Dave Matthews Band
USANA Amphitheatre, West Valley City, UT
Graph of songs performed, by album
What Would You Say?
The Stone
One Sweet World
Crash Into Me
Joy Ride
Rhyme & Reason
Sugar Will
Donít Burn the Pig
Hello Again
Lie In Our Graves
Crazy Easy
So Much To Say
Too Much

Don't Drink the Water

Tonight's show was incredible. I 've been reading the set lists for the entire tour, reading about the new shit, and the old shit, but I never imagined the band would sound as good as they did tonight, This was number 11 for me, and it was the best one yet. Dave and the Band were on like I'd never seen before. You could tell they knew it was the last show of the summer tour. Mixing the new stuff with the classics, WWYS was rocking and to throw in #41 right after, the crowd was reeling, Crash was, as always an amazing tune so see live. And, the new stuff, JoY Ride and Sugar will went amazing with R&R. LIOG got the crowd moving,everyone in the section were jamming. The show was incredible, the Set-List speaks for itself. Ending with Everyday took my breath away, it's such a timely song these days. Thanks guys, Salt Lake loves you.
Jared A.
This show was my 13th show and it easily made my top three favorite DMB shows. The band and crowd were equally energetic and lots of people held up signs wishing LeRoi Happy Birthday. The crowd even sang him "Happy Birthday" before the encore got started. It was a perfect evening tonight with a cool wind blowing over the venue while everybody rocked out to the music. Lots of amazing solos tonight with Boyd stealing the show as usual. However, I say that Butch Taylor played some really sweet and awesome solos as well. LeRoi had some really nice solo and Stefan was going nuts a few times. Well, I don't know what to say about each song since they all rocked except that Don't Burn the Pig was completely unexpected! The band seemed to have fun tonight was well even though Dave had trouble with his guitar during Don't Drink The Water ( I think) and sang without his guitar for a while. This was a solid, rocking, amazing, awesome show and I'm looking forward to getting a copy of this memorable show.
Andy R.
GREAT show. They played amazingly well, and they were obviously having a great time. WWYS - I was intially disappointed with this but it was an a perfect opener. #41 - I almosted passed out from joy when they started this great version. Dave sang some unintelligible lyrics for the outro that didn't sound like Everyday or Sojurn Of Arunja and if I'm not mistaken, it segued straight into THE STONE - Fenton blew my mind with this one. The outro was long and sweet, and they let all the crowd noise die out for the loud finish. ONE SWEET WORLD - I really like the new intro for this, very groovy. CRASH INTO ME - Good stuff, everybody was singing along. Hadn't heard it in a while. JOY RIDE - This is a great live song and made me even more desperate for the new album...(INTRO) - Great little ditty, actually didn't sound made up on the fly, Dave sang about sinking to the bottom of the sea, I hope it turns into a new song. Carter's drumming was real subtle, but spiffy. RHYME & REASON - Not my favorite song, but they did a great job with this one, Dave needs to yell out his demons every once in a while. SUGAR WILL - My favorite new song of the night. It had solid sounding lyrics, which didn't sound made up on the fly. Carter and Roi dominated this song. So great with Carter working the percussion. PIG - Great stuff, got everybody back on their feet. HELLO AGAIN - Majorly intense. Carter's drum solo was insanely cool. LIE IN OUR GRAVES - Amazing version. Reminded me why Boyd is so great. His solo was perfect and he and Carter just kept pounding along. CRAZY EASY - I really like this song, They've tightended up the composition and it's sounding great. SMTS>ASTB>PNP>RAPUNZEL - Fun medley with Fonzi dancing around the stage. Roi's bit during ASTB was way different, but really familiar. TOO MUCH - Lil' John outro made me laugh, Dave seems to enjoy it so much. DDTW>EVERYDAY/#36 - Good segue, massively intense DDTW. Dave broke a string mid-way through and it was just Carter and Stefan, actually sounded really cool. Honey, Honey...need I say more? Great concert. Review's a WEE bit long, but hey amazing show.