Leroy and Boyd were getting warmed up with this one. BOWA-Unexpected, but a pleasant treat.  They played this in Cincinnati last year, and it was definitely nice to hear.  With the first two songs, it was clearly evident that was going to be Leroy's night to shine, and a night for Boyd to ease into. PNP->Rapunzel- Nice jams.  Great song. DDTW- I'm glad that they got this out of the way quickly so that it wouldn't ruin the end of the show.  I'm not a big fan of this song, but it was definitely better than the album version. Crush-My favorite song off BTCS.  I knew they would play it, but it didn't take away from the excitement.  Sweet, long version.  Leroy was showing his stuff.  He doesn't move around much (understatement), but he is equally as effective with his sweet sax and flute playing skills. OSW & LLD- Wooo.... Totally unexpected also.  I have heard OSW live once, but this version was really sweet with a real nice intro jam.  For only being played the third time on the tour, I thought it sounded pretty good.  Lover Lay Down was nice to here; I really like that song, and it was a pleasant treat. Stay- Poi Dog Pondering came out to sing; I thought this was okay, except they seemed to drag the ending on too long.  I'm still not sure if I like the gospel singers or not.  It sounded pretty good tonight, but I think we could do wtihout the gospel singers.  Lights really added to the effect of the song. TLS-Nice.  I realy like this song, and Dave was getting into it.  Good energy, and good song. Satellite & Crash into Me- This was an unexpected back-to-back pairing. I think the crowd was very happy with this choice.  After playing less known songs like Recently, One Sweet World, and Lover Lay Down, I guess he had to satisfy the radio listeners who came to hear these songs.  Satellite was same old, but I always enjoy Crash; especially with the dixie chicken.. tennesse lamb add-in.  They work well together, and it really got the fans excited. Too Much-  So Much to Say, Drive In Drive Out, and this song are three that I can do without on a setlist.  but, if I had to have one of these, too much would probably be the one I would choose.  Pretty good, actually.  Crowd got into it, and sang along (as they did for most of the evening for the songs they knew). LIOG and Tripping Billies- Lie in Our Graves was much earlier in the concert, but I thought I would group my responses to these two songs with one word:  Boyd.  Enough said.  He was kickin it like something fierce. Typical Situation- interesting jam in the middle; very extended version.  I was thinking of a Two Step-Ants closing (at least hoping), but it was a good version. Two Step- Great ending.  I think it fits better near the beginning of the show to get the crowd going, but I guess it functions okay as a closure.  Much better than last year's Drive In Drive Out closing in Cincinnati. A good show; interesting setlist; not songs I expected.  Band sounded tight and smooth, and were pretty energetic.  I've seen Boyd much more into shows, but no Jiimmie Thing and a couple of other omission probably made him seem less featured.  Crowd was very young, energetic, and fun.  It was a good environment for a Dave show. Dave speak was somewhat prevelant; as the show wore on, there seemed to be less talking and more playing, which is always better anyways.  A ton of notable omission, as expected with any Dave show, but only one question remains:  Where is Warehouse?
Jared R.
It was a great show!  There were a couple firsts in this one. It was the first time BOWA was played this tour!  The first time Recently was used as an opener, and the first time that ASTB was played without SMTS before it!  Now on to the songs: Recently-good opener, surprised to hear it, great jam at the end BOWA-good to have it back, Roi was on top of this one PNP==>Rapunzel-got the crowd jacked up DDTW-decent, not as good live as on the album Crush-great song, nice jam at the end with Boyd and Roi Lover Lay Down-good one to hear back in the rotation LIOG-BOYD TINSLEY ON THE VIOLIN Into==>OSW-This is the one I wanted to hear!  Love it live Stay-great with Poi Dog's singers, fun song Last Stop-good lights, great one to see live Satellite-whatever Crash-dixie chicken made it interesting ASTB==>Too Much-never heard it before without SMTS, dave did this cool voice thing at the beginning Billies-Boyd and Carter brought the house down! Typical-that jam in the middle went on forever! Two Step-great song to end a great show!
Brian R.
A pretty average show altogether even though we did get some oldies.  The started out with Recently followed by BOWA which caught me by surprise.  Somewhere in the middle we got a One Sweet World with a long intro.  Lie In our Graves was jammed out for at least 15 minutes with Boyd taking center stage (literally).  Got the usuals from BTCS... Panta-->Rapunzel, DDTW, Crush, Last Stop, Stay(with R&B singers from Poi Dog).  Something I've never seen before was when towards the end of the set there was a delay when Stefan was discussing things with Dave and Carter.  The result of the discussion was the 'Any One Seen The Bridge' jam into a short Too Much without SMTS before the jam.  They closed the set with a smokin' Billies.  The encore started out with Typical Situation with a long Boyd plucking jam in the middle.  Kinda unnecessary and not fitting IMO.  And the closer was a sweet Two Step with Stefan starting it off with a slide solo.  Cool show...If I forgot anything please forgive...Peace
Michael T.
first off...poi dog did a great opening act.  They have a big full sound and a funky groove.  I'm sure we'll be hearing from them again soon. Recently: Nice way to start they show. BOWA: Still going strong on older stuff PNP->Rapunzal:  This is where it really picked up.  They jammed like no other on this song.  There was a bit of a temo flux from the album, but it was more the style of the song i think. DDTW: Helluva outtro to this song...he just keeps on singing and singing Crush: We all knew this one was coming when everyone stood back but stefan.  Man can play bass.  This is just a great song to sit back and listen to. Lover Lay Down: Nice way to follow up crush.  They played it album version (probably to save it up for the next song). Lie In Our (BOYD) Graves:  What can you say about this song but "DAMN!"  Boyd stepped into the light and rocked the house with the best violin solo I've eve heard.  I think this song went on for a couple of days, they just jammed on and on. One Sweet World: What a plesant suprise.  I wasn't expecting to hear this song, but it was great.  No one around me knew what it was, but I enjoyed it. Last Stop: Dave tried to trick us on this one.  He started with a middle eastern sounding guitar solo. And then started in on the "santa maria" lines from minarets and low and behold they started playing last stop.  This song kick some major ass, they really got into this one and so did the croud. Satalite: well played, could have lived without it.  I liked it much more when it was still "after her" Crash: from where I was it looked like he didn't switch guitars for this one, but I may have been asleep from satalite.  Another one I could have lived without. Too Much: This one was great...The intro he played was something that I had only heard on a couple of concert tapings, very cool. Tripping: Nicely done.  Went on for a long time with solos and goup jams on center stage. ENCORE Typical Situation:  I still really like this song.  The extended intro was killer, something new to me. Two Step:  They just busted this one out phat. Over all they played extreemly cleanly tonight.  I think we only broke strings once.  Great show.
Andy W.
this was the third dave matthews show i've seen in cincinnati, and it was certainly the best. poi dog pondering led things off with a unique brand of funk that would lead in to the evening. recently - good opener. never heard it as an opener before. best of what's around - they hadn't played it on this tour so far, so i figured it was out of the question. as soon as i heard carter, i knew this was on.  i almost soiled my drawers! this is by far the best song this group has ever done, and has a special meaning to me and holds a special place in my heart.  thanks, guys. pantala naga pampa/rapunzel - good combo. don't drink the water - i don't know why everyone hates this song. it was great live. crush - probably one of the best off of the new disc. stefan's intro was excellent. lover lay down - unexpected. everyone's beer break and port-o-let time. i didn't go anywhere. lie in our graves - boyd is a beast. i thought he was going to fall into the crowd. i've never seen such a reaction for a violin solo before! one sweet world - the guy next to me said that this was the only song he came to hear. it was great. i agree with you, pal! stay - with poi dog, this song was awesome. i don't think it was too long. the last stop - another one of the finest from "crowded streets." pure emotion rocked this little ditty. satellite - good, but it seemed like some people were there to only hear this song, and the next one. crash - OVERPLAYED.  this is about the only dave song i don't like, because those radio poseurs overdid it trying to be cool. bridge/too much - nice one. never heart it without so much to say, however. tripping billies - nice intro and excellent light that go along with it. a real crowd pleaser. typical situation - yes! very long, nice jam in the middle. two step - boyd yet again blows my mind. i thought this was a great way to close the show.
Blaine K.
Poi Dog was a good soulful opening, and lots of dancing. Thjis was my first DMB show, so I was expecting a lot and I feel Im the one who got the steal for only having to pay thirty dollars for the show!  Would have paid much more. Recently-Different, didnt expect him to open the show with this, cause many people didnt know the song too well, but It was a good starter. BOWA-Total suprise, i did not expect this one since he had not played it this tour yet.  This song really got everyone going.  Dave was at his best in this song. PNP-->Rapunzel-This is a song that you should hear live.  very energetic and flowed well DDTW-I did not think this was very bad, most people dont like it, but It seemed to be the one everyone sang along with the most, to this point, even more than BOWA. Crush-Not bad, great song, but better on the album.  Just is not a song that makes the transition from album to live as well as some of his others. Lover Lay Down- After hearing the "Red Rocks," album, I had hoped this was on the setlist.  It had only been played two times before, so I though my chnaces were bleek.  Dave is full of suprises, and I felt if he played this, either Crash or Satelite would have been dropped, and I wanted to hear those, so it kind of was a dissapointment, when I heard it. LIOG-  Great song Live, and Boyd really shined, hejammed forever in center stage, would have been better if Dave added,"Til we dance away" OSW-Intro was great and crowd loved it Stay-made transition well from album to stage, PDP was a good effect and the crowd loved this song, this one will be on the tour for years to come, I believe. TLS-I liked it much better live than on BTCS. Satellite-Standar version, good to hear it live, I hear it and thought, well no crash then, cause he has not played the three I mentioned in the same show Crash(Dixie Chicken)-So happy to hear this song, this is truley a great one.  I was hoping to hear the version from MTV, but Dixie Chicken was a good twist, I would like to get a live version of this song on tape. AStheB-->Too Much- not a big fan of the song, but it was played well, Dave seemed to enjoy playing it. Tripping Billies- This song has grown on me and is great live.  Had a good nature intro, but Boyd stole the show again. ENCORE: Typical Situation-This was a very mellow song for the most part, wpuld have been a great transitor for Ants or Watchtower, which many of us were expecting Two-Step-Good Song, but not a closer.  The crowd loved it and it was played excellent. Overall, it was a great show and it seemed the abnd was in top form.  i would have liked to have heard #41 or Ants, but there is hope in August to hear it!
Kyle S.
First of all it was a kick ass show.  But before I get into the actual review of the show, I want to address a few issues that people have been bringing up on this page.  First of all, I'm tired of people saying, "For the True Fans."  What does that mean?  Just because you've heard a song that someone hasn't doesn't make you a "True" DMB fan.  Anyone who appreciates DMB's music is a fan.  And if that someone has just heard Crash Into Me or Satellite on the radio and that's what they like, then they are a fan.  I'm sure everyone on here who writes, "it was good for us true fans" started listening to DMB when they were at the Floodzone and Trax and bought Remember Two Things the day it was released.  Well, of course that isn't true.  Everyone has to start somewhere, so lay off all new DMB listeners, because they are fans just like everyone else. Second, I've read numerous times the phrase "drunken, frat boys."  That pisses me off.  I'm in a fraternity and wasn't drunk at the concert.  Quit being so stereotypical of people.  There were as many drunk people there who aren't even in college as there were fraternity members.  Go to the show, enjoy the music and quit your bitching.  OK, now the show. *Recently-- Surprising opener, I bet on DDTW or Two Step.  But this was  a nice jam to get the crowd going. *BOWA-- Maybe my favorite DMB song.  I was shocked to hear it but excited at the same time.  They really grooved on it and this really got me into the right mood. *PNP-Rupunzel-- Probably my favorites from the new album.  They are just so happy.  It didn't sound quite as good as the album version but it was very good.   Nice little jams throughout. *DDTW-- I like this song and I don't know why everyone doesn't.  I liked it last year when it was Leave Me Praying, and I know it sounds different but it is a good song.  The crowd seemed to be happy when they heard it, maybe because it's a radio song but nonetheless it made people happy. *Crush-- My 2nd favorite from the new album.  This sounded awesome.  *Lover Lay Down-- My 2nd favorite DMB song.  They played my 2 favorite so I was so happy at this point.  I hadn't heard it live before and it was a treat.  The crowd was all dancing w/ the many beautiful females that were there, it was a nice site. *Lie in Our Graves-- Another of my favorites, and this got the crowd into a frenzy.  Everyone started dancing and having an even better time. *One Sweet World-- I knew Dave had been playing this so it was no surprise but it was appreciated.  I didn't own R2T until early last year and this along w/ TSJL are my 2 favorites.  This song sounded good live. *Stay-- Another song alot of people don't like.  They say it doesn't sound like DMB.  But Dave is just trying new things.  I thinkn it's catching and the backup singers from PDP were pretty good.  Dave had a big smile on his face during this one because the crowd was singing loudly back to him. *The Last Stop-- Not one of my personal favorites but it sounded good.   My only complainent was that the jam at the end went on a little to long.  I was ready for something different. *Satellite-- My friend Matt went crazy when this started.   We missed hearing it last year and it is his favorite song.  I know it's overplayed on the radio but it's a great song and everyone in the crowd was singing along.  Very cool. *Crash-- Again, overplayed, but it's one damn fine song especially if you are around your girlfriend or any women for that fact.  Typically album version, but the crowd really sang along to this one. *Too Much-- Where was SMTS?  I was hoping for both but a little surprised when they just played one.  Still it was a good version w/ the alternative lyrics, "eat up your children", etc. *Tripping Billies-- We called this one.  I thought he'd end w/ this and the crowd really got into it. *Typical Situation-- So after Dave went off the first time we named the 5 songs that we thought he could come back on and play:  TS, 2 Step, Watchtower, Ants, DIDO.  And when he started TS, we figured it would be TS then 2Step.  And we were right.  Typical Situation was about a 14 minute version and really cool.  *2 Step-- One of my favorite songs but not a closer.  I wish we would've come back one more time and played Ants or Watchtower. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves.  We were on the lawn and it's one big party.  The whether was almost perfect (a little warm) but fortunately it didn't rain.  I was a little bummed after the concert that ALL the t-shirts were sold out and I didn't get a concert shirt.  So hopefully I'll be able to see DMB at Deer Creek in August and get a shirt then.  Great show.  I give it an A, it would have been A+ if Ants or Watchtower would have been played.
Michael S.
There are enough reviews, here is a little Davespeak from the show. After BOWA, two girls  were holding signs.  One sign read "Dave we have.." and the other "BUD for you."  Dave paused before beginning Pantala Naga Pampa and mumbled something about the Budweiser frogs.  Then he said "i see you have bud for me, maybe fate will bring us together later and we can see if it is kind."