Dave Matthews Band
Great Western Forum, Inglewood, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Toots & The Maytals

Don't Drink the Water *
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Warehouse *
The Song That Jane Likes
Minarets *
Lie in our Graves
Rhyme and Reason *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge)
Too Much
Ants Marching

entire set with Tim Reynolds
* with Greg Howard

Michael F.
DMB is incredible!!! This concert was so full of energy, it was amazing. Everyone was dancing and just having a good time. Toots and the Maytals were wonderful, but when DMB came on, the forum went NUTS!!! When DMB jams, they JAM!!! There were two highlights. One was Crush. The band jammed on this song for over fifteen minutes, and it was some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard! But the best of all was the encore. I was yelling for this song all night, since it happens to be my favorite DMB song, and after forty-five minutes of screaming ANTS MARCHING, I think Dave finally got the point. So the band rewarded the crowd with a ten minute, INSANE Ants Marching!!! This was easily the greatest concert I've ever been to! I encourage anyone and everyone to see DMB! You won't be disappointed, I promise you!
To Begin the opening Band Toot and the Maytals Rocked, if you are lucky to have them on the bill try to make it on time because the will not leave you dis appointed. Dave took the stage at 8:20 and played until 10:25, many in the crowed were disappointed with the 10:20 departure time , but the set was anything but disaapointing. The bandrocked from the first song, Don't Drink the water, and the tried to keep the intensity through ants marching the final song. The set was if I do say marred by many long breaks in between songs, some lasting as long as 4 min. The band was seemingly putting together the set as they went. All in all it was a good show, i have seen 15 dave shows and on a scale of 1-10 I gave it a 7. See you all at the next show, later!!!!
Scott H.
A pretty average show, due to the fact that it seemed pretty short and no real outstanding versions of any song. It was nice to hear The song that jane likes and Rhyme and Reason, but the rest was standard. The show more or less was the same as the San Deigo show, including the same jams. Point to ponder...didn't DMB used to play insane different jams...well not anymore
Chris G.
This band has really sold out big time. They've just gone right down the tubes despite their recent commercial success. They are barely improvisational despite what some may think. DMB really does suck, although the music is still fun to listen to. All in all, I've lost a lot of respect seeing both the redundant setlists and the redundant sound of their jams. They've lost me!
Nick K.
At points in the show I really wished that the band had depended more on their improvisational talents then waste a lot of time in between songs making sure of whatever structure they were going to play with. I would like to see Dave either get his act together and come up with a setlist and prepare accordingly, or improv out there. I would obviously prefer a hell of a lot more to see the latter, but the least I could ask for would be a cohesive set. Even if they might be very similar night after night, it has to be granted that their jams are incredible. But last night their were seven talented musicians out there and, like they did on the MTV video awards with Stay, fans who had heard the song live before knew almost exactly what to expect. With regards to this show, highlights were the lighting, the presence of some old-school jams (the scat intro to minarets was incredible,) and no Crash. Also, when I heard Boyd solo on Lie in our Graves this summer I truly felt that he'd have a hard time improving on that. I wast wrong. Disappointments include: the wait time in-between songs, smts->ASTB->too much sequence and how tim and greg howard were poorly included. Why invite Greg to play if he's never given the opportunity to be heard? Tim had one beautiful solo in Crush. but that was his only standout playing the night (despite maybe the tone he adds to Rhyme and Reason.) I guess what I'm saying is that it is frustrating to watch a band with so much talent and more importantly so much energy, lose a lot of its true audience by conforming to what they wrongly perceive the commercial customers need to hear. I commend the bands awesome abilities. I feel however that they are letting a lot of them go to waste.
Jeremy P.
You can say whatever you want about DMB, that they sold out, that the setlists are redundant and that they never play any of the old stuff but hey they still put on a jamming concert!!! And I've been to 8 Dave shows before last night and I can honestly say last nights at the Forum was one of the best. He played Minarets!!! Not a everyday occurance when he plays this. And the crowd was dancing and the band was grooving and all together it was a great night of music. So while popularity might have hurt Dave he still is one of the best shows in town or for that matter ANYWHERE!!!
Bob M.
I was generally dissappointed with the show because of the absence of many of my favorite DMB songs, like #41, BOWA, Two Step, Typical Situation and Seek Up. When looking at the set list from the night before in San Diego, I feel like I definitely chose the wrong show to see. The breaks between many of the songs were excessively long and unexplainable. I hope to catch a future show on the tour to make up for this one.
Patrick R.
I guess I'm spoiled after seeing DMB at Irvine Meadows on 5/20/98. That was by far the most incredible show I've ever seen anyone do. Dave and his band didn't live up to my expectations this time at the Forum. The opening band, Toots and the Maytals kinda sucked and left a lot to be desired. But the DMB was definitely a crowd pleaser. They played to their OG crowd with tunes such as Minarets and The Song That Jane Likes and to the new school crowd with tunes like DDTW, So Much to Say, Ants Marching and Too Much. I definitely missed #41, Jimi Thing, and Two Step. And I figure, as long as Greg Howard was with them, they should have played Dreaming Tree, perhaps the most beautiful song on the new album. I'm glad I got to see Greg Howard's solo show on Sunday. I would have never known he was there on Tuesday by the sound. It was nice to see Tim with them though. This was my third DMB show and on a scale of 1-10, this one gets a 7.
Austin S.
Having grown up in Richmond, I have been to tons of DMB shows before this one, which was by far the most disappointing I have ever seen. First of all, the Forum is a terrible venue for a DMB show. Many of the seats in the Forum are terrible, and the acoustics leave a lot to be desired. A better choice would have been Universal or the Hollywood. Although Tim Reynolds and Greg Howard were at the show, they disappointingly didn't add much. Tim provided nice back up on a lot of songs, but except for the jam at the end of Crush, he never took the spotlight. There was a lot of potential for a nice jam after Boyd's beautiful solo in Lie in Our Graves, but Tim just didn't seem like he knew where he was going. Greg was never given the spotlight, and because of the terrible acoustics of the Forum, he couldn't even be heard on the few songs he joined for. There were a few highlights: Hearing STJL and Minarets (nice versions of both), Boyd's Solo on Lie in Our Graves, and Timmy on! Crush. However, the lowlights far outweighed the highlights. This was the shortest set I have seen the band play since they toured with the HORDE festival. Not only was the band on stage for a mere 2 hours, but they piddled around between songs. The band didn't seem to know what it was doing. Leroi left the stage quite often and came back with his flute once, but never played it. The crowd sucked; all they had in mind was screaming like a bunch of idiots when Dave did his crazy dance, and they didn't seem to give a shit about the music. There was only one encore: the very predictable Ants Marching. It would have been nice to here at least one drawn out, jamming song (2 Step, Jimmy Thing, Recently, Seek Up, Typical Situation, 36, 41, whatever). It just seemed like the band was fooling around, and trying to get out of the show as quickly as they could.