Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Donít Burn the Pig
One Sweet World
Hello Again
What Would You Say
Drive In Drive Out
When the World Ends
Sugar Will
Grey Street
Joy Ride
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going
Jimi Thing
Tripping Billies


Sean N.
A must see venue for the DMB Fanatics! It is well known that this is one of the bands favorite venues to play and rightfully so. Please for your sake CAMP!!! Huge grass area! And I think there was a big lawn too. We started out of southern california around 10am thirsday morning we drove non stop (except for gas) and arived in George, Washington about 7am. I don't recomend driving straight through unless you are a seasoned vetran like myself. We camped all three nights and saw all three shows. We sat (stood) on the lawn. If you find yourself on the lawn head to the bottom against the fence (stage right) best view of the river and the show! On sunday night (night 3) Dave and the guys came out smoking and passing it around. Carter was amazing as usual and dave got down with his usual moves and said some strange stuff we could barely understand! Set list was good but not great. Dave could be found wondering the crowd in the camp sites during the day. Dave did an excellent rendition of grave digger.
After waiting a while to get through security, we arrived inside the venue a little after 6pm. We caught most of Jemís set. Jason Mraz was the main opener, and at 7pm Dave came out to introduce him. Dave said something to the effect that he was jealous that we faced the river. I canít remember what else Dave said, but it wasnít much. Mraz made a comment about it being 2 years ago that they played in the parking lot and Dave shared their stage, and now they were sharing DMBís stage. I hadnít heard much of his music before, but after listening to it, it was obvious to me that DMB is one of his influences. DMB came on about 8:20pm. Iíll just write a few comments. I loved that they opened with Pig. ďI feel as small as crumbs lying down here.Ē Itís always an appropriate song at the Gorge, under the stars. Dave didnít really say much all night except for the occasional ďthank yíall.Ē Dave did some of his infamous dancing during DIDO and Billies, but the whole night was mellow overall. It was my first time hearing a full-band Bartender since 12.22.02. Roiís pennywhistle was nice. But really, Roi is always great. It seems like every song improves with a Roi solo. During Sugar Will, there was a guy in front of me who was the biggest fan of that song. He was dancing around wildly. It was amusing. Iíd seen Sugar Will twice already this summer before tonight (in Camden) and neither time did I see anyone like this guy. I turned around and others were standing still. Dave was looking over, too (we were on Roiís side of the stage in A4). I remember someone on one of the message boards was going to propose to his girlfriend if Loving Wings was played at the Gorge. Since it was, hopefully he did, and hopefully she said yes. And if so, congratulations to them! The band left the stage for the encore at 10:35, and came back out at 10:45. (What do they do for 10 minutes?) The show was over around 11pm. After the show, we got out of the parking lot in 11 minutes, since my brother is good at figuring the lot out. That was nice. Onto night two.
Oh My GOSH!! This was by far and away the BEST weekend of my life...and I didnt even stay for the entire weekend! I left Atlanta at 8.35 AM on Thursday(9-2) and arrived in seattle that same morening at 10.35.(gotta love the time change, 2 hours, taken by a 5 hour flight!) Anyway, I arrived in Seattle, and spent thursday with my bro at his place. Then friday rolled around, and he, his Girlfriend, and myself made our way to George! It took longer then excpected because of road work(Whats that about, over Labor day weekend?) We finnaly made it,and wow, is all I can say. that place absolutly took my breath away! I took many pictures of the beutiful landscape. Unfortunatly they dont allow cameras inside. I was 35th row on Friday, and the lawn on Saturday!! Wow....WELL worth a 10 hr round trip flight! What a great weekend ill NEVER forget...thanks for a great summer DMB...see yall next summer!!
Kristin B.
"Holy God" seemed to be all i could say during this entire weekend at the gorge. although i have seen dmb 14 times now, i have to say that friday night in particular was the single greatest show i've ever seen in my life. it was the first i had heard of any of the new songs and now i can't wait for the new album. they've been stuck in my head all week! how can anyone say they're not the greatest band in the world after this weekend?!
So here we are, finally gorge 04 - the wait is over, lets getr done...nite 1 - were expecting 3 great nights of great music, not sure what were gonna get with some big shows still to come at golden gate and the vote for change tour - these guyz have been on the road ahwhile - but come-on.. its heavens ampitheater - any doubt the boyz arnt gonna kick us right in the head all weekend ? I missed jem all 3 nights - so i cant comment - but mraz got seen 2 of 3..he's got confidence to pull out that pink shirt on nite 1 - shoulda left that one in his suitcase - but whatever - the guy has got mad talent and didnt dissapoint - set us up nicely for the show to come. The parking lot at the gorge has to be one of the best pre-concert vibes out there no doubt - im there with a big ol'group of atleast 50+ from all over the u.s. & canada (yup its a whole other country north of you guyz ;) (shout out to gorgeboarders @ ghettys;) So we were in great spirits before we even got there.. So can we get a better opener for nite 1 ? PIG - are you freaking kidding me - my buddy bizz and i from B10 coulda went home happy right there - well ok exaerageration - but what a feel good tune to open the weekend - right into a 41 - real sweet and we knew were in for a show - no everyday or 36 like they like to do a lot - but thats cool - were gonna get it at some point. OSW into hello again is a nice transition and of course dave went ape on hello - he's diggin that tune you can tell. Great satallite into WWYS into a jaw dropping bartender - he busted another string on this he using new strings ? he's breaking lots this tour..way more than usuall..maybe he's just hittin it with more passion - not sure - but it doesnt slow him down - im lovin bartender. Pretty long sugar will - i love it - everybody gets a turn ! Loving wings you could hear a pin drop - how is that possible in that venue - who ever said they wished dmbs crowds were better should check themselves over - a strong reason i goto all these shows is because of the crowds - the silence during wings was awsome - however i was only 10 rows away - but i still think it was pretty darn sweet. Jimi thing was average - but i think he blew his load on nite 2 in carson on that one and he had 2 nites to he wasnt looking to go crazy on it tonite. set closer of billies - were giddy as school boyz right now - what a big show. about 10 minutes later we get granny into a sweet warehouse - not sure how long that was but it seemed longer than usuall ! man what an great nite 1. whats comin up 2morrow..? cheers