Dave Matthews & Friends
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Dave and Tim:
Ants Marching *
Grace Is Gone *
Bartender *
Crush *
Dancing Nancies *

Dave and Friends:
Up and Away
Solsbury Hill #
Stay or Leave
Up On Cripple Creek @%
American Tune +
Oh Sister ^++
Some Devil **
So Damn Lucky
Hey Bulldog $
Save Me
Will It Go Round in Circles &
Sweet Up and Down
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) ~
Waste ***
Three Little Birds ***
Fool in the Rain $$

* Dave and Tim
# Peter Gabriel cover
^ with Emmylou Harris
++ Bob Dylan cover
% Trey on lead vocals
+ Paul Simon cover
@ The Band cover
& Billy Preston cover
$ Beatles cover
** Dave solo
*** Dave and Trey
Phish cover
$$ Led Zeppelin cover
Bob Marley cover
~ Sly and The Family Stone cover

GREAT SHOW... so many highlights - a different feel without the band, but a really energetic cool vibe going on. Opened with Ants Marching, a surprise to both myself and my friend Ryan who came with me tonight, but a good version. GIG, pretty standard. Bartender was awesome, and Crush was amazing, Tim jammed the hell out of it. Dancing Nancies was an expected closer but still good. Now, the show gets even better. Dodo, Trouble, Up and Away are awesome songs, played out really nicely. What a great version of Solsbury Hill, Dave sang it so well and the not-so-Butch Taylor-guy on the keys did a good job. Then, Stay or Leave, one of the best songs on Some Devil...a beautiful version tonight. Gravedigger, of course, got better as it went, by the end the whole arena was shaking. Up on Cripple Creek was one of the best covers, high energy, kept everyone moving. Oh, another great song...what more can I say really. American Tune is absolutely beautiful, and followed by Emmylou's appearance with the guys on Oh Sister gave Ryan and I the chance to rest our legs. One of the many highlights of the night was coming next - Some Devil...don't know if I've ever heard Dave more ON than in this, the electric guitar was almost heartbreaking. So Damn Lucky, another one of my favorites from his solo cd, was no disappointment. Hey Bulldog - amazing cover, everyone going crazy to this one. Save me wasn't one of the best songs of the night, but nice to see in there. Will it go round in circles followed, which was great, but the best part of the concert was to come. SWEET UP AND DOWN... WOW... Ryan had gone to msg on 12/17 and told me how good it was, and to my extremely pleasant surprise they jammed this one out like crazy. Amazing song, and I was totally convinced it would close the set... but no. Dave and friends pulled out all the stops again for Thank You, a Sly and the Family Stone cover... Dave danced like I've never seen anyone dance every person in the house so pumped for the encore. And that certainly didn't disappoint. Waste has to be one of the best live songs I have ever seen in my life, and I have to call it the true highlight of the entire concert. A simply beautiful version, indescribable really, if you weren't fortunate enough to be there. Right into a cover of Bob Marley's Three Little Birds - both Waste and this song were just Dave and Trey acoustic and it was truly an example of the finest musical talent imaginable. Amazing. To close, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin... again they let the crowd do the singing, what a great way to close out an awesome night. Thanks dave and friends for an amazing show... see yall real soon...