Dave Matthews Band
Polaris Ampitheatre, Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Los Lobos
Lie In Our Graves
Tripping Billies
Dancing Nancies
Jimi Thing
Help Myself
Say Goodbye
For the Beauty of Wynona
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Ants Marching
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Leave Me Praying
Drive In, Drive Out

Brad W.
The show was great! Although, it was much softer than last night in Cincinnati. The mood much more mello and the crowd seemed to be more of an older DMB crowd. I didn't care for Lie In Our Graves as an opener -- it didn't pick up the crowd. The volume was much too low. Los Lobos was much too loud, and DMB was too low. Leroi didn't have as much activity as last night, whereas Boyd seemed to steal the show tonight, and he was mostly silent last night. The show was great as a continuation from last night, since they sang different songs. I liked both shows together a lot. However, individually last night at Cincinnati was more upbeat. However, the crowd here in Columbus was much more into Dave's groove.
Seth D.
Great Show! pretty lively. It started out a bit on the slow side, but picked up nicely. I was again impressed by the band's showmanship. Spactacular as usual!
Steve M.
The show last night was stellar. It was the perfect night, the crowd was cool, and Dave was excited. Los Lobos were great, Dave should bring those guys out to jam. We were lucky enough to hear three unreleased songs. Lie in our Graves was a nice opener. Dave's solo was great and I hope it becomes a permanent part of the song. Nancies, Warehouse (with the stop time intro), and Jimi in a row was amazing. Help Myself was great as always. Two Step was great but didn't have a slide bass solo at the beginning. Ants had a new Boyd jam and this was easily the best version I have ever heard. The encore was a little weak with DIDO ending. Leave Me Praying had the this land is your land middle part. It was the best of the three DMB shows I've been to.
Jim F.
it was incredible. the emotion that projected from his voice echoed across the crowds in the sold-out arena. i had to close my eyes sometimes because the whole effect was nearly spiritual. i had a great time, i would have liked to have seen more,but they can only play so much at a time. it was my first dave matthews band concert, and i am positively going again when he passes through.
Dorian D.
Let me start by saying that was the best concert my friends and I have ever been to. The whole process was worth the nine and half hours it took us to get there. We drove out from Teaneck New Jersey at 2 in the morning and arrived in Columbus at 12:30. We put together the entire roadtrip in less than 3 days. Every part of it was spur of the moment but amazingly it all fell into place without a single problem. When it was time to go see the show we had wacked down a few beers and a whole bottle of Jack Daniels. That put me and the boys over the edge and into the perfect mood to start jamming. The opening act was a big disappointment. Bela Fleck would have been much better. When Dave finally came on stage you could tell right away that he was ready to go. Once he started playing my friend Justin did not stop dancing once,while me and Chris drank more so we would stay nice all night. The highlight of the show was definitely Ants. That was the best version I have ever heard out of the four DMB shows I have been to. Tripping Billies and Warehouse were also insane. The only thing that would have made it even better would have been if they played Satellite for the encore. I recommend Taco Bell after every DMB show.Just be carefull of that heartburn!
Tiffany B.
The show was wonderful. It was much better than the show last year at the same venue. Boyd's solos seemed to steal the show, as the volume of the others was hidden by his riffs and melodic phrases. Leroi was okay, however his personal performance the year before was much better. Los Lobos worked well as the opener, however they were not much to my liking. Highlights of the show came with the laughter of Dancing Nancies, the meaningfulness of Say Goodbye and the lyrics of Crash into Me or Too Much. The energetic sold out crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, as the dancing and singing stopped only a few times. It was a wonderful show....and was truly worth the wait!!!!!!