Dave Matthews & Friends
Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Graph of songs performed, by album
Dave and Tim:

Too Much *
Typical Situation *
Where Are You Going *
Donít Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land outro) *
Lie In Our Graves *
Dancing Nancies *

Dave and Friends:
Up and Away -->
Stay or Leave
Solsbury Hill #
Spanish Moon ^%
Some Devil $
Gravedigger -->
Grey Blue Eyes
Will It Go Round In Circles **
So Damn Lucky
American Tune +
Up On Cripple Creek @%
Save Me
Too High
Tell Me Something Good ~
2nd Encore:
Hey Bulldog &

* Dave and Tim
# Peter Gabriel cover
^ Little Feat cover
% Trey on lead vocals
$ Dave Solo
+ Paul Simon cover
@ The Band cover
~ Stevie Wonder cover
& Beatles cover
** Billy Preston cover

Ricky N.
This show was amazing. It was fun to see the show and not know what to expect. Emmylou Harris and Spyboy opened the show and were very good but got a lot of noticeable feedback when they were playing. Trey came up during her last song which was The Maker. Dave and Tim came on next and I was suprised to see a lot of people standing the whole time as they played. Anyway, it was good to see them again and they were great as usual. Then the rest of the friends came out and played almost every song off of Some Devil and they sounded really good. Even songs like Trouble were jammed at the end and rocked. Dave's voice was especially good. He was having no problem hitting all the high notes. The band also played some covers which I really liked because they rocked. Trey sang on some of them. It was cool that he sang lead vocals too. The encore of Too High and Tell Me Something good was awesome and after it was over my friend and I walked out thinking the show would be over. However, I stopped to buy something and as I was contemplating what to buy, I heard noise on the stage so I went to see if they were back out there and they were. I was really surprised that they were out for another encore! They played Hey Bulldog which was great and then finally the show was over. The show was in every way an awesome show. The energy level was really high, and the band played 24 songs in total. It makes me wish I had tickets to another show on this tour.
Joe B.
All I can say is WOW! Tim Reynolds, Dave Matthews, Trey Anastasio?!?! What a totally different experience this was. It was so strange seeing Dave Matthews with another band, but at the same time, what a band to be a part of. The Dave and Tim part of the show was a nice addition to give it a little variety, and the songs chosen were very nice. After Dave and Tim went to find their friends, they all came back out to play pretty much the entire Some Devil album, plus some great cover songs. The highlights of the night were all the jams on stage. Everyone on stage had such talent and energy and they let it all out on stage. DODO is such a great song, and the way they performed it live was incredible. I think that was one of the pleasent surprises of the night was to hear each of the songs from Devil in a different way. The album seems so solemn and slow, but the jams they had on stage and the life they gave to the music was amazing. STAY OR LEAVE was another great song to hear live and it was so nice to hear everyone singing along. The covers were great to hear as well, some of them even I actually didn't even know...but they were all great. TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD (was that stevie wonder or Rufus and Chaka Kahn?) was great, and a real crowd pleaser. About 25 songs played (and I cant believe I missed the second encore!), all in all a real satisfying and wonderful night with some fun Dave speak too! I got to experience it with one of my best friends who had never been to a Dave show, so it was a nice new expirence for both of us, Thanks for coming Dani!!! Now off to Boston!!!
M.H.A. .
Wow, what a show. I was alittle skeptical going in not knowing how this was gonna work other than knowing the setlist from night 1. I walked away pretty happy as a big fan. Our seats were awesome, right next to the stage. Good crowd, good show, seems like Dave, Tim, and Trey really were the ring leaders, which was what I was hoping for. I've been to so many shows I wasn't sure what to expect from Dave's new stuff, but I liked it. His friends can definatly keep up with him, even though I did see him pushing the others the whole show. Some of the new stuff really sounded awesome live, which I should learn to come to expect. I liked the covers alot, It's kinda different side of Dave that we don't always get to see. I'm not sure if Fenton is doing the lights for this tour, but I really liked the side stage panell lights...they gave a good affect to the big three in front. Overall, a great time, and looking forward to the upcoming weeks shows in the area.
This show completely blew away my expectations. Dave and Friends have some serious chemistry on stage, which is made even more remarkable when you consider this show was only their second full concert. The Dave and Tim set was short but sweet. Where Are You Going is a great acoustic song, and Don't Drink The Water as always was very powerful with the "This Land Is Your Land" outro. Then Dave and Friends came in and blew the roof off the place, jamming on nearly every song and throwing in some awesome covers. Salisbury Hill really got the crowd into it, as did Up On Cripple Creek and Will It Go Round In Circles. Some Devil was beautiful, although Dave's voice didn't go as high as it does on the album. The three set closers were all just amazing jams that really captured the crowd. Save Me rocks and reminds me a lot of stay with its singalong ending. Following a really strong Too High -- I didn't think they could pull off the ending like on the album, but they did -- they brought everyone to their feet with Tell Me Something Good. And then, a first for a Dave show: A SECOND ENCORE! An awesome surprise as they came back out for Hey Bulldog, which was an excellent way to end the night. Can't wait for Tuesday in Boston!
TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD...TELL ME I AM GOING TO SEE DAVE AND FRIENDS AGAIN!!!!" The show was great. The best part for me was not knowing what to expect. The past few DMB tours you could almost call what songs you would hear. D and F left a lot to the imagination. The best covers for me where The Band cover and the Stevie cover...two of my top 50 songs. Dave's solo on Some Devil was awesome. I also was impressed by the Dave and Tim set. Going into the show I was nervous about being able to hear them. They definitely turned up the volume...Dave could hardly sit in his seat for most of the set. It was interesting to hear the influences from each member of the band, especially the mix of Dave, Trey and Tim. In between some songs they played that kind of tailing off music you hear a lot at Phish shows (guitar and piano/keyboards). However, some of the jams within songs had that heavy metal influence from Tim. Lastly, the lyrics from Dave. I tried not to get caught up in comparing D and F to DMB during the show. I did catch myself doing it a few times. This is a totally different show than DMB - not better, but different. It was interesting to see Dave during some of the songs when he would not be playing guitar. He kind of just looked at the band members and smiled and danced. Also, Tim was pumped up - when they came out for the first encore he was running around the back of the stage. A much different Tim Reynolds from the D and T shows. This is a great show to see - a lot going on at all times. The talent on the stage is an awesome mix and probably a mix you will only be able to see during these 12 shows. I am looking forward to Hartford - hopefully we'll get a couple funk covers. HEEEEEE-HAWWWWWW Donkey!
Can you say HELLA GOOD? And that doesn't even do justice to explain how amazing this show was! The five songs with just Dave and Tim were awesome, as per usual. It was a nice surprise to hear DMB tunes on his Dave and Friends tour stops. Of course the rest of the show was tight and it was awesome to hear the Some Devil songs live. The highlight of the night was without a doubt when they pulled out Tell Me Something Good. One of my all time favorite songs covered by my most favorite band. I am thoroughly impressed with this show and it definitely ranks as my best so far. Thank you Dave :)