Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
The Best of What's Around
So Much To Say
Seek Up
Joy Ride
I Did It
Help Myself
The Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
Crash Into Me
Lie In Our Graves
Fool To Think
Typical Situation
Too Much

Don’t Drink the Water -->

Tonight we arrived at the show earlier and were in our seats to see Dave come out and introduce Jem at 6pm. He said something about hoping that people who camped slept well and hoped that they didn’t “poop their pants.” Jem has a lot of good songs. She’ll probably be a “main opener” for DMB some tour. Dave came back out at 7pm to introduce Jason Mraz. Dave had put one of his button-down shirts over the shirt he had been wearing and informed us that he added layers. We were in C11 tonight. DMB came onstage late, at 8:30pm. Dave shook his wrist out after The Stone, but didn’t seem to have any other wrist problems all weekend (although he took his ring off during the shows). I was very, very excited to hear BOWA again, because I had only heard it once in 25 DMB shows and that was 4 years and 30 days ago (8.5.00). It was really odd hearing SMTS without ASTB. I’d never heard SMTS without ASTB at a DMB show, in fact. Seek Up was nice to hear again. Because there were a lot of long jam songs, it made me appreciate songs like Joy Ride, Hello Again, Help Myself Too Much, Stay, DDTW, and I Did It even more. I'm glad they mixed them up. Of course the long jam songs helped conserve Dave’s voice, but there was a lack of energy onstage. During LIOG Boyd danced at the front of the stage a little bit. Dave messed up some lyrics, most noticeably during Crash (but he did sing “Dixie chicken”). Too Much was a great set closer. I had heard it in Camden, when it was beginning to transform, so it was great to hear the fully developed “new” Too Much with the "what, yeah" part and Roi's different sax part. The band left the stage for the encore break at 10:40pm. “Number Three” threw Dave a jersey to give to Carter. The band came back onstage at 10:50pm. (Again, why 10 minutes?) They did an interesting intro that sounded like a mix between Grace (from what Dave was doing) and Watchtower (from what Stefan was doing). Then it went into DDTW. I thought we were getting a one-song encore, until Monk handed Dave another guitar. They also did a interesting outro too. Then they finished the set with Everyday. The audience was quick to sing along with the "Hani/honey" part. It seemed like the songs should have been reversed. It was an odd encore. And where was Crazy-Easy? It was MIA for two shows in a row. It'll be interesting to see what they do for night three.
Well nite 2, were pretty beat up after last night and arnt sure what to expect - probably a little bit mellow, but lets see..the boyz allways surprise and never dissapoint. We decide to do the lawn this nite to mix it up - we got row 7 for a closer - so lets have some fun on the lawn 2nite. It seemed the coldest night of the 3 but we were ready for it. Mraz same as night 1 - good set up - i still say he's not ready for big stage like this yet - but i love the kid ! go see him on his own stage ! you'll love it. So again big opener of stone into a BOWA - thats so awsome - been a ahwhile since this came out and a purfect song for this place. SMTS into seek up is a nice transition too. Only 2 new songs this night with joy ride and sugar will..sad no hello my fav new tune but i'll be fine :) its back 2morrow. As expected this show was good but a little different vibe than night 1. Too much as a set closer is as good as it gets. some nice folks with row 7 were leaving after the set and gave us there tix's on there way out - thank you who ever you are beautifull people..again who ever you were posting you wish dmb crowds were better - check yourself. we got up there for a nice DDTW, interesting everyday closer..hmmm - whatever - not complaining, awsome nite 2 vibe setting us up for something 2morrow im sure. cheers