Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Elliot Hall of Music - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:45pm
Grey Street
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Stay or Leave
Tripping Billies
Busted Stuff
Everyday (#36)
Grace Is Gone
Satellite (Off Key Intro)
Letting Go (Tim solo)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
The Maker
Where Are You Going
Lie In Our Graves
Long Black Veil
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim solo)
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Cry Freedom
Two Step
offstage 10:48pm
onstage 10:52pm
Blue Water tease -->
Dancing Nancies
offstage 11:07pm

Victor Y.
Just got back from ushering the Purdue show at around midnight – man, it was good! Clocked in at 3 hours and 20 minutes. There were cameras (2 crane-mounted onstage, a handi-cam operator, 2 tripods on the main floor, and 2 tripods in the balcony) in effect so I assume it was recorded for some possible future DVD release. Was able to meet Dave 2x – once pre-show briefly, and once post-show where I got to shake his hand. He arrived just past 5pm (rumors were they were late because they forgot about the time change coming into Indiana) and proceeded to soundcheck quickly. I was able to sneak in and hear all of soundcheck: - When the world ends - The stone - Busted stuff (2x) - Stay or leave - And about 5 minutes of Dave cackling and making weird noises The show started right around 7:30pm. Rambling “Dave-speak” included: - “Meat Sweat” and eating various meats w/ Big Voice Jack - dying of a burst bladder - sandwich-stealing monkeys and Germans - guitar strap sweat - Jerry Garcia toys/dolls made in China - smelling one’s fingers - if gravity suddenly reversed and we all flew to the ceiling - Cain (from the TV show Kung Fu) THE BEST Dave quote in reply to various people yelling song requests: (sarcastically) “Umm…yeah – I’m gonna play what I want.” Classic. The 2nd best quote of the night: (with regards to Cain of “Kung Fu”): “Yeah, China’s representin’!” Tim (who is SHORT) was awesome, naturally. Highlights for me were (not in order): jammy/funky outros to Crush, 2 Step, Dancing Nancies. Pay For What You Get w/ a “Norwegian Wood” outro. Don’t Drink The Water w/ a “This land is your land” outro. The Stone w/ a “Can’t help falling in love” outro. Long Black Veil was (ironically) short and sweet. Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker” was beautiful as always. No “Ants” but got #41 which was great. During “Everyday” the crowd sang back the refrain to “#36”; a nice back and forth action there. All in all I was very pleased with the crowd here. Everyone sat down during the show, few left during Tim’s 2 solos, annoying yelled requests were kept to a minimum, and loud, hideously off-key singing was likewise minimal. Go Purdue fans! I admit as an usher I had real trepidations about how rude the audience would be (we ARE a Big 10 school, after all) – but I was pleasantly surprised.
What a great show! Show #9 for me and it was a once in a lifetime experience. It looks like this one may be on cd/dvd sometime. There were cameras and recording equipment everywhere. The lighting and sound were great setting up an unbelievable evening. Now to the set: Bartender is always a great opener, Grey Street was solid, and the rest of the Busted Stuff songs were played to perfection. Dave and Tim jammed it out all night with all the new great outros(had some trouble with WTWE outro) and partial covers from other great songs. Tim's solos were absolutely off the hook. Highlights... Gravedigger sounded great, Stay of Leave has potential to be huge, Pay for What You Get was unbelievable, the crowd sang the "honey, honey" during Everyday (36), Jimi Thing, The Maker, Lie in Our Graves, #41, Long Black Veil, Cry Freedom, and Two Step were unbelievable. Nancies with the story intro got the crowd really going for the encore. All around a great show with a flawless set and some funny and sometimes profound Davespeak. After the show I almost got to meet Dave for the first time. Better luck next time. See y'all this summer at Columbus, Verizon, and the Tweeter Center.
ok, wow. "the word of the night, meatsweat." i dont know what that is or why that is but thats what dave said at the beginning. also there were a couple of things, like "i'm gonna play what i want" when someone tried to shout out a song and the talk about monkey erections and smelling your fingers. funny stuff. this show was great and for all yall that couldnt make it, there were cameras there taping the show, so dvd in the near future hopefully. anyway, i am so glad i was able to go to this show because it was my first dave and tim and it was so sweet. great setlist (but no i'll back you up) stay or leave is a great song with great lyrics and of course #41. and tim reynolds you are a god, wow. it was amazing to actually get to see him play. also the crowd wasn't too bad. i was expecting worse, so that was nice too. about a three and a half hour show when it was all said and done and i loved every minute of it. thanks guys for touring again.
Chris W.
This was my first Dave and Tim Acoustic concert and I have to say it was ranks at the top of my Dave experiences. Not only were the songs fresh and sounded excellent but Dave himself was hilarious! And you could actually understand him in the close setting of Elliott Music Hall. Bartender is always a great opener and he played some songs I didn't expect. I love the mix of #36 and Everyday, which sounds excellent. As does Gravedigger which I didn't expect at all! Tim had two excellent solos that were literally mind-boggling. All of the song were very mellow and sounded excellent. The only part I didn't like so much was the crowd yelling out at times, however, that is to be expected at a Dave and Tim concert. Over all I think the show can be summed up by saying "The phrase of the day is: meat sweat".
Michael A.
Could you ask for spending a better birthday than being in the second row at a Dave & Tim show? Or possibly a better setlist? This show had the best setlist I've ever witnessed. Dave came out admitting he was a little under the weather and you could hear it in his voice. Nonetheless a 26 song setlist that included such classics as Cry Freedom, Blue Water, Pay For What You Get, The Maker, an unbelievable intro to Dancing Nancies, a fun sing along (as always) with Everyday, a first ever Dave & Tim Busted Stuff, etc. Tim (of course) was incredible as always. Dave seemed to miss a verse beginning torwards the end of both Cry Freedom and Where Are You Going. He did have some good stories which included pulling out a chime-making Jerry Garcia doll crafted from China. He dedicated Grace Is Gone to all of those who were waiting and hoping to have loved ones coming home from the war. The setlist was amazing as is, but when he started into Blue Water that capped the whole evening for a very happy and older fan. Thank you once again Dave & Tim. I also remember Dave joining Tim on Stream and playing it for a bit, but can't remember where it fell in the setlist. Hopefully someone else threw that in!