Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center - Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Busted Stuff
Two Step
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
The Best of What's Around
Tripping Billies
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Stay or Leave
Where Are You Going
The Wayfarer (Tim Solo)
The Maker
Don't Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land)
Exodus (tease) -->
Cry Freedom
Lie In Our Graves
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim Solo) *
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Ants Marching
Dancing Nancies

* tease of Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson

DAVE IS AMAZING!!! So yeah i didn't get to see the show but i got to meet dave which was more amazing then ever. This show would have been my 1 d-t show but me and my friend just couldn't find 2 tickets! But while we were looking we say daves tour bus pull up and we followed it till it stoped and when dave got off he came over and shook my hand first and said to everyone while shaking my hand "you guys are crazy standing out here in this cold rainy weather" he shook a few more hands before going inside. This is a night i will never forget!
Brian G.
Tim Reynolds, ladies and gentleman. My first Dave and Tim concert and it was a memorable one at that. They played for 3 hours and 20 minutes!!! I'll stick to the highlights: I was expecting the Bartender opener, but only saw half of it because people were still slowly getting to their seats. WTWE i actually liked tonight....had great energy. BUSTED was ok. not bad....have not heard this live yet. Davespeak: Last night, for the filming of Purdue, there was a camera man who kept on farting (he told a story about this camera man), it was funny. BOWA was amazing. have never heard this one and i loved every second of it. GRAVEDIGGER is full of energy and one of my favorite Dave solo songs. STAY/LEAVE. i had refused to listen to this before the show and the first two verses are choppy, but the ending is phenominal. i hope to see this with DMB this summer. WAREHOUSE thank god! this was one of the ones i really wanted to hear. short passion intro and it was awesome as well. WAYG...not my favorite song, but Tim adds a nice touch with the ending. TIM SOLO hot diggity dog! this was unbelievable. the better of the two solos he did. i dont understand how someone can move his fingers as fast as tim does. standing ovation #1. CRUSH my HIGHLIGHT of the night. so much energy in the end. i couldnt hear it clearly, but dave was singing new stuff and then they did a scat outro. DDTW was intense. Then dave talked about the war and they played a good 2-3 minutes of exodus (really awesome) and then into cry freedom. LIOG was awesome with Timmy. TIM SOLO2: I laugh at anyone who dared get up from their seat to leave during Tim's solos. morons. JIMI: Dying to hear this and got it with a sweet WWBOM outro. I love this D&T style. NANCIES was a nice encore, but i thought they'd play at least 2 songs. dave had a funny intro to it, talking about eating out of a dumpster and saying "it aint easy being green". There was little DaveSpeak tonight...other than the fart story, he talked about building an airplane in the gym (the venue was a gym) during the middle of the night and then having people the next day wondering how to get the plane out. haha. The crowd was for the most part quiet and well-behaved. towards the middle some knuckleheads started yelling out songs (some dumb ones: People People and Toy Solders). and the usual Free Bird guy was in attendance too. But overall, dave and tim were great together and tim even had some TimSpeak (holding up his fingers in a peace sign...loud crowd cheers). Tim is an amazing guitarist and with a man like Dave at his side, a magical evening is what ensues....
Jordan B.
Well, after driving an hour through a monsoon thunderstorm, I got to see one of the most amazing concerts. WOW. There's not much analysis I can make in general, other than the setlist was amazing, the crowd was overall well behaved, and it was an incredible show. BARTENDER started us off, which was expected, and a lot of people walked in late so I could barely see them the first three minutes or so, but it was great. Excellent start, followed by WHEN THE WORLD ENDS. Nice to hear, it sounds great Dave and Tim style I think, although I hope it isn't played every single concert all summer like last year. BUSTED STUFF was great, and very surprising. I know they played it at Purdue, but I figured that was because of the live DVD and everything. TWO STEP- is this ever bad? Of course it was awesome, with Dave and Tim finishing really strong at the end. Then Dave went into this whole story about the camera man at Purdue who let the "stinkiest farts that smelled really funky". It was pretty funny. Then EVERYDAY but no #36. I was a bit surprised, but it was still very good. GRACE IS GONE followed by GREY STREET, both very nice to hear acoustically. BEST OF WHATS AROUND- YES! That was so unexpected and a great surprise, first time I've heard it live. TRIPPING BILLIES-very nice. STONE and GRAVEDIGGER- stone was great with the wise men outro, always awesome, gravedigger was nice too, nice solo by Tim. STAY OR LEAVE-WOW! It was excellent, great new song. WAREHOUSE- I was hoping for it, and it was so old school sounding, I loved it. WAYG- ok, cool Tim solo, but getting sick of this. TIM'S SOLOS- one was at this point in the set, the other was later, but both were unreal. I have no idea how he moves his fingers so fast! He's incredible. MAKER- neat, nice to hear. CRUSH- Highlight of the night, absolutely awesome, the outro was really cool with Dave improving on the scat lyrics. DONT DRINK- nice, with the this land is your land outro. Then Dave talked about the war, and then they did this intro to CRY FREEDOM that seemed to have an Exodus tease in it. LIE IN OUR GRAVES and PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET- two more highlights, awesome to hear. Both great. Then, as if it wasn't enough, they end the set with JIMI THING, #41 and ANTS. Need I say more? Finally, the encore, and Dave did this crazy intro before Dave and Tim performed a killer NANCIES. It was a phenomenal night, with a setlist I couldn't even have dreamed of. No one could have been disappointed with this show, it was the best.