Dave Matthews & Friends
Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Dave and Tim:
Bartender *
Crush *
Pay For What You Get *
Where Are You Going *
Typical Situation * -->
Dancing Nancies *

Dave and Friends:
Up and Away
Solsbury Hill #
Up On Cripple Creek @%
American Tune +
Stay or Leave
Oh Sister ^++
Some Devil **
So Damn Lucky
Tell Me Something Good ~
Save Me
Hey Bulldog $=
Everyday ***
Waste ***
Will It Go Round In Circles &

* Dave and Tim
# Peter Gabriel cover
^ with Emmylou Harris
++ Bob Dylan cover
% Trey on lead vocals
+ Paul Simon cover
@ The Band cover
~ Stevie Wonder cover
$ Beatles cover
& Billy Preston cover
= with Buddy Miller (Emmylou's guitarist)
** Dave solo
*** Dave and Trey

well first off let me say that seeing trey and dave on the same stage has been a fantasy of mine for years, and to actually have it come true has made me happier than i can explain-that said, i attended the philly show and while i had a great time boston was a much better experience, all the D & T songs were great starting with the bartender open and getting typical and PFWYG were great surprises!trey and tim came out alone to start off the full band and they jammed into DODo which was awesome! the entire set was really cool but when trey and dave came back out acoustic and played everyday it was so moving, they were looking at eachother and trey was singing along with dave, my friends and i had been saying all along if they came out and played waste that we would have a heart attack, well luckily we didn't have a heart attack, but they did play waste while alot of people didn't know the song, everyone could feel the magic in the air, it is something that i will never in my entire life forget! To see 2 of your favorite musicians playing one of your favorite songs, is just a beautiful thing..."on't want to be a climber reacing for the top, don't want to be anything where i don't know when to stop"---sarah
This tour has been a very pleasant surprise, and anyone who didn't buy tickets out of skepticism really needs to check it out. Compared to Providence this show was more mellow, but they're definitely trying new things as the tour progresses, which is great to see. Dave and Tim got the show off to a great start. Tim is being much more active than he was during the spring tour, adding some great fills and really amazing solos. Oh Sister was pretty boring -- Emmylou read the words off a sheet, but she does have a great voice -- but other than that the main set was solid. Ray had a great piano intro on Stay or Leave. Tell Me Something Good has ridiculous amounts of energy, and Emmylou's guitarist really helped them rock out on Hey Bulldog. That was a great way to end the set. The real treat was the encore, when Dave and Trey came out by themselves for Everyday and Waste. Dave sang all of Everyday with Trey backing him up on the chorus, and they traded verses on Waste. Finally the full band came out one last time and jammed out Will It Go 'Round In Circles. Another great show, and the last Dave and Friends show for me. I hope they tour again!
Michelle W.
I went into the concert tonight a bit skeptical, not knowing how i would like the new band of daves. Man was i impressed. Tim and Dave Hit off an awesome 5 songs, ending with an ever powerful nancies with tim going CRAZY on guitar. Dave was full of energy all night dancing around on cover songs like hey bulldog and Solsbury Hill. Trey's voice on up on cripple creek was definalty something to talk about. We were all surprised when dave and trey came out to play everyday and waste. What a great end to the concert. Definatly one of the best shows, (Jam Wise) i have attended. An Amazing Night
Patrick P.
Dave Matthews brought some of his "friends" to the Fleet Center, as Dave Matthews, Trey Anastasio, Brady Blade, Tony Hall, Ray Paczkowski and Tim Reynolds rocked the night away with an eclectic mix of songs both new and old. The Dave and Tim opener contained the usual staples that were found in last spring's D&T tour. Bartender was a great opener and really pumped the crowd. Crush gave Tim a chance to show off some of his licks- it's really amazing how much pizzazz Tim brings to the game. Pay For What You Get was well done, and even had the Norwegian Wood outro from last spring's tour. Dancing Nancies was an excellent choice to end the set, however the intro was kept short and did not include the usual "Could have I been" statements. After the set break Dave came back out with the full ensemble. Dodo was as an opener was awesome- reminds me how good the song is as an opener to the Some Devil album. The group really jammed out this songs- bringing a more DMB feel to the solo tracks. Energy kept building and building up and it peaked with Solsbury Hill. The crowd exploded to hear a new cover Dave has brought this tour. The group then chilled out with Gravedigger, Cripple Creek, and American Tune. Again, a lot of covers in this tour bring a new sound to fans that have seen Dave Matthews before. Emmylou Harris went out to sing a rarely heard version of Oh Sister. Tell Me Something Good was awesome; hearing all these different songs really got the crowd excited. Hey Bulldog had a catchy beat, and was a good end to the regular set. Dave and Trey went out and both sang 1one DMB song (Everyday) and one Phish song (Waste) a real treat for the audience. Will It Go Round in Circles got the whole group going, and they seem to really enjoy playing it. All in all, Dave and friends brought some classic Dave tunes, new Dave tunes, and some awesome covers together resulting in a truly unique night of music.
Patrick M.
AMAZING!!! I heard that Dave and Friends were tearing it up, but i had o idea how good this show was going to be. From the opening song of Emma Lou Harris to "Will It Go Round In Circles" the show was rockin. Trey sat in on "The Maker" with Emma which was great. Seeing Dave and Tim was a treat cause i have never seen them together before. Timmy was on fire, hitting the highest notes on a guitar i have ever heard. "Pay for What You Get" was the highlight of the acoustic i thought. The rest of the Show is pretty much indescribable, you had to be there. The energy from the band, the solos from Trey, the dancing from Dave, the emotion from the crowd, all mixed together to produce an evening I will not soon forget. The highlight of the night for me was when Trey and Dave came out by themselves and played "Waste"!!! I cried!!
This was a great show. The musicianship of this band that he is touring with is astounding. Tim Reynolds and Trey Anasctacio on the same stage, very often soloing at the same time... need I say more. On top of that, Dave was on fire. I had as much fun watching the band members figure out what song to play as I did actually listening. Emmylou Harris is not a great choice for an introduction. Fortunately, hardly anyone was there when she was on, so the mood wasn't set poorly for more concertgoers. Hey, Dave, how about Tom Waits as an opener?!?
Steve B.
I didn't know what to expect out of this, but I was very pleased. Dave and Tim opened with sort of a slow set, but Tim had some awesome jams in Crush, Typical, and Nancies. But then the real fun started. Dodo was great to kick things off and the jam in Trouble was absolutely incredible. No complaints through the rest of the show. The energy was there, Dave was dancing like I've never seen him dance before, the crowd was into it, and there was a great mix of covers and Dave. The encore was great too. As soon as I saw them putting out the stools I knew there would be some Dave and Trey in the encore and I was pulling for Waste, but I didn't want to say anything to ruin it. Luckily they played it and it was perfect, better than I could've hoped. All in all an incredible show, a great first Dave & Friends show for me, I just wish they had played Too High, but maybe some other time.