Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavillion, Bristow, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones with Jeff Coffin
Two Step
The Song That Jane Likes
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me *
Seek Up *
Ants Marching *
Say Goodbye *
The Best of What's Around
Help Myself
#41 **
Tripping Billies
Lover Lay Down
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Leave Me Praying
Drive In, Drive Out

* with Bela Fleck
** with Bela Fleck and Jeff Coffin

Brian C.
I am not a big fan of reviewing every tune but rather I will give you highlights. Jane was a nice blast from the past as was Help Myself and Best of What's Around (I hadn't heard this live in years). The Jimi jam was cool and Seek Up was amazing. Bela and Boyd sounded great playing off each other. Say Goodbye, unfortunately, has gotten really boring but they followed it up with and amazing 41 with Bela and Bela's sax player. Definitely the best song of the night. So Much-Too Much transition is cool but getting old. Weight of the World was outstanding and nice to hear something new from the boys. DIDO was a good ender. The boys had a lot of energy, to me a lot more than the 6/3 Richmond show. It was perfect weather and the crowd (which gets younger and younger every show I go to) was cool. All in all, it was a great show- they just need to keep pulling out the new stuff.
Shelly H.
Incredible show. Dave was rockin, Boyd was having the time of his life, Leroi actually removed his sunglasses at one point, Stefan was cooool as always, and Carter was jammin hard as ever. I couldn't have asked for a better setlist.. except perhaps Granny, #40 (wishful thinking), and Watchtower. Amazing show, overall. Truly, truly great. There aren't enough positive adjectives to convey how great this show really was.
Shawn B.
What a show!!!! I had orchestra center section eighth row seats. Seeing DMB up close like that was a first for me. Usually I was in the back somewhere like the lawn or in 200 level reserved seating. If I were to rate each song, I would be writing a review for several hours. Although each song was great, there were several highlights for me. For one, they played Ants Marching early on in the set which was a first for I have seen them many many times and not once have they played Ants so early on. Jimi Thing was great with a jam at the end which blew me away. #41 with Bela and newcomer saxophonist, Jeff Coffin was awesome. Everyone in the band was a part of the jam. Then the surprise came, Lover Lay Down was played. I went insane!!! Although Satellite and Watchtower were not played, it didn't bother me. Seeing them so much and tapetrading DMB as I do, I have come to expect a different setlist each night. You just don't know what to expect from them. So for that reason, I highly recommend seeing them as much as possible. Again, I could go on and on but it was truly great to see the best band around up close like that. DMB is definitely the best of what's around. If you want to know anything else about the show, e-mail me. Also, if you are interested in tapetrading, you can e-mail me also. I'm on tape trees for this summer's tour so I will be getting copies of all shows performed.
Julia ".
All of these are taken from the coveted "LittleBabySetlistBook." bow if you must. BTW, i got numerous inquisitions during the show as i wrote..."excuse me, but what could you possibly be writing?" it made me smile... 8:11 pm Dave and Co. take to the stage. My does Dave look nice...he shaved for us Virginians. Whadda Guy. :) 8:11-8:19 pm Two Step......Not much to say about this, believe it or not. Dan and I were surprised and a little shaken to hear this as an opener. But I, not being one to complain (grin), think that the song was solid. somewhat of an album-esque style to it, but it still held its ground nonetheless. 8:20-8:23 pm The Song That Jane Likes......Lyric Change on the verse before "all the captains cards are kings" (can't remember the correct words now)!!!! We can't figure out whether Dave had one of his trademark LyricMindLapses or whether he really was honestly trying to rotate some words around in this song that's been around forever, and that has always been so standard...and if that's the case, then *wow*. props to dave. :) 8:25-8:38 pm Jimi Thing.....Nice Boyd Jam. Actually, incredible Boyd jam. I think he's "back," you all. The Roi jam was nice, as always...it was a little conserved at the beginning, but I think he came to open up as he went along. Now, Roi's jams are always wonderful no matter what, but I really think this one had the potential to be absolutely *stellar* if he had not been so obviously "shy" at the beginning. Stefan and Dave had a phenomenal jam on this one...I was pleased, also, to see that they were putting Stefan and his bass on the large video screens more than dave and his guitar for this one. :) hey, what can i say? stefan's my LittleMan. i'm so proud of him...he's really coming out of his shell. 8:39 pm Enter Bela Fleck...whoever said that he should "become the sixth member" was right on...i mean, think of how much he's been invited to play with the boys over these past two tours. the man has musical *skilz*. :) I'm not saying it would ever happen, 'cuz i'm pretty sure it wouldn't...but it's still something to muse about. 8:40-8:45 pm Crash Into Me....This was so standard (read: album-like) it almost made me cry. But I love the song, so I'm definitely not going to whine about it. Yes, you heard me, I _love_ this song. It's amazing. It's a wonderful, beautiful piece of music that is so well arranged i can't stand it. Bela added a nice touch, but it was more of a little spice than some real texture to it. No Dixie Chicken outro...don't know why this upset me, but it did...somehow the thought of seeing dave say "dixie chicken" and "tennessee lamb" makes me _giggle_. :) 8:46-9:01 pm Seek Up....WHOA. Bela's harmony with Dave was orgasmic. I couldn't stop listening. I just wanted to soak it all up, it was that good. Roi showed himself in the intro, and I was very proud of him...it was a nice touch. Boyd's work in the outro--one word: gorgeous. I love how his melody just floats over top of the different rhythms that everyone else lays down. Bela was right on...i think he's got the hang of jamming with our boys...in fact, he's almost got it to an art form now. his banjo was outstanding. Everyone was really getting into this jam, except right before the end, Roi *left the stage*. Or at least he seemed to. We couldn't see him. He was way way back there behind his curtain. Don't know what he was doing, maybe he had a slight mechanical problem (i.e. sticky key, tuning discrepency, whatever), but it was still unnerving to _not see him on stage_ during a Seek Up jam. He came back on the last few seconds to do that little thing he does, thank god. 9:02-9:09 pm Ants Marching.....no matter what any of you say, i love this song. well, i love every DaveSong, but this one in particular. it just has the nicest groove to it, and the lyrics, though i can't explain why, just send out massive loads of gOOd kArMa. Stefan and Dave's walking jam in the beginning was solid as always. And to tell you the truth, I think they've turned up Stefan louder these days than before. and i can't tell you how happy that makes me...i can hear him now. :) in the LittleBabySetlistBook (bow if you must) i have written down "Boyd's got some moves!" heh...i'm assuming i was referring to the little grOOve he had on last night. hey, that man can dance. he was all over it, really getting into things and delving into the notes. it added to the gOOd kArMa. :) the entire audience was singing along, and even though i generally have a distate for large audiences, i must say that it was refreshing and all around good vibe-like to hear all these people brought together and singing together like that...it symbolizes what power this band has over us all. well, in a way. (damn, and i promised myself i wouldn't get all metaphorical in this post...:)) I thought that Dave's voice during this one was reminiscent of the R2T version. I don't know why. It just sounded for some parts like it used to--not grainy or hoarse--but young and vibrant like it was pre-'94. There were some gorgeous shots of the patented DaveDance on the video screen, too, which was hilarious...(you know what i'm talking about, i know you do...that little foot thing he does.)...Boyd and Bela just went _off_ each other jamming on the end of this one. you could tell Boyd really was having a good time. 9:10 pm Exit Bela Fleck...I really was sad to see him go...the vibes were so good with him out there right then. 9:11 pm DaveSpeak--"It's been a nice day, and dammit, it's a nice night too..." It really was a beautiful night...but what can i say, it's Virginia. i love my state...:)...and so does dave..."it's good to be home" he says. ah, dave, it's good to have ya here.. 9:12-9:20 pm Say Goodbye....Nice Carter solo in the beginning, as usual...it really reminded me of what a phenomenal musician he is. Dave threw some new lyrics into this one too!! but, it being say goodbye and all, maybe it was just a return to the non-standard lyric changing style of old...*sigh*...:)....not much else to say, except that Roi had some shining moments on his flute...they put him up on the video screen, and i regret to announce for all you flute players out there, neither Debbie nor I realized our opportunity to figure out some of the notes..:(. 9:22-9:28 pm The Best of What's Around......the return of BOWA! It made me grin ear-to-ear, it really did...some more shots of Stefan on the video screen were warmly welcomed. This boy can jam, my nancies...you should all be proud of his up-and-coming return....Roi---I have "nice but standard" written about his contributions on this one, but thinking back, I really do think that he added a nice, _nice_ touch to the song. However, he did look a little sedated. yes, sedated. he, like, didn't move. at all. it was a little disconcerning. Boyd on backup vocals...this was nice. he was smiling while singing. :) More roi on the ending...but still standing still as a stone...what's up with this, eh? 9:29-9:33 pm Help Myself......WAHOO!!! Little Baby's first live Help Myself...and how wonderful it was!! oh, my nancies...this song just has the most grOOvy theme to it. Nice dave expressions while singing. he was really going into the lyrics, drawing out each word, and his vocals were exceptional. He was just oozing all over this one. Boyd was right on the money. The little Carter jam was great with the lights...so it seems that Help Myself should be appearing often this tour, seeing as how they've coreographed lights to it...i think this it will also turn up on the new album, my friends...frown if you must, but this is such an exceptional song that i find it hard to voice a single complaint. 9:34 pm Davespeak--standard Greenpeace plug...he talks about you get into heaven for contributing even one dollar. gee...i think it's so great that dave does that...(plugging greenpeace, i mean)...it's just so _nice_ of him. :) 9:34 and 30 seconds pm :) Enter Bela Fleck and Jeff Coffin (don't know if i'm spelling his last name right..?)...Jeff's also a phenomenal musician...more on that later. 9:35-9:49 pm #41........whEw. this was one amazing rendition of the tune. Dave's lyrics changed at one point to "I won't take anymore than I need"...it just sounded so emotional and desperate when he was singing it that it made me respect him immensely. I don't know why he wrote this song (i admit it. :), but it obviously has some sort of personal meaning, even if it is in an abstract way. Roi had a _sick_ jam...my faith in him was restored by this point in the show. Jeff and Bela went _off_ each other, as well, and the results were gorgeous--Dan seems to think that the tune they were playing was something of a take of "Whent he Saints go Marching in"...now, i didn't hear it, but Ron did, so I'm thinking maybe it's just me. :) anyhOO, it was very jazzy and drawn out at the end, played really intense. The energy was just gushing...Stefan added to this, what i called the "best jam ever". And by the way, there were three, yes, three lizards on his amp. :) 9:50-9:55 pm Tripping Billies.....Dave is smiling throughout this one. He seems extremely happy throughout the show, as well. I really don't think he's sick anymore. Stefan is all over this one. I have written in the LittleBabySetlistBook (bow if you must), "Boyd can jam--it must be the pants!" yes, he was wearing the patented leather pants...but again, he was just grOOvin all over the place. it was great to see him just shakin' all 'round while playing off of bela. the two melt together wonderfully, which is truly a great accomplishment (being a musician, i know how it is to get used to another's playing style...it takes a great ear and tons of musical inclination to be able to just play off a person like that...especially someonw whom you don't regularly play with.). more DaveDance on the video screen...man, he was having some fun....i think he knew the camera was on him. :) Carter was right on throughout the tune, really just setting everything in place. The lights were, um...ok. 9:56 pm Exit Bela Fleck and Jeff Coffin...I think they were plum tuckered out after that sick version of Billies. :) 9:56 and 30 seconds pm :) DaveSpeak-- a little story about Monk, who seems to be a tech, who's on crutches right now, and dave thinks that he gets paid extra just because of his predicament. :) 9:56 and 45 seconds-10:04 pm Lover Lay Down.......now, I won't go into my personal love of this song I've attained after this show (Daniel Konigsberg), but i must say that i was the happiest i've ever been when they played this. I was with my huBBy :), at a daveshow, listening to the sweetest lyrics ever written...i just melted. i swear, if i had died right then, i would have been one happy little baby in heaven....there was a little more Carter than usual, but it sounded great anyways. Leroi on the soprano sax was great....he had a nice solo...i have written in the LittleBabySetlistBook (bow if you must), "very gorgeous--melodiously". well, hey, i was feeling a little emotional at the time :), but still...i don't know. i can't explain it. i was just so damn happy during this tune. and Leroi was really concentrating. He was really pouring himself into the notes. 10:05-10:09 pm So Much To Say.....Dave is still smiling now....Leroi was solid on the "sometimes i find it's easy to be myself" part....And every time dave said "little baby" i giggled....i felt like shouting, "yes, david?" :) 10:09-10:11 pm Little Baby Jam....*sigh*....my jam!! :) it was GREAT! i have written in the LittleBabySetlistBook (bow if you must), "STEFAN!!" i think it was because he was _all over this jam_. i was so fucking proud of him i could cry. He had the 6-string for this one! :) and some more davedance on the video screen, Roi's thingie on the offbeats...it was all so vibrant. 10:11-10:15 pm Too Much....Stefan is way on for this one!!! i couldn't stand it...this song is by far not one of my favorites, but it does have its moments. especially the breakdowns. they are beautiful and welcome transitions in between the standard tune. Dave says "eat up your children"...i think he likes this line better than the one sung on crash, don't you think? :) he was all over this song, though...i have to give him mad props for it, too, because he was *stellar* during this tune. I imagine he really likes this song. There was a little change to the ending, it was more drawn out, and there was a lot of Carter in it, who was, as usual, exceptional. 10:16-10:19 pm Dave and Co. are offstage....the crowd is chanting "DAVE" as usual. So Dan and I piped in with "MATTHEWS BAND!" right after every time. :) 10:20-10:26 pm Encore of Leave Me Praying........****wow****. I'd never heard this song before, and boy was i sorry. the guitar line is absolutely beautiful. honestly, this has got to be _the_ most gorgeous piece of guitar music ever written. Dave was all over the lyrics, really oozing out the emotion...you could tell by his facial expressions. Carter and Stefan were absorbed in the song, as well, and the resulting melody was so gorgeous i could have soiled myself. :) the "this land is your land" thing was great...i think it has some symbolism, from what i could pick out of dave's lyrics, and god, that just gets me going...once i actually find the right lyrics to Leave Me Praying, you'll probably find a patented LittleBabyDissertation on em...(BTW, I'm still debating whether to post that R&R one...i need some positive encouragement. :). 10:27-10:33 pm Drive In Drive Out....i know a lot of you don't like this song, but i'm all over it...it just has sooooooo much _energy_. There was one lyric change that caught me, dave sang "just one small change is one different world". and he did the god and the tea party thing, too. DaveDance was great, Stefan was still all over the tune...on the breakdown, all i have to say is *ohmygosh*. i was grOOvin' all over the place...Carter was all over the stop-time. well. those were in-depth, weren't they...heh...you're not rid of me yet. _Random Notes._ Overall, the show was *stellar*. It kicks last year's Nissan (8.31.96) out of the #1 show i've been to. it was better than NYE. yes, it was. don't argue with me. :) The gOOd kArMa was everywhere, you could practically see it in the air, couldn't you. I know i could. Now, WHERE THE HELL WAS EVERYONE PRE-SHOW????!?!?!?!?!?!? I had some nice balloons for you!!! Ryan Brook, i'm dissapointed...i was looking forward to meeting you, my friend. so was dan. :) seriously, were you there??? well anyhoo, got to meet the famed Brad Wright again...(can't say where i've met ya before, but i have...last year maybe??)....and Brad's oh-so-lovely fiancee, and their grill...i think Ron got some good camera shots of the grill. :) Ron Diaz, and your friend...a pleasure. but you know what? that was it. well, we did get anthony lascola, but he's unsubbed now, and besides, he only came over for a miniscule moment..man, oh man, am i bad at organizing or something? i feel to blame....oh well. there's always next year. :) oh, BTW, i don't know if he's a nancie or not, but that grilled cheese guy rocked my world. Grilled Cheese Man, that's his name. :) "thank god for sqeezable Parkay!" Bela and Jeff.......wow. what two great musicians. they are definitely going places. i'm really glad they got the opportunity to jam with the boys...when they're rich and famous (bela and jeff, i'm talking about now :P), i'm sure they'll look back and thank dave for the awesome shows they've had.. So. How's that for a review, eh? well, i'm dubbing this post the nissan "story" because it really is more than a review, donn't you think?...heh...i'm such a geek. (right, dan?) who else would actually right so many notes, the exact times of each song, etc...i'm going DaveObsessed...HeLp mE.....:). so that's it. i think. i think i've said everything i've wanted to say....overall, i really was extremely satisfied...if not overly satisfied (if that's a term?)...with the show. It being my only show of the summer, and all...but i'm not bitter at *all* about Richmond, now am i. :) ....no, i'm not complaining. i swear to you all. this was the best show ever. peace, love, gOOd kArMa...it was everywhere. to all of you concert-goers later on this summer, you're in for a treat. thanks for putting up with me, nancies... I love Dan!