Dave Matthews Band
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Toots & The Maytals

Two Step
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rhyme and Reason
Minarets (Tomorrow Never Knows)
Don't Drink the Water
Jimi Thing
Warehouse (Stop-Time)
The Stone
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies (Nature)
Watchtower (Greg Howard Solo)

entire set with Greg Howard and Tim Reynolds

Cory S.
It surely was a treat to see two shows in five and a half months, but tomorrow at Oakland will make three for that period, a true delight. A good Two Step for starters followed by a tight PNP -> Rapunzel. Highlight of the evening was an early #41 (never been to a show where they didn't play it, I hope they don't end the streak tomorrow night.) A pleasant surprise was Rhyme and Reason into Minarets which was great, a nice long ending jam. Don't Drink the Water followed, which in turn was followed by an awesome Jimi Thing. Boyd was on fire for this one and seemed to be chasing Dave around the stage. Next was Warehouse with Stop-Time intro, very nice. The Stone was OK, pretty close to the album version. SMTS -> ASTB -> Too Much was full of energy, great lighting. We knew we were close to the end when the strumming nature intro to Billies started. Again, Boyd was jammin. Expected a Crash and Watchtower encore and was thankfully spared from Crash. One of the best Watcht! owers that I have seen with a nice Greg Howard solo. Overall a good show. Would have liked One Sweet World and Nancies, but there is still tomorrow night.
Joe N.
Excellent show. This is the 7th show for me, definitely thrilling. Tim Reynolds is something else. It was really an honor to have both Tim and Greg at the show... I've heard about a lack of energy at recent shows, but there was no such lack of energy here. Toots and the Maytals were very enjoyable. I love the caliber of guests that Dave Matthews Band always brings... semi-legends like Taj Mahal, Toots and the Maytals, etc... anyway :) Set was about 2:15 in length. Highlights: Two Step: Nice Timmy solo #41: 1st of the tour. New lyrics in the previously lyric-less breaks between verse and chorus. Jimi: This was excellent. I have a feeling that the jam was not planned. Not like any that I've heard before. The ending was pretty loose, and Dave was laughing, shaking his head... I think it was the first real different jam I've heard for Jimi. Warehouse: Always a highlight. :) The Stone: Another tour first. Excellent. Encore jam: Greg Howard is the man. Period. He stepped up with some jaw-dropping stickwork, and the remaining musicians jammed along. Greg really deserves a lot of respect. Buy his records! Watchtower: No bass solo intro, unlike the last several tours. Solo spots for Boyd, LeRoi, and Timmy, in that order. Tim is amazing. Scary looking, but amazing. :) So, that wraps up my long-winded review. I'll try to seed a tree with the tape. We'll see how that goes.
Jared O.
This was my 4th DMB show and by far the best. The setlist was varied with songs from all the albums, and luckily not too much new stuff (only 3 songs from BTCS) Two Step was a great opener. This was the first time I heard this one open up a show. It got everyone dancing right away. Tim's solo was outstading! PNP --> Rapunzel was next and I had a feling it was going to be. #41 was so amazing! Both Boyd and Leroi's solos were very well played. Rhyme & Reason was a good one to hear. Dave got really into the vocals for this one - very passionate. Minarets was great! I loved Dave's scat intro. DDTW was powerful as usual. Dave was going CRAZY on this one, dancing around the stage and everything. YES - JIMI THING! This made the whole evening. I had been waiting to hear this one for a long time. Boyd's solos were awesome and it gave me the chills when I saw him and Dave jamming next to each other. Another one I had been wanting to hear - Warehouse! This was a first for me, complete with time stop intro. Stefan was incredible! The Stone came up after that. It is my favorite song from BTCS and it was a tour first. Roi's baritone was great. I hear the beginnings of SMTS when Dave was tuning his guitar to it, and I knew if they were going to play that, I was also going to hear the amazing Anyone Seen The Bridge! Followed by a very powerful Too Much. I thought it was going to close out the show, but on came Dave's guitar intro to Billies. This was a better closer than it was at the 5/17/98 Shoreline show. It was much more powerful. Carter went insane! Dave came out jumping before the encore. It was great! Then there was an aweome jam with Greg and Carter, four minutes or so. Then they played Watchtower. This was the 3rd Watchtower I have heard as an encore and by far the best one - compliments of Greg and Tim. All 7 musicians on stage shined throughout the entire show. Great setlist! Arco Arena had great sound, and even though my seats were kind of far away, I was dead center! I would like to thank my brother, Donnie for taking me and I hope he enjoyed his first DMB show!
Diana M.
This was my 12th show, and was definitely one of the best I've had the privilege to attend. Right off the bat, the band seemed more energetic and into the music than the previous evening at San Jose. Dave gave an incredible performance despite succumbing to the cold and flu season, playing such vocally demanding songs as Rhyme and Reason (AWESOME!), Don't Drink the Water and Watchtower. While many have claimed that the Oakland show on 10/31 blew this one away, the band seemed more passionate and jam inclined at this show. It was by far my favorite of the three northern California shows. Highlights: LeRoi's incredible intro to Pantala Naga Pampa! His amazing talent and ability to improvise never fail to make a great song 10 times better. Carter, Carter and more Carter - Once again proved that he is the best drummer in popular music. Tim's "Stairway to Heaven" jam on Watchtower. Being an old Zep junkie, I was jumping up and down when I heard this. Boyd, Dave, Stefan, and Greg Howard were amazing as always, and were so amazingly tight on every song. I'm so glad I made the drive to Sac.