Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
What Would You Say?
So Much To Say (ASTB)
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Best of What's Around
Lie in our Graves
The Stone
Drive In, Drive Out
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going?
Hello Again
Jimi Thing
Warehouse *
Sugar Will *
All Along the Watchtower*

Too Much

* With Carlos Santana on guitar
Released as a CD.

Stamati H.
From One Sweet World to What Would You Say to So Much To Say to Rapunzel to Joy Ride to my personal favorite #41, I have neverwitnessed a better opening segment to a concert in my life. The crowd was going crazy and I could not sit down the entire time. DMB thrilled the fans with sick ass instrumentals in Jimi Thing, The Stone, and #41. Highlighting the event was the seemingly endless version of Lie In Our Graves, Warehouse, and the special guest appearance by Santana. The vibe of the entire show could be summed up in two words, love and energy and it could be seen at its greatest in the faces of the fans who danced the duration of WatchTower after an already long and draining show. The best thing about DMB is you never get the same thing twice. The music is always changing. In a time when musicians are making their songs simpler, easier to sing along to, and more conventional, DMB is finding new ways to enhance its music. These guys appear to live to perform for their fans. A DMB show is not just an experience, it is a privelege and I am truly grateful that I am able to live w/ their soundtrack in my life. Rock on Dave, Rock On.
ok last blow out before an early flight back to the real world :( & were ready to leave it all out on the polo fields. I allmost didnt make it VIP but my wingman talked me into it and i figure VIP is the way to go a month back - after central park vip - i had a few issues with the price - escpecially after canadian exchange its like $375 = RCRF ;) - big money..but looking back after the day - wouldnt have it any other way. But after the gorge we were pretty beat up but ready for 1 last big show from the boyz until the VFC tour next month... So our group is down to 8 or 9? in town the night before - where we tore it up 1 last time, with 4 or 5 of us vip. So after these past 2 weeks - my boy bizz and i didnt need to be right up front - we took advantage of the fantastic hospitality - not sure who puts that all together - is it warehouse ? - but we thank you mucho for all your hard work in putting on a great event for the vips - i dont think i ever stood in line for food or beer at all - a great spot up on a hill where you could even see the stage if you wanted to stay there - im sure some did, unless they shut it down when show started ?. much different & improved over central park no doubt = thank you so much for the improvements..they really do listen people. The only real complaint i have is the line and crowd control in the begining was very dissapointing - they didnt have there act together there at all..the vip's were supposed to have there own entrance ! what happened to that !! The people who didnt stay in line like the rest of us - and who rushed the gate ahead of people who had been in line for 6+ hours - shame on you bigtime and its called karma my people - i dont wish bad things on anyone but my people & i sure have no desire to know the likes of you & your kind...and thats your loss = because we are awsome people ! Anywayz - we sure werent gonna ruin our day over it, so we met some new people, good people :), allways good people ! We disscussed the show before it started, my boyz & i being veterns we had the bet on that local boy santana was coming out 4-sure - my gorilla friend bet his hairy behind on it ! we were just wondering for what tunes at this point..watchtower for sure - been done..but ya never know.. So they came out on time as scheduled. OSW opener that i saw last week at marrysville..ahhh still not my favorite opener - escpecially for this event - but its cool because into a WWYS then SMTS wow - thats a lot to say early ;) and real good versions but nothin special so far..until a bridge and a pantala - ohh ya baby! were gettin it hard now :)! been ahwhile since we seen this busted out and allways a classic. A rupunzel into joy ride into 41 come on people = just awsome ! However - shaping up as a real strong show on paper - the versions werent mind blowingly special, which told us were gettin something soon..but not complaining at all - this is shapping up just awsome and they told us so with a BOWA, LIOG, stone, DIDO, and a loving wings - wings was a little tuff for that venue - not the silence like the gorge last week, not the place for it, but great none the less. WAYG, hello & jimi were all great - nothing too outrageous, but then as expected and our excitement level was gettin boosted up to about a 12 when dave brings "my good friend, carlos santana" out for not 1 song but a 3-some ( a 3-some you say ;) awsome version of warehouse, sugar will & of course maybe a set closer watchtower - highlight of the show with-out a doubt...for the genral public - personally - it was pretty damn cool watching santana get in on sugar will real hard - dave and carlos had a great time on this tune and it was a big highlight for me, you could see the 2 of them smiling like crazy at each other. So watchtower wasnt the set closer after all - we got that wrong - love being proved wrong by these guyz :) - they still wanna put us on with 1 more happy tune of a great stay set closer. Such a happy tune - its my fav set closer & encore closer. Everybody around us was right into it - probably thnax to us - i dont think we slowed down for a second - it was full on dancin section only Everyday as encore is a nice touch here today going into a too much that just about finished us. Boy were we beat. What a great day - the weather broke just in time - the sun beat down on us with a cool breeze every so often - the beer was real cold, the people were awsome and the boyz put on a great performance. Not in my top 5 as far as show performance's go, but as an over-all day - the experience was #1 with a bullit! I love the day/afternoon shows - they should throw a few of them in every once & ahwhile - it really makes for a fantastic time - if mother nature is in the house of course - and she certainly was smiling on us all this day! Thanx for a fantastic west coast tour everybody, it will not soon be forgot, and see ya in a few months at VFC.