Dave Matthews & Friends
Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Dave and Tim:

Lie In Our Graves *
Satellite *
Too Much *
The Stone *
Crush *
Dancing Nancies *
Dave and Friends:
Gravedigger -->
Grey Blue Eyes
Up and Away -->
Stay or Leave
Solsbury Hill #
Tell Me Something Good ~
Up On Cripple Creek @%
Some Devil $
Spanish Moon ^%
Superstition ~++
American Tune +
So Damn Lucky
Save Me
Too High
Hey Bulldog **

* Dave and Tim
# Peter Gabriel cover
^ Little Feat cover
% Trey on lead vocals
$ Dave Solo
+ Paul Simon cover
@ The Band cover
~ Stevie Wonder cover
** Beatles cover
++ Tony Hall on lead vocals

Michael C.
Show was pretty good. It is SOOO weird without the band. I wanted Boyd, Carter, Roi, and Steffan just to pop out of the blue and start jamming with them. This concert has given me a new appreciation of the BAND of Dave Matthews! But overall, the show was good. Good Covers.. Timmy kicks ass AND so does the bassist who can sing like a mofo! :) He has a great voice, and they should let him sing more often? Well the trip from OklaHOhoma was worth it.. Take care! mike
Erich B.
I met a nice girl after tonights show, she overheard me on the phone telling a friend I would post a review on Nancies. I feel it only logical to follow through. Dave & Tim were great as usual, though despite the short and sweet set they opened with, I felt it was slightly out of place. Regardless, they played through a few standards real nicely, including a great Drunk Man intro to Nancies. Its nice to see them play as a duo again, but the intimacy of the full D&T shows was obviously gone. Once the band got out though, the real fun began. They basically did all of Some Devil, sans An' Another Thing, adding tremendously to some songs, such as Dodo. The jam for that tune makes it twice as good as the album version. The cover tunes made the night though, and the energy from the band durring Tell Me Something Good, Hey Bulldog, and Solsbury Hill flowed responsivly into the crowd. The highlight of the night was Superstition, though, with Tony Hall singing it wonderfuly while the rest of the group just had an all around funk fest. All in all, its a breath of fresh air to see Dave in such a different setting, and Im excited for MSG and any others I may catch. And so i cap this with a hi to Cheryl, and a thank you for making an otherwise boring trip home eventful.
Josh S.
Well good thing we got to see Emmylou... Trey popped out to guest on Harris' cover of 'The Maker' The show was really awesome. Lots of covers lots of Some Devil, but would you expect anything different. It was great, and i repeat great to see tim on stage again. His talents are amazing. The Stone was awesome. They had a little fun on Crush, when Tim's hands slipped in the middle of his solo. Dave kept saying they were going to play a few more tunes then go looking for some friends. They opened with Gravedigger that had an incredible groove and awesome rock beat to it. And that theme continued through most of the night. While the jams were many, there was a definite rock to the show. Highlights were "Tell Me Something Good" "Save me" "Up On Cripple Creek" and "Solsbury Hill". This was definatly a night of covers. Awesome.
Justin F.
My first birthday show also happened to be my 100th concert overall. It did not let me down one bit. Emmylou provided for a decent opener, highlight obviously being trey joining her for The Maker by Lanois and covered by Dave frequently. The crowd ate this one up...most people I have ever seen come in for the opener (and this includes bela fleck, ben harper, the roots, santana, moe., and robert bradley's blackwater surprise-my personal fave). The Dave and Tim set was great. LIOG to open was sweet. Crush had a weird moment where they both paused during the bridge in the middle, yet they covered it up nicely. Nancies was high powered. The Dave and Friends show was unbelievable. Most of us knew how great Timmy and Trey are but the other 3 were quite impressive. Drums were very high tempo and stayed on rhythm very well. The bass was SAWEEEET. and lastly the keyboards were an AMAZING addition. all added together, the band funked up versions of Mr. Wonder's better known songs as well as a very impression Gabriel cover where Dave disguised his voice to sound A LOT like Peter's. Not much else I can say besides that I am psyched for MSG...the band is a very very talented group of guys...and I hope they tour once in a while from now on.
Mark Y.
Awesome Awesome show. Nothing much more to say. I was going in with mild expectations. I am not a big fan of the solo album but let me tell you the songs translate well live. Even songs I really didn't like (Dodo and Trouble) kicked ass. Dave and Tim were great, as to be expected - and the intro to Nancies was hilarious. The covers they picked were great and we got some funk with "Tell Me Something Good" and "Superstition" which were the highlights of the show. I am so glad I didn't peek at the setlists because it was great to be surprised with songs like Solisbury Hill, Cripple Creek, Spanish Moon, and Hey Bulldog. As much as I love DMB I hope the adventorous spirit of the D&F tour carries over to the band's next tour.
James D.
Well, Was that awesome or what? When i first heard about the dave and friends tour, i diddnt expect much..I should have known better. The show started off with an amazing 50 minute dave and tim acoustic set doing Lie In, Satellite, Too Much, The stone and Dancing Nancies and it was damn incredible, Tim is God with a guitar, plain and simple. After a short break Dave, Tim, Trey, Brady, Tony and Ray (butch's brother lol) Tore the house down with magnificent versions of some devil tunes jammed out to the max. Also some fantastic paul simon, stevie wonder, and Beatles covers to go on top of it all. You could tell dave was having a damn good time, and so was everyone else in the building.Awesome show!!
Dan W.
I didn't even get a chance to leave until 6:35 for the show, as my friend couldn't even get to my house until then. I was a little miffed, but I wasn't that excited to see Emmylou besides possible seeing Trey perfrom The Maker with her. But, we were somehow able to make it to the WachoviaCenter in 22 minutes, and plus we got a great parking spot. So we went in,went to our seats (Sec. 114 seats 5 and 6), and watched a song or two fromEmmylou. I went and hung out with my friends, bought a pretzel and a soda,then made it back to my seat in time for The Maker with Trey - this sounded great. The guy behind me yelled, "Boo,Trey!" Trey added alot, and Emmylou has an excellent voice. After the song, Trey escorted Emmylou off the side of the stage and the lights cameback on. I counted about 6 mic stands here, give or take a few. After about a 15 minute break, Dave and Tim walk on and open up with... Lie In Our Graves - My favorite song by DMB, a very good version. Thecrowd was really into this, and almost everything during the night, albeit a few E-A-G-L-E-S cheers. Dave was swaying back and forth in his seatduring the interlude, and Tim had a good solo. --> Satellite - This was or was just about a segue. While the crowd wasstill cheering, Dave and Tim started messing around with the off notes forthe discordant intro. The intro went on for a pretty good amount of time,and then they went into Satellite. Crowd sang along, all was good. After this, Dave said that him and Tim were going to do a couple songs,and then he was going to go into the audience and find some people to come up and play with him. Too Much - A weird mumbling intro a little bit like the Dancing Nanciesintro, Dave forgot half the song. After the first breakdown, he mumbled/scatted his way through the rest of the song. In reference to his messup, after the song Dave said that he'd had too many queludes (sp?) before the show. In my little notebook at this point i wrote: TR = God. The Stone - This was played, although it wasn't on the setlist on the official website. Tim made a few cool tapping noises at the beginning that sounded a little like Carter's intro. Dave threw in the Wise Men Sayoutro as well. After this song, Dave had to tune down to Drop D, and it took him the longest time. The people behind the stage thought Dave was looking atthem, but he was really looking at the tuner behind him. No sooner thanDave finished tuning than Tim had to look back and see if he was in tune. Crush - Everyone was singing for this one. The really really cool partabout this song was during the first solo. Tim takes his first solo, but, instead of making his way back down to the beginning of the fretboard, and starts to slide all the way up to the soundhole, forgetting that it's time for Dave to sing, "lovely lady." So instead, Dave plays the first note of the next part over and over, and talks to Tim for a couple seconds. On the screens, you could actually see Dave say to Tim, "Play it again." So Tim took another solo. Dancing Nancies - A really long drunk man intro, with refernces to a red and white fuzzy suit, a Christmas tree, Sitting on Santa's lap, buying something at the ABC store, and him finding comfort in slurred words. Again, the crowd was really into it. Tim was incredible at the end. End Dave and Tim set. Dave and Tim walk off stage, and the band comes back on at about 9:00 and breaks into... Gravedigger - There were some cool orange lights going with this one. Nothing spectacular, but a good start. --> Grey Blue Eyes - Dave didn't play at all on this one. Trey added some nice effects. Again, nothing awesome, but still solid. Dodo - FIRST HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT - awesome, awesome, awesome. I thinkout of the entire show it was the loudest during this song. Being my favorite from Some Devil, I thoughty the song part itself was good, but the jam is what made it incredible. With two electric guitars going at all times, all the songs tonight, especially Dodo, sounded great. Tim and Trey both had mini-solos, and Dave did a little yelling into the mic at the end. Trouble - SECOND HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT - I like this song better live, at least the lyrical part of it more than I do on the CD. The jam here was almost as loud as Dodo's, and Trey and Tony were really getting into it. I don't think that Tony Hall could have any more fun on stage. He's always jumping around, moving about. And Trey was moving all over the place too. Up and Away - A good way to sort of slow the song down a bit. Ray had a nice organ/piano/thing solo, and Tim added a bit too. Stay Or Leave - I thought this was perfect setlist placement, as it went from the craziness of Dodo and Trouble, to being laid back with Up and Away, to finally slowing it down with SOL. A perfect wind down, and this song had alot of Ray in it. Sounded beautiful. Solsbury Hill - Everybody was doing the boom, boom, boom's, and the band sounded really good. Trey and Brady were really getting into it. Tell Me Something Good - HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT(Yes, even better than Superstition.) Incredible. I hope a videotape emerges from this tour of this song from any show just to show people who don't get a chance to go what Dave does to himself during the song. Between every line, Dave moved his body all over the place, going absolutely crazy. Time and Trey both sounded really on, and after the song Dave shook Trey's hand. I think it was during this song also that, after Tim's solo, Dave pointed at him and urged the crowd to cheer for him. One of the best live songs I have ever seen. Baby - Nice with Ray. People were pretty respectful. Up On Cripple Creek - Trey sounded pretty solid on this one, and the band was tight as well. Some Devil - Everyone left, and Dave stayed on by himself to do this song. The crowd sang along with the chorus, and everyone again was quiet. After this, Dave switched guitars, only to go over the the side of the stage and have the guitar tech take it back and retune it (or something). There was some confusion, and Dave kind of ambled around the stage waiting for his guitar. Spanish Moon - Another song where Trey sang, it was really good. Superstition - After Spanish Moon, I heard the bass tease the notes from Superstition, and I said to my friend that's what it sounded like. Sure enough, they break into this funkilicious tune. Tony has a great voice, and Tim was more animated during this song than any other song during the night. Trey and Tim again had small solos here. American Tune - Brady popped a cigarette in his mouth, and Dave didn't even play guitar for this one. Crowd was once again respectful, and Dave's voice sounded good. So Damn Lucky - Good. Not great, but good. Dave and Tony sang the "around, around" part for almost the entire end of the song. Trey, according to my notebook, went "crazy," although I don't rememebr how. Save Me - "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!" Great closer. "A good time was had by all," is what i wrote in my notebook. I'm assuming that it was pretty good. Set break was real short. Too High - This song sounded pretty good without the orchestra. The jam at the end sounded very solid. Hey Bulldog - A great closer. Dave, at the end, was playing the air drums along with Brady. Brady also was barking, a la Paul, at the end. I hoped that they would come out for a second encore, but I had no idea what they were going to play. Plus, they were pretty much out of time and had been playing for almost two hours straight. Anyway, I thought the show was excellent, and it was interesting seeing Dave in a different atmosphere with different people. I'd rank it somewhere in the top 5 of the 10 shows I've been to, around 12-21-02, 9-6-03, 4-10-02, and 7-16-00. Really great show.
Rob M.
this concert was great, a little different with dave playing without his band, but it was good stuff. the d&t set before the d&f was great, some old stuff thrown in there. but the highlight was the quality of the songs live. for those songs just being produced to going live already they were awsome. the covers were definately sick. trey was amazing like always and the jams were awsome. if you have a chance to see d&f you should def check it out its good stuff and its a different side of dave
Jessica D.
During the days leading up to the concert, I was very apprehensive of what the night would be like. As soon as everyone was on stage I knew it was a good thing. Dave was enjoying himself to the fullest playing with his friends. But I'm getting ahead of myself.. Emmylou was decent, "The Maker" with Trey was the highlight. Some girl behind me asked me who Trey is and I could barely reply (I guess she missed the 'friends' on her ticket). That was my only bad experience. Dave and Tim was nice but definately lost some of the intimacy in the large arena. Once the other guys came out it was nothing but jamming. They jammed on everything, or so it seemed. ANd of course the covers, "Tell Me Something Good" and "Superstition" to name two, were awesome. It was cool to see Trey and Tony sing and to watch Dave dance. I only wish I was going to more shows.
Well, after reading the other reviews, I felt that I had to leave one. All I can say is it seems as though no one appreciated this show. This show was awesome. You can not compare it to the Dave Matthews Band because it was a whole different sound with Tim and Trey on guitar. First, I was able to catch Dave and Tim last spring and was floored. I realized how great Tim was on acoustic so to hear that he would be on an electric guitar - I was going in with high hopes. I knew that DMB was a great jam band and I didn't think they would jam at this show but they did and they were all together except for one mistake but they paid up for it. Then to hear that Trey Anastasio was going to be there - I couldn't wait to see that. I am not a Phish fan but heard Trey was great and he came through. Seeing Dave play with these artists show you how great Dave is. He can be with the band and play great or he could be with a whole different group and still be awesome. His solo was great too. He came through and played my favorite, Crush, and then they just kept playing. To hear some of the covers was great. You can't go wrong with the Beatles and they played great. Then they pulled Superstition and Tell me Something Good out and they were cool too. I am not going to go into each song because I can't say one bad thing...they were all GREAT! I am just going to leave by saying Dave you are unbelievable!
Having driven all the way from North Carolina with my girlfriend, I needed this to be a great show, and Dave and Friends came through. This show went beyond all my expectations. Emmylou Harris provided a solid opener to Dave and Tim's great acoustic set. The slower-paced Too Much really got me into this show, and Crush being played was a dream come true since it's one of my favorites. I figured the acoustic set would be the highlight of the show, but Dave and Friends once again exceeded by expectations. Gravedigger really got the crowd going, and hearing it live helps one appreciate how good of a song it really is. All of Dave's album stuff was great, but the covers are what made the night. It felt like Dave knew this tour was pushing his album contents, so it was somewhat like work singing those. However, the covers really allowed the band to open up and it seemed as if they were having as good a time playing them as we were listening. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time, well worth the drive. Thanks Dave.